2019-08-22 - Communication and Context


Chance meeting between Maya Lopez, Anya Corazon and Avery Aaronson in Mutant Town.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 22 21:47:54 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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Somewhere between afternoon and evening, and Mutant Town is fairly warm today. Humid, the air is just a hint sticky and close. Which fact is utterly unimportant to one Avery Amanda Aaronson! Her one allowance made for the heat - she's not wearing a hoodie as she most often would be. Humming a nonsense song to herself, the girl is presently running along the rooftops, she's wearing calf length shorts and a bright blue sports top, long hair tied in simple knot to keep it behind her as she runs flat out at a good pace, though one within the higher end of human norm. Eyes bright, she -grins- shen the edge of a building approaches, stepping up the pace she leaps off the edge towards the fire escape of the next building. Deftly landing, she turns the momentum of the jump into a springboard for another, bounding up and up towards the roof all the while grinning like a nutter.

"Escucha chica. !No me importa lo bueno que sea ese idiota, si esta hablando con esa perra de Selena, entonces sabes que te enganara!"

Its just one particularly vulgar piece of a one sided cell phone conversation. Anya Corazon isn't one to dress for the weather but she also doesn't seem to give a damn. Let's just say it's a good thing that she's wearing black tights, considering how shortly cut the black denim shorts are. At least there are purple fishnets layered over the black upon her legs, otherwise she'd be pinned as an emo girl rather than a goth girl. Rugged old Doc Martens are on her feet, and the rips in her Einsturzende Neubauten shirt make one grateful that she's wearing a black sports bra, or perhaps it's a black leotard of some sort. It's hard to tell without being a creep.

Purple eyeshadow on her eyes and a Mohawk that's been painted bright pink certainly helps to make her stand out in a regular crowd, but this isn't a regular crowd. It isn't until she realizes that she's stumbled into Mutant Town that she freezes, going silent on the phone for a moment. Her eyes dance around a bit, as if she were a puppy trapped in the cage of a Kill Shelter.

"Estas un poco perdido, no?" The woman eho emerges not too far to Anya's left is about her age and height, thought the way she presents is decidedly different. She's dressed down, wearing a black jacket open over a gray turtleneck with the collar folded over, black jeans, and dark purple sneakers, leaving little skin exposed save for her hands and face. She purses her lips briefly as she looks around, those gray eyes turning upward to scan the skyline above.

"I recognize that look from the first time I was out here," Maya adds, this time in ENglish. Her gaze focuses on the other Latina for now, studying purple shadowed eyes intently. Still, there remains a few meters of space between them. Plenty of room for safety. Briefly, her gaze darts upward toward something on the skyline, but for any other thoughts remain unsaid.

Once she reaches the next rooftop, Avery continues to run, though she takes it easy on the shoulder rolls and such - not enough clothing for the full 'parkour' experience at present. The next building proves to be without a fire escape but the alley is narrower. Girl doesn't even hesitate, this time the dives downwards, bouncing off one wall to the other, hands grasping at window sills and pipes on the way down in a (barely) controlled plummet, though in fairness, she holds on long enough that she bleeds off most of the momentum by the time she reaches ground level, going to one knee a moment, and then straightening, to arch her back with hands at hips, breathing quickly but evenly, her slim form rather sweaty after all that high speed, high octane exertion.

Of course she landed in the alleyway the two Spanish speakers are paused by.

Anya's brown eyes dash over toward the other Latina. "No no no, I've been here before," she defends. "I just-"

A squawking voice comes from Anya's cell phone. "Hold on." Back to the phone. "Es una MALA IDEA. Eso es todo. Look, I took a wrong turn, I gotta go. See you at DSA, yeah?"

She hangs up the phone, stuffs it into the patched up backpack that is slung over her shoulder, and offers a slightly guarded smile to Maya. "I actually really like M-Town, I just… forgot where I was going. I'm Anya."

The young alt-girl's eyes track Maya's distraction in time to see Avery parkouring down into the alley. Eyebrows rise, and a smirk forms on lips that are painted black. "You know that shit's illegal," she calls out. "Not that the pigs pay attention to this part of town."

"Maya. And… as long as you know where you are." Anya receives a brief nod and then Maya shifts her weight slightly, leaning her weight back onto her heels. She twists slightly, those brown eyes widening as they alight on Avery The young owman positiosn herself so as to be facing both of the women at once, keeping an eye on each at the same time.

"Looks good, at least," Maya observes. She offers a faint smile then, inhaling deeply through her nose as she does. "And to be honest… Here in M-Town you see a lot of stuff like that. Or people just walking up walls." She shrugs slightly.

A blink at being addressed, then Avery takes out a sports bottle…though from where is hard to say, and drinks several long swallows, before approaching the two ladies. "It is illegal to exercise?" She asks, hazel eyes flecked with gold study both women, taking in their garb. The pink mohawk draws a smile to her features, dimples at her cheeks making her look like a teenager a moment. "Your hair is most fetching." She says with a painfully cheerful tone. Sides still heaving a little, the girl approaches, and…where the heck did that bottle get to?

Avery nods support of what Maya says. "Oh yes, there are many folk with gifts that dwell here. It is a difficult place to live, but the people are for the most part simple, and honest. What more could one ask?" Stopping a few feet away, she forms one point of a triangle with the the other two. "I am Avery, most pleased to make your acquaintances." Alas, she wasn't close enough to hear Anya's introduction of herself.

"I pretty much grew up here," Anya replies. "But apparently, I'm still ADD or something." A snarky grin forms on her face, one that matches the mock self-depreciation in her tone. However, something Maya said seems to have influenced Anya to pull her arms in a bit closer to her body. She doesn't yet realize she's doing it.

"No," she tells Avery, her demeanor otherwise not matching her withdrawn posture. "But they'll totally try to get you on anything from vandalism to disturbing the peace. Then they can search you." She clearly has no love of law enforcement, so the compliment is a welcome change.

"My grandma damn near had a heart attack, but she kinda likes it now," she says. "I'm Anya. I go to NYU… ended up here by accident. One of my girls is making a huge mistake by hanging out with this total doucherag and it took me half an hour to talk her out of letting him follow her on IG. He just wants another notch in the spank bank. She still doesn't believe me." Her eyes roll, before she forms another of those smirks. "But don't worry, I'll get through to her. Eventually." An upnod follows, aimed at Avery. "How'd you learn to do all that?"

"They don't even need a real reason," Maya replies to Anya, nodding slowly. She notes that posture but doesn't comment, instead just shifting her weight slightly. "No matter how 'simple and honest' people are. Maya is always careful to stand facing both girls at once as she adjusts herself, hands going back behind her to rest against the brick of a nearby wall.

"And the hair /is/ pretty awesome. I like your eyeshoadow too. I was never "allowed"-" Big air quotes, fingers and all, "-to wear my hair like that. I've always wanted to dye it, but I'm pretty sure someone would have called me out for being out of dress code." Maya makes a face. "How is NYU, by the way? I was thinking about transferring to a local school for the upcoming year but I haven't—- decided which one. Yet." There's clearly a story there, but rather than elaborate Maya briefly purses her lips.

Chewing her lower lip, Avery looks thoughtful at Anya's commentary about the 'Pigs', she'll have to use The Google later, so many idioms she doesn't know! Heck, most of what the pink 'hawked girl is saying she has little to no context to. "I am no vandal." She avers, and then laughs. "I needs must confess that disturbing the peace would be fair, however, jumping upon fire escapes cannot be done stealthily, alas." Okay, yeah, weird speech patterns much? And her accent is kind of British, vaguely. At the mention of a search Avery laughs. "I doubt they would have such a need, I am not at present capable of hiding anything upon my person."

Thin lips curve in a sweet smile. "Hello Anya, an honor to meet you." She isn't sure what if anything to say about the douchebag thing, at least that is one she's had occasion to look up, but when asked about her training. "Oh, my father paid for tutors when I was growing up, they taught me many things, though these environs are a far cry from what I knew."

She frowns at Maya's elaboration. "These 'pigs' sound like most unpleasant sorts, I shall do my best to avoid them." Once she figures out who they are, clearly some sort of authority figures, that much is clear in context! To Maya. "Are you not overly warm in that jacket?" She grins then as Maya compliments Anya's accents, nodding. "Indeed, striking." Avery herself? No makeup at all and the only scents at the moment are sweat, and a mild deodorant - so at least the sweat isn't too bad.

Maya seems to have just won some major points in Anya's book. She looks over to Maya, noting her similar ethnic heritage, height and age, and a grin forms on her face. "Damn right, hermana." She then squares off a bit against the other woman, a frown forming. "Dress code? Jesus. Where do you go to school? They didn't give a damn up in Spanish Harlem, long as you showed up." She grins then. "NYU is rad, and they have the best labs. What do you study? I can totally get you in with the right admin people. Some of them are awesome, but some of them I swear are on a steady diet of Xanax and pain pills."

At Avery's defense of not being a vandal, Anya turns back to her with a smirk. "Well don't let the police see ya doing that, and you're fine." She doesn't expound on the unpleasantness of law enforcement, assuming Avery knows all about it.

For a moment she stands silently, no longer withdrawn and fully engaged in the conversation. Eyes bat back and forth between the two, and it would appear that she's… possibly… scheming.

"Xanax and pain pills are better than Special K and Adderal," Maya replies with a mutter, but then she quickly returns the grin. "I went to a a couple of different prep schools. I kind of bounced around when I was younger, honestly. But I'm out of that now? I did a two year music program. Piano, violin, compositio and now I… Want to study Information Technology, I guess. I am getting started a little late."

Maya shakes her head and settles back against the wall a bit more heavily. "What are you studying? I might want to keep rethinking my major. Since it's already changing so much." Avery garners a long stare from Maya as the conversation continues. Her brows furrow slightly and one might notice she is mouthing back some of rhe things the taller girl is saying, as if she's having some trouble with keeping ip. None of this is vocalized however, and finally she just nods. "To be honest, just talking about it a little bit would probably help. It's all kind of- abrupt."

Ah ha! The Pigs are The Police! Avery's not dumb, not at all, just lacking context and experience with things that Anya and Maya have grown up around. Still, she likes a people and -wants- to be able to converse with them without feeling bewildered three time out of four, so she seeks company out when she can, and isn't particularly shy. Actually, not shy at all.

A smile and a nod. "I will be careful" She promises, and the city watch could be very dangerous - so in a way she DOES have some idea about the risks of dealing with such men and women.

The suddenly wily look draws a quirked brow from Avery, head leaning every so slightly back to -study- Anya. She doesn't actually -say- anything, but she's definitely alert and paying attention.

Avery does notice the way Maya seems to be having trouble followin /her/ speech, and looks an apology to her. "Forgive me, my speech is not very idiomatic — I am working on it, however, though I needs must confess to having a great deal of work yet in the eaves." A shake of head, the girl is genuinely contrite about that fact, regretting inconveniencing the other woman.

Anya's eyes settle upon Maya with an even greater interest. "No shit? I'm trying to learn guitar. Or maybe bass. But I'm majoring in Comp Sci and Electrical Engineering. The IT program is CLUTCH at NYU."

Her eyes then turn toward Avery, and the lack of filter just does its thing. "Are you from Asgard?"

"Guitar? I play a bit of guitar, actually. But… Mostly classical? I've always wanted to get into as bit more rock or punk, though. I would have gotten crucified for it at the conservatory." Maya is nodding along as Anya speaks, though her gaze shifts back to Avery as she does. Slowly, the girl trails off before pausing for a second. Brown eyes dart between Anya and Avery, then back. "…You do talk like someone who isn't from this… Time period. Asgard is a good guess." A blink. "Or the 1800s?"

"My father did despair of my mastery of the arts that weren't martial. I have oft enjoyed music, however, and enjoy dance very much." Granted - she knows bubkis about -modern- dances, she cuts a mean square though! "And of course anyone can sing." Beat. "Though not everyone be able to sing /well/, I grant."

She frowns a moment. "Asgard? Nay, not Asgard…in truth…in /Truth/, I am uncertain at all, I was raised in a Hidden World, deep within the Earth, or so I was led to believe, I have reason to wonder if anything I recall be true."

A wry and self-mocking grin. "Last night my speech was likened to that of someone from the land of Renfaire, but I know it not." She shrugs then. "I am but who I am, I suppose."

To Avery's response, Anya laughs in a friendly and genuinely entertained way. "You bitches are a riot," she emotes, before leaning in a bit closer to both. "I have an idea." Her eyebrows waggle and she puts on all of that Corazon charm inherited from her late father.

"First, we tour NYU. Then we hit up some music stores and some trendy spots I know uptown, and then?" Here her eyes begin twinkling with mischief. "You both. Let me. Do your hair and makeup."

The young woman leans back, arms folded. "We'll make a day of it. Deal?" Her eyes dance between the two and it seems clear that she really doesn't want to be let down on this idea.

"…" Maya arches a brow, gauging Anya's expression as her right narrows until it is almost shut.She glances at Avery and then back to Anya. Silence follows, just for a second.Then she takes a deep breath and gives a slow, heavy nod. That solemn expression quickly gives way to a quiet grin and then Maya shifts her weight form left to right as she takes a deep breath.

"…Fine! Fine. You got me. I'd love to see NYU and it would be nice to… Just get out and around. I might disappoint you on a musical tour, though." A wry smile follows that. "Just make sure it has plenty of bass and I'm in. …You?" Now, all eyes are on Avery, it seems.

"I will need to go home and change first, but that does sound like a most diverting plan, Anya." Avery grins. "Though…correct me if I misspeak - is not a 'bitch' a term of derision? Your tone was not derisive, indeed, most friendly." Avery is the one then who gets a slightly mischievous look. "I can be home, showered and return in ten minutes, should you both be willing to wait." She looks between the two girls then, hazel eyes bright with excited interest. "I confess that a college would be interesting to explore, though I lack the means to attend at present." And then finally when Maya agrees, Avery nods. "Do you wish to bide, or should I order the Uber and meet you somewhere?"

"Well, I can't do it right now," Anya clarifies for Avery's benefit. "I gotta get to this study sesh, but. We'll all exchange digits, make a group text, and make this happen." She's grinning from ear to ear now, and already has her phone out when suddenly she busts out laughing.

"It can be both!" she explains. "I mean, you can call someone a stupid-ass bitch and that's an insult, but call someone a bad-ass bitch? That's a compliment, amiga."

"Sometimes you insult your friends as a way to show familiarity, you know?" Maya explains helpfully, even though a brow is already quirked. She takes this opportunity to again look Avery over from head to toe even as she calls out her digits to Anya. Maya is more subdued than the others and much softer spoken, but hse enunciatesclearly and mkakes herself well heard. "It'll happen. I can't wait. If you want to learn guitar I cna show you a few things too. If you like." Maya shrugs and then rolls her shoulders slowly.

"And the two of us deinitely need to talk more." Maya holds up two fingers ,gesturing between herself and Avery. "Until I can actually follow what you are saying. If you could speek a little slower that might help me out."

"Oh." Avery flushes a little. "Forgive my zeal, I was just so enthused I had thought you meant right this very moment." Avery rubs at the back of her neck with one hand, and sort of toes at the ground. She looks like ten years younger as she does that! Positively endearing. And then she grins, chin raising as she plants her feet once more. "I should like to be a bad-ass bitch, then." She says with a firm nod.

She looks quizzically to Maya. "I have never thought of insult as badinage, it must be an intriguing social art." She observes thoughfully, but then she partakes of the Rite of Digits Exchanging. "It shall of a certainty happen." She agrees.

A smile to Maya. "I…forgive me, I would be most delighted to speak with you, an aye, I can speak more slowly if it be helpful, of course."

"You show me guitar," Anya tells Maya. "I'll show you punk rock. Can't ever go wrong with The Cramps." She then looks over to Avery and explains, "That's a band." Because the other kind of cramps are never a good thing.

"We're all gonna be some bad-ass bitches," she finishes, before slugging her backpack a bit tighter around her shoulders. "I gotta high tail it, but I just started our group text." She smirks and waves toward both, saying, "Adios!" as she goes.

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