2019-08-21 - At Columbo's Curious Curios


Eve meets Pennylane and many a flower blooms.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 21 12:29:30 2019
Location: Columbo's Curious Curios

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Columbo's Curious Curios (yes, like the Detective as the propetier is very fond of pointing out) is a relatively small time operation in the magical community. Focusing on knick-knacks and objects with bits of magical history attached by association and or history, there generally isn't anything *too* potent in his inventory beyond on occasion. Mostly, he has stories. Lots of stories and, as we all know, there' sa certain magic in those in and of themselves.

Today, Frederich Columbo is standing behind the counter of his shop, talking to a smallish girl of the goth persuasion who is handling a delicate and very ridiculously overstylized golden flower. HE's imploring her to buy it.

"My dear Eve, it's your style!"

"It's gaudy, like the rest of your things, Fred. C'mon."

"I am /wounded/, my dear girl." Fred certainly has a flair for the dramatic with the way he sways back onto his heels, but the interplay between them certainly speaks to a certain shared fondness builto over no doubt years, even if the goth doesn't even look half his age.

Penny has never been to Columbo's Curious Curios. Now, it must be noted that she's new to New York and it's a /very/ big, busy city, compared to Santa Cruz. So, because she's not necessarily known on sight by the sorts of people who may very much want to know her, Pennylane's been spending some time visiting the local magical establishments, big and small, to introduce herself and give a demonstration of her 'wares,' as it were. That's how, today, she finds herself in this place, the little shop front filled with tchotchkes and gewgaws of varying quality and some of dubious origin, most likely.

When she enters, the little bell tingles pleasantly, announcing her arrival. In the late afternoon lighting pouring in, Penny still glows in a noticeable fashion. It just…radiates off of her, like a strange sort of bioluminescence…like the sun's perpetually haloing her. And, with her comes the growing sensation of health and vitality, the longer she's in an area. If there are any present, dying plants in the shop begin to rejuvenate, becoming green and blossoming with life, once more. Any aches or pains people in her general vicinity are suffering with…will begin to dissipate and be replaced by a feeling of having just woken from a really good sleep. And, similar very pleasant, warm-fuzzies types of feelings.

She wanders along the warren-like setup of the shop, trying to mind her own business while the proprietor is preoccupied with a super cute goth girl, trying to sell her a very ornate flower. She grins to herself as Eve gives Frederich the business. She picks up a glass pen that supposedly never runs out of ink, if its tag is to be believed, and considers it with real interest — she has a love of penmanship and calligraphy. This could be neat! She picks up the matching glass ink pot that seems half-filled with a swirling dark oil slick liquid, whorling blues, greens, and purples.

Don't forget how much of it is chichi.

Eve does hear the bell, but more than that, she /senses/ Pennylane coming in a way most others don't. As a being herself attuned to life, there is now a beacon of it sdtridign through the door.

Which is why she's already turned that way to stare a-gape at her, flowers in a multitude of colors beginning to almost immediately bloom from her hair, followed by vines drooping out of them and beginning to roll out onto her personage, thorns and all.

While she normally has complete control of her biology, for just a moment, she's caught off guard by that sheer /presence/ right up until a thorny set of vines falls down in front of her face.

"WAUGH," is her startled exclamation.

Penny looks up at the exclamation, looking in the direction of the sound, wondering what caused it. That's when she notices Eve…having a bit of trouble keeping her growth in check. "Oh," she says, covering her mouth. "I…I'm sorry. I can't turn it off," she says with an apologetic look, walking closer to Eve. She puts the ink bottle and pen set on the countertop and says to Frederich, "I'd like to buy these, please, but I'm not done shopping. Would you mind setting them aside for me?"

Then, to Eve, Penny turns another apologetic expression to her, "Gosh, I really am sorry. But, don't worry. I think you look lovely." She smiles and it's such a sweet, genuine expression, she almost seems to glow all the more. "Hi, I'm Pennylane, but you can call me Penny. Or, well, if I'm doing my superheroine thing, you can call me Panacea! But, like, that's so new to me that I forget to mention it, sometimes," she says with a shy little grin.

Fred turns towards Penny, blinking his eyes at her before offering her a warm smile. A paying customer is always a welcome customer, especially one who brings such fine gifts as causing Eve discomfort. "Welcome, welcome! But of course! It will be difficult for me to part with such a fine trinket — so many memories! - but such is the life of a dealer of curiousities, is it not? It will suit you just fine, my dear Panacea. SUCH a pleasure to meet you." Speaking of things that can't be turned off, it would appear Fred's affect is one of those.

Eve, on the other hand, is takes a moment, but a moment, to detach the vines and flowers without even so much as the use of a hand. She simply sheds them and reverts to her usual appearance with ease, though there's a pile of vines and flowers at her feet now.

"Mn," she manages to say after a moment.

"HI. I'm Eve," she offers. "You can call me Morning Glory if I am doing the super hero thing. Which I do. On occasion. Sometimes…" Smaller voice, "…not very often, really."

Penny smiles at Fred and nods, more than familiar with sales patter, being from a very wealthy area in California and visiting little flea markets to find interesting doodads, whatsits, and thingamajigs. "Yes, thank you, I believe it will be a nice addition to my collection," she agrees. She watches as he puts it away for her and then turns back to Eve with a smile.

The pile of vines and flowers, though shed from Eve's form, remain vibrant and flowering as Penny is nearby, the little scamps maybe even trying to take root in Fred's carpet. She smiles as Eve introduces herself and offers a hand for shaking, if she's into that sort of thing. "Well, Eve, Morning Glory. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm really new to the super hero thing, so don't worry. No judgment or shade casting from me!" She looks around the shop, then leans forward and whispers, "Say, how well do you know that guy?" She says this while lifting a hand to obscure her other, which is pointing in Fred's direction. "I'm introducing myself to people locally and it's good to know what I'm getting into, if I can," she winks knowingly.

"Wow. That was really something," says Eve to Penny, giving herself a full bodied shake off. She's only glasd she manifested flowers and vines and not horrible otherworldly animals bursting from her flesh or something. Whew!

She looks a bit relieved on account of that to Penny's eyes. As she leans forward to whisper, her head cants and she gives a low laugh. "Yeah, he's a good guy. Harmless. Knows a few tricks but nothing too major. Does a story every now and again and will talk your ears off for /hours/ if you let him. If you don't know the type I'm guessign with a look around you could imagine it."

She clears he rthroat. "Yeah! That's a good idea. I could probably point you one or two directions."

It might be taxing for Eve to maintain her internals while being in Penny's presence, 'cause the flow of life from her just…doesn't quit. It's a constant, on a low enough level without her actively using it that it's probably manageable, but…maybe still a bit of a chore. Penny isn't sure how Eve's biology works, but she realizes it's making Eve's insides swell and surge with energy and vitality.

She nods and smiles at the kind words Eve shares about Fred, looking over to the gentleman with a little wave. "Oh? I would be very grateful. I have a unique situation," she says, delicately choosing her words, "…that allows me to provide those who can afford it, or at least are in very great need of, a very rare item that can be used in spellcraft. So, I need to make the rounds to let people know I'm here. Some people have acquired from me through my local community in California, so it'll be nice to meet them in person," she smiles.

"No shit?" says Eve, curiously, to Pennylane. She's definitely curious about it, but she doesn't pry. In fact, she just nods.

"Yeah, sure. I might know a guy or two. I can reach out, see if they're emenable to meeting. What should I tell them?" she asks, "Just that you can help with like…"

She raises her hands, wiggles her fingers.

Fred looks on with obvious curiosity.

Eve does indeed find herself working to keep herself from sprouting anymore additional apendages. It is not so easy at times.

Penny nods her head, lifting a shoulder, and grinning. "Let's just say I can provide lifeforce in liquid form, basically. It's especially potent, being in concentrated form like that, so it's really useful as an element in complex spellcraft," she nods again. "That's what I've learned, anyway," she grins crookedly.

She looks over to Fred and gives him a wink. Then, back to Eve, she says, "You see anything neat around here? I like to support local businesses. I have a feeling he'd have a hard time picking a few choice things to show me." One of the good things about being around Penny for a prolonged amount of time is that all living things start to feel as good as they've ever felt, after a while. Fatigue melts away, sore muscles, scrapes, bruises, headaches, colds, allergies…all of those things clear up pretty quickly. So, while it's tough to keep a hold on those appendages, Eve might not feel so rough, in general!

Fred beams a smile at Penny, of course.

Eve blinks her eyes at Pennylane's words. "Liquid life force," she adds, "I mean… okay. That sounds like it could be really useful to the right people, for sure." She bites her lower lip in thought. "Yeah, I might know somebody. I'll reach out and then get back to youj. What's a good way to reach you?" She asks. "I mean, I can give you my number and everything." She is producing her smart phone. The case is black. And stylized with cute eyeballs and skulls and spiders.

There is commitment to aesthetic and then there is Eve.

Penny grins at the cute phone case, pulling out her own smart phone, in its pink sparkly glitter sand in liquid, and iridescent background. "Here," she says, trading phones with Eve briefly to input her contact info. Pennylane Avalon. She even takes a cute selfie to add to her contact profile, so Eve will remember who she is while scrolling through her contacts. As though she could forget this weird chick, huh?

She gives the phone back and snaps another shot of Eve to add to her contact profile in Penny's own phone. "Cute!" she says with a big smile, saving it, and thumbing her phone to sleep. "Text me any time!" she says, slipping her phone back in her little purse.

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