2019-08-17 - cm rain/A Chance Meeting


Cindy meets Sarah and a new friendship potentially forms.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Aug 17 22:07:52 2019
Location: Central Park

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It's a hot New York day, up into the 90s, though mercifully there are some clouds occasionally providing shade and a nice breeze that at least can keep things from getting impossible. Still, it's not usually the time when a lot of people choose to exercise in the middle of the day.

Unless, of course, they're used to Arizona desert weather.

Which is why Sarah is currently jogging down the path, wearing a snugfitting earth-tone brown tank top over a black sports bra and tight fitting jogging shorts that fit snuggly and leave her legs mostly bare, down to to the running shoes on her feet. A small backpack is worn on her back, and her long black hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail designed to keep it off her neck.

Beads of sweat are evident, both from the heat and the exertion, as she jogs along at an easy, ground eating pace, slowing as she approaches the fountain near the exit towards Times Square, panting softly, then pulling off her backpack to undo the cinch tie at the top as she tugs out a bottle of water and popping it open, starting to take a long drink.

Cindy Moon is just finishing a hot dog she'd purchased from a nearby vendor, pushing the last bit of bun and dog into her mouth when she spies Sarah, and notes with a humored candor, "You're crazy," observationally. but not accusingly. She takes a drink from her bottled water, then, looking as if she had just exerted herself as well, somewhat uncomfortable in the heat but trying like to seem she isn't bothered by it, too much.

Sarah mmmms?, her dark eyes flicking over Cindy, lowering the water as her throat works, swallowing. "What?" she says, then tilts her head, looking down at herself, then grinning. "Oh, running during the day? Eh." She shrugs. "It's still cooler than Arizona in the summer. Long as I stay hydrated it's fine, and the sun feels nice on ny skin." She tilts her head. "Not a jogger?"

Cindy shakes her head, "Hockey-player," she says, with a mischevious grin. "I'm holding out until winter. Way too humid out. But, I had to run some errands so just taking a break." Run, perhaps literally as she doesn't seem to have a bike or vehicle anywhere near.

There's a pause, and she offers, "I'm Cindy, by the way."

Sarah raises a brow, looking Cindy over. "Hmm, I would have guess rollerderby." she teases a bit, then tilts her head. "I'm Sarah. Well, I usually run at night, to be honest, or early morning, but sometimes my schedule doesn't let me." She shrugs a bit. "And I'm enough of an exercise junkie I like it." She pauses to take another long drink from her water, then hmms. "So why are you out here then, just enjoying the fresh air?"

"Running errands. I delivered some food to some people who - well, generally can't get enough." She half-shrugs, smiles faintly. "I know what it's like, so, have to help out where I can. I work for an employeer whose pretty cool, it's a thrift-store, but she has a big kitchen in there too and does some charity work, so I help out with that since she helped me get back on my feet after I came back to the city. Long story." And, one by the slight change of tone that isn't up for discussion just yet.

She nods, though, to Sarah's latter, suggesting, "I'm a night owl myself. Didn't get up but a few hours ago." She half-grins again, shrugs as if to say, 'oh well'.

"Oh, really?" Sarah says, sounding interested. "Do they take general volunteers, or is it mostly just people who already work there? I've got a lot of free time right now…would be nice to do something like that." she says simply, walking over to join Cindy where she's sitting. "And I completely get it…I had a rough time before I ended up here, and I'm sorta, mmm…" She pauses, thinking. "Kinda rebuilding my life? Or finding out what I want to do with it, now that I have the freedom to do so."

Cindy tilts her head some, regarding Sarah with more than just an inquisitive glance but it passes after a few seconds of internal thought and she says with confidence, "There's always room for more volunteers. It's a neat place. Doesn't make a lot of money, works a lot on trade. I don't make much, but it's enough to get by." There's a rough smile, then. "And it keeps me busy for a little bit." She then rattles off directions to The Store, "Just tell them that Cindy sent you, and they'll hook you up, if you're interested."

"I think I'll do that." Sarah says thoughfully. "I haven't had much to do outside of studying for my GED, and I can only take being cooped up in front of a computer for so long." she notes wryly. She returns the glance thoughfully. "So you work there at night? Or just crash late and sleep in through the morning?"

"I work in the afternoon, and generally do my own thing at night. I got a few hangouts I like to go to, nothing big. I'm not a party girl or anything," she says, realizing how it might've sounded. "But, to me, the city is the most fun at night, with all the lights and the different people out."

Of course, that's also when she can get the most crime-fighting down as Silk.

There's a husky chuckle from the other woman. "Mm, it can be. There's definitely so much to do, but it's a little overwhelming." Sarah admits. "This is the first time I've ever been in a city in years and years, nevermind one as big as this one. Everythings so…" She wrinkles her nose. "Crowded, and loud. I kinda miss a quieter desert night sometimes."

Of course, that's why she often goes for flights far above the city where she can get some peace and quiet and just enjoy the night air. "So what do you like to do then, if it's not partying?" she says curiously.

"I do a lot of people watching, sometimes I hang out with friends and we go just go from place to place until we get exhausted," Cindy offers, shrugging some. After a bit of thought, she comments, "I'd be -really- bored in the desert."

Sarah laughs at that, her eyes twinkling. "Mm, well, there's a lot to see there, really. You just have to know where to go. It can be really beautiful, especially at night up in the mountains. Like you can reach out and touch the clouds, you're so close." she says with a soft sigh. "And the stars are beautiful. Can't see them here really, unless you're pretty high up."

"But they don't have hot dog stands, or hockey," points out Cindy, rather matter-of-factly. She half-grins, "But, I get it. You're not home." She chuckles some. "You feel a little how I'd feel in some weird desert." She exhales some. "But, hey. If you volunteer at the store, then we'll run into each other again. Maybe we can hango uut, or something. I can teach you how to ice skate."

"We have food trucks and barbacoa to make up for it though." Sarah says. 'Also fresh roasted green chile." She grins a bit, then mmms and nods. "No, I get it. it feels that way here, I don't know the terrain or what's normal or whatever." She pauses. "…ice skating?" she says thoughtfully. "That could be fun. I never really got to the ski lodges or stuff up in the mountains to try more winter sports and the like." She smiles softly, then hmms and pulls off her bag, rummaging it in again to get out her phone. "Hey, give me your number then, I"ll give you mine?"

"Sure. I got one of those pre-pay phones though, so if it doesn't go through and you try to call, try again in a day or two. I try to keep money on it, but, food is more important." She rattles off her numbers, and doesn't seem to write Sarah's down when the other girl gives her number out, committing it to memory instead.

"I never considered playing roller derby in the off season. But, I might look into it," she says, agreeably.

Sarah nods, then hesistates. "Oh…huh." She considers a bit. "You know…I cook a lot, if you ever wanna just grab a lunch, I can bring some leftovers to munch on? I kinda cook for a big group at the place where I stay, so there's almost always stuff left over. Or even fresh depending if I have time to cook around lunchtime."

"Sounds good, maybe I'll take you up on that," Cindy says, earnestly. She smiles, tips her head. "It's been nice meeting you, Sarah. Look forward to seeing you around. But, I should get moving or I'll have to work late." She chuckles, "And I have plans tonight." She lifts her hand to her head, salutes, and nods. "Don't overheat yourself, in the meantime."

Sarah grins. "I'll be good, but thanks…" she says simply, , lifting a hand to wave. "TAke care Cindy, was nice meeting you. Hopefully we can hangout sometime soon." she says cheerfully, sliding her phone back into her bag before she finishes off her water, then tucks the bottle into her bag as well before she slings it on her back again. "I better get back to it then, take care!" She waves again, then starts off on a fairly rapid pace as she jogs deeper into the park along one of the paths, dodging between walkers here and there as needed.

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