2019-08-28 - Gardener of an Elder God


Nico is captured and calls for help from an ELder God. What she gets is… Eve.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 28 07:58:23 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Nico Minoru is not having a good day.

THis is largely because, at this present moment, she happens to be tied to a chair in the most classic of fashions, in the middle of a decrepit, decaying warehouse (also in the most classic of fashions), having been captured in her pursuit of a 'dark wizard'. Mostly for his grimoire, of course, but also because he's a legitimate bastard who's habits include all manner of petty vileness on service to the wealthy and elite to punish those that they think are beneath them. Curses of suffering unto those who already suffer by going without, frequently enough.

He was, perhaps, prepared for someone like Nico to come along and the wards she triggered, which allowed him to paralyze and have her tied up by his wannabe cultist associates and apprentices. They're now talking about the horrible things they'll do to her. Loudly. It's for her ears, of course, and the accompanying laughter.

"When I get out of these ropes I'm going to turn all of you into beavers!" Nico is squirming, having been bound with her wrists together, hands behind her back. By twisting and rocking the chair she has thus far been able to clear about an inch of leeway for her hands to maneuver.

"Beavers?" A voice calls back in a mocking tone. Sniggering soon follows from the dark wizard's compatriots.

"Yeah, fuck you, dude," Nico mutters. She shifts her weight and rocks the chair again, gaining another hair of freedom as she bounces back and forth in her bonds. By rocking the chair she manages to walk it a few feet, toward a nearby corrugated steel crate. Jagged edges. A chance to cut herh ands free. Nico's smile grows as she makes her way slowly through the old, rusted warehouse, smelling of mildew and decay. Just a few yards more…

The chair tips over, slamming into the concrete with a a *thump*. Nico curses under her breath.

"What was that?" One of the voices mutters.

"I'll go check it out." A sandy blonde-haired young man sticks his head out first from around one of the huge cargo containers and looks around. THen his eyes come to rest on Nico he breaks into laughter, clutching at his stomach. "Trying to get free? DId you a lot of good. Hope you like the view from the floor."

"Fuck off." Nico twists, but at this angle the metal chair has her thoroughly anchored to the ground. The blonde-haired young man just shakes his head, walking back toward his friends o n the far side of the warehouse.

"You guys should see this. Come on." The shuffling of feet follows as the young men gather and move toward where Nico has fallen. She awkwardly twists her body. The chair slides a few inches. The jagged corner of one of that cargo container is nearby, gleaming dully in the light.

"Going to end up with sepsis," Nico grumbles. She straightens her body as best she can, leaning toward the container. Her carefully styled black hair ends up being run across the dirty floor. Steel slices into the girl's cheek. Crimson seeps to the floor as several people are coming from around the corner.

Nico grimaces as a staff emerges from her chest. Her eyes are filled with a lambent glow as power erupts from her.

"Eldritch Gods these fools worship. Deliver me home!" Nico can't reach out to take the staff. She doesn't need to. Her will, and her blood, are enough.

Nothing happens.

Not for a half hour. Not an hour. They're IGNORING her at this point because, honestly, what can she do? They've rendered her powerless, right? Right?

"Did you hear something?" "Naw."

…and that's when there's a tremendous crash from outside and what sounds like..a …car just hit the building. Really. It may not be an eldritch god, but you know….There's a lot of screaming, though, and assorted 'what the fucks' and so on.

"damn it…" Nico kkicks the floor the best she can with her ankles bound, growling to herself with fury. She rocks and strruggles, bu the chair is made of metal and refuses to twist and bend even under extended abuse.SO she sits there for over an hour, bleeding onto the floor, tears in her eyes. She can't grab the staff really, so while she can touch it she can't wave it about as a weapon or anything similar.

"I told yo uto deliver me. Did that ward they used really work…? Fuck. Why don't my spelsl go that well…?" Rather than cast again Nico has resorted to grumbling. ANd then the screaming begins.

"Don't tell me. Did Cthulhu finally get done with his dinner date?"

The door to the room smashes open and…

… ther is a petite goth girl standing there at the entrance to the room and she just sort of eyes Minoru.

"…you know," she begins, "I'm not sure why I'm here beyond the voice screaming in my head something about 'deliver me'. So I guess I'm you're Uber except I trashed my pickup getting in here." There's a lot of groanijng and screaming behind her in pain.

"Unless you've got something to attend to here?"

"…They sent me you?" Nico asks somewhati ncredulously, staring at Eve with wide eyes. She twists slightly. "I've already ruined my dress and I've been laying here for like two hours now. I cna't feel my arm. COme on, help me out of thischair. Christ. ANd then we can get the fuck out of here."

Nico can't help gaping a little bit as Eve is approaching, those brown eyes quickly overcome with intense thought. FInally she mumbles, "At least the Elder Gods sent a cute harbinger of the End Times," she mutters to herself, quietly enough it might be difficult to make out in its entirety.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to spend the rest of the summer tied to this fucking chair?" says Eve, dryly, "seems like you're enjoying yourself." Still, she bends down to quickly pull apart the bindigns with a tear. They rip. She's a strong little thing, it would appear, and then she's helping Nico to her feet and heading out the way they came, right into a room full of the wizard's associates who are now bound by vines to various things CEiling rafters, heavy empty crates (it's a warehouse of course there are empty crates) and so on and so forth.

She heads towards her pickup. It is black.

It has fuzzy skulls hanging from the rear view mirror.

"Well. Let's see if it survived enough."

It is, of course, a little smashed up. (More than a little.)

Nico picks her way across the scattered remnants of thegame of Texas Hold 'Em theyd' been playing before a bunch of vines erupted from the ground and sent the table skittering across the floor. "One second," she callls, gatheirng up the dark, ruffled skirt hse's wearing as she steps over someone drooling on the floor.

The conjuror bends down and snatches a few bills, mostly ones and fives, from the pot that hey'd been building on the edge of the table. "Okay, I'm good," Nico announces before continuing past the fallen dark wizards. Last but not least is the blonde who'd come to check on her. She pauses, then plants a foot in his side, hard. "Asshole. Okay. Now I'm good."

With that, Nico follows Eve to her pickup. "So, uh. Thanks for letting me out of there. I had it under control. But you know… THat was nice."

"Yes, it looked under control," replies Eve, "You, tied up, tipped over in a chair on the ground. Very impressive work. I mean, if you want, I can return you to it and you can show me your moves while I look on." She watches the kick, wshrugs her shoulders. She has a feeling these guys deserve it. Lurking in abandoned warehouses is the kind of things bad guys do and She Had A Feeling.

She piles into the pick up and opens the side of her passenger side door. "I'm going to need to a replcement," she says with a sigh. The passenger door creaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaks open.

"Maybe we can find a good repair guy," Nico suggests asshe climbs up into the truck. "Right now, we just neeed to be… You know,somewhere else." She puts on her seat blet then reaches up to place her hands on the dashboard, crumpled as it is. "Just… Leat the way, I guess. Let's go."

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