2019-08-28 - To New Arrangements


Emma is invited to a special preview of McCabe Industries new line

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Date: Wed Aug 28 06:13:08 2019
Location: RP Room 3

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McCabe Industries is known for being one of the premiere fashion houses that services the rich and famous. Run by ex-modelling sensation Mari McCabe the clothes are sort after - not just for the fashion but for the 'extras'. Bullet proof and knife resistant fabrics. Dresses with pockets! of all things. The range of male clothing, whilst not as extensive gets its share of attention too.

Which is a why certain Royalty met the ex-model.

Today, there's a small fashion show being hosted in McCabes Showroom in the Fashion Distract. A preview of the McCabe Autumn range - but only select people have got invites. T'Challa has an *open* invitation and the CEO of a certain tech firm received one as well.

There's rumours that McCabe is branching out into 'fashion wearables' - wearables that are integrated with clothing. That might be a bit of a draw.

T'Challa of Wakanda, one time King of Wakanda before he stepped down and now 'merely' Prince of Wakanda is of course present. In an immaculately tailored suit with a metallic purple shirt underneath and matching handkerchief in the pocket. He has his hands folded behind his back. This is as much a small social event as it is a display of the things that Mari McCabe has been working on. See and be seen. Those are the rules of the game when you're playing at this level.

And T'Challa is very good at playing this game.

Emma Frost is actually one with a very keen interest in clothing with extras, She does get a lot of invitations, but this particular one caught her interest for the small guest list, and for the reputation of the firm, and so she had her executive assistant RSVP in the positive. Of course one cannot just show up at such an event without careful preparation, and so when her driver lets her off, Emma's appearance is certainly eye catching.

Her dress is just shy of scandalous, shoulder-less, it hugs her form and cuts off just barely preserving modesty. The top portion sows a considerable amount of cleavage and the dress laces up the sides. Thigh boots have heels adding height to an already tall woman, and she wears a stark silver necklace with a large diamond inset, matching earrings at each ear, and carries a small hand bag. Her makeup is flawless, the sort of subtle that isn't obvious save for white painted lips and eyeshadow to match the white of nearly everything else.

Yes, even the car she arrived in was white.

Emerging like royalty herself, she makes her way into the show, and presents her invitation if such is needful.

When Emma enters, the models are already walking the catwalk that resides on one of the showroom. The clothing is wonderful and there's at least two outfits that will catch Emma's eye. If she didn't know better, she'd think she'd had them made to order for her, so completely her style they are.

"Ah Ms Frost, I'm glad you could make it." A tall dark skinned woman smiles at the blonde and holds her hand out. "I'm Mari McCabe. Welcome. Might I take a moment to introduce you to a colleague? T'Challa." She gestures to the man who stands out in that suit.

Just T'Challa. No last name at all.

"T'Challa. I'd like to introduce to one of my guests for today, Ms Frost of Frost Industries."

"Ah Miss Frost." The dark skinned man - in many ways the opposite of how Emma looks - has a notable lilting accent that rises and falls with the cadence of his speech. He extends a hand politely to greet her.

"We meet at last. I have heard your name come up in a number of business circles before. You have quite a formidable reputation."

Formidable is probably a nice way to put it. But then, T'Challa isn't much put off by things other people would find unpleasant. High powered business folk and high powered politicians often share the trait of direct-to-the-point-of-brusque personalities. Or at least, very very assertive ones.

"I am quite pleased to make your acquaintance. Have you been in business with Miss McCabe before?"

Or is she just a well known client? T'Challa looks to both women to answer that.

"Miss McCabe, a pleasure to come, your work has been creating quite the buzz in certain circles." Emma's voice is carefully modulated, the accent just barely audible that of Boston. She shifts her gaze to Miss McCabe's colleague, and inclines her head graciously. "You're too kind, Your Highness." A wry twist of her lips acknowledges that her rep is perhaps a bit more on the infamous side than the formidable, but formidable would certainly apply as well.

A shake of the head at his question. "In truth this is the first time we've met, T'Challa." She made the point she knew who he was, no need to go on about it after he was so plainly introduced. "I don't believe McCabe Industries has - as of yet - had any dealings with Frost International, no." Her smile is dazzling when offered. "I confess if the offerings tonight live up to the buzz, that may well change."

Mari gives T'Challa an amused look. "It seems someone knows more of you than I did." She hadn't recognised the dark skinned man as royalty of Wakanda and he certainly hadn't told her!

"We have not, Miss Frost, but your sense of style is legendary." There's a reason McCabe is so successful. Mari's personal touch and identifying which people to approach has been a large part of it.

"I'm glad you could make it though. Perhaps, you might tell us a bit about Frost International and what it does?"

"I did lead something of a public life, Mari." T'Challa laughs. It's interesting, his speech patterns. No contractions. T'Challa is not a large man though he is certainly tall. But there is something about him that projects an aura of confidence and authority that goes beyond what many boardroom alpha males consciously do. This is more the look of someone who is utterly assured of their place in the world.

"I should say that McCabe Industries became my primary clothier shortly after I was delivered these. Their quality and artistry are unmatched." It's high praise coming from someone who once had the resources of a nation at his disposal.

"Yes and if you would indulge us so, Miss Frost, I would be interested in what drew you here today. Obviously the reputation of the company and Miss McCabe herself, but I imagine that there is a… x factor that drew you in, no?"

"I make it a point to know as much as I can about those I'm likely to encounter, of course." Emma states with that dazzling smile offered freely to Mari as well. She really does starkly contrast with T'Challa - he's powerfully built, she's fit yes, but not even in the same time zone as he is. And they dress at opposite ends of the spectrum with him in dark on dark on dark to her stark white. What they both share is commanding presence.

Another reason Mari's successful is that Mari knows how to pay a compliment and not seem fake. The smile dims a bit, not in a bad way, though it does grow a bit more wry. "It was not always so, but, that's a story for another time." Like never. "Frost International? Well, we're a conglomerate, a consortium if you will. I hold controlling interest and both the CEO's seat and that of Chairperson of the Board." Which is a lot of power consolidated in one person's hands.

Not a COUNTRY of course, but FI actually has greater wealth and influence than some smaller ones.

She makes a little gesture from fencing to acknowledge a touch at T'Challa's mention of an x-factor. So, he knows things too, this just got more interesting.

"Our primary foci are Electronics, and Transportation." She nods. "Air and Water, though we don't have any military contracts, we are a strictly civilian firm. As to the interest here…" That smile brightens again. "…I'm rather a clothes horse, to be honest. I like pretty things, and if they can /also/ hold additional utility, well, that's all the better, wouldn't you both agree?"

"You did and you didn't tell me when I asked." Mari teases. He'd taken her to see his sister at the Embassy. "However, I'm honoured you think so highly of the suits we made you." It's been a good relationship for both of them.

"Electronics. Is that specifically related to Transportation, Ms Frost?" the ex-model is curious. "T'Challa here is something of an inventor, really and is helping me with my latest project. I'm diversifying McCabe Industries into fashion wearables. Not only will you look stylish and have some degree of protection, but you'll be wired for sound without any ugly accessory."

"The functionality of cellphones, personal data assistants. The holy grail of personal technology for some time has been electronics flexible enough to function as articles of clothing, but durable enough to survive wear and tear and the elements. McCabe Industries has acquired some materials that may make that possible. My expertise is mostly in the implementation."

T'Challa gives Emma a curious look. He knows a little bit about her. It'd be hard not to. One does not run in circles of her influence without being noticed. He knows that she has a reputation for being unusual. Though the exact manner of that, well, no one has really said reliably.

"Did you want to show Miss Frost some work in progress, Mari?"

"Men like their little secrets Miss McCabe, better to let them think they can get away with it. mm?" Sapphire eyes are agleam with wicked humor as she says this. She definitely notes the respect the pair hold for each other. "Electronics - consumer electronics such as computers, audio and video systems, cellular enabled devices such as phones, tablets and of course the various and sundry peripherals and accessories. We also produce some more rugged products, washer driers and other kitchen and bath appliances." Emma laughs softly. "We're all over the board, but that's one advantage of being a consortium."

T'Challa's commentary definitely piques her interest. "Actually I'm no tyro in the lab, though my particular expertise is in what many might call fringe science. Parapsychology research not being all that well respected.

Which might give an idea as to the nature of her 'exoticness' as well, surely another clue.

She smiles brightly again and turns to Mari. "Oh yes, please I should like that very much indeed, Miss McCabe."

"If you don't mind, T'Challa. It's your work as well." Mari smiles and gestures to one of the assistant "Michelle, would you please model our latest prototype?" Mari's eyes dance and Emma can tell this is something she's not only proud of but excited about. "Parapsychology? That's a unique field indeed. How did you come to that?" If Mari suspects anything about Emma she's not letting on.

Maybe she doesn't know.

It's not long before Michelle returns in a dress. Not Emma's style but it's elegant none the less. There's stitching through the collar line and something running through the sleeves though you can barely see it. Michelle smiles at Emma and turns so the blonde can see the sleeve "What is the weather forecast for this evening?" A patch on the sleeve lights up and displays the forecast - just like it would on a tablet.

"Wearable technology, Ms Frost."

"I do not mind." T'Challa says with a smile. He moves as they move toward the back and nods when Emma mentions she's into fringe science.

"While I cannot speak for every field of it, it is important to remember that most great discoveries were in fields once considered fringe or otherwise not worth while. I have heard it put this way: Scientific discovery has three phases. First, they deny that it is true. Then they deny that it is important and finally they credit the wrong person."

He pauses and smiles. "Though I doubt either of you would allow it to get to that last phase."

Hard not to catch the excitement from Mari, both in the 'ether', from body language in general and those sparkling eyes, those are definitely the clincher. "Oh yes, I have always found the study of the living mind fascinating, there are depths that most never even come close to plumbing." Emma says with a smile. "And of course the existence of so-called psychic abilities has proven to be very real in some people, though it is a little sparse on hard research, so…'fringe'." Her own eyes light when Michelle returns with a stylish outfit with fully operational built in tech! "Most impressive." Emma says with avid interest quite visible.

It seems the hook may be well and truly set.

Moving closer to the mode she looks over the lines of the outfit and studies some of the oh-so-subtle leads. "Remarkable…" And then she looks Mari in the eyes. "…but no, not merely 'wearable', 'Stylish', or even 'Haute Tech' are much better terms." Yeah…definitely the right bait for this particular fish.

Emma laughs warmly at T'Challa's sally about science. "Oh, all too true, Your Highness. I cannot agree more." A sly glance at Mari. "We would NEVER let it get to stage three."

T'Challas attention is caught by someone and the man nods apologetically to both women. Mari smiles back "I'll see you for dinner, T'Challa." before turning back to the blonde.

"I'm certainly not one to knock the fringe sciences, no one knows how my abilities work." Mari is one of the superheroes who's 'out'. She doesn't hide that her alter ego is Vixen. "But they most certainly exist and work."

Is it leads and wires through the fabric? It's hard to tell. "This is just a prototype but I'm pleased with it." Mari sighs a little "Even if I can't quite get things to sit right. That's what T'Challa is helping me with." Interesting. A Joint Venture? Something else?

"Haute Tech, I might just coin that Ms Frost and I'm glad you approve."

"Good night, T'Challa, most diverting to have met you." Emma's very gracious as the Prince is drawn away. Those sorts of things happen at such events all the time, particularly if they're a joint venture.

"Well, who knows 'Vixen', it might even be magic." She laughs softly at something she recalls. "One of my associates once said that there was no such thing, of course, he preferred the term 'alternative science'." She looks to Mari and then to Michelle for permission to touch, to examine closer. "Interesting…I would probably tried properly treated carbon fibre, or even nanotubes…this is very good work, I would love to sit down and study the schematics."

A grin then. "By all means, coin the phrase, consider it a gift from an interested party." Oooh, that sounds very much like she's willing to talk about more than just buying clothes.

Mari touches the foxhead pendant she wears briefly and smiles as Emma mentions magic. "And I have friends who say magic is just science we can't explain yet." Funny how people strive to be able explain things. She nods to give her permission, watching the blondes reaction to the fabric.

The fabric feels like fabric. The lines running through it, really can't be felt - and they're nearly as flexible and pliant as the material itself.

"Interested party, Ms Frost?" Mari perks up a little.

Emma has no idea about the magic or not of the pendant, it was just a guess, unlike her earlier mental probes of the staff to learn about T'Challa. "It seems we have friends and associates with similar view points, Miss McCabe." She definitely admires the clean lines of the outfit and the deftly hidden tech components. A warm smile to Michelle. "Thank you." She steps back, looking to Mari once more. "An interested part, Miss McCabe. I see considerable potential for this 'Haute Tech'." A faint smirk as she uses her own term. "A lot of markets for it. I assume there are still technical difficulties, or we'd see this on the market already, so…" An approving smile. "I can only infer that you were hoping we might discuss joining forces in this venture opportunity." A slight tilt to her head. "Or have misread you?"

"I think you read me correctly, Miss Frost." Mari smiles. "If you're interested, we can sit down to discuss things."

"But not now, now, you're here to see and be seen, partake of the refreshments we're providing. Come, let me introduce you to some more people." There's a few people to meet, after all.

"Well then, Mari, may I call you Mari?" Emma asks as she takes one of the other woman's arms. "We'll do the assistants making the arrangements thing and discuss the tedious scheduling details, and for tonight we'll enjoy the party." A grin to Mari and good grief Emma can be charming when she wishes. "And please, if we're to be jointly venturing forth, you can most certainly call me Emma." She allows Mari to lead them her into the party, releasing the arm she'd claimed after a moment. "I think this could be the start of a most satisfactory association indeed, mm?"

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