2019-08-20 - Controlled Testing


Hank drops in and gets Jemma to help him test his serum. Things are looking good.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Aug 20 01:35:00 2019
Location: Jemma's Lab

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Having finally tailored the serum for his change, his /hopeful/ change, that is, Hank wanted to get a second opinion before he synthesizes the first batch, and so this fine day he packs up and heads to the Triskelion, his contractor badge gaining him access and escort to Jemma's workspace. He's also carrying a paper bag with string handles, from which emanates a /lovely/ scent - some kind of curry, perhaps? Definitely something Indian, that much is certain.

"Hello Jemma, I come bearing gifts prior to seeking a favor!" A toothy grin. "I assume that the order of operation is correct - gifts /then/ favor, yes?"

Jemma is working on part of the robo archer that Jeriah bought in when Hanks arrive. The limb is laid on her workbench as code runs down the holographic display above it. The scientist is deep in thought and starts a little when Beast speaks. "Oh, Hank. I didn't know I was expecting you. Sorry."

She looks tried and drained when she turns to the man.

"Did you bring food?" Her stomach growls as the scent wafts towards her. "And you never need to bring a gift to ask for a favour, but I'm grateful."

Moving the limb back and clearing the holographic display, she gestures. "What can I help you with?"

"Oh, you weren't expecting me, actually." Hank replies with alacrity, and can't help but peer with interest at the robo-arm. "That looks interesting, anything I can do to help?"

Seeing her state, he points to a seat. "Sit. Eat." He is quite firm, and then assuming she complies, lays out the food. Yes, adefinitely a curry, but also tandoori chicken, naan, and samosas. And that's just the main course, Jemma might also see a small box still in the bag, probably something from a bakery. "Is iced tea okay, or shall I fetch something else?"

At her question, he smiles. "I'd like you to review my work on the transformative serum I'm working on, but that can wait until we've eaten."

"Hmmmm? Oh. This is part of a android that Mister London bought in. It's all pretty standard as far as hardware goes, it's the connection to the Brain that's fascinating. It's controlled by neural network VI and I'm poking at it to see what I can find. Of course I don't have the VI connection anymore so … " It's all a bit hit and miss.

"I just needed something to look at something else for a while. I had a turn with implants yesterday and I've been a little drained as a result."

That might explain the haggard look.

"Iced tea is perfect and yes, I will eat. Thank you." It's not unknown for the biochem to forget to do that.

She perks up though at the mention of the serum. "I'd *love* to look at it. I've been curious about how you're going about it. Have you thought about how you want to test it before trying it?"

"Yes, but I -like- tinkering with androids, robots, computers…" Wry. "…you probably get the drift." He does perk at the VI. "Really? Interesting, I have some VI work I've done as well, fascinating stuff."

Hank frowns very faintly. "A turn? Is everything alright? I can come back another time if you need to get some rest." It definitely explains the haggard look.

Hank prepares the teas then, and sets out the food. He is also prone to forgetting to eat! "IF it weren't for my lab assistant at the Institue I'd probably starve." He admits with a grin. "Figured you'd be the same. Ergo - Indian Cuisine."

Seeing he's captured her interest, Hank laughs. "Alright then, but AFTER we eat." He nods. "I did, I have a small sample of the serum, as it is tailored to my specific needs, I thought we'd test it under lab conditions with a sample of my blood, it is not quite a live trial, but the best I can think of. The simulations have all be very positive, however."

"You and London should meet." Jemma murmurs, looking at Hank. There's the slight grin at that. "Just make sure you give him a hard time." She might want to be there for that. Seeing the acerbic London deal with the mutant. It would serve him right for calling her Jemma-Of-Nine.

"Everything is fine. There was a hacking attempt on a network I'm connected to and they attacked my endocrine system to try and disable me. London connected via my implants and fought them off, but it was draining as I'm sure you can imagine."

Jemma eats with gusto as Hank starts to explain "I'm eating, see! It's lovely, by the way, just what the Doctor ordered."

"I think that's a valid way to test it. With my modelling system, we can get a lot of data points that we can extrapolate. Of course, it won't be the same as a live test, but there's only one way to do that and we can do a lot before we get there."

"I look forward to it, in fact give me his number, I'll make the ring tone 'London Calling'." Oh man, yes, Hank and he will get on like wildfire! Fortunately, he's not aware of 'Jemma-of-Nine', or he'd be in trouble too.

"Dear lord, woman. Being /yourself/ hackable, that's not a comfortable thing. I have to give you credit, you're rather calm about it."

And Hank also digs in. "I love the samosas here, there's a menu in the bag, they deliver, though I'm not sure how that would work at the Triskelion." A grin. "And yes, Exactly that." He is a doctor after all!

"It seems the only viable way to proceed." Hank says. "and I was hoping that your modeling system would allow for as complete an image as possible, I'm a little nervous, I'll admit. It hsa been some few years since last I tried anything about my furry state, it was a lot of failures then, but this Reverbium adds whole new vistas to the research."

Hank would just get a flustered Jemma should he ever call her that. At least Jeri Ryan is good looking, so there's that - although that would make Jemma blush even more.

"Well, I'm not supposed to be hackable. London … managed and right now I'm grateful he did, but I wasn't at the time. This time though, you'd call it a back door attempt and what's the use of panicking? We're working to minimise that. It was just … painful and not in the least embarrassing. They rifled through my memories and those were shared on the link." Oh dear. Some very personal memories too by the sound of it. "I wasn't the only one that was affected like that. I won't say thankfully but it might mean that not everything I shared was actually seen… if you know what I mean."

As to Reverbium, Jemma smiles "I'm putting together a plan to create it myself. We don't have all the blueprints from AIM, but when I do … " this might be one of those things that's a just because you can, doesn't mean you should moment.

"Would you like me to do the blood draws?"

Well, Hank's a bit jaded - physical beauty is something he sees a lot of at the Institute, sure, it has impact, but he's exposed to a lot of pretty people all the time, so it doesn't fluster and floor him very often. More important to him by far is the person, regardless of their beauty, that's only skin deep anyway. That said — he can't wait to learn the Jemma-Of-Nine thing! Because: Brat.

"I wish there was something I could do, that sounds entirely awaful, Jemma. I'm glad you're doing okay, however." He wont' dwell on the topic, it sounds fairly traumatic, and he always finds his digestion disrupted by such.

"Really? Well then, if I can help, sign me up, Doctor Simmons." And really? Scientific restraint? HERE? Maybe next series, when there's a new writing team, for now? Yeah, going to make them some Reverbiaum, HELLS yeah.

Since the meal is fairly started, he nods. "Of course, and I have some treats for desert after."

"I hope so." Jemma nods slowly "I think it's a good way to work out how to stabilise it and given the uses we're finding for it, being able to fabricate our own is good." Of course, there might those who try to stop that. "I'll be sure to include you when I get there. Right now, we're looking for the 'recipe'."

"Oh, dessert." Jemma eyes the bag that Hank bought "What did you get? Or are you going to make it a surprise?"

With her dinner finished, the biochem smiles "Thank you for dinner, it was an unlooked for treat." Then she's off to gather the 'straws' and take Hanks blood.

It doesn't hurt, the method of extraction doesn't need to pierce a vein - new fangled tech and all that. "All right then, I'll let you do the honours …"

"It is a very versatile substance, oh, did you ever manage to get a sample of Vibranium? I should really like to study it and compare and contrast to the Reverbium." A grin. "However, I look forward to assisting with the synthesis."

He grins as Jemma eyes the bag. "Surprise, of course. Though…you don't have any food allergies I should know of, do you?" This with blue eyes peering intently.

"My pleasure, Jemma. Honestly, I love Indian food, and EVERY meal is improved with good company." Beat. "Even mine, presumably." A wink as he pokes fun at himself.

He watches the blood draws, and then bows as he takes the 'straws'. "Many thanks, dear lady." He will produce a small ampule of a faintly luminous blue fluid with golden streamers of light moving through it, it is actually kind of pretty. A petri dish is prepped with the blood, and then a carefully measured amount of the serum applied. Insert under the instruments and sensory suite, and they get to watch the model render real time of what exactly happens.

The serum bonds to the cells, the blue moving sort of like the globs inside a lava lamp, and then clinging and infusing the tissue. After a few moments the red cells are definitely changed. "So…now we analyze the results."

"Of course it is." Jemma answers, a little distracted as she works. "And no, no allergies unless you count reacting to bad poetry as that."

Really she needs to work on her jokes. It's a good thing Jemma's got a good mind.

When the petrie dish is prepared, the biochem moves under the microscope, the image displaying holographically above the workbench. "Alright, so we can see how it's bonding and this …" Another petrie dish with Hanks unaltered blood is displayed as well. "… is your blood. So far so good. Now let's put this through the analyser and see what it tells us."

There's going to be a short wait for that. "Tell me what else is going on in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm always here."

"Then it will remain a surprise." Hank decides, and yes, faint smirk at that. Jemma probably doesn't get enough surprises in her day to day! At least not of the /good/ sort, he'll be delighted to provide one now.

A snort. "So I won't regale you with anything but the classics." Hank promises, and yes, he's laughing softly. Though honestly - he DOES have a nice, deep voice. Were he to read poetry, especially considering how hard he's worked on his enunciation and elocution in general, probably the results would be well worth it.

"Compare and contrast, control and test sample." Hank grins. "SCIENCE." Yes, he actually strikes a pose when he says it too. The goof.

"Well, let's see, there was a lovely jazz festival a week ago, spoke with Nick and Isis about the test results on the car and Miss Marik's biology, I'll share those results if you're curious, and I've been spending a bit of time in Mutant Town, working on a reclamation project, made an intersting friend there, though she's rather a troubled soul. How about with you, anything exciting?"

Oh no, Jemma never gets enough suprises. Like you know, being hacked with hostile intent. But dessert. That will be a nice surprise - it won't try to eat her? Will it?

"I'm interested in the biology, of course but the reclamation project sounds fascinating. I don't get down to M-Town often. Is it bad there?" The biochem shakes her head and gestures to her lab "These four walls and the gym. Mister London has agreed to help me improve my hand to hand skills - which is interesting given he can take control of my arm to *show* me how to do things."

That's bound to get some interest.

"Ah… here are the results. Now. Let's compare them. Your original DNA and …" with a flourish "The results from the test…"

Exactly! And no, the dessert will NOT be trying to eat anyone. Man, a guy experiments on food one time has it go beserk. ONE time! Sheesh.

The test results are offered up on a thumb drive, and then he sighs. "It can be." Hank says with feeling. "A little girl got hurt in an unsafe tenement. I helped demolish it, and then setup some army surplus tents with food and water since my friend there pointed out how the former residents would still need the shelter, it can definitely be bad. Many mutants are treated very poorly indeed, especially ones like myself who are /visably/ mutants." He nods about the unarmed skils, and then quirks a brow in avid interest.

"He can use your cyberlimb? A cyberpath, perhaps? Or specialized telekineticist, a mecha-kinetic?" Yes Hank is definitely interested!

"Excellent…lets see…" He compares. "Actually, these match the sims to ninety-two percent! Oh, splendid, the androgen suppression seems to be working as intended, the tailored alterations seem to be holding steady…Jemma, dear lady, I think I might be ready for a trial run." And yes, he sounds THRILLED!

"Is there anything that I can do to help there?" Jemma knows she's extremely focussed on her work and sometimes wonders if something else wouldn't be useful. But then time's an issue and all that.

"He can, yes. Cybernetically enhanced using Reverbium no less to connect with network devices. That's how he detected my implants and thought I was an AIM node." There's so much dry to that statement. It still stings to think that he managed to shut her down! "But yes. Now it's helpful as long as he's not being a troll."

Jemma takes some time to look over the results, nodding slightly in agreement with Hank. "I think you're correct. I'm a little concerned that this pair seems to be slightly aggressive but you're correct in that it doesn't appear to have an effect. Do you want to leave the trial over night and revisit tomorrow? See whether the serum has some time delayed releases?"

"There's always need for help there, though they are a bit suspicious of outsiders, even I spark some suspicion and I've been going there for some time. If you'd like to help, perhaps see about getting the shelters more food and water, and there's the Tolliver free clinic, they always need supplies and skilled help, so in your copious spare time, that would be a fine option.

"Oh yes, definitely need to meet this man." Hank says with feeling, the dry tone alone is enough to set him to grinning. "Sounds like you get on well with each other."

Hank double checks his work, and then nods when Jemma's supports his own results. "Actually, that's a good idea, could you check it comes the morning? I have to finish the serum run back at my lab, and Institute protocols won't allow for you to visit there. I'll see if I can arrange an exception, I'd like you on hand for the live trial. If there's nothing bad tomorrow…I'll proceed.

"The Tollivar free clinic. I could offer some time there, if they'll have me. I might like that." It would broaden her outlook and aid her experience. "In my copious spare time that is." The biochem smiles and some of the fatigue seems to lift with that expression.

"I'm sure you will and I'm sure the two of you will get along famously." They have a 'tease Jemma' club. Do they get along well? London rubs Jemma all the wrong way, leaving her grouchy and snappy when they talk.

"Of course I can and I'll call as soon as I do. I know I can't come to Institute and that's fine, but it does mean you have to come here. Poor thing." Now she's teasing a bit. "We'll do the test in the med bay, if that's ok. If something untowards happen, at least we'll have medical staff and equipment more readily to hand."

"Tolliver free clinic, right on the edge of the disaster zone." Hank confirms. "And I'm sure they will, they are always in need of medical help and supplies. Not being an actual medical doctor limits what I can legally do there, but I send what help I can." Hank grins. "In /my/ copious amoutns of spare time. Rather like yours, I wonder if they have a timeshare, or spare times? That would be quite ironic." Timesharing spare time? Yeah, that's a brain bender.

Blithely unaware that London and Jemma have a somewhat abrassive relationship, Hank smiles. "I try to be genial, in general, but it is germane to also be genteel." All said with great solemnity.

Another G word that might fit - Goof!

"Actually, I think I'll need to do the actual trial at the Institute, but I have evolved a plan in which you can be there and here simultaneously." Hank grins. "My lab has holo-emitters. You could teleconference…and better still, the emitters can be tuned to be 'hard' light, in other words, you'll be able to act if there's a need. So…Science /and/ Science, wedded to tech. Could there be anything better?"

"I'm not a medical doctor, either, but I've a lot experience with field medicine that I can wind mean bandage." Jemma actually winks. Of course, biochemistry means that she can help in very specific ways.

Is it abrasive? Or is it something else? Roy Harper keeps making quips to that end. "I'm sure you will be. You'll be … GREAT." There, she did it. Another G word to add to that stable.

"Oh really? That sounds wonderful." Jemma really is a nerd and that idea totally grabs her. "I appreciate you wanting to this at the Institute but I would like to be on hand. What you're doing - even with all the precautions - is still fringe science."

"Well, true. And as I said, I do help when I can. I'm sure they'd be glad to have you, Jemma." Hank truly is, too. Any free clinic is going to be short of pretty much everything. Funding. Supplies. Staff. The whole nine yards.

It might be something else, very possibly so, either way - Hank is out of the loop! "Allow me to genuflect in genuine gratitude of your gracious grant of greatness, dear lady, I am most gratified indeed." Trust Hank to add a few more G-words—-gratuitously even!

"Indeed. If you're familiar with Star Trek, both Next Gen and Voyager in particular, the EMH - Emergency Medical Hologram, essentially that. You'd be fully interactive, able to move, touch, sense, even to move objects and feel them. The interface is a little new, though, so we should probably test run it first especially based on your implants."

"Alright, alright, I concede." Jemma groans at Hank alliteration. It really is quite remarkable. "Robert Picardo did such a good job at that role. I quite enjoyed Voyager and the interactions between the Doctor and Seven of Nine." That memory draws a small grimace.

"Don't tell London? He'll never let me live down Jemma-Of-Nine if he found out." That's probably sealed it for her, hasn't it?

"When do you want to do a test run? That sounds like a good idea." Her implants shouldn't affect things but technology can be ornery as they both know. "Let me clean up here and leave that test running. Then you can surprise me with dessert."

Delighted laughter when Jemma concedes, along with a deep bow. "Of course — that pales in comparison to the introductory speech by V in V for Vendetta, of course." He grins. "Oh yes, I'm the rarest of birds - I love both Star Wars -and- Star Trek, I keep wanting to call the Danger Room the Holodeck, and one my students upon finding out we had one has taken to calling me Bones." So many nerds! Ain't it great?

"Of course I won't. How could I? I don't know him yet." Actually…it has sealed it for her, Hank absolutely won't do that now, because she asked.

"Well, if you haven't anything else pressing…I could get back to my lab and open up a port for your access, if you wish to test it tonight?"

It's one of the many reasons that Jemma likes working with Hank. He can make her smile despite the pressure she's under. "Good movie that. I'll have to see if it's streaming and watch it again. Hugo Weaving is an amazing actor and that role was astounding."

Lots of nerds. Go figure.

"Actually, I have two appointments coming up but later tonight, I'll be happy to do it. Will 9pm work for you?" Busy woman, that Jemma Simmons.

Hank's generally a very upbeat sort of fellow, there's very little he enjoys more than making the people around him smile, save perhaps making them laugh, it is tough to say which. "It was, and I'm sure it is, probably. If not, I have a copy on my media server, I'll happily provide a logon if you wish."

And yes, lots of nerds.

"9PM is fine, it gives me time to get home…AFTER…dessert."

Hank takes up the bag, and takes out a small bakery style box, though there's no logos on it. He unties the string that was keeping it sealed, and then takes out a pair of sizable chocolate covered eclairs. "Et voila, acceptable fare?"

"I'll let you know if I need that. When I get a chance to sit down and watch a movie." When was the last time Jemma had done that? She can't remember. That should be remedied and soon.

"Ooooh. Eclairs. More than acceptable. I'm so grateful to you Hank." Taking two plates from the kitchenette, Jemma gestures to her desk. "Come and sit while eat these. Then we can go about our business."

"You know — and this is shocking me that I am the one saying it — you work too hard, Jemma. You -need- to take some time out to decompress. I keep absurd hours myself, I know how easy it is to get lost in the work. I propose that you pick a day, does not matter -which- day, and that is YOUR day. Do that every week, make it part of the routine so you don't burn yourself out like a ten amp fuse trying to carry a thousand amp load." Hank nods. "Done that too, in the long run you get MORE done if you take that little bit of time than you would if you worked until collapse." And yes, he is speaking from experience. A kindly smile. "Just consider it, mm?"

His smile is broad and bright and warm when he sees how well the eclairs are received. "Sweets before retreats, indeed."

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