2019-09-05 - Need A Hand?


Robin and Mirage team up against the Hand!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Sep 5 01:00:28 2019
Location: Chinatown

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Chinatown. New York City.

The young vigilante known as Robin, most commonly associated with the Batman, was out on patrol. Well, it wasn't really patrol anymore as it was a total madhouse.

A warehouse off of 32nd and Blondo suddenly had its door blown off its hinges. Flipping outside was Robin! Though his hood was down and his mask was smacked off. Leaving his identity exposed in a place where people just didn't go, so that was nice. But he flicks his hood back up and draws his sword. The people he was fighting?

The Hand.

Eleven ninjas emerge from the shadows to attack the Boy Wonder, who proceeds to defend himself in a beautiful and spectacular display of martial skill. He manages to take out two with a roundhouse kick and slice of his sword respectively. The Hand ninjas are immortal, so Damian isn't pulling punches.

But maybe tonight he won't be alone.

Dani was just flying a patrol over this part of Chinatown when she spots Robin flying out of the warehouse, followed by ninjas. She whistles to Brightwind, the winged steed diving down hard as she draws her sword. When Brightwind is low enough, she leaps off the stallion, falling down onto the ground.

But that's okay, because she's decided that these Hand ninjas must make excellent cushions for landing, as one of them feels her knee impact on the back of his neck. Twirling her blade, the armor-clad Valkyrie doesn't shout or brag, sword gleaming in the street lights as she fights the ninjas from the other end of the fray than Robin.

Damian turns just in time to butterfly spin as his form of dodge between a low-sweeep and a high swing of the blade that was aimed for his head. He slices one across the chest and another through the chest, 'slaying' both while the bodies just turned to dust. Damian then looks upon the Valkyrie just in time to see her take out one of the Hand members near-instantly. He turns his back to her, trusting her to be able to fight well while he moves on. Eight Hand members remain. All extremely skilled.

Two of them come immediately for Vaklyrie, one with a sword, the other with what looks like a chain and flail.

Damian doesn't talk. He just fights.

Dani's blade has an unusual property, in that it actually doesn't cut through living flesh. However, as the ninjas discover, it has no problem sundering weapons, as she slices through their strikes as that's something they probably were not expecting. Then she kicks out at one, swinging her blade at another and causing them to fall prone to the ground as she says, "This seems a bit too stereotypical, don't you think?" towards Robin, as hey… non-ninja, so she can banter now!

Clearly, she hasn't yet met Damian.

Damian ducks a roundhouse kick, then throws three of his shuriken, hitting three seperate targets. Three hand ninja down. Damian quips back at Dani. "This stereotype is only because of an overrated martial artist." Of course, Damian references Bruce Lee and America's fascination with the orient. But, he ends up moving in a way that puts him back to back with Dani. "five left. Think you can handle it?"

Damian's words are methodical. Calculating. It was an honest question. If not, he'd have to find a way to compensate.

Dani grins, "Pretty sure, can you?" She moves with surprising speed, despite the chainmail-like armor she wears, "You better not be disrespecting Bruce Lee, though." She spins and slices through a ninja's sai, who thought to trap and break her weapon. Oops. Then her blade slams into the ninja wielding it, as she stays back to back with Damian, "Any reason why these guys were after you?"

"Of course I can." Damian replies sharply before he's on the move, moving rapidly as he stabs through two ninja like a shishkabob, and the third manages to kick him right in the face, but he quickly kips up to his feet and rolls away. What was on that ninja's chest? Shuriken-bomb.


the ninja is dust. He looks over at Dani, seeing how she's doing with her two left.

Dani, for her part, cleaves through the sword of one, the enchanted armor deflecting the other's blade as she then pivots and smacks them upside the head with her sword. Then she spins and kicks at the last one, knocking him to the ground. With that, she looks over at Robin with a curious expression, "Haven't seen you before. I'm Mirage." Though why a Valkyrie calls herself that is a story for another day…

Damian looks at Dani as she seems to introduce herself to him after all the ninjas have been defeated. Damian keeps his hood over his head to protect his identity, though he doesn't bother with the broken domino mask. A lucky shot, looks like.

"Call me Robin." The 'R' on the left side of his chest suddenly makes sense now. He doesn't ask why mirage, when all he's seen her do is pull out a neat sword and ride a winged horse.

Damian narrows his emerald green eyes at her. "Your interference was…timely. Thanks for the assistance." He probably didn't need it, but help is always appreciated.

Mirage smiles wryly, "Well, you're welcome… Robin, then. Need a lift?" She gestures, as her winged horse circles down and lands, looking curiously at Robin for a moment as he does seem to be far more intelligent than your typical horse. "Just glad I could help out. Beats fighting frost giants, at least." With that, she sheathes her sword, giving Robin a curious expression.

There are days where Damian actively forgets that Asgard is a legitimate thing. "Frost Giants?" He narrows his eyes. "Asgard, right? Frost Giants are in the myth. You fight them, likely means you either are Asgardian or have some kind of affiliation with them." He looks at the winged horse when she asks him if he needs/wants a lift.

"Seeing as I have no other mode of immediate transportation.." he looks at a wrecked….well, what looks like it -used- to be a motorcycle. "I have no choice but to accept." He approaches, and easily mounts it.

Robin gets a wry look, "Yes, I'm one of the Valkyries. Jotunheim isn't a common spot for me to go, but occasionally battles happen there too." She pauses, then at a nudge from the horse, adds, "He wants you to know his name is Brightwind, by the way." She grins and gets on the horse as well, "Actually, though, I'm from Colorado, I only work in Asgard." With that, she urges the horse into the sky, the ascent slow and easy enough that Robin doesn't have to hold on for dear life, at least.

"So, Robin, where can I take you?"

Wouldn't be the first hyperspeed trainride that Robin's been on.

"Queens will suffice." says Robin, who has taken to the practice of leaving certain items in certain places in case he finds himself in a pinch.

"Brightwind. Good name for a horse." Pegasus, but still. Damian seems to fall into silence. "Wonder how that came about." He eventually adds, regarding her apparent affiliation between being a girl from Colorado and being a warrior of Asgard.

Probably has to do with that bearded one-eyed guy.

Mirage grins at that, passing a look back to Robin, "Didn't turn left at Albuquerque." She winks, then says, "But well, bit of a mishap left me in Asgard, but I rescued Brightwind, and he picked me to be a Valkyrie, so… been doing that for the past five years." And she doesn't look that old, either. But then with Asgardians, or honorary ones, it can be tricksy.

"A horse chose you to be a Valkyrie? As in Chooser of the slain?"

Weird selection process to be certain. "Excellent workplace environment. So…have you actually been to Asgard?" Might as well make conversation as Robin rides on a flying horse with a beautiful woman atop it.

God Tuesdays are weird.

Mirage laughs, "Well, yeah, it's… a bit of a long story how I got there. But it definitely was an eye opening experience." She grins back at Robin, "Winged horses are the traditional steeds of the Valkyrie in Asgard, and they choose their riders. That's how you know. Sounds a bit weird, sure, but it seems to work so far. Of course, everyone else has a few centuries of seniority on me there." So she's probably not that old, really.

"Do you get the immortality aspect of it too?"

Damian is curious, so he might as well ask, but he's sitting very comfortably on top of the steed as they get ever closer to their final destination. Damian looks at Mirage then. he then falls into silence, letting her ask whatever she wants now.

Its only fair, since he basically just did the nicest interrogation ever.

Mirage hmms, "Honestly, I'm not sure I'd want it. They haven't really offered though, but then again, I'm not quite at the point I need it." She glances over at Robin, tilting her head, "So why do you dress up in an admittedly interesting costume and start beat up ninjas? Not that I have any particular objection to demonic-ninja-beatings, but it's not a typical thing to do." She pauses, and considers most of her friends…

"Actually, maybe it is fairly typical, but I don't see it all that often."

"Part of the job. I'm not the first Robin. Apparently its a legacy." Damian sits there for a moment, before he speaks further. "The Hand, as the ninjas are called, take an almost specific path to making sure they get what they want. It usually involves sacrifices and actions of a demonic nature." He states frankly before he looks forwards.

"Do you have a problem with my appearance?" He asks her, the Valkyrie, in a kind of 'look who's talking' kind of way.

Mirage grins, "Nah, I think it's pretty stylish, though I'm not sure about the cloak. Can see where it's good for sneaking up on demonic ninjas." She mmms, "Look, you seem like a lone wolf kindof guy, which I can appreciate, but if you get in over your head… well, if you might need some help or something, I could probably assist."

Brightwind lands then, gradually coming to a halt as his wings flare out, and Dani looks at Damian, waiting for a reply to her offer of help.

When Brightwind lands, Damian dismounts and he lands on his feet, his cloak covering most of his body now, except for his lower front, that being his waist, legs, and feet, with a little bit of hands visible too. But his eyes lock onto her own when she offers her help, should he ever need it and he nods lightly.

"Appreciated. Honor demands I return the favor. When you need me, I'll be there." Damian then seems to turn around and move towards the shadows. Then he's gone.

Damn ninjas…

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