2019-09-03 - Of Spinnerets and the Space Between Breaths


Spider-Girl comes to visit her friend Avery at Mt Sinai Hospital.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 3 19:54:24 2019
Location: RP3 - Mt Sinai Hospital - Room 729

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At some point in the evening of Avery's admission, a note appeared on the window outside of her hospital room.

We need to talk. Get better. - A.

The note was affixed to the window by white webbing.

Avery is fairly happy to wake, less so to wake up in a hospital bed, in a gown, on IVs and the whole jazz. 'Meh' about sums up the look she gives the nurse who wakes her for meds and to take her vitals. It is when she's returning from a slow, awkward, uncomfortable trip the in room bathroom that she notices the note. Ordinarily she'd have just walked over and gotten it — but that's a LONG walk at present!

Eyes of hazel look about to be sure nobody is around to see, then she creates a tiny rift, reaches through it and outside the window aiming in the hand appears to peel the note off the window.

A few minutes later she's settled in her bed again, and sighs relief as she reads it. "Ah, Anya, dear friend." She murmurs and the looks for her phone. A text is sent. ::An it please thee, whensoever be good. -Avery::

A couple of days have passed, but Avery hasn't been alone; Arana has been watching, from a safe position out of sight.

Its about 12:30 AM, after shift change, when a figure drops down into view outside of the hospital room. The woman is dressed in black and white, a spider emblem crossing her entire torso, but the mask is down, revealing a telltale pink Mohawk and familiar features that happen to be upside down. A gloved hand raps lightly on the window.

Avery looks up when there come a rapping, of Anya softly tapping, tapping inverted at her chamber…um…window, okay…didn't QUITE work - 'Poe' Avery!

A moment to climb slowly out of bed, and then she moves over to the window. A sweet smile is offered her friend, and then she reaches a hand off to one side, the hand vanishing up to the elbow, and then appearing at an angle next to Anya, palm up in invitation. Once gripped, there's a brief tug, a sense of infinite space that is literally impossible to grasp, and then Anya is inside the room next to Avery. Hey! Not like 7th story windows are going to be easily opened in a hospital!

A moment to lean against the window, open back of the gown sending shivers against warm skin, and then she smiles warmly, flecks of gold fading a bit in hazel eyes. "Hello Anya."

Being upside down is normal business for Anya. Being teleported, however, is not!

When she grips Avery's hand, it may seem clear that the costume she wears is not mere spandex. It doesn't feel the same to the touch, nor does it bend and stretch in the same way, for it's made of the same spider silk she weaves from her spinnerets.

Suddenly upright and on the floor, she lets out a quiet gasp, and looks around with wide eyes. Not that she's ever done acid before (shifty eye), but it feels as if she just dove into and out of peak trip in less than five seconds. Or was it five seconds? Hence the LSD reference.

"…. holy shit!" She looks back to Avery. "For a second there I thought I was on Venus. Or… or Pluto. Or the Oort Cloud."

The moment passes, and she finally turns to fix Avery with a flat stare, arms folded. "Spider-Girl," she offers in stern correction. It's not the same level of fire that had been aimed at their assailants; not by a long shot. But a touch of it is there. "I don't know who Anya is." Her eyebrow rises coyly, as if she expects Avery to play ball. To be fair, she isn't as nice when she's wearing the skin-silk.

Yes, the actual transport lasts about the time it takes to exhale - and yes, her orientation is flipped and her feet placed on the ground appropriately. Which is probably a bit trippy too.

Avery laughs very softly, and nods. "Aye, tis most disconerting to Walk the Space Between Breaths the first few times, in sooth others do not ever seem to adapt to it as well as I."

A little taken aback by the flat stare, Avery's eyes widen just a touch, and then she nods, understanding the whole 'supernames' thing, she has one herself! "Of course, Spider-Girl, my most sincere apologies for the mistake, the fault entire falls upon me."

A momentary pause, and then she moves to a visitor's chair, setting herself down and adjusting the rolling IV. "We have some little time ere I am due to have vitals checked, won't you sit and converse a time?"

The young woman eventually softens up and smiles. "It's okay, you can call me Anya, you know, when it's just us."

Before taking her seat, however, she lifts a gloved hand and walks over to the door, checking it, then locking it. Only then does she return and take a seat, offering a sigh. "I knew there was something different about you," she admits. "Just couldn't put a finger on it. Space Between Breaths, huh?" She smirks wryly. "I wish I had cool, mystical names for all the weird shit my body can do." Her expression then goes serious, and her eyes study the IV line and hospital gown. "How bad is it?"

Relief at her friend's relenting, the smile she shows eloquent of that, and then Avery shakes her head. "Best if I stay in practice, my friend, lest I make a mistake in battle at your side some day. No doubt you keep your identity a secret for reasons dear to you, I would not even risk such a dire misstep, mm, Spider-Girl?"

Once Anya has secured the room, Avery nods. "Aye, there be much about me that is not 'normal' for this world, that is plain enow." She actually blushes a little. "I admit, it /is/ perhaps a mite flowery a term, but that be how I learned to master it - I enter on the inhale, exit on the exhale and walk between to wheresoever I wish and can see."

She sighs a little at the question. "It be about as good as I had hoped, I did not know you were superhuman, or I would have probably trusted you to protect yourself." And then a soft laugh. "Nay, I cannot say I would - even knowing I think mine instincts would have me act afore thoughts of trust entered my matter grey."

A nod then. "Mine hands will bear scars on the palms, but should recover otherwise. The bullet to my shoulder will also scar, but it missed the major bones, and thankfully the artery, but it will be a few more days before I can be released from the hospital, and a week or two in the healing."

She does seem to be listening, but there is a heavy expression on Anya's face. She nods her head a couple of times, before folding gloved hands together and fixing Avery with a most serious look.

"It's bulletproof," she explains. "This costume. Of course there's no way you could've known that, but…" She shakes her head. "So… you know, if we ever end up in something like that again…? I don't need you to take a bullet for me." Then she grins and laughs a little. "But thanks anyway."

Gently, Avery covers the folded hands with one of hers. "Spider-Girl, nay, I could not know but now that I do - I promise to at least try not to behave so." A firm nod. "I needs must point out that your friends were also in line of fire, I cannot say in similar circumstances that I could honorably act otherwise. Canst understand that? But for you and I? If we be the only ones, I will strive to curb my guardian's instincts."

And then her eyes light up. "So, Spider-Girl—that name be most evocative! Canst control the minds of spiders? I see that thou art a most artful and adept weaver of silks…" She's actually enchanted by the concept!

Its a somber moment, one that is almost broken by Anya's want of not having it. She doesn't speak of it though, and seems somewhat thankful for the change in subject.

"Well, I'm not the only one," she admits with a laugh. "There's Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, another Spider-Girl, and Silk. So at least one of us is original right? I can't show you everything, not right here, but." She does slip a finger into the black silk covering her wrist, separating it where there doesn't otherwise seem to be a seam. In point of fact, there don't seem to be any seams or zippers on the costume anywhere, and yet it stretches as one might expect spider silk to do.

Revealing her wrist, she bends it to the point where the spinneret becomes visible. "Don't ask me to web in here though," she says. "You really don't need them asking more questions."

Somber perhaps, but needful too. And though Avery isn't very knowledgeable about the real world, she is a genuinely nice person, and one who's very caring. Oh, she has PLENTY of flaws, but her essential self is a pretty decent person.

A grin answers the laugh. "Oh, I have met the Spider-Man, he seems a nice on, not at all as the Daily Bugle would seek to paint him, that is most vexing. I had not known of the others, however! Do you form a guild, then?"

That concept - the Spider Guild - might just be brain breaking for poor Anya!

When Anya reveals the spinnerets, Avery looks closely and then quirks a brow up to her friend before she examines closer still, gently touching. There's absolutely no sign of dismay, shock or disgust - simply curiousity, and fascination verging on wonder. "Oh, that's most extraordinary, very different from the placement in a spider." A bright smile. "No doubt a relief for you, mm?"

"Yeah, we're a proper dysfunctional family," Anya points out with good humor in her tone. As for the spinneret, she smirks ruefully. "The bigger relief was that I didn't start laying eggs, or have a burning desire to eat my mates." After a moment, however, she pulls the hand away. The costume snaps back into place, all sign of seam-work fading, and her eyes are on the door. Beneath it, the shadow of feet has stopped, and the door rattles.

"Wanna Breath Walk me outta here?" she asks in a rushed whisper. "Roof top!"

Avery's smile fades a bit at the other connotations she didn't think of, and then nods. "Aye, I can see how that might weigh upon one." She releases the hand when it is withdrawn, and then at the approaching feet, she nods. "I can only travel to where I can see, but I can see the roof across the way." She sets hand to Anya's shoulder, and then they silently vanish on an indrawn breath, reappearing on a rooftop a block away.

Avery shivers a little, being outdoors in a hospital gown, in fact she brought her IV stand too! "I am glad you came to visit, do not worry, Spider-Girl, I am well." A bright smile. "Now…needs must I return!" With that she winks, and then looking back to the hospital she vanishes from sight once more.

Landing on her own two feet, Anya breathes again and looks around, disoriented. "Whoa," she says again, before instinctively reaching behind her neck and pulling the mask up from its hiding place. It stretches over her face and snaps into place, completing the transformation.

"Glad you're doing well, amiga," she says, then watches again as she blinks from existence.

"Eso … es demasiado genial."

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