2019-09-04 - Designs On Designs


T'Challa works on the reverbium laced fabric designs with Mari

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Sep 4 07:46:43 2019
Location: New York

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T'Challa had promised Mari that he would help her produce some seriously next generation electronics with the reverbium weave cloth she had - ahem - acquired. And he's already helped turn out a couple of working concept items, really startlingly complete ones. But now Mari - thanks to her charm and grace and the fact that she's hosting a party at his house - has a chance to watch him work directly.

The workspace used to be one of the smaller bedrooms but now it's wired for sound, literally. There's a holographic design interface similar to the one in Mari's office, several computers, a small 3D fabrication setup and, well… a lot of really impressive engineering toys. T'Challa is standing at the design table at the moment, gesturing, tinkering and generally messing around with a design for something that's either a PDA or a cell phone or… possibly both. Hard to say. He's in a collared shirt today, no tie. The collar is loose and the sleeves rolled up. He's working.

Grace and charm and no small amount of wit, no doubt. Mari is still reeling a little that T'Challa offered her the opportunity.

The small bedroom, which is larger than most large bedrooms in other houses, has been transformed into a wondrous workspace, one that ex-model is thoroughly exploring. "This is the newest model, is it not?" She's referring the design interface. "I don't think I've even seen this offered." That might be because it's not offered to 'just anyone'.

"I really appreciate you letting me watch. And … provide advice." Because she's been doing a lot of that today.

"Yes. I had an older one back in Wakanda but given how heavy they are it was actually cheaper and more efficient to just update here on site." T'Challa says with a smile. His hands keep moving. She's learned watching him that he is definitely highly intelligent and very well schooled. He often goes on long conversational detours, often with himself.

"Thank you for being here and tolerating my habit of thinking out loud." He steps back from the rotating hologram. "Well. What do you think? At the moment it is a band of fabric. No fashionability about it. But I imagine that could be fixed, yes?" Just not by him. He'd need Mari to do that.

There's a lot of tools, text, several of them in Wakandan and at least one of which appears to have been written by T'Challa himself. There's also a copy of english. It's an engineering reference. He's… written reference books.

"Sometimes talking to ones self is the only decent conversation you'll get." Mari smirks "And I won't take offense that you do that. Some of what you're talking about makes my eyes glaze over. I imagine you feel similarly when I start musing about designs…"

Well, clothing, at least.

"It's rather fascinating though, listening to how your mind works." Idly the ex-model flicks through the english reference book, dark eyes rising the Prince of Wakanda. "So, it's possible you weren't a playboy Prince in your younger days. Studious, perhaps? Withdrawn and shy?" She's teasing a little as her attention turns to the design.

"I think, if I were to leave you to chose my outfits, you'd have me dressed in burlap and a belt…" With a glance to get his permission to use the interface, Mari takes the controls and moves the model about. "… Seriously though, it's amazing - to think you can put all that functionality into something so small. Depending on the design of the clothing it pairs with … the simplest implementation is a 'bracelet' - one on each wrist." The image moves as she brings that vision to bear. "Or an inset in a seam. Those are the simplest, given what this does."

"Gandalf, Return of the King." T'Challa cites. Points out. Whichever it is. "And my eyes do not glaze. Or if they do it is strictly in admiration." No they do glaze over a bit when she gets into high fashion. T'Challa understands the NEED for fashion but he definitely doesn't understand it's currents and eddies and tides and foibles. He has people for that. Well, now he has Mari.

"Yes but it would be very, very fetching burlap and only the finest belt." The prince smiles as Mari works her magic. "The reverbium makes it possible to form the circuits and carry the power. You can use a small sonic inducer to provide that power. It has significant advantages over conventional electronics. I do not believe the people who are producing this are taking full advantage of it. Which, now that I think about it, is probably for the best." Beat.

"You could also enlarge it and make it a sash of some kind."

"Sweet talker …" Mari murmurs giving T'Challa a sideways glance and the smallest of smiles "But I've seen you, gazing into the middle distance when I start on a tear." She doesn't mind, she knows she fixates and he's good to let her carry on.

"The sonic inducer is small enough, that it won't mess with the line of the clothing. It's amazing how it gives us so much flexibility." the design morphs again, into the sash that T'Challa had mentioned, one that crosses the chest of a dress or a shirt - male and female variations of the same thing. "It can do that yes and the display for the data can still be discreet. I'm toying with a collar, in a shirt or a fabric choker / halter for a dress or a top. How do you think the display would present? Could it angled sufficiently so it can be seen?"

"If we are willing to incorporate other elements, such as jewelry, the display options are nearly limitless. By itself though it will be limited to displaying either on the fabric or a short distance away though I certainly COULD create a network circuit that would allow data to be sent to an eye or ear piece. That would not be difficult."

T'Challa adds a very basic brooch to the sash and places a display circuit inside it just to show what he's talking about. He also demonstrates briefly how bone induction could be used to feed audio data without anyone else hearing it.

"I would caution that bone induction audio would probably play less well with older clients. Or clients with joint problems."

Yeah the vibration wouldn't do them any favors.

"Of course the real trick is getting more of the fabric. We can tinker now but if you really wanted to do this on an industrial scale, you'll need more reverbium weave."

"Jewellery? Absolutely. I can see many clients wanting rings or brooches to augment their outfits. Earrings and necklaces as well." Mari touches her own pendant at those works. "Eye pieces? I'm sure you don't mean a monocle…" the ex-model chuckles but she's thinking.

"Fashion eyewear though, with a 'heads up display'. Well, eye up display. That would be nifty." The bone induction gets a fascinated cant of her head. "I can see that working but as you say, there'll be a small amount of clients who couldn't use it."

"And now you've hit on my main problem, T'Challa. The group I got this from only has a limited supply and it's taking them time to develop more. How … difficult is this reverbium to come by, really? Is it possible that I could … weave my own?"

"I was thinking more 'glasses.'" T'Challa laughs a bit. "Sort of like, what was it? Google glass? Only presumably more successful." People bought those but they really, really didn't take off, did they?

"Well I did not know it existed until a short while ago so I would say that it is probably a little bit difficult to come by?" That really is something of some concern to T'Challa. Not enormous concern, that's more the Kingdom's issue, but some concern. "From what I understand it is synthetic vibranium and I am sure whomever produced it originally wished to keep the means of production a secret. If ways can be found to safely make more, I can certainly assist you with weaving it into a cloth. But the trick would be getting more. It would have to be a very energy intensive process. Creating synthetic metals usually is."

He's just a very smart engineer, right?

"Eyewear, T'Challa. Fashion eyewear." Mari chides in a teasing fashion, touching his shoulder and then looking back to the design. "Google glass. That's what I was thinking, but more … effective. Better marketing to get them out there."

"From what I understand of the Panthers and my investigation, the metal seems to be related to AIM, which is … bad." she sighs, frowning at the Wakandan. "I have enough fabric for a reasonably sized limited run but … surely there's a way we can find out if someone else is capable of making i——"

"Are you able to do something like that? Make it that is?" T'Challa might not be. But he might know a scientist who can.

"Sunglasses are fashion eyeware, I believe? I have certainly seen many impressive and expensive models. Quite what I would be paying for I never was quite sure…" But that is often the way with fashion.

"Me? No. I am not. That sort of thing is well beyond my expertise. However… there are those who may. I might even know one or two of them." Yes, T'Challa is thinking now. He probably DOES know someone who can handle that. Well, if they had the right knowledge. Which he might be able to guide them to. It's not his fault if these people figure it out more or less on their own, is it? Besides, reverbium is still clearly inferior to the original article.

"It would not be inexpensive… but the possibilities are extremely significant."

"They are yes. That's typically what fashion eyeware is and that's the mystery isn't it? You're buying the mystery of such a simple piece." Mari might be teasing a bit. "I'm thinking though, that we might be able to integrate the … display … into any form of eyewear. A number of people wear corrective lenses after all."

Her mind moves to occular implants for the moment, but she's going to think on that. There aren't many who are cybernetically augmented who would buy her lines.

"And would you find out for me, if they did know how?" Mari turns to look at T'Challa in all seriousness, most of the teasing and joking gone. "I don't expect it would be easy or inexpensive, T'Challa but I can pay. The edge this will give us in the market … it's worth it. And with Miss Frost looking to become a partner … can you imagine it?"

"I imagine if you could present her with such an opportunity she would be quite pleased. And yes, I shall of course make inquiries. The material might be slightly dangerous in raw form but I am familiar with vibranium. One of my thesis projects was on potential industrial uses of it. A purely hypothetical exercise. Vibranium is prohibitively expensive."

Yes. We'll… go with that.

T'Challa smiles at Mari's seriousness. "I can imagine quite a bit. If we can make it work though you'll want something ready. Something that makes a… statement. Both to the buying public and to your competitors." There's a short pause. "Ah, may I also suggest approaching Miss Potts? While not in your line of work her company may benefit from reverbium based circuitry and may be willing to back it financially."

"Thesis projects? I … would like to read that. Very little is known about Vibranium, after all." The work-a-day people really have no idea, most don't realise that's what Captain Americas shield is made of. "It's a curious subject to based your thesis on. Or … one of your thesis projects on."

"Something? I was thinking a fully integrated sash, brooch and eyewear. If we're going to do this, we make it effective and showcase the lot - projection capabilities as well as the more discreet displays. What do you think? Make it modular of course, so they can mix and match … "

There's a smile though at the mention of Pepper. "Oh, yes. I will absolutely do that. With Frost Industries handling consumer products, Stark the commercial medical applications and yourself and myself the fashion angle … we'll be well set."

Looking up at T'Challa, Mari's smile is bright "Have I told you I'm the luckiest woman in the world, to have had you walk into my showroom that day?"

"I have a copy in the library if you are really that interested. As I said it is mostly a work of theory." T'Challa smiles. It's flattering to have someone so interested in his work. "Ah well, Wakanda trades in a small amount of vibranium. I was inspired to write about what might be accomplished if we had more." But that's not possible is it. Well, until now, maybe? If this synthetic material can be harnessed properly, maybe… one day in the admittedly somewhat distant future…

"If you are the luckiest woman, Mari, you have made your own luck. It was your reputation for being at the top of your game that brought me into your showroom. And you have been I must say a charming and effective partner thus far. Perhaps I am the lucky one."

"I said I was." Mari answers. She's serious about that too. T'Challa is much, much smarter than the ex-model but she'll try to make head or tail of it. "I'll get it when we're finished here and I knew Wakanda had some Vibranium, yes. It's just a little surprising that you'd base a thesis on it."

Another piece to the puzzle that is T'Challa.

"Then we shall agree that we're both lucky and thank our stars that they crossed." Turning back to the design, Mari looks at it again. "Is there anything more that needs doing here?"

"Yes. This is the part where I ask you if you'd like to break for dinner. There is a wonderful deli that delivers nearby. Or we could go there ourselves. Their matzoball soup is to die for." T'Challa gives the 'save' gesture and steps back. He's sure Mari would like a break at this point. Yes?

"Dinner again? People are going to start talking, T'Challa." Mari smiles and turns to the door. "I'd like that. Perhaps one night, you'll consent to come to my place and let me cook for you." Some good old fashion home cooking. "But since you're offering now, I'd love that."

"As long as we can swim in your pool …" Mari might be part dolphin or something. Without really thinking about it, the ex-model loops her arm through the princes "Shall we then?"

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