2019-08-19 - Everything Goes Better With Pizza


Basically the truth!

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Date: Mon Aug 19 04:06:53 2019
Location: Lower East Side

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"So yeah, this is…" Alexander gestures with a nod across the street toward the corner pizza shop that has displayed prominently, GIUSEPPE'S!
"This is where me and Tanner and Justin, sometimes some of my other friends, we come by here." The youth with the golden hair sort of smiles sidelong toward Ororo, his hands deep in the pockets of his baggy jeans and his oversized RAMONES t-shirt hanging loose around his form.
"As you will notice," He nods down the street, "Two blocks from NYU." Then he nods the other way, "Two blocks from home." Then motions back to the campus. "And mebbe 3ish? From the library."
And with that wisdom imparted he then grins once the light changes to the green walking man symbol. "C'mon!"

Pizza was one of those things that college students of any variety enjoyed. Even those that were from the hoity toity upstate college for elite rich types. Which is precisely why Kate was here instead of there. It got really old at that finishing school very quickly and she often only stayed around long enough to do her classes, and then she'd vacate to more reasonable places to hang out. Like this.

Kate lounges in a chair with a glass filled with soda near at hand to help sate her thirst while she at least read over the homework given on a small tablet she holds in her other. Occasionally she'd glance up when the door opens in case she spots a familiar face. Just her luck that one does show up giving her a perfect excuse to ignore her homework awhile longer. When she sees Alex and Ororo coming through the glass she sits up a bit straighter with a hint of a smile. Finally, a distraction. As soon as they come in her hand lifts to offer a wave in greeting, "Hey Alex, hey Alex's friend."

Giuseppe's might well be terrible as far as pizza goes. It could be the hidden mecca for all those connoisseurs of the kneaded crust. Chances are fair to partly sunny that Ororo has no opinion on the matter, giving the busy, clogged streets a second look. She does street style in completely unfair qualities, a flowing white-and-blue dress swirling with baroque patterns and a pair of rather oversized sunglasses that do wonders for drama. They also incidentally protect against UV rays.
"I want to try it," she gives a decisive nod to the door. "Small places do seem to offer better food." A brief check skims her surroundings, finding nothing too much out of the ordinary. No maniac drivers threaten to mow them down, no angry buses rumble by sprouting additional wheels or legs. Therefore, safe to go in Phobos' company.
She makes a quick crossing, height notwithstanding. There is no loitering on corners in her world, apparently. Apparently a refugee from the Chelsea Flower Market or an uptown art gallery showing, a student, and a rich girl will all find common ground over pizza without any fear of hellfire or TV cameras. It's all fair as she steps in, assessing Kate in her seat and giving her one of those instantly warming smiles. Sunglasses or not, the wattage is high. "Hello, Alex's other friend." That accent is a dead-ringer for "not from here-dom," overrun by musical melodies that long to sing in ways English stamps through.

Not to mention a Native American girl, who enters just after Alex and Ororo, her long hair left loose and her outfit simple, a tight black midriff tope with short sleeves that's buttoned at the front, and snug-fitting jeans shorts and fringed boots, a bronzed small feather hanging from her right earlobe and a turquoise pendant around her neck.

Sarah pauses just inside, apparently getting her bearings as she glances towards the other pair, perhaps waiting to see whether this is a be seated or seat yourself situation. As she overhears part of the conversation, she asks. "Hey, if you've been here before, can you recommend anything in particular?"

The blond youth had been holding the door for Ororo and then when he hears that particular chirping voice, he gets a wry smile as he turns around. "Kate!" He spreads his arms wide less in offering a hug and more expression surprise as he walks across the aisle and down that row of tables, pulling out a chair and stepping past it to another which he slips into sideways, leaning partially against the back of it and smiling to her.
"Hey, this is Ororo. Ororo this is Katles. She's…" He looks sidelong at her, "I mean your dad and my dad are sorta friends? I guess?"
Yet that relationship is left partially a mystery when Sarah stops near them and asks. "Oh hey. Recommendation?" He shares a look for Ororo and Kate and then furrows his brow a little, "I mean… the pizza?" As if him suggesting that might be somehow rude.

Kate Bishop stands from her seat just a little when the two step over to join her table, something she takes in stride and without complaint. "Nice to meet you, Ororo," she begins only for her nose to crinkle a little when Alex suggests their parents know one another. "Better hope my dad doesn't know yours. No, I know a old friend of his though…" She shrugs helplessly. "Doesn't matter much I guess. We know each other. Nice to meet you."

As the greetings are given she leans to the side to peer around Alex at the other girl. A flash of recognition flits over her face along with a quick laugh. "Hey, you. Haven't seen you since New Mexico. Sit down and join us, huh? The more the merrier. I've already got a pie on the way," she adds with a nod toward them all. "But if there's anything else you want let me know. I'll put it on the card."

"Katles or Kate? Which do you prefer?" It falls to Ororo to inquire after this, given her own name isn't quite the bog standard for New York. She hooks her thumb around the loop of a woven belt cinched about her waist, giving even sharper definition to the flowing dress that stirs. Next move, palming the sunglasses onto her crown to avoid affecting that pretentious habit of wearing them inside shows the smile reaches those intense tanzanite blue eyes, too. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Alex swears by this place. I might be hungry enough to eat a wildebeest."
Maybe half a wildebeest. She swings a look back to Sarah, bestowing the same sunny approach as before. "My first time here. I would say red sauce is the best choice. New York is known for it, yes?" Someone is going to be far more advantageous in choosing than she is, even as she settles for a spot if no one minds her squeezing in. "I'm Ororo. You know Kate too? All the better."

Sarah quirks a brow, flashing a grin. "Well yeah, I figured that, I meant more is there a speciality pizza that's particular good, like a Roadrunner or something?" Though she sort of doubts they have green chile pizza in New York. At least, not in your average Italian place. "I was going to try some of the pizza either way, just a lot of choices."

As she catches part of the introduction she looks over, then blinks in suprise and recognition as her brain shifts gears at seeing a teammate here. 'Oh! Hey Kate, been a bit. How's things?" she says, waving to her. She hesistates slightly, then smiles and nods. "Sure, if you don't mind another, it's more fun than eating alone. I'd just end up taking most of a pizza back for my, uh, roommates at that point." she says, nodding in a friendly way at Alex and Ororo as she offers a hand. "I'm Sarah, Sarah Rainmaker." she says. "My first time too, at least at a real pizza place like this, I've only bumped into chains before this." she admits. "Which are…aweful, generally." She'll offer her hand to Alex as well, a good strong grip, before sliding into the boot and making room for the others. "Thanks, I'm still really feeling my way around a city like this. It's bigger than anywhere I've lived before."

Towards Ororo, Alexander grins and leans a little to the side, then faux-whispers as if confiding the great secrets of the world to the woman. "Kate sometimes gives us food for /free!/" His face lighting up at the last word as if what she was doing was a miracle unto itself. But then his lip twists wryly as he settles back in the chair.
But then across the table he waves a little to Sarah, "Hi, I don't know you. My name is Alex. Or Alexander. Not Al though. Definitely not Al." That said he nods once, he does spare a glance for Kate though as she seems to recognize her, he quirks an eyebrow asking a silent question but then continues before receiving the answer.
"That's a pretty name."

Kate Bishop settles back into her chair as the others join in with a quite satisfied smile. Having a lot of friends around was way better than sitting alone trying to hammer out some homework that she had no real interest in. Even if it was fairly easy for the start of the year. "Kate is fine. I've also been called Katie. I'm good with most things so long as it's not my full name of Katherine." Her nose crinkles just a little. "It sounds so old."

Under the table Alex might receive a little kick of her foot. "Hey, why wouldn't I share food with friends? Way better than eating alone." Glancing to Sarah she adds, "Good to see you again, too. Sorry I've been away for awhile. Had some issues to deal with."

New York might just have the Roadrunner pizza, and a blue bonnet pepper to throw in there. As soon as someone thinks of it, it exists, naturally enough. "I', Ororo." Ororo lends a little shake of her head, the frost-white waves piled up in a nebulous caress against the small of her back and buoyed down of their own accord. Somewhere a menu might be found, though she doesn't reach for the nearest paper variation or the laminated, battered creation. "You might ask if they could make something like that." Full of ideas, her, even as she shares that easygoing smile.
Spindling her skirt around her legs, she makes a narrow presence in that seat. Listening with Sarah with interest, the fluid accent catching her ear, she breaks into a smile. "First time for everything, then." The initial moment of hesitation at the offered hand means giving hers back, the shake steady and warm, her skin holding that ember of contained heat no matter what temperature it is. "Are you from New York, Kate? I agree, it's sometimes overwhelming. At least it can be navigated one way or the other." She nudges Alexander with her elbow since he seems to be about free food, laughing softly.

"I like it." Sarah says wryly, winking at Alex as she gets comfortable, idly leaning her forearms on the table after reaching up to brush a few loose strands of hair over her shoulder, not quite leaning back on it. It's very long up close, falling down to her lower back. She nods to Kate. "I figured, you've got things to do. You should stop by on Tuesday though, I've been cooking for people. Not quite Taco Tuesday but better than the junk that gets eaten otherwise." she says, wrinkling her nose.

She turns her attention back to Alex and Ororo after shaking both their hands, looking them over curiously. "Nice to meet you, Ororo, Alex. Kate helped me out a few months back from a bad situation. I owe her big for that." She looks curiously at Ororo. "I haven't heard of someone with your name before, where is it from?""

The sound of a loud engine that Phobos would definitely recognize hits everyone's ears as it rumbles to a stop. If someone looked out any of the nearby windows, it'd be a black dodge charger and exiting it? Robbie Reyes. Wearing gray pants, some black boots, his classic leather jacket, and some black gloves on his hands, Robbie looks a little…gloomy today. Did something happen?

Eh, doesn't matter. When he enters the pizza joint proper, he notices two faces he immediately recognizes: Sarah Rainmaker and Alexander Aaron. Not knowing the other two, Robbie decides to approach.

"Hola, Ese." or really, 'hey man' in Espanol, Robbie offers a fist bump to Alex and a nod to Sarah. "Good to see you two again. How've you been?" He looks at Ororo and Kate, offering a gentle smile. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything?"

There's a thump as Alex winces a little bit, features scrunching up. He shoots a look at Kate that definitely speaks to an elaborate form of payback that likely includes some form of pranking and pain. So much pain. But he then turns back to Ororo as he says, "We may need more of a pie. I mean I know Kate orders like a ton of food, usually, when she eats by herself, but sometimes it can't quite feed enough for four people…"
He makes sure his chair is a little bit further away this time. But then he gives Ororo a look with a crooked smile as if to say, 'So yeah, these are my friends, kinda.' A small shrug as if hoping it meets some sort of standard before he turns back.
But then Robbie rolls on up and through the door he comes, Alexander rising out of his seat partially, "Oh hey, it's Robbie!" He turns to the others, "We're sort of… in a…" He fist bumps Robbie then continues with his faltering train of thought, "Sort of in a club together?" He's not good at the super hero thing.
He sits back down in his chair and makes introductions, "Robbie this is Kate, friend of mine, have you met her?" Then he nods towards Sarah, "This is Ms. Rainmaker, she's a friend of Katles." And then towards Ororo he quirks an eyebrow, "And this is Ororo she's sort of…" He lifts his eyebrows a little as if this sort of thing hadn't come up before.
"My friend? Dating friend? Of Dating, variety?"

"It's called 'taking leftovers home' Alex. You make it sound like I'm fat or something," Kate shoots right back with eyes narrowed dangerously so. It's the look one would expect from a friend about to whoop another friend… in a friendly way. It fades though as the distraction of Sarah's mention of dinner comes. "Oh yeah, those tacos were delicious though. I really do need to stop by more often. Especially since I'm not seeing Nate anymore. Lots more free time," she assures.

Robbie's rather robust entrance earns a nod from her as well even as the pizza starts to get delivered by the waiter. It's set down on the center of the table, a large silvered tray loaded with pepperoni goodness. She leans back to give more room as Alex does the introductions again. Right up until he re-introduces Ororor.

"Wait, you're *dating*?" Her eyes widen with a broad grin as she leans her hands forward on the table. "But I thought you had that thing about—-" A quick glance around the table has her abruptly stopping. "Uh, nevermind. Glad to see you're moving on." An awkward double thumbs up and bright grin is given. Way to put her foot in her mouth.

"Habari ya jioni," the white-haired young woman replies to Robbie, yet /another/ face in a growing circle. This warrants an even brighter smile, as if she's pulling down the sunshine in the evening all by herself. As the booth fills up and the chairs need to be squeezed together, she makes herself that sacrificial offering by nudging in closer to Alex. A protesting scrape of wood on tile is about the loudest resistance earned from her borrowed seat, hushed with a look. "Kate sounds like a good person to know. I approve of anyone helping out another in a tight spot. Leftovers are often that, aren't they? I do not know how to cook for one." This is putting her on the spot, isn't it? "One dish becomes enough to feed the street, which I usually do."
Since the newcomer hasn't had the benefit, she gestures to herself with a slim hand. "Ororo Munroe." The missing piece might just give a connection to those who don't otherwise know. Hers is a rare enough name on its own, but tack on the surname and the equation is going to vault her to the head of that pretty short list in and of itself. Because there is a fairly large chunk of the digital world that follows her every character posted on a screen, a big chunk of them being young, American or vaguely aware of world events. Like, has her own trending tags in several venues kinda girl. "It's Swahili," she replies in an aside to Sarah, though anyone is welcome to join it. "Or isiXhosa, as my mother's people speak." Rather curious way of phrasing that, but it matters for something. Really, even as she nods to Kate with beatific confidence that makes a saint look like a neurotic producer. "It's our own thing."

Sarah glances over as Robbie arrives and smiles. "Hey, first food trucks now restaurants…you following?" she teases gently, leaning back in the booth a bit. "Sarah's fine too, no miss." she comments to Alex. She eyes Kate. "No, not fat…though I'm sorry you broke up with him?" she says sympathetically in regards to her mentioning Nate. "Well, you're always welcome over, I know Kori and the others will be happy to see you."

She tilts her head curiously, her eyes sparking with interest as Ororo explains. "Oh, really? Interesting. Mine is translated, not a lot of people speak Western Apache these days." she says with a huff. She…does not appear to have an idea of who Ororo is. Blame a lack of online surfing or presence until very, very recently. From the look of her she's a woman who much prefers exercise and getting outside to websurfing. She herself has a definitely Southwestern accent to her English.

Robbie fist bumps Alex and he looks over at Ororo. "Nice to meet you, Ororo. I'm Robbie Reyes." he smirks at Alex. "Oh, you have a girlfriend do you?" He gives him a wink like 'good job bro! She's stunning'. Either way, he looks over at Kate with a smirk. "Hi." He greets her.

But its Sarah that chiefly gets his attention next. "Heh, good to see you too Sarah. Though I would think that you just go where I tend to hangout and just wait for me to arrive. You sure you're not trying to send me some signals?" He knows she doesn't quite bat for his side so to speak, but she was fun to tease.

He does pull up a chair though, settling in so that his chest is against the part of the chair where the back should be. He looks quite comfortable.

Sidelong to Kate and Robbie he replies, acting as if it's not that big a deal he says, "Yeah, I know, crazy, right?" And then proceeds to totally ignore Kate's reaction if only to drive her to new heights of sputtering. Since that's what she's doing right? Totally sputtering.
But then he settles into the booth seat with Ororo tucked in close beside him, resting a hand on hers for a small squeeze and then lifting a hand to perhaps gain the attention of the server. Just long enough to place a needed drink order for when the many many many other containers of food that Kate ordered arrive.
He then looks at Robbie and Kate and says, "For the record, guys." He points at Kate, "She knows." Then to Robbie, "He knows," Then to Ororo, "She does not yet." And then points at Sarah, "She doesn't either."
Then back to the table, "So yeah there's that. Not sure how to handle it."

Kate Bishop gives a little shake of her head at the mention of breaking up with a rather zen-like smile worn. "We were good for each other for awhile, but that doesn't always last." Plus now she could just distract herself with a slice of pizza. She plucks up a stack of plates to begin offering them out around the table to everyone else so that there was no chance of mess. Even if she was down to Earth, there were still some old fashioned manners drilled into her.

It's all taken in stride when Alex mentions who knows. She serves herself a slice of pizza and offers to cut one for others as well. "Oh, well in that case, I'm Hawkeye. Yes, I stole the name, but he's okay with it."

Slim fingers lace together into a bridge that Ororo rests her chin on. "You are wise, Kate." Her serenity doesn't shake when the titles dreaded by so much of the population are tossed out. On the contrary, the easy candor stays with her as she turns her attention up to the arriving server and requests a glass of water. How -thrilling-. No wine with that meal and certainly no sugar water in any of its classic colours.
Then it's back to the conversation, a flash of interest as the various threads of incomplete context spin around her. "Western Apache. You are then from the southwestern states? I've visited with the Navajo, and they were telling me about their code-talking a few months back." The memory is clearly a fond one, even as she smiles. "The loss of a language is a hard thing, but that has at least been changing as people have the opportunity to reclaim or reconstruct what they can." Something she could warm to, but it's all with a carefully measured, carelessly casual approach. Let them drop the topic or take it up. But something else bobs up and oh, there's a level of familiarity anchored in the serious tack. "Hawkeye," the name rolls around on her tongue. "My people call me something very different — a modjadji, but here I'm Storm."

The Apache snorts a bit at Robbie, shaking her head. "In your dreams." she says amusedly, peering over at Alex and Ororo sitting so close with a faint smile, she turns her attention to Alex, furrowing her brow curiously as he speaks. "Knows…which? I mean, if we're coming clean with things, I'll admit, I don't know how to eat New York style pizza properly." she jokes a bit, tilting her head. Sure, she's not exactly hiding that she's a Young Avenger - on the other hand, putting that out there might lead others to wonder about her roommates and she doesn't really want to give them away if they prefer to keep their identities quiet. She can understand the desire to keep out of the limelight in non-heroing life or whatever you want to call it.

But then Kate offers her codename, and Sarah shrugs inwardly, then follows her example. "I don't exactly hide it, I guess. I mean, Rainmaker is my codename and I don't wear a mask. I'm a Young Avenger." It's a very matter-of-fact explanation, without the pride or arrogance that might come from being part of a well known team like that.

She turns her attention back to Ororo, smiling. 'I'm Apache, so a bit north and west…there are several reserverations across New Mexico and Arizona. I'm from the latter." she confirms. "I can still speak it, but it doens't really help me when no one around here does. I think I've run into one person who could speak Western Apache, honestly. Though I have met a Cheyenne valkyrie who was pretty cool." She grins. "Hm, Rainmaker, Storm…." She cocks her head. "…if it's not being rude, do you have abilities along those lines? I can control weather. Wind, water, temperature, all those things."

"More or less. I see it all," Ororo replies, her smile widening like she's found another Hawkeye she didn't steal the name from. Oh yes.

Robbie looks at everyone. Well, since they were exchanging names…Phobos, Storm, Hawkeye, Rainmaker…he seems to grin. "Looks like you both might be birds of a feather." He then seems to grow more solemn, knowing full well that he probably has the darkest story to go along with his powers.

"Ghost Rider." He points to himself then.

He does smirk at Sarah. "Only the stranger ones." Yes, he keeps the joke rolling, before he shakes his hands, implying that he is indeed joking and not to strike him with lightning or something. He does look to Hawkeye then. "Nice to meet you then, Kate. Sorry about your past relationship." He says with some effort on sympathy. He too recently went through something not exactly pleasant relationship wise.

But he keeps his attention on Alex for a second, as if eying him. He has a lot of friends. He's tempted to ask if any of them are interested in Robbie and Alex's group of heroes. Somebody has to keep the streets clear. "Yeah, Alex and I work together a bit. Keep the streets a little cleaner."

When the turn gets around to him, Alexander lets his lips curl up gently, a little wry as he considers the others around him. Some people might be surprised at the collection of worthies so assembled here almost by happenstance. People from across the world coming together, with such ease. IT may not surprise Alexander, but it is amazing in its own right.
To the table as a whole he says, "Isn't it… just great when these things happen?" He leans forwards a little and liberates one of the slices of pizza, setting it on a small plate and offering it to Ororo first before taking one for himself if she declines. "Clotho with her threads and all." To Robbie he nods, "Just like that other time. Portent."
But then he really should admit as he looks over to Storm and doesn't seem surprised too much that she is exceptional as well. But Alex…sort of hedges his confession as he says, "As for me, I sort of. My dad is an Olympian. So I've inherited some things."
A quick look around the table, "But I don't do as much with it as Kate, or Sarah, or Robbie do. I just.. you know. My own thing." He's never gone on 'patrol' per se. More just hangs out.

Kate Bishop settles back into her chair as she listens to the others. When Robbie introduces himself her eyebrows raise a bit at that. "Wow. Yeah that's a big one there," she has to admit with a knowing nod. "I work with the YA too. Bit absent lately but soon to be back." When Sarah and Storm seem to hit a commonality she grins wider with apparent approval. "Well now you don't have to worry about whether or not you'd be accepted, Alex. Even if you are a giant butthead at times." He totally was. That was for the earlier remark about her eating a lot of food. Hmph.

"No abilities here. I just have really good aim," she explains with a shrug before digging into her slice of pizza to take a bite. It really was good stuff.

Sarah looks thoughfully at Robbie. She had hints that there was something unusual about him at the last meeting, but she hadn't heard the official name Ghost Rider yet. "Ominous." she says wryly, shaking her head with a faint smiles, then studies Alex as he speaks. "…an Olympian? I'm guessing you don't mean a gold metal winner or something. You mean…literally descended from a Greek or Roman god?" She seems more fascinating than anything else, though it's hard not to drawn back to Ororo too. 'Cool. I've never met someone who can do what I can, maybe we should exchange notes at some point too, Ororo…I've mostly had to figure out things as I go along."

Have no doubt, Ororo is listening more than she speaks, which tends to be a fairly even balance most of the time. She nods to each person as they speak in time, taking her attention away only to receive a glass of water as requested. Foregoing a straw, she instead sips the beverage and will get around to selecting a piece of pizza after a few moments.
"Are you finding yourself busy? It seems like certain areas around the disaster zone produce more problems than Manhattan," she asks Robbie, though the question includes Alex, Sarah and Kate in kind. The flicker of her wide blue eyes track something; it's hard to say what, except that staring too deep into them is a dangerous proposition. She puts the rim to her lower lip, the glass altering its shape into a generous curve, silk against the tempered hardness a battle determined from the get-go. "Any recommendations where I should stay away from?" Or maybe that's secret code for 'go to when no one is looking.' Not like she stands out or something.

Robbie looks at Kate, his eyes almost widening with surprise. "You know what Ghost Rider is?" He seems very surprised that she somehow has this kind of knowledge. But then he looks to Sarah. "Ominous is one way to describe it. I basically turn into a flaming skeleton thats a real piece of work."

He explains it in the most…casual attitude. He doesn't say what specifically he can do, but maybe he doesn't have to if Kate knows whats up. "Having really good aim is a pretty cool thing in itself. Just means you don't miss, and thats scary by itself." he tries to encourage.

Then he's looking between Sarah and Ororo. "Arn't all powers just…figuring it out as you go along?" Then he looks over at Alex, knowing he's withholding some information about his Olympian heritage.

Then back to Ororo. "Something like that. Stay away from warehouses."

"The giantest," Alexander says with a wry half-smile in response to Kate's butthead comment, but he shifts in his seat a little and chews on his lower lip thoughtfully for a moment.
When Sarah speaks and offers a question he bobs his head a few times, shooting a look at Ororo for a moment that has a hint of trepidation but then answers the other Rainmaker. "Yeah, my father is uh, Ares. Or Mars. War and all that." The pace of the words shows he's perhaps not the most proud of that heritage for whatever reason, or perhaps wary of the reaction that might come from others.
To Ororo he says, "I haven't really done much of anything." A glance is given over towards Robbie, "Other than, sort of bring people together?" He looks around the table a little and shrugs bonelessly.

Kate Bishop gives a little bit of a helpless shrug at the question, her face scrunching up with a small frown. "I, uh, had a bit of an issue awhile back with some other godly sorts. Not Olympians," she adds with a tip of her haed toward Alex. "And I had to do a lot of big time research into that kind of stuff. I still barely scratched the surface. Since I was being framed for breaking some oath though, and needed to prove my innocence, it kind of… came up." A little shrug comes. "I mean I didn't look into it past the notation on it, but yeah I've *heard* of it," she explains.

"Honestly I thought that was just an urban legend and wrote it off," she admits.

Another sip of water follows and Ororo says, "I do not tend to go to warehouses without a reason. Over them, that's another story." She wiggles the glass back and forth to watch the water swirl around and then sets it down on the table. "No, not everything comes as practice. Certain things are known, and it was never as I went along. Talents can be there when you are born and natural to you. Others are learned. Mine go in both directions."
She nudges Alex with her elbow, a gentle motion that won't actually hurt him any. "Mars is the same as Ares? The legends are true." Somehow this is not something that causes her immense surprise. She has a reasonable grounding in western civilization and myth. "Would you pass me a piece of the pizza?" Since she is wedged in there, it gives something for the Olympian to do other than talk about heritage and legacy. Her pale white hair stirs around her in an easy flow, but Kate has her definitely curious. Smarter not to show too deeply into it. "That sounds rather significant. You are fine now, aren't you?"
Talking about gods is just totally normal.

"Huh. Yeah, that's…" Sarah searches for a word as she peers at Robbie. "…definitely ominous." she decides after a moment. "Like…literally, or you look like you have?" she wonders, a moment later. She seems honestly curious, but also a bit relaxed to have someone to talk to about such things too.

A glance to Ororo and she shrugs. "Well, lots of people who either want to hide or don't have anywhere else to go and are desperate live there. As long as you're careful you should be fine. Or can you fly too?" she wonders. "Um, other than that…well, Mutanttown is pretty safe…there's a group of street people - mutants - who've banded together called the Pride, though I don't know a lot about it. I've heard there's some back and forth with gangs there. Ah…other than that, dock district at night?" She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm still learning my way around myself.

The reveal of Alex's father causes the Apache woman to raise her brows slightly. "Hmm. Revered by the Roman and supposedly father of Romulus and Remus?" she questions. "That has to be hard sometimes, living with the myths and such.

You know you're in the right crowd where people just sort of nod and ask interesting questions about your father rather than eyes you askance over saying you're the son of the god of war. Or ask if he knows Kratos.

Robbie looks at Sarah. "As in my skin literally burns off and I literally am reduced to a flaming skeleton." Robbie says amusedly. He seems happy to just be able to talk about it without people running in terror. Though he looks at Kate. "Yeah…sorry about that. I stirred up quite the legend apparently through my escapades and deal."

He shrugs a bit with a smile before he looks at Ororo and Alex, smiling at them. They look happy together. He then looks at Sarah. Its like he can see the question in her eyes. It will be amusing to hear her ask it.

He crosses his arms then, and falls into a light silence.

Settling a little deeper in his seat, Alex crosses his legs at the ankles and takes a drink of the soda that is assuredly horrible for him. He takes the time to procure another slice of pizza for Ororo and sets it on a small plate for her, shuffles it over. Then he starts to munch on his own slice of pizza. An answer is given to Kate sideways with a murfling tone, "Thanks fer the clarification."
But then his eyes meet Sarah's and he smiles a little then replies, "It has its high points and low points." Of the group Alexander definitely is not exactly sharing as much. The jerk. But then he takes a deep breath and he straightens up, "Actually…"
He holds that breath and looks at the others there and seems to figure. Why not? "Ok here's the whole… just mess of it."
He spreads his hands wide, looking at all of them, as if the telling of this was something he hasn't been able to do for a long while. And only recently something changed. "When I was ten I met my family. They were horrible, these jumped up chucklehead jerks who just enjoyed making each other feel miserable. My aunt tried to make a pass at me. My uncles tried to get me to forsake my dad. And then I was kidnapped by Amatsu-Mikaboshi. This… evil bastard that actually got me to try and kill my dad."
He reaches for his soda and takes a quick drink, shaking his head as he looks at the table, clearly growly about the whole thing. "So my dad rescues me, only after I just about kill him. And we go back to Olympus and the assholes give him a hard time for fighting the war too hard and not to their taste. So we're all screw you guys, we're going home. So we do, only then I find out apparently…"
He looks at Ororo, "I'm the God of Fear. Which means my life is kinda… messed up?" Then back to the others, "Which, is not a good thing. Believe me."

Kate Bishop smiles warmly at the question by Ororo. "I am now, yeah. Took a lot of convincing but somehow we managed it. Plus the people who were framing us kind of came out of the woodwork so that was easy enough." Easy. Not really. But it was in the past now, and she had pizza, and she was trying to kick back and relax with friends—Not make them worry.

When Alex starts his explanation she sits back listening to him with her glass of soda raised to take a light sip. Just a small one, really, as she lifts an eyebrow. "Huh. New one to me… But again I wasn't really following along that line of mythology. Er. God-ology." Her hand waves flippantly. "Whatever. You're here, if any crazy ass gods try to kidnap you again, we'll help kick their butts. I've got experience with it now and a fair amount that owe me favors. Or are willing to help play pranks at least."

Sarah blinks at Robbie a bit. "…that's got to be rough.' she admits after a moment. "And you just change back when you're done?" She's momentarily grateful that she does not need to transform to use her abilities…she'd probably have to be struck by lightning or something. She glances at Alex, then nods. "You both got it rough…" she says, sympathetically. Getting effectively kidnapped as a ward of the state and experimented on by a black ops group seems kinda small potatoes alongside /that/, after all. She pause to snag a piece of pizza, wanting to think a little as she listens. "Yes. If you need a safe place to get away from them, just ask." she agrees with Kate.

Interrupt? Not for all the gold in El Dorado or the secrets in Eternity's head. If Eternity has a head. Can a personification of a greater universal truth have one or is it merely the assumption he owns such? Still, Ororo forgets the pizza other than to pick off a bit of green pepper and cheese. She eats with the fastidious manners accorded to a cat, no knife and fork, and definitely shows no concern about putting it in her mouth with her fingers.
"I am sorry. Family should be supportive, not divisive. It is not always that way." Her words come long after Alex stops talking and giving all the others their chance for a say. See, kicking back and relaxing rather than making them worry is a sound strategy. Kate has it right. "It must hurt a little more than losing your skin to fire." This really sets a spectrum up.
Slinking her arm around the golden-blond's back, she spontaneously sets her chin on Alex's shoulder while hugging him if he doesn't shake her away. "My family is older than theirs, if it helps."

Robbie looks at Alex as he reveals all to everybody. He didn't know that his dad's family was just a bunch of pricks sitting on chairs. I mean, he knew they were just shitty people from mythology passing knowledge alone, but…yikes. He lets him get through the hole thing as Sarah hugs him and Kate shows some level of sympathy, and an offer of teamwork.

"Same here man. You need help, we're here. We're not the Avengers, or at least I'm not, but…you know, at least we're easier to get a hold of." he grins at him.

Then he looks at Sarah. "Yeah. I heal really fast, even as…that. Face burns off, do my thing, face heals back up like it didn't happen. Only thing is, I still feel every piece of it." So it HURTS.

He doesn't offer any hugs or anything to Alex.

"Bah, sorry Robbie. M'bein selish." He sidelongs to Kate, Alexander smiles a bit wryly, maybe a little embarrassed as he murmurs. "M'being kinda dramatic and all, aren't I?" He looks over to Ororo and then Robbie and Sarah as he offers a small wave of one hand. "Sorry guys, s'just rare I talk about this stuff. And felt like a jerk not telling you guys while you all shared for real."
But then he leans over and rests a hand on Storm's back to share the small embrace. "Bah."
Of course that leaves Robbie who Alexander turns to and then all semblance of grumpiness slips away as he spreads his arms to his teammate, "C'mere buddy, New Warriors Hug of Power. It's gotta be done." Even though such a thing doesn't exist, "Hug of Power, man! It's totally a thing that's real." Though if Robbie doesn't wanna he's not gonna chase him.

"We all have moments of needing to get things off our chest. Or just be open about who we are. You're in good company right now," Kate assures with a grin as Alex works on chasing Robbie down for a hug. She chuckles quietly, finishes off her slice of pizza, and lets out a sigh. "I hate to be the party pooper but I've got some homework to do. I'll pay for the food and you guys can still hang out," she offers as her seat is scooched back to stand. "It was great meeting you, Ororo, Robbie. Good seeing you again too Sarah and Alex. We'll have to do this again some time."

"It's fine." Sarah says seriously, after finishing off her pizza. "I think people who have abilities like ours tend not to live peaceful or boring lives, for good or ill." She shrugs her shoulder. "We can at least listen, even if we're not always able to completely relate." She smiles a bit. "For now…let's just enjoy our pizza and chat about things that are…light. Movies? I haven't gotten to see a good movie yet, any that you guys would recommend?" And thus, conversation turns a bit more towards pop culture…than mythic present.

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