2019-09-03 - Opportunities are Made


Curiousity spurs a meeting between the White Queen and a Valkyrior!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 3 19:38:51 2019
Location: Washington Square Park

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One thing that is nice about the park is that it's easy enough to blend in, no matter how weird you might be at first glance. The fact that a certain wizard lives right over on Bleeker Street probably has something to do with it.

Anyway, it's a day where, for once, Dani isn't terribly busy, so she's walking Brightwind along the path. While she's in street clothes, there's no mistaking a winged horse for anything else, and she gets a few curious looks as well as some children asking if they can pet the horse or the like. For the most part, Dani obliges the pets, but declines the horse rides, as Brightwind needs some time off of that as well.

Having just finished lunch on her balcony, Emma is about to return to work when she sees an odd looking horse down in the park. Sure, the police often ride horses there, but this one is visibly off even from her vantage and distance, curious, she settles into her very comfortable lounge chair, separates mind from body and sends her Astral form down to get a better look.

Invisible at first, she sees the valkyrie-mutant and her steed, and chuckles.

Dani would shortly see a figure sort of shimmers into sight leaning against a tree just ahead of them, the figure is surrounded by a pale blue corona, and nobody she'd know unless she's into business or read up on her at the Institute. The woman is quite lovely, dressed in a flowing dress of white that hugs ample curves, and is just shy of scandalously revealing. And then a woman's - presumably the glowing one's - thoughts come to her. ~Hello Miss Moonstar.~ She greets, the thoughts clear as a mountain sky at night, the 'sound' exactly that of a normal voice.

Nobody else seems to be aware of her though.

Dani blinks, and glances over at the spectral figure, looking a bit confused at first. Then the Institute training kicks in, as she realizes that whoever it is, is astrally projecting. She then hrms, "Well, hello… something I can do for you?" Which, well, seems to be proper approach, considering this person apparently knows her name at least.

Not that there are many Cheyenne who run around with winged horses in New York City, at any rate. Pretty exclusive club.

Exclusive membership indeed, since there's what - one (1) such on the roster?

The blonde woman smiles, a spectral hand moving to stroke phantom hair back from her brow. ~Not at all, Miss Moonstar, I just saw your friend - Brightwind was it? I saw him and was curious and thought I would investigate further.~ A hand is extended, and should Dani accept the grip it will feel real enough. ~I am Emma Frost. A pleasure to finally meet you.~

Okay, that might be a bit off-putting. The White Queen? Definitely has some history at the Institute, mostly bad.

Dani blinks, as that name is familiar to her, mostly bad stuff from the Institute, though she also knows, "Sharon's guardian? Okay, I know who you are." Which is enough to at least have her accept the handshake, "She's a friend, so likewise, I suppose." She seems a bit on-guard, mentally, but isn't terribly hostile since, well, Catseye's a good person, so Emma can't be all bad, right?

Though it probably helps that Dani was in Asgard during the real problems with the Academy and the Hellfire Club…

Correct! She's not all bad, which needs must mean she's -slightly- good?

At the mention of her daughter, Emma's smile grows. ~Yes, my daughter.~ The astral projection will move alongside Dani should she keep walking. ~If you'd like, I can link us rather than just sending, so you can talk mind to mind.~ Dani might be getting some odd looks for talking to an invisible woman.

Then again…this IS New York, and this IS close to a certain Sorcerer's abode, people wandering around the park holding conversations with party or parties unseen might just qualify as 'Tuseday'.

~Sharon's a good girl, I'm quite proud of her - she's a Survivor through and through, and very protective of friends.~

Dani considers, then nods, "We can link up, I've done that sort of thing before." Mostly with Jean, naturally, but she's got pretty strong mental defenses of her own anyway. "But yeah, Sharon's a good one, I like her." She grins a bit, "But, from what I know about you, you wouldn't have popped into a conversation with me out of the blue, even if I am walking with a winged horse."

The link forms with polish, it is /smooth/, it is very clear that Emma Frost has honed her mental skills to perfection. Jean is good, very strong, but she lacks the experience this woman has. "Ah, this should be more comfortable." The mind voice doesn't sound a bit different, and Dani will hear her own voice as well as they talk, it will feel exactly like normal speech though to the outside world nothing is being said at all.

"Actually…curiousity was originally all it is, one cannot be working angles and such -all- the time, however, since you ask - I could make you an offer of assistance. There is much I might do, many doors I could open, should you wish it. As my daughter's friend I would not be averse at all to do these things."

Which might make Dani wonder what Frost wants in turn.

Dani tilts her head, "Alright, I might be a bit new around here, but I know enough that there's typically a string or two attached." She gives Emma a wry look, "While I wouldn't begrudge the help, I would want to make sure I know the full cost of such a thing."

Astral Emma laughs softly. "Oh, that is very wise of you, always be wary of the stick a carrot is attached to." Her mind-voice is warm with approval. "Typically I work on an…honor system…favor for favor, but you've got an advantage over me, your friendship with my daughter gives you margin that others could not expect, and would not be given." A graceful shrug. "I promise that there is much I would do without any strings at all, though should your need be more substantial, then there might be a future favor owed."

Dani hrms, "Fair enough, though there's some things I couldn't provide, so no asking for Apples of Idun or anything. Not that you really need them, but…" She ahems a little, shaking her head as she says, "I can't really think of anything I need at the moment, but I'm sure there might be something that could come up." Since, well, with all the plates she's spinning, getting some help isn't the worst idea in the world.

"Oh, I don't know, eternal youth and vigor are strong enticements." Emma says with a smirk. She is a rather vain creature, after all. "Well, if you'll permit a small indulgence I can impress my contact information into your mind." Once that permission is granted, she'll do just that, issuing a cellphone number and an email address. Attached is an awareness that these are private, and highly secure and a sense that sharing them without permission would be frowned upon, though that last bit will fade. "Shoot me an email with your own contact information." She offers, adding knowledge is one thing - TAKING it? Very much a thing few are comfortable with.

Dani nods, "Oh, can do… I'm kinda getting used to having that and not, you know, sending ravens and such." Asgard, is totally NOT set up for wifi. But ravens are very reliable as long they get paid on time.

Dani grins wryly, "And well, it's not eternal, you have to keep eating the apples, but that's another story. Actually, there's been a few sagas about it, though those aren't entirely accurate."

"Ah, then not a long term solution without full access." Astral Emma's hand strokes her chin a moment. "I'll just have to entice the Monkey King to steal a peach for me, you know, since we're discussing mystical fruit." Wry. "Assuming I ever run into him of course."

See, that might be a fun thing!

She laughs softly. "I have to admit that Raven Express has never been a thing for me, but everyone likes getting paid on time, why should they be any different?"

Emma does look interested about the true stories. "Having never been to Asgard I cannot say, though the actual tales sound intriguing."

Dani hmms, "I probably shouldn't say it, but half the time the tales seem to be made up by one god to make other gods look bad. Loki gets the short end of it a lot, but then I think he got revenge on Thor with some of the others… it's a bit weird to sort out, and I quickly learned the best call regarding those things is never mention them in the first place." She gets a bit of a wry look at that, shaking her head, "But Asgard is amazing… much as Earth is my home, I miss Asgard so much when I'm not there. Though I go back quite a bit considering my job." She nods back towards Brightwind, as she takes her Valkyrie status pretty seriously.

"Oh, honey, the powerful /always/ have their little games of one-upmanship, and some of /those/ can get rather grisly depending on the players." Emma's definitely got a considerable experience with such things, there's no doubting her first hand knowledge here. "Have yet to meet any gods, you live in a very colorful world, Miss Moonstar."

At the mention of her job, Emma's turn to be wry. "Oh, forgive me if I say I'd rather not meet you when you're in your official capacity, no offense." She grins. "Though I /would/ like to see Asgard someday, perhaps I'll ask it of you and then it would YOU has a favor due from me at some point." She seems to be teasing, but she's equally obviously watching Dani's reaction.

Dani chuckles, "Well, nothing wrong with giving a visitor the tour, I'm sure you'd enjoy it quite a bit. To be honest, I've been wanting to take people there for a while now, but the opportunity just never seems to come up. Plus it seems a little… well, I can't just ask Heimdall to open the Bifrost because my friends want to tour the place, right?" Well, she probably could… but she really tries to be on her best behavior with Asgardians. Since she's only human, well, mutant, and all that.

"Opportunities are best made, Miss Moonstar. Made or when the rare chance comes /seized/." Well, that's a tad aggressive, but entirely in keeping with a self-made millionaire who holds controlling interest in a multi-billion dollar consortium with global reach! You don't do that sort of thing by being passive. Emma smiles then, looking to Danielle. "Have you eaten? Why not take a moment to visit, my condo is just over there…" She points to a building on the edge of the park. "…chef's made a lovely tilapia over wild rice with steamed vegetables, if you like such."

Dani hmms, "Actually, I haven't yet, so I think that would be good…" She blinks as Brightwind nudges her, the horse aware of the conversation via his own mental link to the Valkyrie, and Dani grins a bit, "There a patio or something for Brightwind to hang out on? He's very tidy for a horse."

"Of course, plenty of room by the pool." Emma says, and then looks to Brightwind. "I'm sure we can find some apples or the like, perhaps candied?" After all, he's a guest too! "Mount up, Miss Moonstar, I'll show the way." After all, her Astral Self can fly /very/ quickly should she wish it to. As she says this, the halo-surrounded image of Emma floats up into the air a few feet, and will guide Dani and Brightwind to her condo.

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