2019-09-04 - Easy on the ride!


Spider-man and Ahura have a meet cute over bashing some Mutant Haters

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Sep 4 00:27:17 2019
Location: East Village

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Spider-Man is having a day. Worried about a friend of his, late to class, and now…he has to deal with a gang of mutant-haters. Literally—this gang, the 6th Street Stompers. A bunch of young toughs who grew up with German neo-Nazi parents, until they decided to vent their anger at the REAL enemy, the dirty stinking muties that needed a good lynching, or drowning…or in this case, a good shooting.

Unfortunately, they are spotted moving towards Mutant Town by Spider-Man, who decides to head this bunch off at the border to Mutant Town before they can cut up rough on Town property. A few well-placed insults, a quick misunderstanding, and suddenly Spidey is up against 20 guys with guns, metal bats, and heads full of steam. The first two get caught by surprise, getting webbed up, yanked around by Spidey, and thrown against a van across the street, sticking to it like glue.


That is the noise that crashes in on Ahura's nap that he had been enjoying there on the side of the street in his van, the parking meter way overdue and a ticket flapping in the slight breeze where it is held beneath the windshield wiper. The young inhuman sits up quickly, resulting in another thud as his head bangs against the wooden shelf overtop of the makeshift cot bolted to the floor of the van. A hand comes up quickly to nurse the sudden throbbing knot that grows on his head before he sits up again with a growl.

The rear doors of the van fly open and out steps Ahura, looking rather disheveled and cranky as he steps around the side of his van to spy the two thugs webbed to the side. "Hey!" he yells at them, "This is my van!"

Ahura opens the door and finds himself a spectator in a game of Smear the Spidey. However, it is not the one-sided battle one would think. He jumps around like the law of gravity is, at best, a polite suggestion, and he is firing the same stuff that is now connecting two mutant-hating morons to the left side of Ahura's van. One of them looks at Ahura, and figures what the heck, witnesses are bad.
"Shank! GET THIS GUY!"
One large guy turns, an aluminum bat in each hand (why are they calling him Shank?), and grins as he advances on Ahura.
Spider-Man spots the guy, and his eyes widen. He leaps off one guy he was about to punch, trying to get to Shank before Shank can get to Ahura.

Ahura glares at the two men attached to the side of his van, hands on his hips as he levels the full intensity of his displeasure at them through his expression. Only once he hears that yell of someone behind him does he really seem to come to the present situation enough to turn and regard Spider-Man flying through the air and webbing the other goons. His eyes pass over the situation quickly, but inevitably come about to focus on the man even then making his way toward him with both of those bats. "How dare you interrupt my nap?" he growls at Shank as he makes his way toward him, Ahura beginning to stalk toward the goon as well. His hands never leave his hips, but soon enough his eyes begin to shift in color. Glowing white hot, two beams of concussive energy shoot from his eyes when he is about ten feet away from Shank and connect with the man's chest, knocking him from his feet to fly through the air.

Spider-Man is careening through the air to stop Shank, when suddenly Shank is getting stopping by the guy from the van, and suddenly he's overshot Shank, who is shooting past him in the other direction to roll along the sidewalk. The gang is now down to 15, the others either webbed up or blown down, and they orient their hate towards Spider-Man and Ahura.
Spider-Man lands on the side of the van. He can tell Shank is alive, but out cold. That's good. Out cold is better than dead. He looks to Ahura, then says, "Nice shot."

Ahura glances aside toward Spider-Man as he gets that compliment, offering a nod of his head before replying with a smirk, "I would say the same to you if it wasn't my van that took the hit of these two." His delivery of the joke isn't quite right. An attempt at humorous sarcasm that doesn't quite manage to not come across a little snarky in the transfer. He doesn't have time to try again, however, as the others are starting to reorient their attack against the pair of them. "Cover your ears," Ahura says aside toward Spider-Man before he opens his mouth and inhales deeply. When he exhales an otherworldly scream radiates from his mouth forward to the first few of the goons directly ahead of him. The scream is incredibly loud and reverberates through the air, causing the men immediately in his path to cry out in pain and clap their hands to their ears, staggering and some falling to their knees.

Spidey can't cover his ears, but ALICE can, activating the noise-canceling option in the earbuds under the mask, reducing it to loud-but-bearable. He still winces, but as the old saying goes, you should see the other guys. Six of them collapse, clutching their ears, a couple with their ears bleeding, the ones closest to Ahura.
The sound seems to instill some sort of flight response. Their resolve, already eroded by Spider-Man, is decimated completely by the wave of sound, and they retreat, not even bothering to take their wounded with them.
"Sad…" Spider-Man says, shaking his head. "ALICE?"
A voice comes from Spider-Man, but it is a husky female voice. "Calling the police now…if the loud sound hasn;'t already caused others to call."
"Right." He looked to Ahura. "You're not in trouble with the law, are you? The cops might want to talk to you…"

Ahura watches as the rest of the goons turn tail and run, leaving the others laying on the ground holding to their ears. For good measure, the young Inhuman prince aims a kick at the nearest thug who lets out a pained yell as more pain is added to his bleeding possibly burst ear drums. Ahura looks around sharply toward Spidey as that female voice comes from him, one brow raised as he considers the words before nodding his understanding that there must be some sort of tech to the suit. "Trouble with the law? No," Ahura says plainly as he glances to the men webbed to the side of his van. "But I would rather not end up on the front of the Bugle with you. I'd like to keep a little more low key than that… just in case," he says.

Spidey nods. Truth is, he doesn't really blame the guy. He walks over to the van, raising one hand to spray the web after giving the two attached to it a light "tap" to knock them out. After a few seconds, the web loses cohesion and the unconscious men drop to the street. "Go ahead. I'll send the relevant footage to the cops, and they have their own CCTV. With what these guys had planned, I doubt you'll have to worry overmuch. Do you have a handle you go by? Because that was a yell I think they heard in Yonkers."

When the goons drop to the ground with a thud, Ahura steps over them to run a hand across the side of the van where they had been, checking for any dents. Nodding his head in approval, he glances over his shoulder toward Spider-Man and considers for a moment before he says, "I have been going by James Brown to the public." A light quirk at the corners of his mouth reveal that the young man likely knows that there are more subtle names he could have chosen as his alias. "But if you have need of me in the future, you can call me Ahura," he says with a dip of his head.

Spidey smirks. "Well, Godfather of Soul, I heard ya sing, that's for sure. Question is, is there a phone number I can reach you at?"

"Ahhh, yeah," Ahura says with a nod of his head. He reaches into the front pocket and pulls out a cell phone. It is a cheap number. A flip phone that you get from Walmart and pay by the minute. Rolling it over in his hand reveals a piece of paper taped to the backside with a number scrawled on it in blue ink. Holding it out toward Spider-man, he says, "This is where you can reach me. Just give me a call if you get in a pinch and I'll do what I can to get to you. Doesn't matter where it is. This hunk of junk isn't my only means of transportation." Even now the sirens can be heard faintly, drawing nearer.

Spidey looks around. "I'll make it quick." He points at the phone, and the voice says, "Contact Acquired." At the same time a new contact appears in Ahura's voice. SPIDER-MAN, it says, with a number.
"Okay, we're good. You better hustle, Soul Man."

There is another widening of Ahura's eyes as he watches the seemingly instant transfer of information from Spider-Man's suit to his phone. His smile broadens slightly before he says, "Someday you'll have to show me how you do that." There is a nod, though, at the mention of him needing to hurry. He moves quickly, jogging around the van and then slipping into the driver's seat. Turning the key, the van struggles to turn over for a moment before firing to life with a BANG from the tailpipe, and then he is off, chugging out into traffic and away.

Spidey watches him go, then spots the police cars drive up. He holds his arms wide and said, "A funny thing happened on the way to Mutant Town…"

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