2019-09-01 - Avangers Training


The avengers Gym sees a lot of bantering…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 1 05:02:24 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Sub-Level 1 - Gymnasium and Rec Room

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Avengers Mansion. Home of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. While the team has been through its ups and downs, perhaps one of the team's more accepted traditions is the willingness to improve constantly. Even Tony.

Despite his small amount of actual formal training, Tony seems to be trading hands with a punching bag. Clearly practicing some basic kickboxing as he punches and throws a knee and a kick in there at times.

He wears a simple athletic shirt (with the arc reactor on his chest peeking through with its light blue hue) and some sweatpants. He's not panting yet, which means he probably hasn't been there long. But an experienced fighter could point out all of his flaws.

WhenShuri slips into the gym, she moves to the benches, easily picking up some of the more heavy weights, some that are specifically made for near superhuman strength. And she lifts it without fuss. As if it was not even too much. "lean into the punches, Tony. Put your weight behind them," she comments from the sideline.

Tony looks over at Shuri when she slips in, and he grins at her when she gives her advice to him. "Well, tell you what beautiful, wine and dine me before I lean into anything." Yes, he's flirting, but he follows her advice.

He leans into his punch, turns his hips to go with it too. The impact of his fists to the leather sounds just about what it needs to be.

Shuri lifts an eyebrow at his silly flirt, keeping up her weight work while observing Tony. "Sounds better. Repeat it. You need to keep up and not get sloppy. Once is luck, ten is skill." Is it a tease or some arrogance? Maybe both.

Tony quips back. "Fifteen is perfection, twenty is money?" Tony seems to add onto the 'wise saying' with his own Tonyism. He keeps throwing hands at the punching bag as she had instructed him to do. "So, trying to slim down further? Gotta warn you, you have an hourglass figure already."

"Na, 100 is well skilled, 1000 is mastery, 10000 perfection." Shuri comments, stretching the weights up without effort. "That is, so many in a row without a fail." As Tony compliments her figure, she shrugs. "Can't have me beat you in lifting some easy weights?"

And five eleven is the right height to be. Ingress comes by way of the glass cannon walking down the stairs, holding a pair of sheathed knives at her wrists, a pair of curb-stomping boots buckled from ankle to knee in a design that badly requires Wakandan technology to streamline. On the other hand, 'street gear' where Wanda is involved means a certain level of Eastern European chic meeting up with the sophistication of rising from a war zone. Her eyes have that unnatural glow to them, a cloud of fireflies dancing around her pupils rather than the solid, deadly cerise that essentially serves as nature's warning for everyone else to run away at speed, as soon as possible. Her stalking gait shows less trouble than the norm, though someone might pick up that she favours her left side more than her right. Probably not due to uneven heel and sole wear. The other tell of something being off is the scent of her, burnished by a rainforest earthiness that New York, even in Central Park, normally doesn't have. And so it goes.

"«Krvave cebele,»" she mutters, the distinct hint of displeasure in her tone. They don't get waves, they get to witness her scowl at a bench that shouldn't /be/ there in her way. Fine. She steps on and over it to go find something to kick at. It might be delightfully humorous given the strength profile in place, unless of course she's cheating. Doesn't she always cheat?

In contrast, Carol's entrance is relatively low-key, as she comes in with her hair tied back in a ponytail as she's apparently been jogging around the neighborhood. Sure, she can fly, but you can get a better view of the streets from the ground when you run. Right now she's got sweats and a USAF T-shirt on, and she takes out her earbuds as she notices, "Hey Shuri, Tony, Wanda…" The latter gets a bit of a curious look, since Carol knows that mood, but she's not going to push too hard on it.

Tony looks at Shuri. "Please, give me my armor and I top you any day of the week. The human brain is the most magnificent piece of work in the human body, after all." Yes, Tony gives his brain a solid flex, verbally-speaking. But then Wanda comes in and Tony seems to actually -shift-. Was that nervousness? Does a pretty european woman make Tony nervous now?

"Hey Wanda. Try not to kick the bench to another dimension, okay? I'm still working on an armor for that." He teases her, maybe trying to get at least a chuckle out of her. Then there's Carol. Tony looks to Shuri and Wanda.

"….if you don't move, she won't notice you. But be careful, she can smell fear."

Shuri puts the weights down as Wanda enters, waving to her a moment, just before Carol enters and gets another one. "Heya," she greets the two, giving Tony a scowl. "Who, Wanda, Carol or me? Because the only one who seems to need the brown shorts today is you."

"Da," a backhanded response slews through one of the more familiar languages available to the golden-skinned witch. Everyone surely appreciates that is the end of it for accepting the warning, though she thumbs the knife tucked against her forearm. Sadly there will be no stabbing the bag into a heap of shreds, vinyl and stuffing pouring out. No sand on a pile and looks like she intends to murder something and someone. Nothing like clocking her fist back and preparing to punch the nearest stationary object with a perfectly acceptable flurry of strikes that, in their way, are much more accurate than forceful. Just imagine her performing that same flurry at speed with the matte black blade and it becomes infinitely more concerning, sort of on the same level as Shuri adding claws to her blows. She's fast, as mentioned, and alternating between left and right sides, knocking the bag about on its chain with a disconsolate jingling moan. No, it does /not/ like this abuse of itself despite its purpose for being, rattling away with a complaining chortle of links. That crease near the top is totally not a grimace, promise. It just looks like one, paradolia a magical thing.

"Carol," she says breathlessly through the rough savaging given in lieu of a scratching post and tiger claws. Rar. Rar. Rar.

Carol snorts, "Had my coffee already, so people are safe enough." She goes over towards the Weight system. No, not the weights that Shuri is using. Those are pretty good, but well, that doesn't really suffice for someone with Carol's strength.

Settling down at the high-end weight machine, Carol dials it to a rather high setting, even by her standards, and starts working out, chuckling at Shuri's comments to Tony about 'fear', "She's got you there, Stark. Not sure why people would be scared of me, when Wanda is treating that bag like it's a Thanksgiving turkey." She winks towards the witch, before resuming her lifts on the machine.

Tony watches as Wanda seems to just want to fight something. "Soooooo want to talk about it? I have…uh…tapwater." GOD DAMMIT WHY DID HE HAVE TO QUIT DRINKING?! Well, because it was effectively messing up his life. So.

Sucks to suck.

He then looks over at Shuri, frowning. "I don't like brown. Its an ugly co-" he pauses for a minute. "…brown is totally cool." yeah, he catches himself before he wrecks himself, before he looks at Carol.

"Because Wanda can slice, but you could rip the turkey in half." He smiles teasingly.

"Geez, only thing I'm scared of is freaking Jason Statham."

"Tony, I could rip a turkey in half. And as angry as Wanda is, she could do so too." Shury teases, chuckling as she grabs something more her weight class. Some superheavy alloy weights, a fat 1 T on the side of them. A glance over to Tony, then she shrugs, slowly starting to lift the weights easily.

"So, what's up?"

Point, smack, strike. Wanda cannot sustain that rhythm indefinitely and, as good as it is, not much of a workout wearing herself out in the first five minutes. Neither is her wunderkind twin about to make life more interesting by speeding up the whole revolution where she could just coast. So she steps back, assessing the hanging back bemoaning its plight. Then she shifts onto her back foot, bouncing practically in place, and wheels around to deliver a perfectly serviceable circle kick. It really would hurt getting that full in the chest, rather than glancing like she manages, but there's reason for missing. Accuracy usually isn't her issue. On the spin, the deadly sharp hairpin bounces out from her locks onto the floor and rolls away to look like a particularly nasty sliver of moonlight stolen by a hateful star to attack the night with. Righto, not safe to leave that lying around. She straightens up and avoids being knocked over by the bag by an inch.

"Careful." A warning. "It fell." She slowly eases her way around working machines and questions about water with a raised brow, shaking her head. "No. Nuclear bees are not a problem."

Nuclear. Bees. She has to try to figure out that particular translation, flicking a look at Shuri's weights and how close trouble is to becoming an impalement of the foot. If no one interrupts her, she picks up the pin. "How are you?" See, she can be social.

Carol oofs as she continues the heavy lifting, "Sure, you say that… now. Just wait, we'll probably have… an alert about those any day." She grins, finishing the set of reps, then sitting up and glances over at Wanda, before commenting, "The only thing that scares me about Jason Statham is that he thinks he's an actor." Ouch, that's a stinger.

OUCH! Jason Statham just woke up in a hospital. Just…ow. Tony holds his heart. "That hurts. Especially since he approached me about a movie once. I said no, becuase Iron Man." he winks at Carol. Before he looks over to Wanda when she apparently decides to be social. If Wanda hasn't picked it up yet, Tony will move over and start to pick up the hair pin, before Wanda decides she's a strong independant woman who doesn't need help.

Tony lets her get it. He doesn't want to get teleki-smacked.

Then there's Shuri. "I mean, anyone could. I'm just putting it into perspective…you know, different ways of doing things. I'd rather just blow up the turkey, for example." "Not much. Taking a break from working on the armor. Speaking of which." He looks up.

"JARVIS, could you prep the Mark XVI for deployment?"

"Of course, sir."

Shuri just lifts the weights slowly but in a well trainted rythm, despite the staring look of Wanda. "Well, aren't half the selc proclaimed stars and starlets actually just media products that have no intrinsic worth?

Telekinetically smacked? Never. All Wanda has to do is wait for Tony's luck to catch up with him, nothing more, and nothing less. Patience is a valuable approach, a victory for all those who possess it. Which she does, in terrifying amounts at times.

"What is a Jason Statham?" Movie goer? Not that kind. The brunette looks to Shuri for confirmation on this, trusting she won't interrupt that lift and fall. "He is not an actor then?" It's more a look to learn, not to stare, trying to decipher how she moves differently than Carol, or Tony, or anyone. That's probably the frightening part; observed learning, osmosis in that girl's head. She asks Carol, "And what is new for you?"

Carol grins, "Oh, not too much… spent a few days in Greenland last week hunting draugr. That was a fun time." She does a second set of lifts, talking in between the reps, "Wouldn't have minded you along, but was a bit of an impromptu thing. Otherwise, well, no danger of the world blowing up at the moment." Which is always relevant!

Sure enough, there is a Suit that seems to walk in by itself, painted black, gold, and red. And it looks awesome. Though instead of blue, the arc reactor energy seems to be a crimson red. "There it is. Alright, open 'er up." and the suit opens up completely, and Tony steps in, the suit closing around him, the helmet isn't deployed so his face is pretty visible. "Now to try out the strength enhancers."

He starts to move over past Wanda. "Oh, he's uh..an actor. Stars in action movies. Tries to be british and speak clearly, but it just kinda comes out like a weird marble gargling." he smiles at her, then he looks at Shuri. "I mean, thats true. They're just people in the end."

Shuri shrugs at Wanda, herself not a movie person at all, as she is not at all american. "I dunno. But you cant know them all." Well, one could, but Shuri doesn't want to.

Then the suit walks in. "Oh comeon Tony, this is not a test bench…"

"Draugr?" The raise of her brows is a telling thing as Wanda focuses on that. "Next time, take me." She offers a sharp, unforgivably brilliant smirk that is as close as she ever gets to a smile, particularly with her eyes all but literally lighting up. "You are holding out on me, Danvers." The English proficiency isn't ever perfectly there, not in the least, but it follows her crossing her arms with that deadly black bodkin glimmering. "I miss on the fun." Hmph! Because nuclear bees are a day's work easily done, but not undead settlers of a lost Norwegian colony, truly. A /special/ kind of suffering here.

Another flicker of a smirk follows and then she is back to that impermeable poker face from the Eastern Bloc, long fallen. They set a precedent before they made her. The suit walking in brings a faint arch of a brow. She looks between them. "Do you need yours?" she asks Shuri, eyeing up the finish on Tony's creation. Jarvis is probably very uncomfortable around the woman who, if in a tizzy, might disconnect the wifi or something.

No wifi would be horrible! Then what would Tony do? Well, the suit has its own wifi, but anyway.

Tony looks at Shuri with a smile. "What is the purpose of a bench if not to test it by the power of SCIENCE!" Tony thrusts a fist into the air, looking obnoxiously heroic. But he turns his attention to Wanda. "Draugr? Whats a Draugr? JARVIS, can you google a Draugr please?"

"Of course, sir."

a second later. "A Draugr is an undead creature based out of the Norse mythos, sir." "so a zombie?" "That is one word I would perhaps use, sir."

Carol grins over at Wanda, "Duly noted. Next time Brunnhilde wants to do some monster hunting, I'll make sure to give you a call." She laughs a bit, "It is a bit more your specialty than mine, I guess, but it was something she wanted to do, so…" She stands up, finishing the last set of reps on the Machine, then grabs a towel from a nearby rack, making space for Tony's suit as she tuts a bit, "Your insecurity is showing a bit there, Tony." A bit of a wry look is passed towards Shuri and Wanda, as she goes to get a bottle of water.

Workout time. It's truly unfair to combine talents, like Shuri and her one tonne weights, Carol talking about Greenland adventures while racking her weights, Wanda not savaging a naughty punching bag, and Tony with an impressive array of armour doing armour things.

By the power of science, Jarvis is busily explaining the definition of a draugr, which might just be the definition of Steve Rogers by any other name. Really. He came out of the depths, he's old, he might have had a few coins in his pockets! He went down in the snow, he rose with a cyborg friend. Sounds like Skyrim.

The blond super-soldier certainly shambles in from the hallway like a daugr, even if there aren't any coins in his pocket or a battleaxe across his shoulders or the ungoldy bright lights of the deepest, darkest necromantic magics in his eyes. A SHIELD mission gone pear-shaped can be blamed for the lightest bruising around his eyes and a lingering cough, courtesy of a sonic blast to the upper chest. He leans in the doorway and nurses a cup of coffee in a t-shirt and jeans, feet in socks.

"What's all this about a draugr now?" asks he, smiling mildly even as he glances up at the ceiling. JARVIS explains the oddest things sometimes.

No precious in its pocket? No chance of Wanda uttering a shout that blows him off his feet, then, or serves as a much better alternative for shunting people back into the medbay. Mind, she is probably the worst candidate in the team to try to lay low and heal when properly exhausted, injured, and damaged. She does slide the bodkin back into her hair now that Steve enters the room, slipping away that nasty black blade. The other ones she sports - at her wrists, in holsters, are particularly obvious and she definitely carries at least one or two in her boots. The ungodly bright glow around her pupils is due to fireflies of cerise light wandering this way and that, hint of her channeling something. Not much, but channeling.

"Carol had a party. "

Tony looks at Steve as he walks on in and Tony feels an alert from Jarvis, a siletn thing, from an earbud on his person. So, Tony brings up his helmet, which puts itself together around his head pretty easily and he speaks. "JARVIS, run diagnostics on Oldboy, here."

"Sir, Captain Rogers has damage to his upper lungs and in his eardrums. The damage appears to be sound-based in nature, but he should be in bed rest sir, not up and walking."

"Thanks buddy." Tony then lowers his helmet. "Hey Steve, buddy, old pal. I know that when you went to school, there was no history-" OLD JOKE. "But chronologically, being out of bed when your hurt is a pretty bad idea, pal, not that I don't like to see ya."

Then he looks over at Wanda. "Woah, woah, bright eyes." Tony lifts his hands up. "Don't freak out." he teases her.

Carol grins, "Not really a party, more like a date. I voted for John Wick 3, but she wanted to go kill draugr in Greenland, so…" She makes a bit of a shrug, and gives Steve a wry expression, "Definitely didn't look as good as you did coming out of the ice cube, though with how you're walking right now, I'm not so sure." Her lips quirk in a wry grin as Tony does the mother hen thing towards Cap, keeping her own reservations (if any) quiet for now.

Shuri had mainly watched for the last minutes, stemming her weight before putting it back down. "You don't look seriously enough wounded to need to put you in a tube full of some jelly and pamper you back up, Captain. You can walk. So who needs an asskicking for trying to put you six feet under?" She nods to carol, nodding a little.

Mildly, Steve replies to Wanda, "That's a party, if undead creatures are involved." The Captain still winces around the eyes. It's weird being…not the weirdest thing anymore. Also, dead things should stay dead.

Tony, of all the people in the room, gets a flat look. "I can bench-press you one-armed right now and not spill my coffee, Stark." Whether or not it would be a wise idea is another thing entirely and ignored. The ceiling gets another vaguely annoyed look. "JARVIS, that's ratting me out, give a man a break."

A sip of his drink and soft cough before he clears his throat. "They'll get their comeuppance, Miss Shuri. Just need to collect more intel first. 'm fine, there's no need to worry. Gimme another day 'nd I'll be right as rain."

There are moments, no matter how brief, when Wanda is completely out of sync with the rest of the world. Her grip on the conversation fades completely, blanking out totally as she stares off towards a point not quite in keeping with any occupied direction. No disturbances in security, no enraged pigeons show up out there. The convocation of silence begins roughly about the point Jarvis starts his reading of failures, 'sonic' being transferred to her awareness before she has a very important omphaloskepsis performed /right now/.

The mother hen thing is truly lost on her, unfortunately. "I do not 'freak'," she murmurs vaguely Tony-ward. It doesn't need to be said they would all immediately recognize if she did; the walls aren't crumbling under scouring scarlet ribbons of energy that invert steel into plasticine or start awakening the gym equipment as her personal automata to terrorize everyone with. Not /quite/. "Do you want a fix?" This to Steve.

She's /soliciting/ him with /drugs/!

Steve is not in the bed, where he should be. Where he said he'd be. Which is why there's Bucky in the doorway, and he's got this look in his eyes that should have the hairs on the Captain's neck rising like a dog's hackles. He might as well have a little personal stormcloud hovering over his head, complete with sparks of lightning.

There's that sing-song in his voice, as he says, "Roooogers." Like Steve is a very bad dog.

Tony looks at Cap and crosses his arms. He was still in the suit. "And Cap, I could bench you with my finger and still find time to make another armor while I do so." The armor is a 75-ton strength enhancer. And yes, this masculinity contest is officially started.

Then he looks at Wanda. "No drugs, Wanda. He probably has enough medicine already." Tony fingerwags playfully at her, then he looks to Shuri. "But -should- he walk?" Tony is literally the last person to say if they 'should' say anything.

He then looks at Bucky as he enters. "Uh oh. Quick, Wanda, hide the drugs."

Carol chuckles, and gives Steve a wry look, muttering to him, "You're doomed, just so you know." She then waves to Bucky, "Hey Bucky, how's it going?" Completely innocent, really, and totally not inwardly laughing about the situation.

Outwardly, well, she'll laugh quite a bit about it later. For now, internalized.

Shuri quirks an eyebrow as Steve evades telling who needs punishment for beating him, but nods slowly. As Bucky slips in a little later, she nods to him, but says nothing.

"But can you do this without armor, Tony?" Steve asks mildly, taking a moment to sip at his coffee once more with an expression of wry amusement. Old banter-fencing topic, this one, years in duration. His eyes slide to Wanda. His smile is fond.

"Thanks, but I'll be fine, really. Another day of taking it eeeEEASY — " Oh god, Barnes needs to walk LOUDER!!!

A little slosh of coffee leaves his mug as the Captain jolts forwards out of the doorway a step and turns to look at his other half. A half-hearted glower is given to Bucky as Steve shakes hot coffee from the fingers of one hand like a wet cat.

"Walk louder," he grumbles aloud, " — 'nd I'm not doing anything stupid," the blond adds evenly before lifting his chin towards the Soldier. "'m checking in with my people."

Carol gets a side-glance and subtle amused wrinkle of nose. "Checking in with my people does not doom me," claims he. Maybe he's not in trouble. Maybe.

Which has Buck pulling his phone from his pocket, holding it up like he's proving a point. "You could check in with them via this, Steve, at the very least. What are you doing out of bed, you *maniac*?" Oh, wow, their first public marital argument. He glances around at the others, like they're guilty by enabling him. Everyone's in trouble.

The witch crosses her arms. It's one of those habitual postures that prove defensive and suitably serious, though not by Mr. Raincloud degrees of doom over there. Bucky receives that fixed look, almost appraising, and a slow nod.

A crawl of light dances along her fingertips, the seduction of the greatest drug of all right there. Is it pain-free healing? Is it a lesson? Not a chance, it's watching someone else have to deal with a problem that isn't hers. "You would want this if the nuclear bees came with me too."

"Could you do it without the Serum?"

Tony then makes a slurping sound with his mouth, because he doesn't have tea. Damn, they're gonna start throwing hands now, but Tony has a point. They both became enhanced through outside means, not things they were naturally born with.

He then looks over to Bucky as he pulls out his phone and makes a point. Tony though still has his arms crossed. His armor isn't very bulky. Its sleek. Well-balanced statistics, probably.

Carol grins, impervious to the trouble… at least for the moment as she looks cheerfully back at Bucky, "I was just working out and telling people about fighting draugr in Greenland, that's all." She hrms, glancing between Tony and Steve, shaking her head a little bit as she looks more visibly amused at the barbs now.

Shuri looks over to Carol, then the boys measuring strength. "Comeon boys, I could lift all three of you, just like Carol could stem us all in the room without breaking into sweat. So that means she has the longest one, aye? Case closed. Now we have to do better things, like getting revenge on whoever packs a sonic weapon against the Captain."

Steve apparently refuses to be sorry, given he merely lifts his chin a touch more and replies to Bucky, "I left them a note." Yes — a handwritten note promising he'd be back in a few hours, here's where he'll be, and no, he won't be doing any truly extertional exercises in any manner, cross his star-spangled heart. It seemed more polite and personal than a text, anyways.

However, Wanda's comment has him giving her a quirked-brow look. "No nuclear bees, please," he asks politely, a tad unnerved at the idea of radioactive jalapeno sky-raisins. Tony, for the moment, receives no reply, because Steve is still calculating his chances of escaping the room and making it back to his bed without further mother-henning.

"Right! Carol's date. Apparently, she dug up something weird and undead." The Captain seizes upon this line of conversation and gestures at Carol, attempting to redirect Bucky towards the distraction. "Draugr. Crazy, right? Can't remember the last time we dealt with something undead." Maybe Halloween will contain less shambling this year — and maybe pigs will fly.

Shuri's commentary has Steve burying his smile behind the rim of his coffee mug. He won't outright admit that his favorite banter in the mansion is between Carol and Tony. Still…that's him now trying to slip past Bucky and into the hallway nonchalantly.

Wanda continues to say nothing, playing with the riveting caress of those flaming red lines that weave and twine around her fingertips like an overly eager cat. So she watches, intense.

Bucky wraps metal fingers around the Captain's wrist. You're not going anywhere, Rogers. C'mon, Steve, this guy was an obsessive assassin. "You're supposed to be in *bed*, Steven. All these people are grownups who can deal with things without you hopping up down here to make sure they've had their snack and their nap." Now he's dragging Steve away with him.

Tony doesn't get involved with the Bucky and Steve thing. "…do you two need a minute?" Tony asks the pair with a grin, before he looks over at Carol. "Fighting danger in greenland, she says." Tony says with a sigh and a shake of his head. But then he looks at Shuri. "Thats because you haven't seen my best armors. Multiple Avengers can take out each other pretty easily in the right situations, so uh…make sure you actually have a dick before you start comparing, Your Highness." Tony says to Shuri with a very mocked-shakespearean bow.

Then he looks over at Wanda for a second. She was so weird, but so /interesting/.

Carol just looks nonchalantly at Tony as he goes on about armors, "That's so adorable, really." She grins, then tosses a wink to Shuri as she looks between Bucky and Steve, "Well, I voted for John Wick 3, but fighting draugr overrode that choice." The observant might also notice a golden torc around Carol's neck, the front crafted like a wolf's head. "Can't say I minded the result, though."

"Well, we are grownups, Barnes, but we can't beat up those bullies that sent him to bed if he doesn't spill his beans who we need to beat up." Shuri tells after Bucky, shrugging a little. Tony gets back a glare.

The Captain does not have a Sneak rating high enough to get past the brunet in the doorway, even at his most nonchalant. Alas. He lets out a long-suffering, patient sigh, and lingers, kept in place by the metal grip of hand.

"No, not a minute, apparently MY nap. It's time for my eleven 'o clock siesta. Can't miss it, it makes me grumpy later," Steve deadpans as of Tony's question. "Alright, alright — I'll get back in bed, Barnes, geez." His ears pink after he coughs; damnit, body, making its point to need rest. His empty coffee cup's apparently going with him.

"If anyone needs anything, text me, I'll…" — not come deal with it physically. "…get back to you. Only another day 'nd I'll be back about the other guy." Drat those AIM beekeeping bastards. Appearing almost noble in his chided departure, Steve still manages a wave before he disappears into the hallway, sure to be herded back to the Triskelion's medbay bed.

"Yes, I know — no, that's not what — Buck, just listen — UGH." Long-suffering sigh again.

The light winks out around Wanda's hands when it becomes apparent she has no need to either heal someone or dash a really damn impressive rave against the ceiling for the sake of everyone there. Time to party. No nuclear bees here, none at all. Instead, there will be fearless waving to both of the men taking their leave. Leaf?

Tony fingerguns at Shuri while Cap and Bucky are dragged away. "Have fuuuuuun~!" Tony says to them in a sing-dingy kind of way. Then he looks to Carol. "Almost as adorable as your Air Force career." Tony smiles. THE BANTER BEGINS.

But then Tony looks over at Wanda again. But he looks to Carol.

Carol arches a brow at Tony, "If you're talking about my career, I think you're mistaking 'adorable' for 'amazing'." She smirks a bit, a few errant golden motes of light spiraling away from her as she finishes the water bottle, "Anyway, I'm going to go down to SHIELD and pester them about Steve's latest shenanigans, and what laid him up in such a bad way in the first place. Could be worth looking into." With that, she waves to the rest and makes her exit, making a beeline for a shower and change first.

Ooh, pretty motes! Wanda watches them. "I will go." She shrugs at that, and then nods to Carol, following in her footsteps somewhat. The lithe stretch of her legs isn't fair, because as soon as she's through the door, her clothes reassert themselves in the way they ought to be: coat, corset, coronet.

Shuri nods as the two leave. "Call me when you find something… I have to get a call home in though… See you later." She puts away the weight again before moving to the door herself. "Politics can be hard."

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