2019-08-19 - Forgotten Bonds


Carin stumbles (literally) over Avery in the park, and they bond over their mutual lack of memories and desire to understand Klingon and this weird Trek Wars thing.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Aug 19 03:25:18 2019
Location: Central Park

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For once Avery Amanda Aaronson is /not/ running, jumping, shadowboxing, fighting or anything at all energetic! The girl looks pretty close to worn out. She's seated at the moment on a rock, a rock about three times bigger than her, sitting 'Indian Style' as she watches the people in the park and sips from a sports bottle next to her. Gold-flecked hazel eyes seem particularly intent on a pair of toddlers playing tag under the watchful eyes of their mothers, the mothers seated with one holding the other in the circle of her arms. The kids? Stunningly lethally cute! Pigtails, dressed like pure tomboys, and having a blast in their game which seems to largely consist of giggling, bits of paper, and a rather forlorn looking stick.

There's a sudden rush of air, a breeze that blows through, sending some of the bits scattering around in little swirls that follows a blur of motion barely able to be seen with the naked eye, before there's a little yelp and a crash from the trees nearby, a few birds taking to flight immediately as the foliage rustles back and forth. After a moment a girl stumbles to her feet, wincing a bit as she checks a scrape on her arm, then ruffles her hair to get the bits of twigs and leaves out of it as she dusts herself off.

See, superfast stuff? Avery in fact /can/ see it, yup. She can't actually MOVE that fast save in dodges or the like, but she can perceive. She watches the pale redhead zooming along, she can /watch/ helplessly as the stick she steps on trips her — at SUPERSPEEDS — and she has just time enough to close her eyes when the inevitable crash follows. Even as the girl is dusting herself off and wiping the debris and detritis off, Avery is helping. "Are you injured, miss?" GAH! Where the heck did she come from?!

Up closer, the girl is suprisingly unhurt…you'd expect someone who took a tumble like that to have some nasty cuts and scrapes, but other than one on her arm, she seems more or less okay, other than being dirty. Which shows up very well on that pale skin of hers. There are jokes about Irish redheads, and then there's someone like Carin, who puts themn to shame. Fif that didn't stand out, the bright green eyes, coppery red hair, and the large green tattoo of a lightning bolt on the right side of her face certainly woudl have. At least her clothes are relatively unharmed…or at least, the rips look like they were there previously, as she's wearing a pair of well-worn jean cutoffs, running sneakers and a midriff top in pink showing a cartoon panda dressed in leather armor and holding a wooden sword that reads 'Noob' under it.

"Oh, ah, y-yes, I just, um, tripped an' stuff. I'm okay, just a little scrape. "she says, poking at her arm as she winces a bit. Defintiely looks like a friction burn, though again, suprisingly despite the speed it's not as bad as you might expect.

"Um, sorry for bothering you, I was just out for a run an' slipped on a stick and, um…fell." Her accent is definitely not New York…more Chicagoland area, definitely more Midwestern."

Avery is dressed in a black hoodie, well worn but clean and cared for. Under that is a bright blue sports top, and she's wearing simple jeans and a pair of beat up sneakers, one of which has a patch on it — a Hello Kitty patch. The jeans are definitely not the skinny type, just your basic levis, mildly distressed, probably from hard use. Her hair is presently is worn loose, golden-brown waves hanging about head and shoulders to mid-back.

"What is this 'noob', is it a fell beast?" She asks with avid interest. She reaches behind her, and then the hand returns with a bottled water, must have been in a back pocket or something! "Here, this mayhaps might serve to purge the filth, yes?" Her voice is quite chipper, and her accent not /quite/ British. "Allow me to introduce myself, miss…I am Avery Aaronson, and it is no bother at all, I am at your service an ye need aid."

Carin blinks a bit, taking a moment to wonder if Avery is teasing her, then when the girl seems honestly interested, she says. "Oh,it's, like, slang for someone's who's new to a video game, who hasn't learned how things work. Short for newbie, you know?" She perks at the water. "Oh, thanks! That'll help." She takes the bottle graciously and begins using it to try to get the words of the dirt and dust off her skin. "Nice ta meetcha Avery. I'm Carin. Um, Carin Taylor. I appreciate it." She peers curiously. "Are ya English? Ya sound kinda English."

A merry laugh, truly — it really is best described as 'merry'. "Nay, I am not from the United Kingdom, though I have heard their speech, it -is- most similar to my own." She will, unless stopped, take an honest to goodness hanky from her pocket, and then take the bottle and apply some water, before working on some of the smudges on poor Carin's face. Unless stopped, of course. If so, then the hanky is offered instead, to let Carin do it herself. "Ah, a pretty name is Carin, and are you in fact a tailor then? Or mayhaps a seamstress or weaver?" And no, she's not kidding, she really is asking seriously.

Carin studies the other girl curiously, then blinks a bit as she's suddenly having her face wiped with a wet hankey, a definite faint flush coming to her cheeks. "Um, you don't have to…uh…w-well, no, I mean…not recently." She pauses, wrinkling her nose. "I don't think my family have been for a while, but I dont' remember for sure."

"Ah, a family name from days of yore, of course." Avery finishes up the face, almost, she espies a bit by the jawline, gets that too, the nods with workmanlike satisfaction at a task done well. She looks then at the friction burn. "I am sorry, I have nothing but plain water to clean that, might I take a look? I have some small expertise at the tending of hurt, though I cannot claim to be a great chiurgeon by any stretch!" This said with a grin that crinkles up her cheeks to form dimples, much to her chagrin.

There's a defintie arch to those delicate coppery brows at the word choices nwo, though she holds still as the unusual girl cleans her off. She's not trying to do anything weird, after all. The friction burn seems to be not bad, just a bit painful…her skin seems tougher than normal.

"Oh, that's cool, no worries. This is totes better than walking around looking like I went for a dirt bath." the other girl says, wrinkling her nose. "Sorry if I interrupted yer break or whatever?"

"Nay, Carin Taylor, you need not apologize, I was merely indulging in the rare art of 'people watching'." Avery nods, and yes, up close, she /does/ look tired, though with her interest engaged, she buoyed. "So…I confess, I am most impressed, you run far swifter than an arrow's flight. I apologize I could not help you to avoid the ne'er-do-well stick that did most fouly strike from ambuscade to nearly lay you low!" She brushes some wayward locks back, out of her way. "So…be you a superheroine then? Surely not a villain!"

"Um, Carin is fine, ya don't need th' whole thing." the pale girl says curiously, then tilts her head. "…well, y-yeah…" she says, rubbing the back of her neck. "I'm pretty fast. Kinda a trade off for the tanned by moonlight looking thing." She shrugs her shoulders. "And, um, I…tripped. No bad guy."

She looks hesistant. "No? I mean, I…I just wanna go to school an' stuff. I'm not a big hero or anything. It's…it's kind of a long story…." she admits after a moment. Then adds, hesistantly. "…are ya alright? Ya look kinda…worn down."

"Carin, then, I did not wish to be rude." Avery answers with a brief nod. "And I am Avery. So." A firm nod, clearly the names are settled. "Forgive me, I hpe I have not made you uncomfortable, that would be ill mannered indeed." She grins. "Oh, I know, twas but a stick - /my/ version be far more exciting, however!"

"Not a superheroine nor a villainess, a student by avocation, with a past shrouded in mystery." Yes, Avery's most definitely teasing, eyes alight with deviltry. The question, however, draws a faint sigh from her. "Aye, simply tired. I work many hours, then I volunteer time at the Tolliver clinic in Mutant Town, and sometimes I just…do too much, mm? Running about, helping people in need, that sort of thing." A shrug. "I believe the term I heard was 'The Uzzzghe'." Oy, her New Yorker accent? AWFUL.

"Well, ta be fair, it's more I can't /remember/ my past. I kinda…had a head injury so i don't remember hardly anythin' about my past." Carin admits. "Might not ever, really. I'm just tryin' ta catch up with all th' stuff I missed, like graduating high school and such." She nods slowly. "That's cool. I mean, that you're putting in time to volunteer for people who need it. Not bein' tired an' stuff." She grins at that. "The Uzzghe?" she says, trying to copy the word. "I don't know that one…"

"Really? There is much of /my/ past I do not recall, in fact I am not sure that what I /do/ recall ever happened." Avery says in astonished surprised. "Tis a most interesting coincidence." Avery smiles, head ducking at the praise. "Ah, you are too kind, Carin." Laughter when Carin grins. "Oh, I believe it was meant to be a corruption of 'usual', alas, my linguistic prowess is most limited, I speak but the one tongue, though one of my co-workers has been teaching me the lingua franca of diplomacy, he calls it 'Klingon', tis a most harsh tongue…"

The other girl looks suprised. Of all the people she could have bumped into randomly like this, one who's sharing memory problems similar to hers? Totes suprised! But also interested now. "Really? Uh, Klingon is like a fake language, from a TV show. Well, movies too. I think." she says curious. "Though I can't remember if I ever saw it.." She pauses. "…maybe…you'd like to, um, hang out? Exchange notes? I'm still…tryin' ta figure out what to do when i can't remember my life, so…" She fidgets a bit. "…it'd be kinda nice ta have someone who understands ta help figure it out with." She perks. "OH! Maybe we can even watch that Trek Wars thing Klingon is fron!"

"I so affirm and avow, my word of honor, Carin." Avery says this with a hand pressed to (nearly non-existent) chest. She looks up then, sharply, a frown forming. "So…my co-worker did decieve me? Klingon is not the cultured tongue of diplomats and scholars?" Ooh, she's a little miffed. But then she blinks, and smiles sunnily again at the offer to hang out. "Oh, that would be delightful. I can introduce you to my cat, Gibbs. He is most friendly, unlike his namesake. "Trek Wars, yes, I would like to see this too! Forsooth - we needs must exchange number, post haste, yes?" She takes out her phone, eager to do so. And once the numbers /are/ exchanged she yawns mightily, and then sighs. "Forgive me, Carin, I am most tired. Methinks I shall take my leave of you, however…I am off the next /two/ days, perhaps we might converse of the the cellular, and make plans to Trek War?"

Carin grins. "Sure! Hey, it's still a hard language ta learn, from what I've heard. Like all growls and shouting!" She nods, then smiles softly, before she rummages in a pocket, getting out a thankfully unbroken phone. "here, ya got a number? I'll totes text ya, we can set up a time maybe after ya get some rest. I can be out here in a jiff."

"Well…in sooth…" Avery grins. "…I /do/ like it, it is very -passionate-, this Klingon. Also, very satisfactory to shout in, yes, though my neighbors do not always share my delight."

Numbers exchanged, Avery will tuck the phone away and then briefly hug Carin, before she grins. "So…one more thing, my friend…though you be fast…" And then she focuses, and with Carin's superspeed she can actually /see/ Avery turn, twist sideways and then - leave, between indrawn breath and exhale. A moment later, Carin's phone gets a text. <See you soon, Friend Carin! - Avery>

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