2019-08-21 - Ch-ch-changes!


Beast, Catseye, Kid Omega and a Special guest appearance by Jemma-Of-Nine! Lab Hijinks! Trials and Tribulations! Enter - temporarily - Hetty McCoy.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 21 00:05:12 2019
Location: Institute - Hank McCoy's Lab - Westchester

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Hank and Jemma have been working together on a number of projects, and tonight Hank is about to try something that had been eluding him for literally years. At the moment Hank has asked Cat for her help with his current project - he calls it the EMJ program. Using newly tuned Holo Emitters and an ultra-secure uplink they've created a video-conference with Jemma Simmons with SHIELD. At the present they're going through the final systems checks, and so far everything is going splendidly. Currently the conference is strictly on the wall o'monitors, all slaved together so Jemma's head is about the size of Hank's entire body.

He looks to Cat. "Catseye, would you check the power feed on emitter seven, there's a fluctuation I don't like…"

Beast is dressed somewhat unusually for him, tonight he's just in a pair of blue shorts, that's it. MAN that's a lot of blue-black fur and muscle!

Catseye heads over to examine the emitter, humming softly to herself. "Problem not with the power feed, reading inputs are normal, but can throw a power-conditioner on the line." She frowns a bit, "Should take offline to run full diagnosis… capacitor issue, maybe?" She starts for the closet to grab a spare power conditioner, which will smooth out the power input, but if it's a capacitor issue then smoothing the input won't solve it, that requires opening the emitter.

Jemma and Hank have been testing this hook up for about an hour and the biochemist is in her laboratory at SHIELD. Currently, she's behind her desk with the camera centred on her face. She's already 'met' Catseye as the feline works on the system.

"The results of that last test look good, Hank." She's saying, running through some last checks herself. "So the plan will be administer the serum and observe. Who else will you have present?"

She's oh-so-British in the way that she talks.

Probably one of the busiest days of the year at the school. Which was teeming with life and all that other jazz, which meant that Quinn practically had to have her marijuana off campus, and came back high as a kite. And hopefully lacking the smell of it all. But, since this was the quietest part of the wing; Quinn set to wander. Enjoying the buzz, sliding into rooms here and there.. stopping at the lab and looking inside to see a half.. no barely dressed Hank with Sharon.

It doesn't take a genius to deduce that something was afoot. And that something that Quinn thought was not of the salacious sort! The fact that it seems that Hank just may be running a test on himself piques her interest and soon, the door was tugged open and Quinn steps inside.

She moves as if she belongs there, swiping a lab coat from the door, tugging it on to hide her current outfit. Typical ripped jeans and a black t-shirt, thankfully boots weren't muddy so that nothing could be tracked onto the floor. In fact, any calls to get out would be largely ignored as she takes a seat, quite possibly in view of the camera, but out of the direct path of the two scientists.

"Who's the cutie on the tubie and the one pushing buttons?" She asks of Jemma and Cats. What a nice way to say hello! For once..

"Mmm…yes, probably not the capacitor, try the line conditioner, thank you." This to Cat. Once the emitter is tweaked, Hank looks satisfied at last. "Okay, perfect, that did it, reading in spec, five by five." He grins toothily to Catseye, motioning her over to the control grid he is working at. "How would you like to do the honors?" He whispers so softly only superhuman senses could hear, a 128 character passphrase. "Go ahead, bring the EMJ online, Sharon."

To Jemma. "You'll need to interface with your cyber systems for full use, Jemma. And yes—the roster is to include yourself, Catseye, and…" Then Quinn walks in. "…and apparently Miss Quintavia Quire." A thoughtful look, and then he nods. "Actually, it might be good to have her here…Jemma Simmons, this is Quintavia, she's a student here. Quinn, you've met Catseye, just not in her smoothskin form."

Once the device is activated, there's a faint shimmer, and Jemma will be able to choose her clothing, but will appear as real and live as the rest of the people present, though not to telepathic senses, not likely, anyway, perhaps akin to an astral form? Her consciousness SHOULD be at least partially present, but Hank's never tried this sort of thing, and never with a cyborg.

Catseye waves to Quin, though with her purple kitty tail, not hands. Those are busy. "Power conditioner online… would rather switch out capacitor too, but DoctorHank is boss." Then again, when it comes to science she is overly cautious by Hank's standards. Though her finicky nature means the work is done right, it isn't always done quickly. She moves to the keyboard, typing the password correctly the first time, having perfect recall is something she deliberately warned Hank about, other teachers… well, if they don't hide their keyboards when typing in passwords, it's not her fault!
The EMJ online, she smiles at Jemma, "Looking good, DoctorJemma." She circles Jemma, staying well back and trying not to look like she's stalking. "Even Catseye's vision not tell the difference. Scent is missing but most people not notice that. Will need to have DoctorJemma talk for bit, to double check audio." Catseye's standard on audio are as persnickety as they are on everything else.

The interface to Jemma's cybersystem is achieved wirelessly. It's the neural implants she was given that aid with this. Still mostly human, the neural implants help speed up her wetware brain and allow her to connect to some systems, so it seems.

"Alright Hank." There's a short delay and then EMJ appears in the laboratory - Hank should have told her about the clothing.

She appears as … Jemma-of-Nine … straight out of Star Trek Voyager, Star Fleet uniform and all. Worse? She doesn't seem to realise it.

"Thank you, Catseye. This is rather amazing. I can move around the lab, can't I? Oh, nice to meet you, Miss Quire. Please call Jemma."

The stool was properly perched as she gets herself settled, digging into the pockets of the labcoat which produces.. thankfully, gloves in a protective sandwich baggy. Catching the wave of the tail while Catseye works, Quinn gives an upside to the womans backside and says nothing. That is until Hank introduces her. And includes her.

"Shhiiiit no. I'm not a student here. If I wanted to go to college I'd go to Harvard or some other pisswater place in some backwater town.." The baggie was opened with a gnashing of her teeth, gloves snaked out, slipped on, and baggie disposed of right into the pocket. Quinn, thankfully enough in her drug induced brain, remembers lab ettique. Gloves on.. and oo! Goggles in a baggie! Her glasses were pulled off, goggles torn out of the bag and slipped on. Disposable stuff was great!

Once the EMJ appears, Quinn admires and examines from a distance. It was a bit shocking how quiet she has become; it was clear her brain was attempting to battle through the fog to mentally design schematics of her own. "Right. Jemma. Call me Quinn."

"Ah, scent…I wasn't sure if that was a good idea, my memory for it is not as good as yours, Cat." Hank grins about the capacitor. "It should hold for this run, barring anything unexpected, we'll swap it out later when we redesign after seeing how it works." Because Hank is JUST as finicky about his tech - doubly so the final products, less so when their works in progress. "Perhaps we'll all get together and you'll be able to help me code it." Because Cat's senses ARE much keener than his, not that he couldn't do a close approximation, he's finicky!

"An no, no relation to Springsteen." The Boss.

When he realizes what Jemma is wearing, Hank does not /quite/ choke. BRIEFLY he ponders going along with Quinn's non-reaction, but man, if Jemma found out later he'd be in so much trouble. "Um…Jemma, did you /want/ to dress up as Starfleet Medical?" He asks with nary a trace of judgement, no laughter in his voice (though Cat can certainly smell it — Quinn, being an Omega, might even sense it through his shields. "Jemma, walk about a bit, see if you can interact, if you can lift things and /feel/ them, then I'd say the system is fully operational."

Catseye has moved to a keyboard and is making minor adjustments. "Tweaking sound a little… chest resonance needs a bit more, respiration good, but pulse is too muffled." Wait, she can hear people's pulse? Yes, yes she can and not hearing it sound right is annoying her. She spends some time tweaking the equations. "There… sounds clearer, first had me wanting to ask DoctorJemma about possible heart murmur." Alas, Star Trek is not part of her experience, so the humor of Jemma's costume escapes her.

"Scent? Oh, I see…" Jemma nods, still oblivious to the outfit she's wearing looks around some more. "Quinn, then. And not a student here, I've got it." What Quinn does she isn't sure but she's not going ask.

When Hank calls out the wardrobe the blush is immediate and furious. It's not *just* starfleet medical she's chosen, it's Jeri Ryan's costume as well. So, very, very, not Jemma. "Uh. No. I wasn't … " It takes a few moments before she's back in 'civvies'. T-Shirt and Jeans in fact. "Why, Hank, does that make it sound like you want me to parade?" Given what she'd just been wearing, that's a fair thing. But move she does, to the instruments laid out in preparation for the test and lifts them up. "This really is rather amazing." the blush is slow to fade, though.

Quinn says nothing about the outfit, for now she places her elbows upon the table, her fingers balled into fists which host her chin so that she doesn't fall over. Eyes dart back and forth to each whom were speaking, and soon.. her head shakes quietly and she mutters beneath her breath..


Sadly, Quinn is probably the only one who'd go to sleep with TNG in the background for comfort…

And then Jemma teases Hank about the walking about. "I…um, no, that's…you…" A pause, and then he laughs, and shakes his head, picking up a pair of forceps and tossing them towards the no longer Jemma-Of-Nine. "Think fast!" Hopefully she'll be able to catch it. He rests his hand on Cat's shoulder then, a little scritch offered by way of thanks for the help, and then nods. "I truly value your assistance, you know. My senses are keen, but YOURS are what we need. Definitely need you two to meet face to face sometime. I know, we'll go for a picnic, or perhaps a drive in movie." A stern look at Jemma. "SOMETHING out of the lab." He chides, then grins.

He laughs wholeheartedly when Quinn makes her Nerds comment. "Admitted, with pride. Would you like to join our mailing list?"

Catseye purrs at the scritching, and smiles, "Nice to use senses for more than stalking, yes? Or suffering headache when someone burns popcorn." Just no! If you can't stand there, don't microwave popcorn! "Would like to meet DoctorJemma in person, yes. This next best thing, but not same as going out. Relaxing." She poke Hank teasingly. "Remember relaxing? Is like sleep, but with eyes open and with friends, yes?"

Jemma catches - her reactions are quick, right at the top end of human now. She blinks as the forceps come towards her, slowly smiling as she realises she made Hank blush, a bit. "Sorry, that was unprofessional of me." She's repentant at least. "Nothing wrong with being a Nerd, Quinn. For some of us, that's all there is."

"That sounds lovely, Hank. A picnic and a drive." Will she make it? Well, it's Jemma and she's busy. Maybe with a crowbar?

"If the systems are ready, shall we get started?"

Quinn takes off her goggles, just to switch them off for her regular glasses. "No way." She says to Hank. "I got enough crap to deal with." Which was a damn lie. Ever since she's been back, she really hasn't done much but lounge. And go on the occasional mission or two.

Being a nerd wasn't wrong or bad, in retrospect. She just readily wasn't going to admit to being one! Popular kid! Refuses to let things go! "Maybe you all should do that relaxing thing. That'll give you all something more than just that." She points at Jemma with her goggles, then stands from the stool, causing a slight shriek in sound.

"Yeah, lets get to it! I don't know what we're getting into, and I don't want to know. I want to be genuinely surprised!" Man, excitement from Quinn is weird. She was damn near swaying with excitement! Also weird!

"I do know, yes, though not to your extent of course." Hank is also not a fan of some of the more odiferous oddities that life in a school produces, he thanks his lucky stars that he does not sense nearly as well as Catseye, or Logan. That just would be utterly shuddersome. He laughs at Cat's chiding. "Yes, and I think you would be proud of me, Cat, I was trying to encourage Jemma to do so as well. I think we might /both/ need you as our minder. We'll set up an emitter array in her lab too, and you can keep us both from killing ourselves by labnomancy."

He waves off Jemma's apology. "As often as I've gotten you to, I think it only fair you got me."

A snort from Hank at Quinn's initial commentary, and then he nods. "Now…the reason we've been going through this whole process was because Jemma could not be here in person due to security constraints. THIS - circuments that without compromising anything."

He looks to Cat and Quinn, then to Jemma. "So…now to the primary purpose. Ever since I mutated myself further into this form, I have been trying to revert to my original form, my original appearance, my -me-." Hank says. "I gave up for a while, it wasn't working, I'd hit a wall, but then while working with Jemma on other projects I was introduced to an exciting mutagenic substance that gave me more options." He moves towards the isolation chamber, opening it up and then taking a vial out of a storage unit inside. The vial is about a hundred CCs of a faintly luminous blue fluid with streamers of gold light shivering through it. "This…is the result. A serum that so far has passed every trial to allow me to revert some of the alterations to my physiology. Cat, I wanted you hear because of your sheer physical capablilities and your senses might spot things the rest of us miss, Jemma because she's been working on it with me for weeks now, and Quinn, since you're here that gives us another layer of security - if things go horribly wrong you can no doubt mind blast me into next month." He holds the injector out to Jemma. "Unless anyone has any questions, Jemma, feel free to do the honors."

And yes, Hank /is/ a bit nervous, on many levels.

Catseye's tail fluffs with upset. "Questions? Too many. Have seen none of DoctorHank's research on this!" She sounds a little distressed, but the tail, the tail is lashing, profoundly unhappy kitty. "Experimenting on self is -dangerous-. What measures ready if things go wrong other than Quinn blast? Is there counter-agent?" She bites her lower lip to avoid yowling, she is TRYING to sound and act more human, people take you more seriously the more human you seem, but it is hard when she's this upset.

"We've done as much testing and modelling as we can before now, Catseye." Jemma says gently. "We've had a test running for a day now, using the serum on a sample of Hanks blood. I've used the most advanced modelling systems I can to try and anticipate problems but you're right. It *is* dangerous and you're correct to be concerned."

As to the counter agent. Well. Hank can address that.

"If you're all ready though?" There's a look to Hank and gives them all a moment to agree or disagree.

The three of them and their interactions were studied. Quinn even studies Hank a little bit more as he explains the processes, and people note the very, very legitimate concerns. In fact, Quinn would have said something if Sharon and Jemma hadn't brought it up. DNA testing is a tricky and fickle thing. Especially when introduced to foreign bodies.

"I'm going to rightfully assume that if Hank were ill and he didn't know it, this gal would." She gestures towards Cats. "And since she didn't say anything.." Now she was approaching the three instead of keeping her distance. She knows their noses are good, so she already figures that Quinn is probably high off of her gourd. But that doesn't mean that she wasn't clearheaded. ".. no wheezing, no change in chemistry yet. Your color as it's always has been." She shrugs her shoulders.

"I'm alright with it. And it should be okay. I spent enough time in medical to restart his heart without even touching him. So he's good!" Maybe. Really. Thankfully there were no mind-readers about, she was hoping to blast his ass anyways for smacking her. Yup, she's still holding a grudge!

"Actually…there is an antagonist, in case there's a horrible reaction." Hank says when Cat raises the question. He takes out a second injector and gives it to Cat. "Any major blood vessel, if you smell any toxic reactions, don't hesitate, you've got the quickest reactions present in your FurForm, so I'd appreciate it if you were to be in that form and ready. Also, FurForm is a close match to me, and faster, so it gives the best chance in case of any other reaction. The antagonist will first sedate me, then attack the serum, after that it will be up to Doctor Simmons to see to things as Emergency Medical Jemma and to Quinn in case immediate cardio-resuscitation is needed and there's no time for the crash cart." He moves to Cat, hands rested one on each of her shoulders. "This serum is based on the original I used that made me mutate further, it is based on my own DNA, the original formulation was in testing and trials for six months, this SHOULD be safe." Hank nods then. "But there are risks, as Jemma has said it is 'fringe science', but I have bene operating in the fringes for more than a decade, truth be told, nearly half my life."

He rubs his cheek against Cat's, offering comfort and affection both, then steps back and nods to Jemma. "Go ahead."

Once the drug is administered, Hank stands inside the chamber. "If the alarms go off, seal the chamber." In case of bio-hazard. Yikes.

It only takes a few minutes, Cat can smell the stuff working through Hank's system, no toxicity yet, nothing of sick-smell on him. There's quite a few medical sensors in play, his life signs do fluctuate quite a bit, and then he grunts a little, his nails retracting, the skin turning a powder blue. Pain scent, but still not toxic, not sick.

He shudders, half hunching a moment as he loses a little bio-mass, and great clumps of blue fur are shed, the skin paling to an unhealthy frostbit hue - but still changing. Pointed ears normalize as more fur is shed, and his skin turns to a normal flesh tone as it is revealed. His physique is still along simian lines - and the revealed musculature is borderline disgusting, the dude IS ripped!

Still smells not-sick, not poisonous, no bio-hazard alarms. "I…goodness…look at that…?"

The first discordant note - Cat's ears can hear something off, his voice, it is not quite deep enough, and then another change, his scent—shifting, becoming…"Oh…my stars…and garters!" Hank stands straight, long glossy black hair with blue high-lights, and his hips, they're too rounded, and his chest…good grief! Hank isn't HANK anymore! HER expression is priceless as she looks at considerable /assets/. "Oh…dear…"

Catseye starts to strip when Hank says he wants her in fur form, thankfully under her clothing is what looks like a black leotard, though the fabric looks heavier without being thicker. Then her skin ripples and purple fur climbs over her, the black leotard vanishing beneath waves of purple fur. She's still humanoid, still has hands, but a leonine face, and cat ears that are laying back. "Half-form better. Fast as fur form, but has hands." She does not sound happy. At all.

Then Hank takes the serum, the fur falls out, and… "Well, is not a toxic reaction." She pauses. "DoctorHenrietta." From her tail, she's torn between worry and amusement.

"Oh well, isn't that interesting." Jemma watches as Catseye transforms, she hadn't seen that before now and it is interesting. Not quite interesting enough to draw her attention from Hank, she watches his response to the serum and the readings from the equipment.

"Well. I hadn't expected *that* from the results that we saw, but that might explain the anomalous reading in that pairing. Let me see …" beat "You make a good looking woman, Henrietta, but you might want to put a robe on." she asides, already pulling up the DNA results from the other day. "I'll need another blood draw though, so I can confirm this."

It's possible EMJ might trying to hide a smile, but it's all professional as the biochemist goes to work.

It seems that for a split second, Jemma and Quinn are of the same mind. Watching a transformation such as Cats provides was interesting, and actually quite a sight to look at. It almost reminds her of her own friend, half man half beast, long gone from this world nearly three years prior. Wistful is the look that she gives, but it a ghost of one.. because..

"Holy.. shit.."

And this is why Quinn isn't allowed to be a teacher. Sure she could probably be an assitant to accounting and acquisitions and purchasing. But..

"Oh hell naw!" The combination of reactions from his two friends were mutant compared to what Quinn does. Which is laugh. Laugh. SO. Hard.

"AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" She blasts out, one arm curling around her middle, the other pointing dead on at Han.. er.. Henrietta. No doubt it was disruptive, but Quinn couldn't help it. It was laughter, true and genuine. "Oh.. oh god.. oh god you're going to be playing with yourself for DAYS!" Oh, this was rich. "Holy .. this is like some cosmic payback! It's like a feminists dream! Of -all- the times men give us shit, and say ew, and gross and cat call and are genuine bastards.." She cracks up again, this time clapping her hands. But seriously.

"Oh man.. I'm so glad I'm high. But so pissed that I am.. oh.. oh.." She breathes out, bending to place both hands upon her knees. So tempted to make a boob joke because he totally slapped her. "Oh man.. You really outdid yourself, you made you a good looking woman!" But, at least Quinn was partly sensible, she pulls off her own labcoat, then holds it out as she walks towards Han.. Henrietta.

"Oh, bother." Henrietta says, and yes, you all get treated to the utterly unique sight of a very powerfully built woman, showing most of her skin, full body blushing. She does indeed take the lab-coat Quinn offers, a little nonplussed when it hangs to her calves, she's lost a few inches in height, and probably fifty or sixty pounds of bulk. Make no mistake, she is NOT slender, she's quite strongly built, though the musculature did sleek a bit at the end so it isn't a horror show of ultra-definition. "Of course I'm chesty." She mutters, and one animalistic trait she kept is the slightly pronounced canines, though those are less than they were before.

A sigh, and she looks to Cat and Jemma, blue eyes very much the same. "The changes should only be temporary, no more than seventy-two hours, though there's still the antagonist, I want to run tests and see where things went awry without using the counter-agent to muddy the test result." Labcoat tied closed, she nods thoughtfully. "I'd posit the androgen suppression I was going for went /too/ far." A nod to Jemma. "Quite probably tied to the pairing you were concerned about."

She looks to Quinn, eyes reproachful as the pink haired girl /laughs/. "Really, just a temporary set back…and…" Then she can't help it, she quirks a smile. "…and I Have never given any girls 'shit', thank you very much." She DOES not even /toy/ with addressing the playing with self for days comment. She sighs and sits down a moment then, hand covering her eyes as she just shakes her head and laughs very softly. "Alright, yes, it is funny. Go on then, everyone." Hell, why not? SHE is!

Catseye's tail lashes, "Time for laughing is after sure DoctorHank is stable, no ill effects. Too bad only 72 hours, probably will not get full female experience." She pauses, then adds with just a slight bit of viciousness, "Menstrual cramps." Ouch! "Take bloodwork, run tests yes. Want Catseye to stab you?" She hopefully means with the needle!

"Come now, Henrietta has never been crass to a woman." Jemma chides Quinn slightly, it's an effort though to not laugh out loud but Jemma really is too professional. "Let me get that blood draw, Henrietta and we'll take to regular draws until the effects wear off - if they do. I recommend a 'wait and see' approach - you've always got the antagnonist, if we need it."

Poor Hank. There's not problem with the switch the feminine form of his … err her … name.

At the womans, mans … other doctors! permission, the smallest of laughs comes from the biochem. "Well, you know *some* of the serum works." beat "Are you alright, Catseye? Hank really will be ok, I believe." Yes, she's picked up the young womans concern. "Uh no, I really would prefer you didn't stab Henrietta." beat "We could dose her up with hormones though to simulate her cycle though." No, EMJ is totally joking.

That would be *irresponsible* SCIENCE!!

Hank, no matter what, was always a true gentlema.. gentlewo.. something! But giving him shit just erased weeks of grudge holding! Because still, even though they say not to laugh, Quinn was still laughing. She does stop just to breathe, attempting to push it out of her mind, attempting to be serious, but the small cracks and giggles fire up again until she's full blown laughing. Rinse. Repeat.

Even their remarks, Catseye and Jemma, have her laughing again, her glasses coming off so she could use her shirt to wipe at her face, glasses back on again to laugh some more. A turn and a stroll to a few drawers has her picking through them, finally finding a decent brush. She reaches up to pull her ponytail out, allowing her pick locks to fall messily, then approaches Han.. Henrietta as if she were on the attack.

"Oh man. I think we should do it. In the name of science. When you fuck up and do a gender switch you may as well go full tilt. Fuck that. Give it to hi.. er.. her.." And now, probably without permission, Quinn begins to brush Han.. Hen.. Etta's hair. This wasn't just for a showcase, it serves a clear purpose. Lab sense, all hair needs to be tied back and out of the way for full visual. Not to mention, she quietly does -NOT- want to see Han.. er.. Etta, who could probably be her only other friend, set on fire.

"You got a head full of thick ha.." She giggles, then laughs again, holding Etta's hair, then inhales to finish her sentence.

"Seriously, tomorrow, we need to go and see my hairdresser for a keratin treatment. Totally did that mind-meld bullshit with her so she knows when I'm coming. I'm going to give you her number. She's -awesome-." Oh, this is awesome, for Quinn quickly ties Etta's hair back and steps away, trying her best to keep still. "Oh.. oh.. god.." Now she has to pee. "I gotta pee.. I can't right now!" Which was purely an expression, cause now.. while she's chicken dancing, she's laughing yet again.

"Please, no stabbing, Cat, thank you." Henrietta states. And then she gets a truly alarmed look at the mention of mentrual cramps. To her credit, the next thought is /actual/ curiousity, but then no—she shakes that right the heck off. One has to admire dedication to SCIENCE! that allows even a few moments of curiousity about such, most guys would not in the same situation even consider it for a fraction of a femto-second! IF that long.

Quinn's ongoing fight with hysterics is /not/ helping, though the sense of possible forgiveness for the slap /to save her life/ the other day, that's something.

"No, polite and well mannered, that's what Norton and Edna McCoy always taught me. Respect has to be given before gotten, after all."

And then JEMMA talks about /inducing/ menstrual symptoms! She frowns at the woman, at first vexed, then thoughtful. "Do you think it scientifically valid? It would give me experience that probably no other man, or very few at least, would truly understand." So yes, she entertains the concept again.

At first she blinks uncomprehendingly at Quinn, and then she realizes, oh, yes, long hair! "I…doubt I'll need one, in fact there's some shears, we should just cut it short right now, and we can use the hair for analysis to supplement that from the blood draws." Her hair? Nearly calf-length, it almost seems like the body pushed all the left over hair into one mass!

"And…Hetty, I like Hetty better than Etta." She looks to everyone. "Please?"

Catseye looks innocent, "Meant with needle. For blood draw." Wow, half form is REALLY good at the big innocent kitty eyes thing. She takes a deep breath, lets it out, then shifts back to human form and pulls on her lab coat and shoes. Rest is optional, really, but lab safety -is- a concern. "DoctorHetty then. Name is your choice."

"Please help with the blood draws, Catseye and I'll need you take samples every six hours if you will. I want to see the change in the hormones and DNA over time. I'm fascinated to know if it falls off quickly or decays gradually." Jemma gives … Henrietta … an apologetic look. "Technically? It should be by modifying the estrogen and progesterone in your system. I'm more interested though, what those levels *are* right now - did the serum change them or are they at the standard for a male?"

That might have an effect on Hanks moods too, not that Jemma voices that yet. Anger issues or depression might be oncoming though.

"I don't think you should cut your hair though, if you're interested in a *female experience*. Leave it long and see what a pain it can be to deal with. It might not be such an issue for you given you had fur already but still … We will take some samples for later though."

Quinn's ongoing hilarity has Jemma looking at her and trying so very hard not to laugh again.

Oh, oh.. she couldn't do it. She couldn't stay any longer. With Hetty actually considering taking the estrogen to induce such a thing, Quinn just loses it. Instead of full, boisterous laughter, it's not down to deep, rumbling.. 'ehurhurhurhur's.' Ones that were felt deep within the soul of a person who attended the best comedy show of their lives.

Her legs were clenched tight as she begins to inch towards the door, her body soon hunching, knees bending, hands tucked in between her legs as she wheezes and breathes out her 'hurr-hurr's'. Now, the right leg crosses over the left, as she tries her best to giddy-up out of the goddamned lab before the biohazard alarms begin to sound.

There wasn't even a bye. No offer to collab or drag everyone out to smoke some weed and eat burgers. No begging the three to come down and see the latest Danger Room video game type simulation that she cooked up. Nope.

Quinn had to pee.

It was like being stabbed in the gut once she stopped at the door, trembling.. hurr-hurr'ing, hanging onto the handle to catch her breath, then pulls the door hard enough to swing it wide open! She gallops out of the lab and down the hall..leaving nothing but a hurr-hurr-hee-hee in her wake.

Catseye waits until Quinn is gone, then innocently asks Hetty, gesturing to the discrete unmarked door in the back of the lab. "Should Catseye have told Quinn about the restroom used for samples?"

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