2019-08-22 - He Had It Coming


Brunnhilde invites Captain Marvel on a date…to kill a draugr in Greenland.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 22 02:27:23 2019
Location: Somewhere in Greenland

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It's cold. So very cold in Greenland. One might wonder why it's called Greenland most of the year, when it's covered with ice, though in this case, it's summer going towards fall and much more green in most places.

Save where the glacier is melting, more so than it has in centuries. And of course, this results in things being uncovered that have stayed hidden away for centuries…some of which that would have better remained covered.

Which is how Carol got talked into walking along the ice with Brunnhilde while they look for a drauger's tomb to put the creature to rest before it starts murdering random hikers and baby seals or something.

"We shouldn't be too far…the ice here is much more frozen than what we've been passing. Cold is the mark of death." the Asgardian says absently, her sword resting on her shoulder as she keeps alert.

Since they're going to be fighting draugr, Carol is wearing her costume as Captain Marvel, and she flashes 'Hilde a wry grin, "You know, you have an odd idea of what a date night should be." She winks and nods towards the Asgardian, glancing around carefully as you never know when frost giants might just pop out of nowhere.

Hey, with Asgardians and Avengers, it's more likely than you think!

"Hmm, I haven't gone hunting in weeks. And draugr do not rise often" She frowns. "Or at least, it's not a suprise when they rise…there are places people know not to go." Hilde shrugs. "Save for young teenagers who should heed their elders more instead of providing material for horror movies." She shakes her head, grinning as she glances over. "Mmm…well." The tall woman considers as they walk. "I have been feeling…ah…like I need to remember myself more." she admits, glancing away from Carol. A bit embarrassedly. "Instead of finding ways to…forget things." Like drinking.

It really comes back to that, and since Carol forced her to confront the fact that why she's drinking, and how much she's drinking is…questionable, she's been reevaluating a few things.

For one, that it's…good. To have someone who listens to her and doesn't pity her for her past. She can't remember the last time she had someone close to her who would.

Carol grins, "Hey, you're not going to get an argument from me. I'm glad to be along for this one." She slips her hand into 'Hilde's, squeezing her fingers and giving her a smile, "Great, well, saving some spooning teens from getting eaten sounds like a good afternoon to me." She hmms, looking rather pleased at Brunnhilde's answer as she then glances around the horizon of the glacier, "Anything in particular I should keep an eye out for?"

"Of course. After all, how else will we have privacy to spoon ourselves?" Brunhilde says teasingly, squeezing Carol's hand slightly. "Though it seems we've managed to beat the teens here. Look." She points with her sword.

UP ahead, near the edge of a large lake, a section of ice has sheered off, showing what looks like a broken, rotting hulk of a longboat partially protruding from it. The wolf's head at the prow has blackened, cracked, and broken wooden teeth, with frost riming the wood, smoking slowly in the warmer air. Ice around around the middle the ship appears to have broken outwards, as if pushed against, leaving a hole that leads deeper into the ice surrounding the ship.

Carol grins, winking at Brunnhilde, "Sounds like a plan to me." With that, she launches into the air, glowing brightly once the broken ship is spotted. She then focuses her light, projecting it into the darkness to get a better look at what's inside the hole. "Gotta say, this is definitely way cooler than catching the new John Wick movie." Which is what Carol's vote was for an activity, anyway.

"Hmm, killing with guns is not nearly as impressive as with a melee weapon." Brunhilde notes absently, then hmms. "…though in this case, I will be fine if you blast that ship to small pieces. That should get it to come out. Also probably set it on fire."

Carol chuckles, "If you say so, but I hope Denmark doesn't have an antiquities minister or something that'll yell at me." She then lets loose with a hefty photon blast, more than enough to turn the ship into a lot of toothpicks… and probably do something to the ice beneath, to boot!

There's an impressive explosion of fire and steam as the ship and a good chunk of the glacier go BOOM. Pieces of ice go flying in all direction along with what's left of the wolf's head as the rotted wood shatters on the ground when it hits, along with a few shiny bits of metal…treasure, perhaps? But what overshadows that is the roar of rage that comes from the midst of the explosion, before a giant corpse wreathed in flames and smoke comes charging out, a long axe held high, a battered and cracked shield on the other arm and rusting chain mail cloaing an emaciated but gigantic form. Its face is a skull, stringy ancient hair still clinging to it with a hint of its old coppery color, and a metal helm smoldering redly in contrast to the icey blue glow in its eye sockets as its mouth gapes, a booming, sepulcral voice echoing from inside, snarling in ancient Dane. "Who dares!? I, Friggi of the Wolf will eat your heart!"

Carol grins, "Hey, buster, not my fault my girlfriend has a weird idea of what makes a good date night." With that, she fires another photon blast right at the skeletal figure, hovering in the air. She passes a glance down towards Brunnhilde, shouting to the ex-valkyrie, "I'm guessing he's not thanking us for blowing up his boat, right?"

"He is not, no." Brunnhilde calls back as the draugr staggers, the cosmic bolt blasting into his shield and shattering the wood as it catches fire. "Though I think this is what they call the easy mode now, hmm?" The draugr growls, then hauls back and sends its axe spinning towards Carol as it hurls the burning shield at Brunhilde!

Carol quickly ducks to the side, since… well, normally an axe wouldn't bother her, but this is an undead whatsit, so who knows if that can actually hurt or not! She then flies down, "Well, I don't want to keep you from getting a good workout, 'Hilde." Since, well, this is definitely Casual Mode to deal with one undead whosit for Carol and Brunnhilde together, so Carol holds back a bit, circling around the wreckage of the boat and the draugr.

The axe whips past! Then circles back after a moment, spininng back towards the draugr by way of trying to go through Carol's back. "Behind!" Hilde shouts, charging forward as she swings down with Dragonfang, smashing through the burning shield as she moves to close on the towering undead creature, then swinging the blade to slash into the frozen flesh of its legh, carving a large hunk out of it.

Carol yelps and jumps to the side, narrowly avoiding the returning axe, "You'd think working with Thor I'd be used to returning weapon tricks!" She scowls and fires a high-power blast at the draugr's skull, aiming high since Valkyrie is working low on the draugr.

Well, the creature HAD hair…which goes up like a torch when Carol fries his head, the undead monster shrieking in anger as his helmet is partially melted to his skull. It does tries to catch the returning axe however!

Unfortunately for Friggi, that's when Brunhilde lets out an Asgardian battle cry and brings her sword down in a powerful overhand chop, neatly severing the forearm with the hand that was about to catch it. Meaning instead the axe slams blade first into the creatures chest, staggering it backdwards as shards of chainmail go flying in all directions.

Carol grins, flying back a bit as she hovers in the air, letting Brunnhilde do the finishing shot as she stays ready in case there's a trick about to happen here. No need to overcommit or anything, as she keeps her power charged up and ready to go.

Normally, a draugr would be a creature of great power, a monster considered all but unstoppable at its gravesite. A thing of horror and evil that would not die.

However, fighting an ex-valkyrie with a sword steeped in dragonfire and a cosmic power, it's just a wee bit outmatched…and considering its head is on fire, its axe has all but severed its spine, and its shield is in burning pieces, it really has nothing but curses to stop the gleaming blade Brunhilde carries as it cleaves right through the frozen, brittle bones of its neck, sending its head rolling away where it promptly bursts completely into flames, rapidly burning awya to ash. The towering body left behind staggers, then slowly topples backwards, shattering and crumbling away until all thats left is the scorched axe, and rusting armor as the creature disappates to nothing. Brunnhilde sniffs. "All too easy." She pauses, then leans down, rummaging in the snow by her feet, hwoever.

Carol flies down for a landing, coming down next to Brunnhilde, "Too easy, you think?" She hrms a bit, glancing around for any additional undead whatsits that might have been lurking around.

"Only because it was us…" Hilde say distractedly, then lets out a satisfied grunt as she straightens up, holding a beautifully made golden torc, the front ends crafted into wolfs heads, and the eyes set with a reddish crystalline stone. "For you, for your battle prowess…" she murmurs playfully, stepping over to gently sliding it around Carol's neck, so the open front is baring her throat. "It will not be cursed..not now, with the draugr slain."

Carol blinks, and smiles, "Wow… thanks." She then leans in and kisses Brunnhilde right on the lips, putting her arms around the former valkyrie, her grin a bit wolfish itself as she says, "I think I'm getting some ideas on what else we can do for the day…"

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