2019-09-05 - A Harlequin Surprise


Harley comes to visit her old pal, Eve!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Sep 5 09:52:40 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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After a long day working the land, Eve is ready to come home and crash in front of her TV. She doesn't ever feel fatigued but she does get mentally tired after a while of doing th4e same thing. She parks her car, climbs out, enters her building, ighs her way into the elevator, gets off at her stop and heads for her door. Keys jingle and then she's on her way inside,, letting out a stretch and an instinctive yawn, expecting to find All Things As They Ought To Be.

Nothing is amiss when Eve arrives. The door is even locked. That doesn't last of course, once she enters thae apartment, and passes the threshold.

"I'm sorry, sir, but a piece of paper doesn't mean anything in this situation. You expect me to believe this man signed a paper saying you own his house and all of his assets for no reason? Give me a break!" THe voice of Judith SHeindlin fills the apartment. And laying across Eve's couch is a woman.

A little on the tall side, athletic… And out of costume. Harley Quinn's hair is still dyed - the tips of the pig tails pink and blue respectively. She looks almost normal, wearing a baby doll t-shirt and jeans so tight it's a wonder she got them on without assistance. "Yeah! Get 'im, Judge Judy! Send him to the slammer!" The blonde throws a fist into the air with a shout- and then whirls toward the opening door, sending a glass bowl toppling over, popcorn flying in all directions.

"Oh! Hey, Green. You're out of popcorn." Harley smiles at Eve cheerfully as she waves.


There is a long pause. Eve just sort of stares at Harley with an expression of creeping realization and horror. Oh no. She's /back/.

And then there's a smile. What else can she do with the uninvited house guest?

"…hey," she says after a pause. "Was'nt sure when I'd see you again, eh?" She immediately heads for her kitchen instead. Does she have any beer? She can't get drunk but she needs a beer.

No beer. The bottles are there, but each has been meticulously opened and emptied. The caps are instead stacked on the glass table beside aHrley. The blonde, who is lounging, twists slightly so that she can watch as Eve walks over toward the fridge. "Soooo. How was your day?" She calls in a voice almost akin to a purr, her thick accent on full display. "I thought I'd come see you and apologize for last time. I've been seeing my therapist and this last session he gave me a clean bill of health! Now I'm supposed to make amends. So! Here I am. I cleaned up all that awful beer. We can use the bottle caps for something practical!"

"…that was Crown Ambassador Reserve! Those are GOOD awful beers!" Also, very expensive.

Eve looks over her shoulder back at Harley, blinking her eyes at her. "Oh, did they now." Again, probably. "That's great." She picks up the empty beer bottles and gathers them up to set them on her counter with a sigh. "We are not playing Fallout. I am not sure the Bottlecaps have a terribly prtactical use." She puts her arms across her chest, moving with a sigh to sit on the arm of her own sofa as she regards sprawled blond.

"I was saving your liver from cirrhosis and cancer down the road! You're welcome!" Harley calls back indignantly, raising her voice almost to the point of shouting. She looks back at the television where judge Judy siberating some couple who were selling fake purebreed puppies. "Jeeze, some people. No gratitude, am I right?" Harley shakes her head slowly and then leans over, reaching across the table. Oh, look. There's one beer left. And… Harley's drinking it. "Sooo. How are your flowers? Come one. Tell me /all/ about it."

"….my…flowers," says Eve.

"They're fine. All of them are fine. I make sure I'm fine. That's what I get paid for," muses Eve, amused for a moment in spite of herself. She eyes the beer. The last beer. That Harley is drinking in front of her. She waits for her to take a sip of it before she leans over to snag it. That's HER beer, dammit.

"Some people," She agrees. "So what brings you by, anyway? Just the 'amends'?"

"My beer!" Harley calls out indignantly as Eve reaches out to snag her drink back from Harley. She shakes her head and then twists around, bouncing up fom the couch. "Amends, and I also wnated to see your pretty face!" Harley replies brightly. "We should really hang out more. I thought I'd come and say hi at least." A car goes rolling past the apartment, lights flashing past the window and gone in an instant. Harley yelps and leaps away from the couch reflexively, whirling. After casting about wildly for a moment she relaxes and slowly shakes her head. "Right! So. Hanging out. Right? I made cookies."

"…habits die hard, I suppose. So you're really out?" says Eve, giving Harley a once over as she bounces around for a moment and twists. She's been tracking her the entire time. "..you couldn't find anywhere else to go, could you?" Ivy's busy, after all. What is it with this girl and crashing with plant-associated ladies? "I'll make up the guest room." She seems amused.

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