2019-08-25 - Flashes of a Vision


Aid arrives for the Zone refugees and people are caught up on things

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 25 03:03:40 2019
Location: MSF Halfway House

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It's not exactly a secret that there are desperate people still living in the Disaster Zone, stuck there for lack of any viable options, many of them without the ability to prove necessary things for work like legal residence or even their own identities. Some of these people recently came to the attention of Nicholas Gleason, a graduate of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. A dozen of them in some dire straits have been taken in by the Mari Stark Foundation and are staying at one of their halfway houses. There are nearly half of them are mutants - which is actually a fairly high number - so after seeing to their disposition a couple of days ago, Nick contacted some friends at the X-School and at SHIELD to let them know.

This fine, sunny early afternoon Nick is visiting the very large three story residence that is the 'halfway house'. He's brought some 'luxury' items like ice cream and pastries and some older refurbished tablets that he got donated by an electronics store. Things to help pass the time here and keep people grounded and connected. It's pure coincidence that he's also been low-key interviewing them about the things that had been hunting them when they'd been in the Zone. Right now he's talking to a feline looking mutant named Felicia. A little on the nose perhaps but it's her name. There are a few other mutants milling around the living room where he's sitting, some watching a sports game. He's not at all sure if anyone else was planning to visit today though he DOES know Isis is around here somewhere.

Jimmy's not an official SHIELD agent, but he is still connected enough to have heard of what Nick had shared. People in need? Even if it's not a big dramatic battle, he's there.

Most people wouldn't see him while he's on his way. He seems to just appear, suddenly become worth noticing, and already standing in an alleyway nearby. He carries a pair of big duffelbags. He raps on the doorway, doing his best to approach gently rather than suddenly there is Jimmy. "I'm a friend. I brought some shoes and socks." Everyone thinks to bring canned food or blankets, though the latter aren't going to be too necessary for a few months. People forget about socks.

Many would like to see Jean more involved in the school's workings. Jean herself is more interested in other things, but there's no abandoning the school and what it does for mutants. That's too important. So when someone was needed to check in on the mutants from the disaster zone, Jean volunteered to be a part of it. And if she was also going to ask about the zone itself, that was her business. She still hasn't forgotten some of the strangeness lingering there.

She shows up bearing supplies - toiletries and sanitary supplies - not far behind Jimmy. "Hey," she greets with a friendly smile as she joins him at the door. "Donations too?"

Isis is here and she didn't eat all the icecream - Nick might have had to remind her that it wasn't theirs at least once. The blue eyed woman is currently sitting with some of the younger generation, showing them how to use the tablets they've bought.

Nick might be a little amazed that she's sharing but there's been a subtle change in Isis's demeanour over the last few weeks.

"Hello Jimmy!" The woman hands the tablet over and goes to join Nick "And Jean!"

Pepper had been planning on coming here to visit with Mr. Gleason, truly, but other factors prevented that from happening as she'd wanted. So, instead of arriving with the tall lupine-esque man, a mid-size Mercedes SUV pulls up in front of the 'halfway house' and Pepper — currently dressed casually in jeans, sneakers, and a tank top under a button-up — disembarks alongside the driver. They both pull generously sized baskets loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables from the vehicle and head to the door just as Jean and Jimmy show up as well.

"Jimmy, hello there," She calls across to the man as her companion that Isis in particular might recognize locks the car before following.

It's Nick that opens the door as Isis greets everyone and helps usher them in. "Wow, everyone at once. Hello Jimmy. Pepper. Jean!" The big brown werewolf grins broadly.

"Oh, sorry. Jimmy, Pepper, this is Jean Grey, she's a friend of mine. And you brought… oh. Tooth brushes. Thank you. I thought there might be a small riot tonight."

The arrival of people has folks coming down from the upstairs levels and there's some greeting and thanking and shaking of hands and hugging and general talking. A couple of people start to make some lunch for everyone in the kitchen and others filter back to quieter spaces. Once that initial period of greeting is over Felicia comes up. She really is rather catlike. Has a tail and fur and everything. Jean's seen similar at the school no doubt but it might be a bit odd for Jimmy and Pepper since mutants that inhuman aren't exactly common.

"Hello Jean. You're a friend of Nick's? And hello Miss Potts. And Jimmy." And Isis of course was already greeted earlier.

"Please, um, come in, Make yourselves comfortable." The woman tugs out some chairs.

Nick helps and nods for Isis to as well. "Glad to see you folks. These people are… well. Safe for the moment. But all pretty traumatized not that you can tell it at the moment. Every time a dog barks or bays though…"

Jimmy gives Jean a bright, friendly smile when he sees her. To her question, he nods and lifts up the bags. "A friend of mine let me know about this place. I'm Jimmy; I'd shake your hand, but" Well, those hands are both a bit full just now. Ah, and then said friend has opened the door. He turns that friendliness on Nick, and on the sight of Isis behind him. There's a glow of friendship which would show across Isis' senses; yes, he's glad to see them. "Nick! Thanks for the invite. And Isis, hi. Been a little while" Ah, and now there's Pepper. "Ms. Potts! Would you like a hand? I'll just need to—" He steps past Nick and sets his bags down among the other donations. Seeing Felicia does take him aback, but… people are people, however they're shaped. He gives her a half-nod, half-bow of greeting, before he steps back to the periphery; he's not here for lunch.

Nick's explanation gets a few grave nods from Jimmy. "I'm not surprised. Glad they at least have the chance, here."

"People will share a lot of things, but toothbrushes are kind of frowned upon," Jean grins to Nick, amusement deepening her smile at one corner as the crowd bearing gifts grows. "I'm starting to feel like there should be a nativity scene inside." She follows the others inside, passing things out as the crowd arrives, then taking a seat once things settle.

"Nice to meet everybody," she says warmly, sympathetic as Nick mentions the trauma. "Yeah, it feels…" She looks up and around herself, rubbing a hand at the back of her neck. "Yeah. Wary. But grateful. Which is good for hope, at least. Do I want to know what happened?"

Dimitri gets a special wave from Isis. It seems that not yelling at her for perching on the display cabinet has earned the man some credit in Isis' book.

Helping people bring stuff in and moves chairs when Felicia does (Nick didn't need to tell her!!), there's a wave of guilty emotion that comes from her when the talk turns to sharing toothbrushes or rather, *not* sharing toothbrushes.

"Is it bad for them?" She asks Felicia, shaking her head. It hadn't taken much to make the slim mutant curl into a ball.

Pepper smiles a hello when Nick and Isis are at the door, and she nods to Jean at the introductions, not really able to shake hands at the moment. Dmitri takes his basket of produce through to the kitchen area and returns promptly to take the other from Pepper as well.

For her own part, if Pepper is in any way surprised by Felicia or anyone's appearance, she's good enough to not let it show, though at Nick's explanation about the residents here still being a bit traumatized, she becomes more businesslike for just a moment, making a mental note to speak with the MSF reps about counseling.

"Thank you," she tells Felicia and the offer of places to sit. She also mentally reminds herself to ask the residents here to start making lists — things they truly need, things that would be very helpful, and things they'd like. She suspect that Dmitri wouldn't mind bringing things by about once a week or so.

"You probably don't, Jean but I'll tell you anyway. Pepper and Jimmy know a bit about this so apologies to them for repeating it but…"

It's important that Jean know, or well, important to Nick that others from where he was raised know. "We discovered a little while back that the Disaster Zone and some of the surrounding neighborhoods are being haunted by mutants kind of like me and Isis. It seems like they're hunting for more of us. And when they find people like Felicia they try to take them. Jimmy and some people at SHIELD busted up a lab doing mutant experimentation IN the Disaster Zone, I think, and that seemed to help some but the hunting hasn't stopped and it's spread out a bit."

Nick's voice is pitched low because he doesn't want to spook the other refugees or remind them of unpleasant memories but Felicia nods.

"Nick and Isis found us while we were being hunted. They asked Pepper to help get us a place to stay for a bit. And it's nice having a roof over our head for once but… everyone here in the back of their minds is worried that the hunters will find us and drag us all off… somewhere."

The mutants that is. The humans would likely just be savaged if they got in the way… or tried to protect their friends.

Nick, unlike Jean, IS a teacher at the school but oddly he has considerably less to do with it than she does. Other than teaching classes sometimes he mostly runs Paragon. He doesn't even live there anymore and hasn't since he graduated. That is possibly why the Institute tends to be less aware of what he's gotten himself into. Granted… it's not usually this serious. And doesn't involve the likes of SHIELD and Pepper Potts.

Isis' question gets a nod. "It's bad for them, Isis. The sounds, and smells. Memories come back to the surface and everyone goes real still. Looks the doors. Some go hide in their rooms…"

Isis knows how it goes to be sure.

Jimmy helps to set chairs out; this is the kind of thing which Jean might want to be sitting down to hear. He may not be a fully-fledged counsellor, but he's in training, and might even show up on Pepper's hunt when she starts looking into getting some trauma counselling for these refugees. "Even if it's a repetition, it's good to get a grounding, a reminder of what we know." He nods sadly at the mention of the SHIELD operation. "They were running experiments, turning the mutants into more of the same enforcers that attack and capture them. We were able to get all the subjects out, and some data, but we had to get out in a hurry." His hands fold on the table as he takes a seat. "We'll do everything we can to keep that from happening, Felicia. We aim to make you safe."

For his part, Jimmy doesn't even know that the Institute is anything more than a school. He's not a mutant; he's not part of that secret.

Jean presses her lips together in a tight line at the description of what they've found so far. "Do you think it's related to…" She pauses, looking over at Isis with an arch of her brow in reference to the last time she tried to help with memories. Why does she never find anything nice when she does that?

"I'm happy to help any way I can," she adds more broadly. "Though I'm not sure there's much I can do. Even if I could make the memories go away, it's probably not for the best."

As Felicia and Nick explain, Isis leans against Nick. The memories aren't pleasant for her either and she wasn't hunted.

Jeans question gets a nod, causing Isis to swallow. "We think so. Doctor McCoy examined me and it seems that I was prepared for similar treatments." She says quietly. "We don't know if it's exactly the same but … you know." Isis shrugs. "Now they seem to be trying to do this here…"

Pepper sits quietly as the others discuss the circumstances that bought the residents of the building to this place, growing more concerned the more she hears. Most definitely, counseling. Also, a request for volunteers amongst SI security to help keep this building and the people inside it safe. Should she involve Tony? Perhaps he can do some sort of setup here so JARVIS can monitor the building and send out an alert if something happens? She'll need to ask.

She idly picks a pale, nearly-white bit of fur from her shirt and lets it drift to the floor.

Nick nods to Jean. "Similar yes but more horrific if that's possible. They seem to have given up on raising mutants and started just abducting them." And why mutants in particular? That Nick has no answers for but he's sure he wouldn't like them. "They're implanting them cybernetically with weapons that seem to be made of an odd mutagenic metal. It's… possible that they're trying to direct and guide people's mutations too." Which is an altogether horrifying thought for ANY mutant. Because if people can do that, people with the X-Gene become commodities.

"Nick was saying you were doing something about it, Jimmy?" Nick had been trying to make Felicia feel better and it seems to have worked at least on some level. She glances to Jean. "Are you working with SHIELD too? Or do you work for Miss Potts?"

Nick coughs but he'll let Jean clear that up. Instead he looks at Pepper rather curiously. "Did you… get a dog?" He asks as Isis leans against him and he shifts to accommodate her.

Jimmy nods to the mention of the metal. "Reverbium. From what I understand, it's a synthetic form of vibranium." He gives Jean a side-glance. Making memories go away? The way she tones it sounds like he's dealing with a telepath; good to know. "Removing a memory sounds like a risky proposition. Memories aren't individual things, but built by association. If you take the memory out, what happens to everything that connects to it? As hard as it is, I think it's long-term healthier to help them to process and cope with it rather than just erase. Though" He looks over to Isis. "I'm not the one best qualified to speak on that." He nods to Felicia. "Yes. I, and more importantly SHIELD, are working on it. Working through the data we got from that operation, to track down who this group is, where they are, and how we can stop them."

"Exactly," Jean nods to Jimmy. "Memories don't exist in a vacuum. And besides, whatever they've learned has kept them alive. Taking it away might cause more harm than good." At Felicia's question, she smiles ruefully, shaking her head and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "Neither," she answers. "You could say I'm a volunteer."

She doesn't speak any further on just how she'd go about removing memories. Best not to give away those particular secrets. "I remember you saying something about that metal," she nods to Nick. "A while back a bunch of us ran into some weird centipede things in there too. We never did figure out where they came from, but. Starting to think there was more to it."

"They locked some of my memories away. A telepath looked …" Isis adds not giving away that Jean was that telepath. She doesn't look happy though, not when she thinks on it.

"Somethings happened though. Where they bred me for their purposes, now they're taking them. What they're doing … I just want to stop them."

The blue eyed feline like mutant's nose twitches as her head turns to Pepper. Leaving Nicks side, she moves closer to the blonde and sniffs at her. "Not a dog … not exactly. Doesn't smell like you, Nick. More … wild."

The notion that Jimmy works for her actually amuses Pepper, but not in a derisive way, more of a 'why hadn't I thought of that?' manner, if the small lilt of a smile is any indication. She just might have to speak with him about it at some point. "Would it be too much if I had SI security monitor and maybe have a bit more a presence here?" She understands if the residents would be made uneasy by any sort of official enforcement types, and hopes that she can hand-pick people from the security force that could help without projecting that sort of intimidating demeanor.

Nick's somewhat incongruous question causes her to blink at him in very brief confusion, then ohs softly. "No, I've been taking care of a puppy…" She leans back a bit from Isis, but doesn't stop the woman from totally invading her personal space, "..for a friend. I think they said he's an exotic breed? Something African or Middle Eastern, I think." That's not entirely a lie, she hopes.

Nick smiles. "Jean is a friend of mine and she knows a few things about a few things. And she's good people. And I thought she'd be good for the people here to meet." That's not giving too much away right? Jean does do things ACTIVELY. Nick knows that. He's seen a redheaded woman on the nightly news scolding gods and smashing them with rubble. Hard to believe it's the same person sometimes. Which likely only he and Isis know.

"Taking care of a puppy mmmm? A shelter… oh. For a friend. Got it." Puppy. Odd smelling Puppy.

"We are are not quite so traumatized as to need that I don't think." Felicia says, tail flicking. "But we HAVE All been having… well…" She swallows. "Not nightmares. More like… visions. I don't know. Like someone is psychically beaming stuff into our minds. Can… people do that?"

Felicia might not be up on the compendium of mutant abilities. Hard to blame her though

Jimmy sits at the table, hands folded on it. He nods to Jean, smiling for her psychological knowledge. Careful; this could end up with the two of them psychobabling the night away, if they get started. "Always good to meet another volunteer." Because he's not exactly SHIELD, and doesn't work for Pepper. He might suspect some things about the euphemisms they're using — 'volunteer', 'good people' — but he's not pestering for answers. He idly reaches across to touch Isis' shoulder, offering her a grounding presence while she's thinking on those partially-sealed traumas.

His brow furrows as he hears about the visions. "People can do just about anything, these days. Would you be willing to tell us more about these visions?"

"That's a thing, yeah," Jean says quietly to Felicia, nodding. "I can help you guys with some exercises. They're not likely to keep out a dedicated psychic assault, but the longer you practice them, the better your shields will be and the less likely you are to have problems with that sort of thing. Probably worthwhile anyhow," she muses, glancing to Isis and Nick. "If they have a psychic on their payroll, they might be using them in the…conditioning…as well."

She's not exactly the Professor, but she's studied with him for longer than anyone, and when it comes to shields, Jean knows a thing or ten.

"Do they feel like dreams that change?" Isis says quietly, sniffing Peppers arm again and rubbing her ears against the womans arm. When she's done, cat that she is, the feline-like mutant returns to Nick ducking under his arm and staying close. Her emotions, that are starting to bubble over, are troubled. Worried. Uneasy. She's trying to control them though.

"I … I can walk in dreams." She admits to Felicia "And I can … um, what's the word Nick? Change them. Make them something else. There's a dreamwalker who's hunting me so maybe they're hunting your dreams too." She's not sure.

It's about then that one Agent Sarah Black arrives, carrying two of the reusable-type grocery shopping bags, laden with assorted toiletries and several assorted boxes of tea bags. "My apologies," she says upon entering the room. "I had meant to be here sooner, but we had a bit of bother with an artifact that seemed intent on not being examined…" By the look of her outfit, she came straight from the office. (https://tinyurl.com/y3cknyph)

Pepper tolerates Isis' behavior, likely recognizing it from an old family cat that used to do very similar any time she went to visit a friend that had a chocolate lab, but is inwardly relieved when she finally moves back over to stay next to Nick. Wait, now there are dream walkers involved?

"I… really can't think of anything I can do to help with that." And that is not something she admits to lightly. She looks over to Jean and Jimmy. "What can I do to help you both help this group?" Because really, that may be all she can do. But if offering to help one or both of them keep their bills paid while they help these refugees, she'll do so without hesitation.

"Only if I pay you, Jean." Nick chuckles. Nick's employees are him, Isis and a couple of other people who help with the paperwork. Paragon Investigations is, as the werewolf is saying, not exactly March of the Dimes.

"Dreams? Maybe daydreams, Isis." Felicia says. "They come at odd times. Usually while we're awake. Always flashes of some place down by the river. I don't know where, I've only had it once but some of the others are having a lot. Some place by the river. Damp. Near a sewer outflow. Bright lights. Cold metal. Pain on the back of the neck, always the same spot at the base of the spine. Glimpses of… something like… an animal holding area. But bigger cells. It's all so disjointed. And yet it feels so real."

When Sarah arrives the door is opened to reveal a somewhat crowded living room and the conversation they're having looks to be a serious one.

"City hall doesn't want to let us go into the Disaster Zone. It's easy enough to sneak in but if we get caught by some policeman who cares enough about the ban to enforce it, it's big trouble for us." Nick tells Pepper. "Also… we've keep finding links to some company called 'Lobo Technologies.' I don't have the resources to run down what those are, though." He looks at Jimmy and Jean and Sarah. "They have something that's actually kind of hard for me to deal with." Beat. "Lawyers."

Jimmy perks up at Jean's offer of teaching exercises. "That would be good for me to learn too, I think." For several reasons. Isis being a dreamwalker is news to him, and he gives her a long, curious look. Man, so many mind-messers all in one place, though Jimmy's part of that is fairly shallow.

His chin lifts just a little before Sarah makes her presence known, and he gives her a wave of greeting. "Sarah, good to see you. Been too long."

He gives Felicia his full attention while he listens. "And it's the same for everyone who has it? If not for that, I'd say it sounded like a flashback. I'll want to investigate the area. Would you, or someone, be able to point out just where on the river on a map, or anything that would let someone else look into it?" He's absolutely not going to ask someone to come with him just so they can say 'yes this is the place I've been having intrusive waking nightmares about'.

he nods to Nick as he turns to Pepper. "Yes. Having your friend Jarvis look into Lobo Technologies, and anything you can do so we can go into the Disaster Zone without being interfered with. I know SI has some heavy-duty lawyers of their own."

"Not you, Nick," Jean chuckles to the wolfman. "I meant whoever our shadowy friends are. Those seem to be the sort of people who don't have anything nice to put in anyone's heads."

The arrival of another SHIELD agent - this one familiar from other, masked interactions - seems to make her a little uncertain, shifting her weight in her chair as she fidgets with her hair again. "It's nothing that requires any real…abilities," she adds to Jimmy. "More a way of thinking. But with enough practice, it helps."

"Awake? Maybe daydreaming?" Isis asks quietly. "It's probably a telepath that's doing it but … " She's clearly worried and knows something of this. She can feel Jimmy's interest, returning the look "I'll … show you someday if you like." She offers. It's not all bad, after all, she's helped Nick when he's been having nightmares.

"Can … I look at the base of your neck, Felicia?" It's strange they all feel the same pain in the same place. Jimmy talking about flashbacks gets a frown from Isis that makes her want to check the necks more.

It might be possible for Jean to read the images if Felicia thinks about them. Not that Isis says that.

"Uh hello." That's to Sarah when the woman comes in. A mutant comes over to take the box from her. "I'm Isis, this is Nick. You're here to meet people?" Oh Jimmy knows her. All good then.

"Mister Jarvis? The nice man that speaks to you over the speakers in your office, Miss Potts?"

Pepper actually perks up at the mention of lawyers. Now THOSE she can deal with. She also nods to Jimmy. "I'll definitely ask JARVIS to find out as much as he can about this Lobo Technologies. It's likely we already have a bit of information on them, if the company does anything that would compete with Stark Industries." And there it is, plain as day, Pepper's affiliation announced to the room.

"I'll also check with Legal about ways for you to enter the Disaster Zone without being chased out again, Mr. Gleason. Though, I suspect it's as much for safety reasons that we can't sidestep as legal ones we possibly can."

She leans a bit to smile a hello to the woman who's just arrived. Sarah, Jimmy has said. SHIELD is a presence that she seems not at all perturbed by. Maybe that's a good thing.

"Oh, I think I know what we can work with for giving you access," she tells Nick. If anyone currently residing here has property in that Zone, we can have them sign affidavits stating that you are entering the area on their behalf." She shrugs lightly. "I'm not sure how well that will work, but it's worth a try."

She nods to Isis with a smile. "Yes, that's JARVIS."

Glancing around the room, Sarah is relieved to see that most of those present are people she is at least acquainted with. The young redhead is an exception, though she seems familiar from somewhere. "Sorry to be coming in in the middle of all this. I'll be happy to help however I can, and to share information to the extent that clearance allows," she says, before turning to address Jean directly, holding out her hand politely. "Sarah Black, Field Agent, WAND," she says by way of introduction. She seems pleasant and reasonably relaxed, though a bit annoyed at herself and her circumstances for her delayed arrival.

Nick nods to Jean. "I think that's probably very warranted considering what seems to be happening." The anti-telepathic training that is. If they're going to be getting 'transmissions' then they may need it sooner rather than later.

Felicia nods to Isis but when Isis looks there isn't anything there. "If it helps it almost felt like it was… someone else's memory…" The other feline mutant says. "Nice to meet you Agent Black." She adds quickly in greeting.

"Nick!" Someone calls from the kitchen. "Can you help with this?!"

"Sorry folks. They're trying to make lunch for you. They're really grateful for everything you guys have done and are offering to do. I'll be back in just a few." The big mutant sniffs in the air and… oh. That's smoke. Yeah. He's on the way.

"Coming!" He calls out.

Felicity watches him go for a couple of minutes before looking back. "I might be able to point it out if I studied google earth for a bit. If you can find it… I don't know. Maybe someone is being held there. Or maybe they're trying to draw us there. I don't know it's all so… weird. And we've been hearing rumors that the hunters have been… spreading out. Coming into Brooklyn and M-Town. Looking for more victims. Maybe… someone could keep an eye on the place?"

SI security or SHIELD or hell, even one of the X-Men. If someone who knew how to handle themselves were around these folks would sleep a LOT better. And yes, they probably all need LOTS of counseling.

Jimmy nods to Jean. "Just… mental techniques. I'd better start learning those now, if these people have a telepath working for them." Hell, everyone can benefit from some counter-telepathy training. Though if they get it, they may start seeing a big glowy guy in the sky. Ahem.

He gives Isis an encouraging smile. "This is Sarah. A SHIELD agent, like she says; she was fundamental to the team that broke those people out of the Disaster Zone sewers." They couldn't have had that extraction plan without her portals there to extract them. "And, for that matter, the reason I'm with SHIELD in the first place." He gives Sarah a playful side-eye. "She hadn't introduced herself as WAND when we first met, though," clearly spoken for her to hear as well. Just a little ribbing for the prior secrecy. He nods to Pepper. "Or, if it's about safety, some waiver we could sign. I'm not too worried about having a building fall on me."

He considers Felicia's explanation, nodding. "Whether it's someone in need of rescue, or a trap which we can dismantle, that's why it's us going there and not you. Either way, it's dangerous." He looks across to Pepper. "Sounds like some of those SI security guys would be appreciated, if that offer's still available?"

"Jean," the redhead introduces herself to Sarah with a small smile, taking the offered hand in a comfortable, brief grip. As the others talk, something seems to tug at her mind, brows furrowing as she looks to Isis.

"You know…It might not be an attack. It might be a cry for help," she points out. "If everyone is seeing the same thing and it ends in the pain…Inflicting that pain wouldn't be a smart way to convince someone to come there. But if it was another victim reaching out for help and the pain was them being caught at it?"

Sarah gives Jean a nod of acknowledgement, but refrains from speaking the usual pleasantries so as not to interrupt. But then at the talk of the possible 'cry for help,', she gives the redhead a curious look. "I seem to have missed something in my tardiness," she states.

"Thank you Felicia." Isis says quietly drawing back from the other feline to give her room. "Putting mental guards in place is always a good idea" she says to the rest. "With enough practice you'll stop dreamwalkers like me." beat "Sarahs a wand?" No, that's not what Jimmy meant but Isis really just knows of SHIELD.

"If it's a cry for a help, it could still be a trap." Someone calls for Nick and Isis looks as he goes. "I uh … I'm going to check the icecream is ok."

Probably with a spoon.

She's off, following the werewolf.

Jimmy smiles an apology to Sarah. "Sorry, yes, we did have a bit of discussion before you arrived." He explains for the group, about getting the refugees settled, their waking visions, Lobo Technologies, and so on. "I think that gets you caught up." He waves a farewell to Nick and Isis as they have to go, while turning his attention to Jean. "And even if it's not a trap, it's still dangerous; if they're calling for help, then it's because they need saving from something."

"Part of that sounds rather like the lab we raided," Sarah replies to Jimmy. "Could there be another of those abominations out there, hidden in the wreckage?"

Pepper can't help the small smile at seeing Nick and Isis move to help with the lunch preparations, where Dmitri — her SI security tagalong and driver — has already been helping. "Mr. Baxter," she says to Jimmy, "Let me get those searches and recommendations started while lunch is being sorted."

She moves to stand, brandishing her phone. "Jean, Sarah, a pleasure to meet you both." She then steps through to the building's entryway where she can make some phone calls without being obnoxious around everyone else.

"Still, good to be prepared for the idea that there might be someone to extract." Jean takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she stands. "If you'll excuse me for a minute, I think I need to check in on the toothbrush situation," she says with a wry smile. "I sense a great disturbance in the force. A pleasure meeting you all," she nods to each of the others in turn.

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