2019-08-23 - They Lied


Shiranui interrupts Ryoshi leaving Luoyang Electronics.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Aug 23 05:48:48 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Luoyang Electronics Limited was just burglarized and it isn't Shiranui's fault. Not for lack of trying. He'd been there previously. He'd tried to get the information he was sure they'd hidden there but he was stopped by a certain someone.

So the question is who could have burglarized it now and where have they gone? He's surveying the building at the moment and peering around trying to find SOME hint of an exit route or better yet some sign that the burglar is still in the area.

Ranna is in desperate need of a job. With The Order cutting her off, she's is need of money so she can eat and keep a roof over her head. She's had to move since The Order put the hit out on her.

Luoyang Electronics wasn't hiring though. They were a front for The Order. As Shiranui scans the area, he'll get the hint of the shadow that moves across the rooftop, by the airconditioning outlet that sits proud of the roof.

He might even recognise the shape that appears not far from him, jumping nearly soundlessly to the ground.

"Gotcha." Shiranui murmurs. He moves quietly, running along a wire stretched between two buildings as if it were a plank and then dropping down into the shadows of a slightly lower building. That air-conditioning outlet is rather noisy. It should cover his approach.

But just to be safe he draws his sword as he creeps around, crouched down and watching his corners carefully. She - it is likely to be a she based on the size - should be just… over… here.

"Ngggggnh". Shiranui can hear the slight sound of pain as he uses his abilities. The small, slight, dark shrouded figure turning the corner just as Shiranui creeps around. "ACK!" A cogmium Chakram appears in her hand and is poised to strike at him. "You! What are you doing here?"

It's Ryoshi, dark eyes peering at him over her face mask, as she looks for a way to get to the hell out of there. "Are you going to beat me again?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Shiranui says, sword still in a guard position. "You just robbed an Order facility. You just robbed THE Order facility you stopped me from robbing. So I'd say that makes you something of a naughty girl. SHOULD I beat you?"

He has plenty of reasons to really. She's hunted him. Fought him. Tried to kill him. She isn't doing that now though which is… interesting.

Ranna, Ryoshi as she is now, hasn't tried to kill Shiranui since the time she stopped him robbing this facility. If anything, whenever she's met him since - she's looked ill and certainly in pain.

"I'll put mine away if you put yours away." She gestures with the Chakram, making the slightest of moves to dismiss the weapon. "You already beat me, remember? And what of it?"

Raiding the lab she mean.

"You told me to investigate myself, I am." She's so prickly and recalcitrant.

Shiranui twirls his blade once and then sheathes it behind his back. He eyes the woman in front of him. If he didn't know better he'd say he concussed her or something when he beat her. She's had a hell of a personality shift.

"I did. I was about to try again, this time with actual success I hoped. But when I got here you'd already robbed the place blind. Well… not blind given the alarms. So…"

What did she find? His plan had been to follow the thief and just steal form the thief. And here the thief is, curiously.

As Shiranui sheathes his blade, the chakram 'flows' up her arm, under her sleeve. He can't see where it goes - just that it disappears.

"So? You expect me to share?" Her brows rise as she looks at him. He can see though, the confusion and hurt in her eyes as he mentions that. It's nothing good. "What's it worth to you? For me to share it?"

She's bargaining at least and not beating at him.

"Did every member of the Order who came for you, try to kill you?" Interesting question.

"I don't know. What's it worth to you? We could go back to fighting. But given that I saw you stealing food the other day, I suppose I could pay you for it." That might make him at least a bit less of an enemy in her mind. Shiranui shifts his stance and folds his arms which is not normally something you do when you're ready to fight someone.

"Yes, pretty much. Not that I'm surprised your Order and the Project were enemies. Mostly because you people are a bunch of psychopaths or megalomaniacs or possibly both." Not diplomatic but who can blame him?

"You told me to find out for myself, I've done that." Ranna mutters shaking her head at the offer of money. It's tempting, particularly at the moment. "You'll owe me, ok? For a favour I'll call in when I need it. No questions asked - I just won't ask you to go against your own."

She doesn't want to fight. Shiranui is armoured and she is not. She's quick and agile, her abilities aided by her power - but she's hungry and tired. There's no guarantee she could far enough way to use her Chakrams and not take a hit for his sword.

"We're not you know. Pyschopaths. At least … I didn't think we were. We were told we were to find you and bring you in. To reintegrate you into the Order." It's an admission. But it doesn't tie in with how she's behaved around him.

"I was never PART of the order. It'd be hard to reintegrate me." Shiranui points out. "And sure, I'll owe you so long as what you ask isn't too overtly dangerous. I'm not going to get myself killed for this info." But he will offer her support in some fashion. Since that's what she seems to want.

"And you didn't try to bring me in. You tried to cut me in half. Repeatedly. And you singlemindedly did the same to anyone who got in your way while you were chasing me."

"The Project was a spin off from The Order. Breaking from it and taking some of its secrets." Ranna seems to recite that, it's almost rote the way she says it. A litany. "We have sought for years to find and reintegrate you. To be chosen as a Hunter is a sign of great privilege."

There's something to the way that she's speaking though, the pain that crosses her face when Shiranui speaks so bluntly. "It didn't seem that way, when I was chasing you, you know. All I ever saw was you and have the drive to catch you."

Taking a folder from her garments, she hands it over before taking a USB stick out as well. "A favour then." beat "Not withstanding the drugs, there's information in there … on me and other Hunters. They modified us, programmed us to be your Hunters."

"No, the Project was a spin off of the Chaste…" Shiranui sighs. "And who would know that better. Me, or you?"

The Ninja watches Ranna for a few moments. He tenses ever so slightly when she moves but… no. She's just getting the information he asked her for.

"I wish I could say that in any way surprised me." He hasn't got the subtext. That she didn't know she had been modified. "What is the favor you want then? Or would you like to think on it?" She might not have something in mind right at the moment.

"The Chaste? That's not what we were told…" Ryoshi's look is pained as Shiranui starts to explain. "Who says what you were told is any truer than what I was?" It's a reasonable question and yet, the words taste like ash in her mouth.

"They changed us. They told us we'd be more effective Hunters but they took our free will…" Her entire world has been shattered. "I don't know yet. I… don't know. I …" slowly she backs away. "… need to go. Where can I find you?" She's leaving him the file and the datastick.

"Find me?" Shiranui chuckles. "Find the OtakuLife message board on the internet. Leave a message there if you want to find me." It's not a place that anyone would think to look for ACTUAL ninja communications after all. And subtle phrases about meetups or similar easily go unnoticed.

But he's most certainly not telling this women where he's staying. There may be hope for her but he's not willing to stake his life on it. He hasn't gotten this far by being that trusting.

"Perhaps, Ryoshi, you were lied to." She seems to be considering that but he drives it home.

"Or maybe you were." Ranna answers. The Internet. At least she can access the Internet from Library. "I will." She'll work out how to leave a message that won't get them found - not that Shiranui seems to be worried about that.

He might note she didn't ask where he was staying - just where she could fin him.

Melting further into the shadows, there's a whisper of fabric and she's gone.

Did he drive the message home? She seems stubborn.

"Crazy gaijin…" Shiranui mutters to himself as he takes off in the opposite direction. No sense hanging around for the cops to show up. There was a burglary in the area, after all.

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