2019-09-02 - Monsters, Ninjas and a Sun at 3am


Eve encounters a monster and calls for help from Sunny and Voodoo

Log Info:

Storyteller: Eve
Date: 2019-09-02
Location: NYC

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"Need some help," was the text from Eve that Priscilla and Sunny received. It was quick, along with her location popping up and a photo: something with slavering, long teeth, claws, and blazing red eyes in the mouth of an alleyway nearby.

And, of course, upon their hopefully near simultaneous arrival, the sounds of fighting from down the way.

That was an early message, to say the least. Lucky enough perhaps, Sunny actually wasn't out having a drink at three in the morning tonight, she was laying in bed when the message came. A groan, a roll over and then she'd looked at the phone. Right after reading it? Well, the 'Sun' was not only up early, she was currently pulling her gunslinger belt from where it hung by her headboard and throwing her trenchcoat over her quickly thrown on black hotpants and tanktop she'd been sleeping in.

She'll arrive quick enough to the roar of a motorcycle, screeching into the street before the woman kicks the stand down and rushes towards the alleyway with her revolvers pulled to her hands. The gunslinger girl, glowing with light.

Text received, Priscilla eyes it, and her target whom she has been following for less than an hour, since the Obsidian Club closed for the night. The soft beep in her earpiece is better than a buzzing phone or any other foolishness, but someday she has to find a way to be notified of texts truly silently! Hard enough to function as an alien-hunting stripper ninja without text messages alerting her targets!

With an inward grumble the purple-clad figure slinks off back to her hoverbike and taps her earbud. "Friday, text Jimmy." She waits as the phone responds with the prompt, 'What do you want to say?' and then answers, "Text from Eve, nasty. Busy?" She then tells the phone to forward her text from Eve to Jimmy and launches the hoverbike into the air, aiming straight as a sober crow towards those coordinates.

About the time Sunny is managing to pull up, Voodoo's hoverbike comes to a halt over the left-bordering rooftop. She puts it into auto-landing mode even as she leaps off the bike, falling straight down at the fight already ongoing, a curvaceous figure clad in skintight gold-accented purple with a full-coverage facemask, a gleaming sword in one hand, a glowing pulse canon in the other.

This? This is why Voodoo is not a good ninja. Once she goes into battle? The subtle, she goes out the window.
The sounds of combat in the alleyway intensify and there's a loud crash as Eve is flung into a wall by a foot, a ripping and tearing sound as her leg is torn free of its socket in its entirety by clawed hands, hands attached to a pale-skinned fiend with a featureless face and elongated limbs. It seems to be barely 'there', as if its flickering in and out of reality itself. Eve's face conrts into a silent howl of pain as she slides to the ground in a bloody mess.

The creature raises its clawed hand to bring itself down to strike.. She grits her teeth and pushes herself up, catching the hand as it bears down on her and squeezing until it flickers from her grasp again, jerking back and plotting its next move.

It's hard to fight something that seems to exist and not exist at the same time, isn't it?

The alleyway is strwn with vines and blood and…entrails? Oh, those would be Eve's too, if the massive wound in her stomach that should have killed her was any indication. She sure doesn't seem dead, though. Or even slightly incapacitated despite her ongoing disembowlemnt.

Well crap, things were clearly going wrong. Spotting the injuries, the destruction and the monster all in one sweep of the field before her guns flash upwards and the 'engraving' of the weapon begins to fill with the angry glowing light of the Goddess' power. "Eve!" she calls out, as much a warning as distress at her wounded companion before she opens fire towards the flickering monster.

(_expletives_deleted_) O o . Priscilla really didn't bother to more than line up the apparent site of combat before leaping; as she is falling, however, her brain is finally processing what she is seeing, and she is distressed by the state of her friend and the risks of this ongoing combat.

Nevertheless, Voodoo falls with sword and blaster in hand, and unleashes several shots of superheated plasma from above down into the non-Eve figure's apparent location; she follows this with her own body, and the swing of her sword toward its apparent neck. But there's nothing she can do about that flickering. Not with these weapons.

And then comes the come-uppance for leaping in silently and without warning; Voodoo takes a glowing bullet for her trouble, and stumbles, cursing. Sure, she'll heal; but damnit, that HURTS! So the empath does what comes naturally. She unleashes that pain right at the flickering creature.

Alien-hunting _PSIONIC_ stripper ninja attax!

There's a moment.

The warning that Sunny calls out, in addition to her being hard to miss on account of being a blazing demigoddess, has the creature whirling around and extending its jaw, revealing a cavernous void of a mouth that seems to hunger for her light. The bullets hit it once but then it's somewhere else, clinging the wall away from Priscilla, above her and kicking off it en flickery route towards Sunny.

But then there is the pain. It falls to the ground, briefly stunned.

Eve says, "Hey," as she says, grateful for the timely arrival and assist, picking her leg up and seeming to reattach it to herself.

Generally speaking, having the power of the sun channeled through a divine weapon probably wasn't something Voodoo wanted to happen, let alone a direct hit. The gunslinger whinces, but she approaches the wounded Eve who's currently rebuilding herself. That was…something. She'd consider it later, but instead she's left looking at Voodoo-Ninja and the flickering critter. A narrowing of her eyes, she exhales a breath and raises the weapons. Slower, more careful but more potent with every blast.

Priscilla notices that channeling her pain is - at least for the moment - keeping the creature from tearing her and her friend apart further, so she keeps it up. Nice thing is that sun-channeled power cauterized the wound, and her shapeshifting means the body inside that purple suit is already patching itself up. But the pain is still real, and hasn't gone away; healing isn't pain-free until it's done. So Voodoo advances and kneels down, pressing her hand to the flickering creature … and unleashes her telepathic attack at point-blank range.

Yay for migrains later!

Yay for migraines!

Eve sits up slowly. Are… her entrails reaching back towards her own body of their own accord? Sure seems that way. THey crawl into the cavity in question and she begins to seal herself up while Sunny and Priscilla deal with the creature. She's still briefly incapcitated, it would appear.

Enraged, it extends it claws to greater lengths, flickering once before the psychic assault brings it back down to the ground, collapsing once more as the more precisely placed shots by Sunny put bullets in it. While one of them it could likely have handled, the combination of sun-pwoered rounds and psychic anguish is more than it can bear. It staggers to a knee, thne collapses, blazing sun erupting from the holes in its body, as if the very darkness inside it is being burned from within, maw open in a silent howl.

The revolvers in her hands are glowing bright, a blaze of sunlight mirrored by her glowing eyes as she continues striding forwards. Priscilla herself had the creature down, mentally paralyzed and injured by her own attack. It was perfect for her to get ready for the finishing blow. What did that entail? Well, she simply strides up to the creature, puts her boot against the beast to keep it in place and then raises both her weapons and fires tilt the gun has spent its rounds…and then several more times. Seemingly the bolts didn't -need- bullets to fuel them.

Voodoo doesn't even really flinch as a woman she doesn't know comes to stand over her and blasts beams of sunny death down into the creature right past her own head, hand and arm. This is the kind of thing she used to do all the time with her old team.

Her lost team. The family Voodoo may never have back; the family she has had to accept may well be dead.

Then, finally, Voodoo staggers back and leans against the wall, watching Eve pull herself back together, while her own body does some of the same things - if in less visibly dramatic fashion.

"Too damned early for all this sunlight." the purple-shrouded woman growls, if good-naturedly.

Well, /that/ works. Between Voodoo'a voodoo that she does so well and Sunny's sunnyness, it raises its head just in time to get pushed back down and then have its head exploded. It's form twitches several times before dissolving into oily black goo that dissipates into nothing thereafter.

"Ugh," says Eve, "I hate flickergeists." She leans against the wall, taking a moment to focus on healing herself, vines emerging from her flesh to sew her bits back together before they vanishe back into her. Even the smeared blood on her person seems to be absorbed back into her.

Voodoo - not nearly as welcoming a presence as Priscilla, what with the facelessness of a full-coverage facemask and the weapons - watches Eve put herself back together impassively, as she is doing much the same on a smaller scale. "Never heard of flickergeists before. Need better weapons for something like this." Probably something magical, and Pris doesn't have any of that. She has talent, but no training, and no one is offering - nor is she asking.

With a silent nod to Sunny, Eve is rising to her feet on her mended leg.

"Ow," she says. "I'll be okay. Anyway, thank you… both of you. I mean that. There will be a hug when I am not a horrible biohazardous mess. I need a /shower/." Leaving aside exactly what she was doing fighting this for the moment, it seems.

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