2019-08-17 - FrightNight!


Mary, Flash and Damian run into a group of Owl's after a fun night out.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Aug 17 04:35:40 2019
Location: Central Park

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The night went well. Introductions were brief and made, all because Mary Jane was late meeting Damian at the designated spot. She brought Flash along; figuring as Damian is practically the new 'kid' in town, he needed some male friends. And with a quick shake and mutual introductions, Mary Jane led them inside the theater proper.

They weren't going to see anything classy; while Mary can be classy, tonight was a night for horror.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark!

Buckets of popcorn was had, large amounts of soda, bathroom breaks and sticky, chewy candy was shared.

And then it was over. Mary Jane and crew left the movie theater, the ring-leader kind of staring into space. She still held her bucket of popcorn, partially filled, all buttery and greasy, glittering in the light that Central Park provides. There were a few people out, some walking dogs. Others walking hand in hand.. a jogger or two.. until there was not.

It seems, these people.. oddly enough, were being randomly snatched into the shadows, with nary a sound nor a peep. Something eerie was afoot!

"I.. well.." Mary Jane says, finally breaking the silence. "..I liked it but.." Was it too much for Mary Jane? Maybe? "..the screams.."

"I loved it," Flash says firmly, still sipping one of the large sodas that hadn't been finished as the trio walk along. When he had been introduced to Damian beforehand, Flash was naturally friendly and positive; any friend of MJ's, and all that. Dude seems cool, as an added bonus. "Anything with a good few jump-scares, get your heart racing, put you on the edge of your seat, so you don't know what to expect, and I'm sold."

Damian patiently waited for Mary Jane to…you know, show up. But when she does? She brings Flash with him. He doesn't seem to be bothered by this, but he sits through the movie and honestly, he didn't even jump. He either wasn't afraid of this movie at all or he just found most of the happenings to be very predictable. Though the ending was at least somewhat creative.

He looks at MJ for a moment, before he seems to put a hand on her shoulder. She was shaken, and his touch was meant to be comforting.

"I found the movie to be…tolerable." Wasn't great, wasn't bad.

Just kinda…meh.

He does keep his eyes on MJ though. Was she okay?

"Jump scares?" Mary questions Flash. "Really? Those weren't jumps cares.. they were.. like.. jump strokes. Is the left side of my face drooping?" She was kidding of course.

A couple talks to each other on the beach, and a swath of darkness covers them.. replaced by figures, donned in robes with owl masks to cover their faces.

As they walk on, Mary Jane finally decides to take a bit of popcorn, crushing it with her fingers just as Damian puts a hand upon her shoulder. It was comforting, yes, which gave her the need to eat something before her stomach started to growl. With a handful of kernels shoved into her mouth, she looks towards Damian with puffed cheeks. "Schetle rethovle.." Steele resolve is what she said! She chews quickly, then looks down at her popcorn, swallowing the bit in her mouth. "Wonder what happens if I were to microwave this over.."

They pass a man walking a dog, and with a blink of an eye, the dog is off his leash and another cloaked, owl masked figure is in his place…

"It's kinda quiet tonight.." Mary comments offhand..

Flash lets out a laugh at MJ's overreaction, and when she reaches for the popcorn, he follows suit. If there's anything wrong, he doesn't spot it. "You gotta really let yourself get into the moment to enjoy those kinds of movies, though. Most of them are really just objectively bad, but if you can reach that point of suspended disbelief, you can really just let it take over," he says in response to Damian's critique. "Re-microwave popcorn? Terrible. Just.. no. We can go back and get you fresh, Emjay." Flash just isn't noticing the people in robes and masks. Apparently still in that suspension of disbelief phase.

"Too quiet."

Damian can hear it. He can feel it.

This is a shitshow waiting to happen. As he walks, he seems to slow down a little bit, his hand off of Mary Jane's shoulder. He looks at MJ and Flash. "I need you two to run as fast as you can." He says almost suddenly, without any kind of concern for what they are going to think. Because he knows they're being pursued. And if Damian can only barely perceive them…this is what he likes to call a 'motherfucking problem'.

He has no weapons on him, which is a bit worse, but he then immediately turns on his heel To face the shadows that stalk them.

"Who taught you to be smart?" Mary Jane says, giving Flash a nudge. Another handful goes into her mouth as she chews, then glances back towards Damian with.. once again, full cheeks as she gives him a look. "Huh?" Why would they be running?

"Vot hapf.." Her words were cut off immediately with an explosion of the bucket that she held within her hands by a thin, black line. Mary Jane shrieks, taking an inhale of breath all the while which makes her choke and cough harshly with her popcorn. Running would be out of the question for now, plus there were so many moving parts that even the dog left unattended started to bark in search of it's owner..

The Owl-Men began to gather in numbers. Numbers enough to blot out the light that was behind Damian. As he turned around they stood presented, mostly as a united front, their dark robes glistening in what could be considered blood.

They were drenched, and yet they left no footprints with it.

"Join us."

"Why would we-" Flash gets cut off bucket explosion, and the sudden (but not so sudden) appearance of the Owl-Men. He instinctively moves in front of Emjay, because he's bigger and stronger, and juuuuust a bit of a chauvinist that way, hoping that he'll have more luck keeping her safe than the last time. "What the hell is this," he mutters, looking around, and then at Damian. How did he know? "Join you? No fucking chance, man," he spits out. His heart's pounding now, that's for sure. This is what he wanted, right?

Damian hears the reactions of Mary Jane and Flash, though he seems to be extremely serious in this moment. How is the son of Bruce Wayne so bloody calm?! He wasn't calm. He was pissed off. Just when he thought he was going to be able to enjoy a quiet night.

Damn Ninjas.

"I refuse. Go back to your master."

The barking dog continued to draw more attention to the five cloaked figures in front of Damian, it's loud 'remarks' drawing the attention of another couple who seemed to round the bend to watch the scene..

.. and disappear because of it.

The coughing fit was done, and Mary Jane was all wide eyes and stares, looking around Flash's shoulder, ducking her head to put her back against his, seeing the path clear and.. should she really leave? Again, it was no time to be a hero, but she does happen to catch a shadow out the corner of her eye, moving quickly to approach and silent the dog whilst the rest await their answers.

"No!" MJ screams out, making the first move in a dashing run, leaping to the ground to grab the leash of the dog to give it a good yank out of the way and closer to her.


The blade narrowly misses the dog and MJ alike, who was already rolling with the yelping dog down the hill and out of sight, with the black figure stalking after her!

Their refusal gets no movement for a time.

The two seconds that the Owl-Men remained felt like near eternity.

Finally, one speaks out, its voice a high pitched squeal. "THEN DIE!"

And that's when literal hell breaks loose.

The Owl-Men begin to approach, two drawing blades, other drawing various instruments of death with chains attached to the blade to send them flying. The robed figures whipped them around their heads, while the others dash forward to attack, heading for Damien with the aim to cut him down.

Flash quite possibly would get the back end of the deal, for almost immediately, another Owl-Man appears from the shadow where the other hidden one once stood, lashing out with a whip to try to capture the young man by the throat to drag him closer to death.

Flash gasps audibly, and reaches out to stop MJ, but isn't fast enough. He'll never forgive himself if she gets hurt, but thankfully she pulls off the heroic dog-rescue and seems to, for the moment at least, escape unharmed. He considers making a break for it as well, but the old adage of 'no man left behind' rings in his ears, even if he doesn't know this Damian fellow from Adam. Not that it would have made that much of a difference, considering the speed with which events progress; the group seems to close in on Damian, and Flash once again fails to live up to his name, not fast enough to avoid being caught by the whip, and pulled, despite his attempt to stand his ground. Hands go to the whip around his throat, trying to loosen it, but so far, to no avail. Things do not look so good for our stalwart hero.

Damian sees Flash get caught, but when those two Owls come after him, Damian dodges their attacks in rapid succession, perhaps the only person here fast enough to do so. But he catches the blade of one of them, proceeds to try to break the legs of both Owl members, and then he throws the blade at the whipe currently around Flash's neck, hoping to free the King of Jocks.

This wasn't good. MJ's stunt almost killed her and Flash was too distracted to fight. Not to mention, he might not even be able to take on even one of them. He can tell Flash is a bit more of a fisticuffs kind of guy.

MJ was gone, but not forgotten. Rolling down the hill with the dog did hurt them both, and they both got away from the shadowy figure on limps. Mary Jane, was pretty much a lost cause. Besides, who'd belive a hysterical woman anyways?

9-1-1 might!

But the whip that was attached to Flash's neck tightens around the back of his neck and fingers, the Owl pulling Flash in slowly, both hands tugging upon the whip with a slow drag that was omnious on purpose. If there were a smile to that mask; there would be one there now.

Damian is quick enough to handle the men; the blades caught and bounced back, spraining the shoulder of one and losing the weapon of the other. The quick kicks snap their knees, sending them bent at awkward angles, toppling them to the ground without grunts. The blade that was caught, successfully cuts the whip of the Owl who tugs on Flash, the leash going slack within his fingers. That wouldn't do, for the remaining of the lead is whipped towards Flash's back as he lurches forward in a flying leap-kick towards the Jock.

And suddenly Flash is free! Thank god! He can breathe again! Whether he can feel it coming or not is anyone's guess, but he turns quickly to see the Owl flying toward him, and deftly maneuvers to avoid the kick, ducking right with quick reflexes. When his would-be assailant lands, Flash takes the opportunity to tackle him to the ground, or at least try to; he may not have formal martial-arts training, but plenty of football experience, and some street-fighting under his belt. He's not some scrawny, useless kid. It's probably good for his ego though, that Damian's easy handling of the other fighters is just outside of his notice for the moment.

Thankfully, nobody seems to be going after MJ right this moment. Especially since Damian is a BIT busy getting some guys thrown at him. But after he manages to save flash, he watches as Flash tries to tackle this guy to the ground, and Damian uses this oppurtunity to check and make sure MJ is already, skidding down the hill.

"Mary Jane!" He calls out her name, in the 'I demand that you answer me, Woman!' kind of way. Protective. Worried. These ninja were no joke. At least Flash had some form of combat instinct. Mary Jane did not. So naturally he's gonna help her.

Lets see…Damian took down two, Flash is taking on one…that should leave two left.

It seems that the age old question was put to motion. If a Ninja and a Boxer were in a ring, who would win?

The flying kick was missed, the Owl-Man landing beautifully, though with a whip-cracked turn, he braces himself for the hard hit that comes. There was a little sound that could be heard beneath the mask as he's being tackled, his arms attempting to hook beneath Flash's in attempts to throw him off, appearing winded from the blitz attack but not backing down, attempting to issue a series of punishing punches to the ribs just to get him off.

As Damien tries to call for Mary Jane, the other two decide to move; the first one whipping his chain-blade towards the head of Damian while the other runs and slides low to try to take out his legs at the same time. Yes, they were aiming for the kill, hoping the momentum of both attacks would be swift and over in a matter of seconds.

As for Mary Jane and the final Owl? No where to be found.

Ow. Flash takes the rib-punches like a champ, but they *hurt*. He's not backing down though, keeping a firm grip on the owl-ninja and trying to keep him down. His other limbs are busy doing their level best to hold the man at bay, so when the opportunity presents itself, or appears to, Flash (in which is quickly becoming his signature move, apparently) rears his head back and slams his forehead into the ninja's face. His dad had always told him he had a hard head, and that he'd better start using it. So, there you go. Did it work?

Damian moves down the hill, all he sees is the glint of metal above and below, and his mind does hte rest. He does a butterfly spin, his form moving between both objects of weaponry as he rolls down the hill as a consequence of the maneuver's success. Though he quickly gets back to his feet, entering a fighting stance. Growling, Damian lets out a battle cry as he leaps at the Owl with the sword, attempting to break his arm with a punch, his knee with a strong kick, and maybe even give him some brain damage with a sharp elbow to the head.

But more importantly? Where was MJ? He attempts to quickly kick the other Owl right in the throat, damage long enough to asphyxiate until he fell unconscious. A trained attempted strike.

But thats ALL assuming that he can actually strike his target. He hopes Flash is doing well.

Flash was doing particularly well for a brawler; he was taking the hits that the Owl dished out, even as the Owl seemingly grew tired. He began to thrash at the right moment, at least for Flash, in which he suffers a hard knock to his face which puts his lights out and cracks the mask in half.

Dare to see what's underneath?

The doubly timed attack upon Damian falls short; his butterfly spin putting him not too far from the two attackers, but forces them to give chase. Down the hill they go, one preparing a swing of the blade which misses and hitches against the ground, next to Damian's leg and quite possibly drawing blood. The battle cry and leap doesn't startle, but it completely wasn't expected. The punch snapped an arm easily, surprisingly so, which bends and releases the blade which lands into the grass hilt up. The knee was an easy target again, snapped with a loud crack, which takes him to the ground to accept the elbow to the crown of his mask. That too cracks near the top, and the Owl falls down motionless.

The quick kick lands, the 'last' owl dropping his weapon to suffer his neck, grasping and clawing, gasping for air until he falls into a crumpled heap.

Still no MJ, but in the distance, red and blue lights were flashing and a loud horn honked.

Someone managed to call the police! Was it MJ!?

"That hurt me as much as it hurt you," Flash mutters, rubbing his head a bit as he gets to his feet. A glance down to the unconscious ninja, however, confirms that's probably not the case. "Who the fuck are you?" He asks aloud, kneeling to grab the mask away from the man's face. Beneath the mask? A dead man, quickly dissolving into sand and dust. Ugh. Flash rears away from the body as it dessicates, almost losing his footing. "EMJAY!" He calls, breaking into a run in the direction of where he last saw her, only to find Damian and the remaining ninjas. "Where the hell is MJ?"

The police show up indeed, and Damian was still looking for MJ, but he keeps the sword in his hand for a brief moment…before dropping it. Was it MJ? Did she manage to escape? He learned from Batman that she was resourceful, but…he didn't know HOW resourceful.

Maybe she did escape?

Just as the mask is pulled away by Flash and the man within dissolves, the other soon fall suit as well. Their cloaks flattening and deflating into mounds of dust, only leaving their weapons behind.

Perhaps it was a good thing that MJ didn't see all of this, for she was tucked in the backseat of the first responder, dog barking in the back seat which soon reduces to a whimper, quite possibly grateful that the cloaked demons weren't there..

Yes, she totally ran and called 9-1-1..

Off scene, a crowd of people were hanging in the park as she and the dog were being chased! They helped her of course, beating down the Owl that tried to attack her and the pup; that ninja soon dissolving as well…

Mary Jane busts out of the back of the police cruiser, hobbling towards the two men with a scared but grateful look. She really had no words to say, but to just pull them both into a big, tight hug.

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