2019-09-03 - To Feel Alive


Astryd and Fenris discuss finding Uatu. Fenris is a biiiit concerned by Astryds change in demeanour

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 3 04:55:26 2019
Location: 74-36 62nd Street

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There's a trip being planned to find Oatu. Astryd isn't certain of the details of how they will get there but she's been gathering the things that Fenris asked her for.

Perhaps with a little too much zeal. A zeal that seems to have spilled to all aspects of her life, not just in getting into fights. She's been taking risks, ones that she wouldn't normally take.

Today, some of the items they need are spread on the table as she organises them. Trinkets and charms required for enchantments. Alongside them though are two brochures. One is for the roller derby that's here in town, the other for stock car racing.

"Fenris, how are we off for Mead? Do we need to arrange more?"

"Depends on how quickly you intend to drink it." Fenris chuckles a little bit. She's been rather entertaining like this but he still worries. He's at the table reading what he could find on Oatu and the Watchers in general. It has him frowning just a little bit. So do those brochures.

"Are you feeling the need for speed, my dear?"

"I don't think its how quickly I intend to drink it." Astryd smiles looking over at the old wolf. "We've been entertaining a lot and many of our guests seem to like it. But now that you mention it, I would like to host some parties here, so perhaps we'll be drinking it rather quickly."

That is so out of character. Astryd, like Fenris, prefers the quiet life. Not drawing attention to themselves. If she keeps this up, they might become noticeable or notable, and that could attract the wrong sort of attention.

"Not really, but it looked fun. Don't you think? Wouldn't you like to try it? Well, I can't imagine you on roller skates." There's a glance to the book as the blonde rounds the table, nudging his arms so she can sit while they talk.

"Parties, mmm? Parties in which Godsmead won't knock out half the guests? Who were you planning on hosting?" They do tend to like the quiet life. Having a social calendar isn't something they concern themselves with. Mystery serves them better for the most part.

"You can, can you? I don't know that I'd do well on rollerskates my dear." The old wolf shifts his arms and regards Astryd carefully. "Maybe in the car, reminds me of driving a chariot." Well it would if Fenris had done much of that but he hadn't. He'd been largely being a wolf at the time.

"I don't know. The usual crowd. Hercules, Thor, Sif, Bast, Diana, The Warriors Three, Sedna, a few others when I think of them. Plus some of the mortals who have been working with us." That's … not good. She mentioned Sedna too.

"I did say I didn't think you'd do well on rollerskates, Fenris." Astryd sits in his lap now he's moved. "But imagine racing cars. The thrill of it. It would be like in battle again."

The blonde looks at the book and the supplies she's been gathering. "What have you discovered about Uato. You know where to find them?"

"Sedna hates you and your last encounter will not have changed her mind about that. Why exactly do you want her to wreck our house? Is it the decor? I think it might be cheaper to just repaint." Fenris gives her another concerned look and not without reason. This has gone from amusing to entirely out of character.

"Uatu." He corrects. "And no, not a great deal. The Watchers are ancient and he is the Watcher for Midgard. Beyond that there is little known. It is said he is quite powerful but since he seldom acts directly few can say for certain."

It is all in all a very chancy thing they're doing.

"Battle yes, my dear but a battle in which people are not supposed to die, let us not forget."

"I thought I might thank her for saving us." Astryd glances at Fenris. "And I like our house, I want others to see it. I don't have to invite her if you'd rather not." It's like she misses the concerned look Fenris gives her.

At least she's not fighting? Or tweaking things best left alone?

"Uatu. I sit corrected." The blonde nods and flicks through the book idly. "So, you want to go and see an entity we know little about to try and get them to intervene in matters here. Did you have a plan for approaching him, or did you hope our collective good looks would sway him? I could always wear an Asgardian dress…"

She has to be teasing, right?

"Of course racing won't kill people, but it will the rush won't it? Get the adrenaline pumping. Oh. We could go hang gliding as well."

"Save us? We had to physically beat her into that, love." Fenris says, quirking a brow. Had she missed the part where they had gone to the underworld and fought three inuit gods? Because Fenris remembers that quite distinctly.

"I was hoping he could be persuaded to give us information. He is by all accounts a compassionate being and I am hoping that quality of his has not been exaggerated."

No, he's actually outright worried now. "And do you feel the need for adrinaline, my dear? Life here on midgard getting a bit stale for you?"

"I know but …." Astryd shrugs and looks away "I suppose you're right. Without her though, I would still be withering." And Sif wouldn't be hurt, so there's that. "It's our way, isn't it? To not show weakness to others?" Is she trying to justify it? Or is it really that a party full of Gods is likely to get raucous.

"Persuasion might require gifts of some sort, Fenris. Is there anyone you know of who might know more of the Watchers? I … could seek advice from the Underworlds and see if there's any insight." Her grey eyes hold the wolf gods as he looks worried. "Stale, not with you beside me. I don't know, I … feel alive, I suppose."

"Odin certainly does. Perhaps Hel does, or one of the other death gods. I am somewhat reluctant to contact any of the Aesir for obvious reasons." Fenris murmurs. He keeps watching Astryd. Is she trying to justify things? His gaze doesn't waver and that might be itself be somewhat unsettling.

"Alive enough to want to throw parties with dire enemies, love? I didn't realize it was possible to feel THAT alive."

"I could try to speak to one of Rans servants, Fenris. Or The Morrigan. See if they have information we could use. I wouldn't need to speak to any of the Aesir Gods, directly. Would that help?" He might get the feeling she'd try anyway.

The gaze is unsettling and Astryd leans in to plant a kiss on his lips. A slightly lingering one.

"Alive enough to want to live, Fenris. To experience life … "

"And you're going to do that by racing, my dear?" Fenris says gently. He kisses back, quite happy for that show of affection. It mollifies his concern somewhat… but only somewhat.

"Ran… that's an option yes. Possibly Anubis if you wished to go through Bast. She may poke and needle but she's as concerned with this kind of thing as we are and one of the few in her pantheon who is."

Of course going to Bast comes with other challenges. Like trouble that the feline goddess may get Astryd INTO.

"I might, unless you can suggest something else, my heart." They've been together a long time and Astryd has never shown such a reckless nature, not even as a young Valkyrie on Asgard. What has happened?

"Anubis, would work. I can talk to Bast, it's time we followed up with her, anyway." It's strange how the Cat Goddess seems to like the two of them. "Maybe a girls day out …"

Oh no. Bast will likely lead them into trouble, trouble that Astryd will happily leap into at the moment.

"What are you doing now?"

"What happened to long moonlit walks with Cuan?" Fenris chuckles. "You have a flying wolf friend my dear. Do you really need a car to race?" Granted she can't use Cuan in a competition and that seems to be what she's after. A contest of sorts. A battle. Something to let her savor the thrill of victory or the sting of defeat.

"I was doing research. But at the moment I think I am doing dinner. Shall we cook in, love, or eat out?"

They do have a lot of options. Both are rather good cooks. And of course with the money and influence they have… finding a decent place to have a meal is never a problem even if that place is half a world away.

"Well, they're good too. Not as good as moonlit walks with you…" Astryd considers though. "I can take Cuan out more, I suppose. We can fly out of town and go hunting or slip through the underways to another location." That might make Fenris worry some more.

"Mmmm, let me cook and you can open that bottle of sparkling white we got. Then we can spend the evening in and use the hot tub." Fenris can see the teasing look and Astryd go to say something more and think better of it, as she leans in to kiss him again.

Fenris kisses her back and smiles. "That sounds wonderful." What more was she going to say? He doesn't know but he's not going to press the matter any further today. He will watch, but tonight the only things going will hopefully be dinner and the hot tub.

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