2019-09-01 - A Management Meeting


Alison and Sarah sit down to have a manager-talent meeting, with topics detouring off to more personal opinions of other members of the Young Avengers.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 1 03:34:06 2019
Location: Baxter Building - YA Living Area

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Saturday night. It should be a time for partying and raging but Alison has set it aside to talk business with her management. Besides, it's only 8:30; plenty of time to go out later. Dressed in leg warmers, short shorts, and a sleeveless t-shirt advertising herself, she sits on the couch with her bare feet tucked under her. Head bobbing along to the music in the earphones she is wearing though her expression is one of careful consideration - probably listening to her own stuff.

Sarah has been increasingly taking over…well, just running things at the YA headquarters. Mostly involved in keeping the other members in food and tolietries and the like, and making sure the fridge seems stocked, getting furniture set up, all the little things. But she's also been spending time pondering out ideas for Alison, and looking for good performance venues she can be performing at, or places where she can get her name out there by doing public performances. The most recent was at the Empire State University welcome days, where she got to perform for a rotating crowd of new and old students wandering the quad looking at various booths, though quite a few stopped in just to watch Alison's performance…she was definitely the high point of the bands who were performing over the course of three days, and got her lots of new fans who hadn't run into her before.

Of course, it wasn't her fault a crazed Tamaranean decided to attack the second day, but the damage wasn't too bad and mostly cleaned up by the time Alison's set was up.

Today, Sarah comes wandering out, a small laptop under her arm as she heads over to the couch and flops down. "Hey Ali! Ready for our meeting?"

Alison, despite the music blaring, nods to Sarah's words - she's got good hearing. Removing the earphones she offers her manager a warm grin. "Sure am. Thanks for the gig at the university too. That was a lot of fun. Sorry I missed out on all the excitement though." She means the battling with the Tamaranean. "Sarah, I've been thinking. With all that you do for me, getting gigs and stuff, you should really be my agent too. I don't think I need…or can afford…both. I don't need his rehearsal space anymore, I have here. What do you think?"

The Amerindian girl looks suprised, to say the least. "R-really? You'd be good with that. I mean…I don't mind, I'd be happy to do that for you too. And we can figure out if there's anything else we need to add to the recording space here for you? I mean, it's pretty well sound proofed and it's got good recording acoustics…" she says perking up as her eyes sparkle a bit. "I'm really glad you're happy with what I've been able to set up!"

"It's nice to have someone who is only interested in my career rather than their own, or their other acts. And I think you've been doing awesome" Alison grins before leaning over to give Sarah a friendly peck on the cheek. "Are you enjoying it though? Don't feel tied into this. I do this because I love it. You should feel the same way. Yeah, I can record here too. What do you think about doing a video of a song for YouTube? We have any aspiring movie makers around?"

Sarah smiles softly, then nods a little. "Sure, it's interesting and fun. I haven't really gotten to organize something like this before, and it gives me an excuse to go wandering around town to check out venues if nothing else." she says. She looks curious. "You mean like a full video? I mean, go to any of the Digital Media programs at colleges around town and there's probably students who might be up for it. It just depends what you want to do, and how complex you want it to be?"

"Yeah, I guess students would love to help" Alison nods, considering this option. "That could be fun but if there's anyone here, maybe keep it in the 'family'? But, hey, you're the brains, I'm only the talent" she giggles. "Careful about too much wandering around town. Some of those clubs are in pretty rough areas. So…what plans do you have for me?"

Sarah pauses, leaning back as she seems to think for a moment. "Um…well…I do have a friend who might know some stuff about computers and that sort of thing, but I'm not sure how much she knows about videos." she admits. "Or filming. And it'd depend if they wanted to make it a class project or something and rights and stuff, but, sure…." she says after a moment. "Hmm. As for now? I was thinking since you got a good amount of new fans at the university event, maybe we should see about hitting a lot of the clubs and such near the university area."

Alison nods along to Sarah's words of wisdom. "Okay, go for the student crowd for now. I love doing all kinds of music as you know, but should I concentrate on a particular market for now?" Her nose screws up a little. "Or will that restrict me when I try to change musical styles?" A long sigh before she winks at Sarah. "I guess that's why I have you. To make these decisions. Oh…and I should probably pay you more now too." A beat. "Or pay you."

Sarah blinks a bit. "Uh…oh. Uh, right." she says after a moment. "I guess…uh, I'll find a contract thing? Like…what, 15 of contracts that are successful or something?" she says after a moment. "And I don't think it matters style wise, as long as you're not doing something really limited in fandom…like…I dunno. Classical, jazz swing, synthwave, or something doesn't make use of that pretty voice of yours." she says slowly. "What do you mean by changing styles?"

"You can have fifteen percent of whatever I earn, whether it is considered successful or not. Okay? And, yeah, I guess we better do some proper contracts." Alison winks before adding, "That's also your job by the way. Fiftten percent is starting to sound pretty pitiful, isn't it. Well, changing styles between say, teenpop and then doing a metal album. Might show my range but also might alienate everyone. I like synthwave. Lots of noise for my powers."

"Well. I know that some agents do like thirty to fifty, but that seems a bit high considering my abilities. Doing a short term contract for 15 seems like a good start, then we can figure out if I'm doing good enough to raise it next time." Sarah says cheerfully. "Um…well, I think that'll be okay, from the sound of it. It depends what you want to do? I mean, you'd be pretty good at technno, you could be your own light show and stuff. Deadmaus got nothing on you." She grins a bit. "But sure. I think we might need a different kinda band though if you're going to change genres, so at least give mea little warning if you want to do that?"

Alison giggles about her light show. "Yeah, it is pretty flash" she smiles. "I'd still like to go with the live band as much as possible, helps with the light show. I've been working on my own choreography as you're no doubt aware." Alison dances around until the early morning…noisily. "But if you think some more professional help is needed, then I'm willing. I love techno too." A pursing of her lips for a moment. "Sarah, once I start doing heroic stuff for the Young Avengers, it's not going to take long before people realise who I am. Should I hide away?"

The Apache girl leans back, considering that. "I'm…not sure. I mean, being famous is both protection and danger. Creepy people are going to know where you are and where you're performing, and what you do when you're heroing." she admits after a moment. "I might be the wrong person to ask since I'm deliberatley not hiding who I am…if I'm publically a Young Avenger, I can't just be disappeared again like I was when i was an unknown teen. And I don't really mind being known at the moment. I haven't gotten really mobbed by fans or something." she admits. "But…I mean, it would be hard to hide someone who can turn sound into light who is doing it both as a Young Avenger and at her concerts."

Sarah mms. "…do you think I should get more security for you at your performances? I can probably find some powered types who could keep out even metahuman crashers…."

"I'd like to think I can look after myself" Alison replies with mock-offense. And then a deep breath as she makes up her mind. "I think I have to embrace who I am, Sarah. No more hiding. I'll still use the face paint but that's about the style, not being secretive. It's about time that the world knew about me and Dazzler." A little laugh. "My parents will be livid." A beat. "This is a good thing. And how are things with you? Any problems being publicly known?"

Sarah hesistates, then mms. "Well, I mean…I'm not exactly well-known." she admits. "Compared to someone like Kori, or Kate or something." She sighs. "…and I kinda dropped the ball not being there when Kori needed me at the campus." She rubs her face. "So, not exactly covering myself in glory.

"I haven't seen Kori in like, forever" Alison frowns. "It's amazing how much you can lose people in a place like this. Do you want to be well-known? And don't be silly. You helped a whole bunch of people escape a fate worse than death. You are a hero! Plenty of people think you're glorious already. I guess I'll find out what this being known thing is like. I mean, everyone knows who the Fantastic Four are. It can't be that bad."

"She's been getting ready to attend school over at Empire State…uh, that was why the crazy Tamaranean attacked actually. Some nutcase named Whitestar who's got a hate on for Kori, apparently, over something that happened with their homeworld." Sarah admits. "And…I don't particularly want to be famous, other than maybe it letting me help people more. I liked what I did back home…helping with weather, nudging rain for crops, making storms less powerful, helping with floods…that sort of thing." She smiles. "I actually met a mutant woman who has powers like mine, named Ororo…havne't gotten together with her yet, but I'm looking forward to meeting someone who's got something like my powers, so we can compare notes." She grins. "And you're going to have to deal with fame either way, whether you're famous for being a Young Avenger, or famous for being a performer, or both."

"I guess I need a dancer to replace Kori if she's studying full time. She's such a buzz" Alison laughs before looking worried about the duelling Tamaraneans. "Someone else from Malta? Is it solved now? Yeah, guess I'm going to be famous regardless. Hey, what about this idea? Before a decent sized gig, how about we do a press conference announcing me and my powers. Maybe even my membership of the Young Avengers? That will get people interested at least."

"I think she'll still happily dance for you." Sarah says with a smile, then mmms. "…yeah, from…Malta. And I don't know. She hasn't…really talked to me yet about it yet. I think she feels…responsible?" She sighs. "…and I told her I would stand by her, and then I wasn't there when she needed me." She frowns softly, then is disracted by the idea. "…that…seems like a good plan? I mean…perhaps we should do one for the Young Avengers in general, now that we have so many new members."

"Sure, we can tell the world about all of us! I guess Dazzler is going to be my official codename. You'll need one too. And Kori. How about 'Madame Malta' for her?" Alison shrugs. "Probably not the best name. Anyway, let's organise a press conference! Near one of my gigs. Purely coincidental of course. And Kori is an angel, she knows we will all help her. That we all love her. Don't worry about it, Sarah. Seriously."

Sarah grins. "I'm just going to be boring and go by my name. Rainmaker. It works." she says, shrugging. "Dazzler is perfect for you. I'm not sure for Kori, it's up to her…I'm sure we can help her pick one out." She pauses. "…make that, I'm pretty sure we should help her pick one out. Just in case she picks something that's…ah…maybe has double meanings she doesn't realize yet." she admits sheepishly.

"Rainmaker? Sure, that works. Better than 'Weather Woman' or something. I bet it won't be too long before some bad guy is calling you 'Weather Witch' or something culturally inappropriate. They are bad after all." A sudden laugh about Kori choosing her own name. "You are right there. She'd probably call herself 'Stripper Girl' since that is her career. Double meanings? We should be worried about the first meaning. So, anything else in mind to make me the most famous and talented songstress in the universe?" A beat. "To start with."

"I'd kinda wanna avoid the Weather Witch thing. Or Thunderbird." Sarah says, mock shivering. "Yeeeeaaah. I mean, she's getting better at picking up on Earth culture, but still, there's a lot she just doesn't get yet why she shouldnt' do things a certain way, or why we care about some things. Sex and sexuality is right up there." Shemmms. "I mean, she's got a point that we're really repressed compared to what she's used to, I guess…." She grins and thinks a bit. "Well, I think getting you out there and in front of your new fans to keep growing word of mouth is good, while I figure out a good music video for you and set that up?

"Sexual repression is not good" Alison nods in agreement, "But I think the repressed violence compared to what Kori gets up to is not a bad idea. I can understand why Kori is happy to flaunt it. She's certainly got it. What about you? No Mister or Missus Rainmaker in the offing? Or, heck, just people to have fun with. You know…Thunderbird isn't that bad, is it?"

"Uuuugh. My people don't even have that as a myth! It's just…it's like people trying to dress up every Native American in a feathered headdress, just because the Sioux wear them for ceremonies." Sarah says, shaking her head. "And…I dunno." She squirms a bit. "I…sorta have a thing with Kori, but I'm not sure how she feels about it..and I'm not trying to tie her into anything when she's still figuring things out, so…" She shrugs slightly, then smiles. "And it'd be a Mz. Rainmaker, if it was anyone."

"You have a thing with Kori? Oh…cool…I had no idea." Alison holds up her hand for a high five. "Don't leave me hanging, girlfriend. You may have guessed that I'm a switch-hitter, though definitely prefer the ladeez. They're all so much prettier for a start! Okay, we drop the 'Thunderbird' idea. Want me to talk to Kori about how she feels?"

Sarah flushes a bit, reaching up to high five. "I've been pretty good with the fact I prefer women since junior high." She sighs. "Which made it kinda hell when my first kiss blabbed." She shakes her head, then smiles. "Mm, it's more…she doesn't see any problem with friends who are sexually active together, I think. It's…sex just isn't the same sort of relationship sign, I guess?" She shrugs slightly. "I'm okay with it, but I guess it means we're not…together together, you know. Friends with benefits, but not….girlfriends like that?" She sighs. "…I don't know." She pulls up her legs, hugging her knees slightly. "I mean…it's not like I have anything to compare it to, I've never /had/ an actual girlfriend, just…crushes. Living out in the middle of nowhere hiding out with your mom doesn't exactly make it easy to meet people."

"Yeah, I guess in Malta they just screw around and enjoy it for what it is rather than what it represents. Nothing wrong with that if it is a good time. And you know, even if you're just having sex for sex sake, I still believe you are having it with someone you care about or attracted to. You don't have sex with anyone" Alison considers before giving Sarah a hug around those knees. "Sounds like you need some proper loving too. I'll talk with her. Try to explain how things work in America. Though, if you don't have anything to compare it too, maybe you are in a relationship? Is she sleeping with anyone else? Are you?"

"…uh…well, I'm not." Sarah says after a moment, flushing a bit as Alison hugs her knees. "I don't know if she is, but…if she is, then I'm not…jealous? I think. I don't think I'd be." She sighs and smiles softly. "Oh, I need proper loving too, huh? And no, I don't have sex with anyone, just…people i really like and am attracted to."

"My point is that if Kori is the same, that means she really likes you and is attracted to you, even if you are not in an 'official' relationship. Jealousy definitely sucks. Big time" Alison nods solemnly. "I'm pretty sure the ladies I like are sleeping with other people and that's fine by me. I mean, I hope they're doing more than sleeping" she giggles before a wiggle of her eyebrows. "Who do you really like? Other than Kori."

Sarah shifts a bit at that. "Ah, well.." she says thoughfully, leaning back slightly. "Like in that I think they're pretty or like that I like the whole package? I mean…" She reaches up, brushing her long raven hair behidn her ear absently as she thinks. "Well, I like you. Rose has that rough badass look to her, but she's kinda jerky and mouthy. Um…Kate's cute? Pretty sure she's got a boyfriend though. Dani too." She wrinkles her nose and grins. "Though I think it's like stereotypical that I'm attracted to the only other Native American on the team.

"Not stereotypical, just good taste. I think Dani is pretty cute too" Alison blushes as she smiles. "Lot of energy too." Moving on. "Awww, you think I'm cute? Well, I think you're absolutely beautiful, physically and soul, so any lady would be lucky to have your affection. Honored even. You know, I think you mentioned every female in the team" she giggles warmly.

Sarah's cheeks develop a more coppery tinge. "Hiding in the desert, no real dating or meeting people for all my teen years, up until recently. Um, and a bit before at the school they were holding me in." She sighs. "Mm, though the girl I was interested in there had a head like a brick. Literally. I mean, she just…she was so dense, I cannot even begin to get it across. I mean, it'd be one thing if she just wasn't into girls," Sarah notes. "But she would constantly do things like undress in front of me and then be confused why I'd get flustered over it. I mean, she was a total Glamazon and she just….was completely unaware of the effect it had on people."

She tilts her head, smiling a bit. "I think you're more than cute. And you've got one of those personalities that energizes everyone around you when it's shining. I mean, you need to to be out on stage, putting out all that energy…."

"Can't say I was really a dating machine either. When I left home I was on the street a lot, moving from place to place, relying on the generosity of others. And, yeah, that sometimes meant a bartering arrangement to get the best bed. If you know what I mean." Alison is not proud of it but it could also have been a lot worse. "I didn't really have the stable environment to date properly. Sounds like you understand that." A smirk about the Glamazon. "Did you share a room or something? You didn't…you know…while she was asleep." Another blushing smile at being told she is more than cute. "I try to get on stage as much as I can" she nods. "I love it. What I've always wanted to do." She reaches out to give Sarah's hand a squeeze. "And with my awesome agent slash manager to assist, the sky's the limit." A purse of her lips in thought before she asks, gently. "Do you think it is wise if I kiss my manager?"

Sarah mmphs! "No, I mean…not /in/ the room." She squirms. "…late night showers sometimes after a jog to cool down." she admits sheepishly, then squeezes Ali's hand back, hesistating. "Depends…if you think it's compromising me to do it…" she murmurs softly. "I mean…I'm not being an ass and trying to force you…" Her eyes twinkle playfully. .

"Sounds like those showers didn't really cool you down" Alison laughs before a more serious expression to go with a pondering tilt of her head. "If you don't think Kori would mind and I don't think Dani would." A snort about the last person mentioned. "I think she would join in. We can still be professional even after…you know. I mean, you are definitely not an ass but you have an incredible ass. I've noticed."

"Why, thank you. I work hard at it." Sarah says amusedly, then bites her lower lip. "I mean…uh. I'm pretty sure Kori won't mind at all…you're with Dani?" she says curiously. "I didn't know if you two…I mean, I knew you seemed interested, but didn' tknow if you ever went on a date or…"

"Date? Umm…that would be an exaggeration really" Alison giggles. "She turned up at my room in that sexy armor of hers and…well…let's just say that a date wasn't required. And hasn't yet." A wiggle of her eyebrows before she sucks on her lower lip. "You want to go on a proper date? Sure, we can do that…but I think we agreed on a kiss?"

Sarah raises her brows. "Well now you're talking about a date…if you're asking me out…" she says playfully, watching. "But a kiss…sounds like a nice start first." she murmurs gently, leaning forwards as she leans on her hands for balance.

Alison also leans forward, pressing her lips gently against Sarah's. A slow kiss, getting a little harder as it lingers. Tongue caressing the other woman's lips, trying to slip between them as the kiss grows more intense. Then it breaks and the blonde smiles sweetly. "Want to go out on a date with me?" she asks brightly.

The Apache woman's chin tilts up slightly, her lips parting…and then those soft, full lips pressing back against the other woman's, a little sigh escaping as her tongue gently flicks out, a bit more tentatively due to inexperience more than interest as she tries to return it. Her chest rises and falls just a bit faster as she mmmsm. "Mmmmhmmm." she murmurs, smiling lazily.

"Cool" is Alison's succinct reply to the affirmative. "I…umm…guess our management meeting is over" she shrugs shyly, reaching up to tuck some hair behind her ear that doesn't need tucking. "Want to do something?" she asks before sucking on her lower lip.

There's a low, husky giggle from the other girl as her eyes twinkle devilishly. "Well, we could have the date now, if you had a venue in mind yourself. Unless you're expecting your manager to find it for you." she teases.

Alison chuckles about her manager finding a venue. "Nah, it's okay, I'll find somewhere. Though it'll have to be cheap since my manager keeps all my money" she teases in return. "How about I meet you back here in…ten minutes? And then we can go out on a date. Might be my first date when I think about it."

"….mine too, actually." Sarah admits, a little shyly. "S-sure, I should change into something…nicer." She slips off the couch, offering Alison a hand up. "Gives us time to think about where we might go too?"

Alison takes the offered hand to get to her feet and then continue towards Sarah to steal another kiss. "You look pretty nice to me" she shrugs. "I have somewhere in mind. Oh…you're not allergic to any food or anything, are you?"

Sarah grins a little at the quick peck, her free hand idly brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Nope. Not a huge seafood fan, but that's about it. And, contrary to rumor, I do not require green chile in /everything/ just because I'm from New Mexico." she quips.

"Good to know. No crabs and no tacos…and certainly not combined" Alison smirks. "Back soon." Does she have anything nice to wear? This could be tricky.

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