2019-08-25 - Whirlwind Sample Sale


Anya, Maya and Avery - Anya handled the makeup, then leads her two new friends to (ShHhhH!) A Sample Sale!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 25 22:45:08 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Its been something of a long day! It started with a tour or NYU and their science and tech labs, followed by a trip uptown on the MTA to a small apartment in Spanish Harlem, occupied by one Anya Corazon, her grandparents, deadbeat uncle and two boy cousins. There, she ushered her two new friends into her bedroom, covered in band and rapper posters, to do their makeup. Wild, punk-y colors to play off their eyes, hair and skin tones. Now, they're headed to one of New York's best kept secrets… a sample sale.

"Have you ever been to one of these?" she asks, as they hop off a bus in Harlem proper.

Maya Lopez says, "I… Can't say that I have," Maya admits as she is following Anya down the steps, sticking more or less to the other girl's left. She was pretty enthusiastic about visiting the school, and polite to Anya's family. Really, in addition to being fairly reserved Maya tends to be studiously polite- at least, in extended company. She's a lot more casual with Anya.

Maya takes well to being decorated. That is to say, she is incredibly good at holding still, chin slightly raised, nd allowing ANya to tend toher makeup however she prefers. Being shown herself in a mirror garners a raised eyebrow, a biref nod, and a faint smile. "Looks nothing like anything I've done before. …It's perfect." Blue suits Maya well. So does red. Wilder colours simply earn a hint of mirth. And then, soon enough, the girls on their way.

"So, I'd … heard of sales like these, but I… Never really had a chance to visit." So saying, Maya buries her hands into the pockets of her jeans and simply allows herself to be led. She does her best to keep up with Anya, turned slightly to face her as she talks. That sort of care in how she comports herself really extends to everything Maya does."

As for Avery, she's still reeling from the experience of being gussied up! Anya might or might not be surprised to see the girl is utterly without makeup when she arrives. She is wearing a long black t-shirt and basic jeans, her shoes utterly mundane sneakers too. DEFINITELY not a fashion plate, she enjoyed the school tour too - in fact she looked /hungry/ for the place, in a way.

Regardless, once off the bus the girl starts when she sees her reflection, surprised -again- at the changes wrought by Anya, and then grins to both girls. "Indeed I have not, Anya, what pray tell be a 'sample sale'?" Yep, still talking like she's at a ren faire. She IS mindful of Maya though, talking slower than before, as she'd mentioned it and they hadn't yet had the talk she wanted.

"So, basically, designers have to offload all of their clothes before the next season comes up," Anya explains as they walk down the street. "It's way too expensive to warehouse the stuff, so, they throw these sample sales. Super cheap. Like, last spring I got this $900 jacket for like, $15. This one's three designer lines in one, so there's gonna be a LOT of options. You have to RSVP online, and guess what?" She looks over to the two, eyebrows waggling. "Our names are on the list."

"Right, that makes sense. You think I can find a good leather jacket then? I mean, that and whatever you're looking for for me. I might even find something to wear to to one of my college interviews… That's amazing, Anya. Thank you." There's a warm smile, though it quickly fades to something quiet as she glances around at the people surrounding then. In the end, those brown eyes come badk to Avery and she pauses before forging forward.

Having passed her friends, Maya ends up walking half-backwards in order to properly keep an eye on them.

Temp dyed, Avery's hair is presently black, with purple highlights. Her eyes heavily limned in black, with purple and black eye shadow, and black lip gloss. Long hair is presently worn loose, deliberately wild, alas, she doesn't have anything to put in it. The nails were fun - black of course, lines of random shapes painted on in assorted angles, and yes, she was very good about staying still for the changes.It was also plain she WANTED to fidget and bounce! So. Much. Energy!

Resolved to make the best of things, Avery has done the unthinkable - she's brought her /debit/ card! The holy of holies! That which must not be used for this adventure.

"Aye, thank you, Anya for including and spending so much time on our makeup. This has been a most excellent excursion." She listens to the rules and the wheres and whyfors, and grins. "Well, twould be churlish indeed to not take pains to enjoy your efforts here as well, Anya. I for one am eager to see what comes!"

"Oh sure," Anya agrees. "Easy! Only problem might be, you know, they're samples. So they might not have one in your size. Which isn't a huge deal, because they have these all the time."

A quizzical look is given at the way Maya is walking, but she turns toward Avery with a big cheeky grin. "Too many times people forget to just go and have some fun. Dress up. Have Halloween every day. Whatever, but…" She crouches dramatically, her hands dancing in the air between both of them. "Can't you just feel your self esteem hitting the sky?"

A few moments later, they're through security and inside. The building is an old, abandoned and stripped office space, unrented. No decor, nothing but the glare of fluorescent lighting…

And dozens upon dozens of clothing racks holding the wackiest and strangest of designer clothes imaginable.

"I love it. This place is…" Maya's expression is thoughtful, but she gestures about nonetheless, taking everything in with a faintly critical but still curious gaze. "

"I've never seen anything like to be honest. It's—— … Wait a second." Apparently, Maya noticed something because she zips over to a nearby rack and snatches up the tag on a 'ripped top' in a panoply of birhgt colours in order to check out the name of the designer. "-Ferdinand? Really? He made the dress I wore for my conservatory auditions…"

It'll be like that. With Maya going from item to item, looking both surrpised and fairly pleased with herself at the same time. She seems to have a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of relatively obscure fashion designers. And, listening to her, she's worn quite a few of them as well.

"Well…tis certain, this /is/ most fun indeed." Avery — impulse driven creature that she can be — hugs Anya, if allowed. "Thank you." And then grins cheekily. "And I suspect either way, fit or not, purchase or not the night will still prove fun." Laughter at the 'magic hands'. "Oh, Aye! I might need to buy larger due to swollenness of my self-esteem, will need The Uber for her as well, our fares would go up." She quips.

Eyes of gold-flecked hazel study the room with avid curiousity, and she realizes, no idea what to buy. If Maya is possessed of encyclopedic knowledge of fashions Avery has virtually none. For the moment she'll just tag along, with her friends and look for things that seem like they'd look good on /them/. In fact. "Maya…didst mention a leather coat, yes? There seems an assortment o'er there…shall we all?"

Hugs are totally allowed! Anya laughs and hugs Avery back, but then Maya is running off, finding one, no two, no… lots of things that she likes.

"You know those names?" she asks Maya, eyes wide. "Damn, I thought I was the only fashion dork here." She looks around for a bit, but suddenly her eyes seem drawn to something on the other side of the room.

Maya glances up briefly when Anya is speaking and after a short pause nods quickly. "Yes. But some of the stuff they sell here—- is pretty different." Then she continues to rummage.

After Avery's looked in maya's direction fora long moment the woman freezes. She slowly turns so that her eyes settle on the honey blonde- and slowly nods.

It takes Maya a second to figure out where she's been directed, but her eyes light up whenb she finds herself among the jackets in question, and she nods a couple of times. Wrangling Maya might take a little bit of effort. Shes apparently lost in Fashion Land.

Fashion Land, rather like Wonder Land only with less hookah smoking caterpillar!

Aves is happy to be hugged back, and then grins as she shakes her head, deliberately mis-answering Anya's question to Maya. "Nay, nary a one!" And then, to her horror, she actually giggles a bit — which is REALLY odd considering her presently pseudo Gothic look. Of course she lacks the right types of clothes to /truly/ look the part.

Eyes of hazel do try and track to where Anya's glance went.

She beams to Maya when she sees the direction, and then laughs softly when her gaze slips back to Anya. A hand to Anya's arm. "Did you want to go see the leatherwear with us?" She motions towards it. "Or..?"

"Ooooh, no, the leatherwear is over there." Anya points to another rack that is, well, let's just say it's designed fetish clothing. "But you two check out those jackets. I'll be right back."

With that, Anya is scurrying over to a rack of particularly strange clothing. After a few moments, she squeaks in delight, then comes back holding something folded up and appearing rather tiny.

However, once unfolded, it appears to be a white and black checkered catsuit. "LOOK. AT. THIS."

The squeals of joy don't attract Maya's attention in the slightest. However, when the catsuit unfurls the Latina pivots, drawn to motion like a snake on the hunt. She sstares for a second and then there'sa slow grin. "That's-" A pause. "I don't know if I've seen anything like it. Wow. That's a great find. But the real question is… Will it fit us?"

Avery might be a slightly different size, but Maya and Anya - similar build, same height and age. The question is just finding things in their approximate size. As she speaks Maya also draws down one of the leather jackets. She's grimacing at the ruffles on it.

Avery peers over at the fetish gear - ponders - and then nods. "We can check that next." Oddly? Not bothered at all by that, perhaps the natives of the land of Renfaire wear such things all the time! She grins and watches Anya bolt, managing to get through the crowd to Maya's side with swift motions. It is interesting, she weaves through the crowd like thread through a loom.

She takes one of Maya's arms if she allows, and they can start for the jackets though of course, caught up by the arrival of the catsuit bearing Anya.

"Oh, my, that be most striking!" Clearly she's not the same size as either girl, so she grins. "Doth have a place in which to try it on for size or needs must we simply take our chances?" Leather jacket? Ruffles? What leather jacket?

"Us??" Anya draws the item back possessively, a plaintive look on her face that holds for a moment or two, before being replaced by a grin. "Sike, you can totally try it on, but if you don't get it I will. And if you do get it, I'm borrowing it. I saw this absolutely bad ass chica in an electro-funk band from Cincinnati Ohio, of all places, wearing something like it and I've had my eyes peeled EVER SINCE."

"They totally have fitting rooms," she tells Avery, and gestures toward a group of makeshift ones out of curtains and PVC pipe. A true pop up shop, in a sense. She's then looking back to Maya, and gently moving to push that leather jacket away. "Ew. Cleaner lines. Angles. Don't be afraid of punk rock."

Maya has no trouble being led by one arm, and it doesn't impede her search of the leather jackets. Avery earns a brief smile but the small woman seems to be hard at work. She only looks up when the jacket is being pushed aside and nods slowly. She studies Anya's expression intently while she does so. "You're right. I want a leather jacket, not—— whatever this is." That jacket is hung back up, and then she turns toward the changing room that were indicated by Anya. Brown eyes dart between Avery and Anya then back. Then she adds, "Changing rooms are there." She points, unnecessarily. And to Anya Maya continues with, "You help me find a jacket. We can just agree to loan eachother- whatever we find we like. Pretty sure we can wear all of the same things. You were- a gymnast, right? Floor routines?"

Laughter when Anya gets all possessive about the catsuit. And then she studies both of Anya and Maya — they ARE very much of a size. Nice! "Oh, good fortune indeed for you both." Wry. "E'en if that means you compete for the best of frills and frockery."

She tracks to the changing rooms, and smiles. "So," A nod. "I have some booty acquired, let us find you a jacket, mm?" One does seem to catch her eye, and then she guestimates Maya's size, and wends between two other shoppers, to snap her target up just before one of them. "Oh, your pardon miss." She then ducks around the racks of goods, and back to the girls with her offering. The jacket is highly textured, and glossy black. "What do you think of this?" Parts are banded with diamond cross-hatch patterning, and between there's others with horizontal lines. All in all a good jacket, but possibly not to Maya's taste - and it seems like it might fit!

OOC: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/10020546718112223980?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=leather+jacket+women&prds=opd:13287135269991204906,paur:ClkAsKraX2H5Ej1tNVOp5maEeyvcJgETefhWYVM2JFvgqWQvpvF-Y-2ZJKhelZovzuiv2KvMv0yhRBSms-0g9ykaNXeFtMo_O06w3zJmPxc3r7IbPuT9ZyQVIxIZAFPVH72NxMr99FxrYabnf6E6wz1YxQY3AQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjsm8zpt5_kAhUMUa0KHZZ7Dm4QpdQCCAkoAA

"I was," Anya confirms to Maya, but her attention is immediately drawn to the jacket Avery has found. "Oh my god! Yes!" She looks to the woman with bright eyes, and turns the item around a little without taking it out of Avery's hands. "Now, that's what I'm talking about!" She looks between the two, and laughs. "Okay, okay. So, we gotta try all this stuff on, if something doesn't fit, don't give it back, we'll just swap out and see if it fits another of us better. See what I mean?"

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