2019-08-18 - The Speedster's New Clothes


Eve takes a slightly reluctant Carin to Macy's to get her new clothes, instead of thrift clothes as her treat for helping her out.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 18 10:47:35 2019
Location: Macy's

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Eve has, of course, brought Carrin out to Macy's. Her treat, she said. Consider it an early birthday, or late birthday, present she said. "You need to freshen up your look for th4e rest of the summer and fall," she tells her.

That's why they've walked inside the department store, with Eve sticking out nearly as much of a sore thumb as Carrin.

Since Carin is entirely unsure of her birthday, she's good with that! Though, well, she kind of insisted she'd pay for MOST of it. She's getting an allowance and everything now, even though it's fairly modest.

However, she really wasn't expecting to be taken to Macy's instead of a good thrift shop. It's pricier!

"Um, are you sure about this? Macy is kinda pricey isn't it?" Says the girl from the lower class end of the economic spectrum. "I mean, i could get a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt or two maybe here…"

Eve does not agree with her paying for any of it! Save your money, she says! Spend it on other things you need! Clothes are on her this go around, but will institute a cap on spending if she feels any better about it.

Still, it's enough. Enough, enough.

"Carin, you've been to my apartment. If you think I don't have money…"
R "I have money," she adds, with a shurg, "and I spend it all on stupid stuff. This is way better a use for it than that."

"Well…yeah, but…I don't wanna mooch off ya, all the same." Carin says witha faint frown, though she's more or less surrendered to the idea Eve is going to buy her more than she'd probably get on her own. "I don't know what would be best to get, anyway….I mean, I've never really had new stuff before…" she admits.

"It's not mooching when its freely offered, Carrin. This wasn't /your/ idea, after all. It was mine." She smiles at her, warm, "and now you will. Take the time to try things on. I have all the time in the world." She really does. And then some.

The other girl furrows her brow. "Well…yeah, but…." She sighs. "Okay, okay…um..let's see…what should I try first, just…jean shorts or somethin'? T-shirts? I guess I could do a sundress but I don't really wear dresses…" she muses.

"You could if you wanted to, you know," replies Eve.

"Dresses, I mean. Now's your chance to branch out and try new things." She points this out with a smile.

Carin hesistates a bit. "…I never really wore one before." she admits sheepishly after a moment. "I mean..skirts, but not a dress. Seemed too fancy." She shrugs a little bit, starting to go through the clothes. "I mean if ya find one ya think i'd look good in, I'll try it on at least. But ya got different tastes than me for dresses I'm guessing, I wouldn't go for as much lace?"

"You need to find one you want to see /you/ in," replies Eve, firmly, giving her firm squeeze onm the elbow. "Come on, now. IF you find something you like, try it on. I can help you decide, but I'm not going to pick for you. This is about you. Find what you want to try, wear it, and own the aesthetic." She smiles, cheerful. She's eager to help.

Carin grumbles a bit and heads over to the sundress area, looking them over uncertainly as she pokes at them. "Won't they still be kinda hot like it's been lately?" she says, pulling out a simple green dress that sort of matches her eyes…a bit too dark really. "I mean….maybe a skirt would do better. Or something. Or one of those backless things?"

"Backless is pretty eye-catching if that's what you're going for," points out Eve, "I think the dress would look nicer on you in a lighter shade, honestly," she adds, "It'd go with your hair better. Am I going toneed to teach you the basics of color coordination?" she smiles again. Yes, the all-black goth with the blue hair…

CArin hesistates. "Lighter? Like..what? I mean…like…green? Red? Something else?" the girl asks after a moment. "um, black? Black is always good, right, it goes with everything?"

"I mean, I am going to tell you black is /great/. But a lighter shade of green, Carrin, that's all I meant. But, yes. If you want to keep things simple, going with black is genreally a good idea. It's a no-fuss way of dressing, in terms of color coordination." She doesn't comment about the skin tone going with it, too.

"Like…um…" She selects two dresses, one emerald green with a flower print on the bottom of the skirt, the other more a seafoam green. "I mean, I don't got a lot so i guess I shoudl be lookin' for stuff I can mix and match a lot."

"I mean, if you want to do that, yeah, sure," agrees Eve, casually, letting Carrin find her way. She smiles at both of them. "The try out rooms are over there. Why don't you go put them on? Look at yourself in the mirror. See if it feels 'you' to you. You won't know until you do."

Carin gathers up her clothes, then mmms. "…why don't you pick a neat t-shirt for me while I'm doing that? Or like a midriff or something…it's way too hot for heavy stuff, so somethin' nice an' light woudl be great. Suprise me?" She smiles a bit, then disappears into the changing room to start trying to figure out what she's doing!

"Ah, fine. I guess I can do that much for you." Eve is willing to meet Carrin there, it seems, and does wander away to try to see if she can't get something nice picked out for her.

Carin takes a bit to get changed, coming out first in the seafoam one…which is almost a bit too light for her hair, though it goes very well with her skin. She pads out barefoot, pausing as she looks around for Eve to see if she's back from poking around yet. If not, she'll wait a bit!

Eve returns with a t-shirt emblazoned with a lightning bolt. Why not? Of course, she holds it out to her, then says, with warmth all over her expression and in her eyes, "That looks /great/ on you, Carrin. LEt's do that one." Sure, it's not a perfect match for her hair, but it'll do nicely with everything else.

Nothing is perfect, alas.

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