2019-08-16 - When Dates Double


Jimmy and Darcy go on a date, and encounter interruptions.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Aug 16 04:03:46 2019
Location: Katz's Delicatessen

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It's time, Jimmy has decided, to take Darcy out on a proper, official date again. How many of those have they had? Do they count the time he took her flying? Or when they, ahem, took Priscilla's invitation? Or various meetings for not-coffee at a coffee shop?

Either way, going out for an early dinner at Katz's Deli… that is definitely a proper date. And for some reason, just the name 'Katz's' makes Jimmy think of Darcy. So after work, he swoops by the embassy to pick her up, and after a quick flight, they set down. He holds the door open for her. "After you."

How many dates? Flying? Totally a date. Strip club? Totally a date. Not-coffee coffee dates? Totally count. But then so do the post-practice walks home. Not that Darcy counts or puts tons of pressure on each one. That said, when Jimmy calls for a 'proper' date, Darcy is a little nervous about it. She takes the morning to shave all the things, and wears her best underthings. A quick touch up of her lipstick and she happily hops into his arms for the short flight to the deli.

"Thank you," she chirps happily as she steps past him and through the open doorway. She pauses there to wait for him to join her, hand reaching for his, to walk to the counter with him.

"You been here before, babe?"

Jimmy has no idea about Darcy's… special preparations. For his part, he makes sure to shave his usual 'look his best' amount, but he's actually dressed less formally than usual: a nice t-shirt and slacks, and a thigh-length black coat rather than his usual big tan oner.

Once she's inside, he slips in close behind her and his fingers link with hers. "I haven't. I've always heard good things, always meant to come, but never had an especial reason to. How about you?"

"New to me too," Darcy replies, head shaking and eyes on the menu right up until a wicked little thought flits by. She grins, leaning into Jimmy's arm, head turning toward him. He can feel the mischeif, the way she's already gauging how badly this is might make him blush.

"We get to take each other's deli-v-cards tonight!"

Jimmy slips his hand from hers as she leans into him, instead wrapping that arm around her middle. He eyes her; even without special senses, he could see that grin on her face and know something's coming. He purses his lips, that blush beginning to rise. "I-It seems like a fair step." He huffs and kisses her temple. "I'm still torn even between a hot sandwich and a cold one, honestly. I know I'm not going to come here and have some kind of grilled cheese sandwich; that'd be a waste."

"A tote waste," Darcy agrees, happy to snuggle into his hug, pleased with herself about having gotten him to start blushing even before she said anything. Her lips purse thoughtfully.

"How about we each order a thing and then share? You get the hot, I get the cold, and we'll swap halves?" It seems a sensible compromise since she'd like to taste the two types as well.

Jimmy makes some attempt to return fire. "But Darcy, you're the expert in 'hot'. Surely you should pick that one." It's said with a tone mingling 'flirt' and 'pun', and he checks his hip against her side. "But yes. Good idea. If I ordered the hot sandwich, hm… I'd go for either pastrami or brisket, I think."

The attempt is adorable and makes her giggle. The hip check doing little to disrupt her balance. The flirt and pun amuses.

"I know, but since you're with hot, I figured you'd want to have a say," she quips back, walking finger tips up his chest. When he suggests his choices, Darcy nods.

"Or the corn beef rueben? For cold.. I'm looking at… Classic Turkey Club or the Tuna Salad Club."

Jimmy shivers as she walks her fingers up. His cheeks flush as he glances this way and that, but nobody's paying attention to the lovey-dovey affectation. He takes a breath. "Turkey, definitely. I love turkey. And, not really in a sauerkraut mood, so I still think the pastrami or brisket. Maybe leaning towards brisket?" Oh, they're almost at the line's head! The time pressure is on!

"Brisket's fine with me," Darcy purrs, grinning at Jimmy looking about. Her fingers reach his collar just one person from the head of the line, and she grabs the fabric to tug tug him gently down so she can stretch up for a kiss.

Jimmy can tell what she's going for just as her hand reaches his collar. He can feel the certainty, the narrow, sharp point of an incoming, decisive action. His mouth comes open, perhaps to try to ask her to reconsider… but he decides against it, and the kiss seals.

Thank heavens that last person has a long, complicated order. They have a little while before anyone actually needs to interrupt them… though there's still a bit of awkward shuffling and maybe a stare or two.

Maybe Darcy's telepathic because she times the breaking of that kiss to right as the counter person is getting uncomfortable and the person behind them is about to cler ahis throat.

"Brisket and Turkey. Sodas for both?" she asks sweetly, as if she hadn't just been tongue tangoing with Jimmy. She grins at the look of fade stain on her lips from his.

Or maybe it's Jimmy who signals to break it. He has that keen sense of people around him, after all. He huffs at her as he draws back, his face almost literally glowing. He's keeping his guise up, but it seems a close thing.

Ah, but it's time to order. "U-Um, and steak cut fries, please." He brings a hand up across his lips, shielding them slightly. He'll probably want to clean off… eventually.

Whatever's a good excuse for Darcy to get her lipstick on Jimmy again is good for her. She giggles as the tall handsome man she's got her arms wrapped around stammers out their dinner order. Once the orders been given, Darcy detangles herself enough for Jimmy to get his wallet to pay, reaching to take the drink cups.

"Whacha wanna drink, Gorgeous?" she asks him, holding up the cups to indicate that she'll fill them up and meet him at wherever he wants to sit.

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 13

Jimmy rolls his shoulders as he gets free from Darcy's embrace. Out with the wallet, and their dinner is paid for; it'll take a bit for them to finish making it, so it's time to find a table. He kisses her cheek. "Mm. Just orange soda, I think?" He looks around, and soon finds a table. But he doesn't sit down; instead, he stands ready to draw a chair out for her when she rejoins him.

Loki is…moderately sneaky. Its not his sneakiest ever…he's not invisible…and he always cuts a rather striking figure when he does roll up into places, but today he does manage to get rather close to the pair before he purrs out to Darcy, "Where is my meal?" And arches his brows, then looks to Jimmy with the same expectant look, no matter how unreasonable the expectation is.

Loki is wearing a black suit, not the horns and cape. He looks…mortal, but on the tall side.

"Did you get an invite to my date?" Darcy quips back at her boss, the Liesmith himself. Her tone's mischeivous, her lips curled up in an amused smirk.

"No. Don't think so. You can stand in line, like everyone else, and place your order with the counter dude. And if you like this place, I'll grab a to go menu and add it to the What's For Lunch Wheel of Random Food Places Because None of You Asgardians Can Ever Decide What the Hel You Want for Good and the Puny Mortal Gets Hangry Easily," she adds, amused by it all before turning to fetch the drinks, pleased with that chaste little kiss Jimmy left on her cheek before she turned to address Loki. Orange soda. Not her fave, but Jimmy likes it and that's enough for her. She gets herself cherry coke - reasons - and then starts for the table Jimmy's at, waiting for her.

Jimmy doesn't jump too much when Loki makes his presence known. Even if he's not peering in too closely, he still has a feel of the minds around him, including one heading closer towards him. No, what surprises him is Darcy's counter. That makes him just stare at her, his expression a mix of shock and awe. As she arrives, he tugs the chair back for her, and clears his throat as he turns to Loki. "A pleasure to meet you, sir." Because hey, a bit of neutral politeness is never a bad thing, right? "I'm Jimmy." And down he goes, into the seat opposite Darcy.

Loki sits down at their table before Darcy even gets there. Her reply seemed to amuse him, but…did not make him go away. "Yesssss…." he looks Jimmy up and down. "I am Loki, Prince of Asgard. I have seen you about the embassy. So…this is a date hmmm? How is it going? Do you love her or is it just…youthful fun?" His eyes sparkle, highly aware that the question is totally inappropriate to ask and even potentially fight-inducing for some happy couples.

Oh! Fun! The boss has come on her off time to invite himself on her date. She rolls her eyes, setting the drinks down in front of Jimmy and then herself, and plopping herself down. She twists in her chair and puts her feet up on the empty chair, but only because she didn't want to be the reason Loki lost his cool and turned everyone ino newts if she plopped her feet in HIS lap and got dirt on his suit.

It was a very narrow thing that she didn't do that last option. As for the introduction, Darcy again rolls her eyes, but let's give Jimmy a chance to answer. After all, Loki did ask the angel.

Jimmy absently reaches across the table to link his hand with Darcy's. He considers Loki quietly, his head tilted; it looks more like he's looking at something a few inches past the Asgardian's forehead, rather than direct eye contact.

Then he starts answering questions in order. "Yes, it is a date. It is going well." Even with Interruptions. "And I like her very much, but we're focused on taking the 'youthful fun' one step at a time, and any further discussion on that topic is between us. Now, my turn for a question." He takes a sip from his soda while he mulls it over. "When and why did Asgard stop making you wear a collar with a bell on it?"

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 11

Loki 's mood has been playful, mischievous, but when Jimmy takes a shot at him, the atmosphere changes. His voice is measured and cadenced with subtle nuances for every syllable he speaks. The crinkles about his eyes relax and his jaw lowers, lips parted for a moment before they start to form the silvery words. "You saw your youthful girlfriend give me a little backtalk, so you thought it might be amusing to try it too…" He pauses here, green eyes sharp. "The difference is that she works for me, so any disrespect is tempered by the relationship that already exists between us in which she respects my orders. I have no such relationship with you." He straightens in the chair. "Would you care to try again?"

Entering amongst the usual crowds that come and go from the long-time and clearly famous deli, Pepper walks through to the 'Order Here' line at the counter while looking at her phone. Unlike most phone-obsessed people, though, she seems very much aware of her surroundings, and pauses to let another patron pass, and even allows an elderly couple step into the line ahead of her.

And there she stands and waits and looks up at the menus over the counter, her bag hanging from her shoulder, her phone in hand and being checked occasionally only to quickly tap at the screen before she returns to perusing the menu boards.

Darcy inhales as Loki regals himself. After all, she thought Jimmy's dig was a burn and she'd wanted to cackle. But, watchign Loki 'puff' has the want to twist in her chair and thump her feet against the legs of Loki's chair blooming hot and so real in her chest. She does pull her feet in and twist toward him. He is, despite being a prince, interrupting the date. But, she doesn't kick at him, because he does have a bit a of a point? I mean….


Darcy thumps one toe against the leg of Loki's chair, low, near the ground. her eyes lift to him, the green tense and unamused.

"You did interrupt here a little bit, Highness," she says, tone gentle despite the tension of knowing Loki got annoyed at Jimmy and now she's torn on how to smooth it over. She's not trembling at being the mortal at the table and if these two powered things started a powers dick measuring contest, she'd be a smear on the ground, but more that there's this odd line between boyfriend giving her boss a burn and her boss not takign it well and… Ugh! Boys! You're both pretty!!!!

On Jimmy's side, there's tension, a bit of worry — after all, that is a literal god getting angry at him. He may be powered, but he's not at that scale. But he keeps his breathing level, his face relaxed as he looks into Loki's eyes. When he speaks, his tone is still smooth and calm; he at least manages that on the outside. "I apologise. I had thought that as the god of mischief, you would appreciate both dishing it out and receiving it; I had thought that your mythological affinity for 'trolling' would go both ways. I rescind my question, and will endeavour to be more… gentle, in future." He breaks the eye contact first, to give Darcy an apologetic smile as well. He hasn't yet noticed Pepper's presence.

Loki glances towards Pepper, just because…the lady does know how to work a good heel, and that's something he's not used to seeing, still. He offers a faint grin to Darcy and Jimmy after the apology and leans back in the chair. "I am interrupting a date. I know. I scryed to see where you were. Let me watch…I have had nothing but rejection from mortals in this realm…not that I am interested in either of you. But, I need to see what is going on here…" And to Jimmy. "I need to know you a little better before we can into a flyting…which I am happy to do."

At least Pepper is wearing slacks and not a pencil skirt today. She's clearly here just out of work, though her choice of attire is very much in keeping with the summer weather. As her turn to order comes up, she tucks her phone away into her bag and speaks with the employee at the counter. She settles her tab quickly enough, then turns to find a place to sit. And of course, luck would have it that a table right next to Darcy, Jimmy, and Loki comes open at that moment.

Threading her way through the room to the table, she sets her bag in its own chair and THEN recognizes Jimmy and Darcy. The aristocratic young man seated with them isn't familiar to her, that she's aware of.

Offering the group a smile and small wave hello, she sits at the table, fully prepared to pull her tablet from her bag and work quietly over her meal.

"Did you ever think that you're getting rejected because you're an ass?" Darcy asks Loki so sweetly, her voice lifting above the din of the deli they are in. She noticed where his eyes drifted, but the face paired with the heels didn't immediately ring a bell. Her gaze returns to Loki and to Jimmy before she grins and leans back to set her feet against Loki's chair, ready to kick at him again if he gets uppity.

"Im judging. Also, I'm biased. JImmy's great in the sack. You've given birth to a horse," Darcy states, nodding sagely. And then. OH!!!

"Pepper! HOly shit! Hi," Darcy says, like it just hit her who that was. Derpy Darcy! She looks at Jimmy, like she wants to ask if Pepper can join the table and maybe make having Loki SITTING here less awkward? She'll move to sit next to Jimmy… and she'll be really really perfect sweet loving girlfriend so Jimmy doesn't blush too much in front of Loki and then make it up to JImmy later!

Jimmy lifts an eyebrow. "Flyting? I'm not familiar with the term." He spends a moment mulling over just what kind of advice he could give to get Loki rejected less, but… well, Darcy hits the nail on the head in ways Jimmy couldn't, so he just mutely nods. He coughs at Darcy's casual mention of sack activities (sactivities?), giving her a gentle, blushing glare. But then Darcy brings his attention up and to a certain red-blonde. "Oh! Ms. Potts, hello." He catches Darcy's look, and beckons. "Please, come join us." Yes, a proper quad is better than just having a third wheel. To Darcy, he asides, "She knows." Pepper knows about what? He'll let the implications make themselves.

Loki stands up and makes a sideways gesture with one hand. "I would not believe the lies that the ungrateful masses of Thor-fans made up." He looks at Pepper with some regret that he's not staying, but it appears that he's in a terrible mood now, and before he causes an actual disaster, he's going to walk away.

When Loki stands, she stands again as well and offers the tall man a polite smile but not a handshake. He seems agitated. "I'm sorry if my arrival has upset anything. I hope you have good evening." If she picked up on the clues in the mention of Flyting and Thor, she doesn't show it. She also isn't about to try and convince him to stay, having dealt with Tony-moods often enough to pick up on similar 'eff off' cues.

To Darcy and Jimmy she says, "Are you sure? I don't really have a lot of time, since I'll need to take Tony's dinner back to him."

"Oh God. Really, Prince Loki?" Darcy blurts out as Loki seems to get all a grump about the horse comment. She files that away for later, huffing as she does.

"Fuck. You know I love the one about-" nope. Gone. Well, fuck. Fine. Huffing again, Darcy turns to look at Pepper, smiling past the annoyed at her melodrama llama employer.

"Yeah. It's fine. We'll make out on a rooftop or something later," she quips, eyes flickign to Jimmy as if to confirm that yup, she also knows.

What are we talking abotu again?

Jimmy's eyebrows lift at Loki's departure, but he rises as well, to give him a proper nod of farewell. And that leaves just the three of them. He nods to Pepper. "Certainly. It'll take them a little while to finish making Tony's, at least, and you can get a load off while you're waiting." Only once Loki is through the door does he settle in again, getting himself close against Darcy's side. The suggestion makes him blush, but he nods: yes, the rooftop stuff is the kind of thing Pepper knows about. She's seen him glowing. "At least when we're that high up, I can keep myself out of range of most others. 'While making out with my girlfriend' is not when I want other people's emotions slipping into my head."

Pepper also watches the tall man leave then moves her bag and settles at the table with Darcy and Jimmy, mentally filing away the name. Prince Loki. She will be having JARVIS do a bit of data mining when she gets back to the office.

She quickly mentally parses both of the couple's comments and can only chuckle softly. "That does seem like it would be a bit of an inconvenience. Distracting at best. I'm sorry if I'm interrupting a date." Though really, that had already happened, hadn't it? She's just continuing the interruption. Not a good look, Pepper.

"Meh. You're pretty than he is," Darcy assures Pepper, waving away her concern. "And you hooked me up with that phone, so thanks," she says reachign for her drink to sip at while leaning into JImmy's side as he sits next to her at the table.

And then it kind of smacks Darcy and she leans away from Jimmy to eyes him.

"Other people's emotions… slipping into your head?" she asks, side-eye and leaned sidewise in her chair away from him. It's curiosity from the green eyed woman, brow quirked as she processes the potential ramifications of this new tidbit of info on the BF.

Jimmy pats along Darcy's back. And ah! Their sandwiches are here. He smiles his thanks to the waitress. "Eh. Our dates can survive a bit of interruption. The night's still young, and there'll be plenty of time to clear the air of Asgardians later." He blinks at Darcy as she leans back. "Er. Yeah, th-that's one of the things I do. A little psychic thing — I can feel other's feelings, take them into myself, redirect them to others. Sorry, I thought I'd mentioned it already." No, that was just the flight, strength, and glowing.

Pepper smiles her thanks to the waitress as she's given a glass of water when the couple's sandwiches arrive. Darcy's obvious reaction to Jimmy's words elicit a spike of amusement from her as she hides a smirk in a sip of her water. Then her phone pings in her bag and she fishes it out while the man tries to explain to Darcy.

After looking at her phone for a moment, she taps a quick response into the screen and drops the device back into her bag.

Told he can feel emotions, Darcy's eyes narrow ever so slightly, evidence that she's plotting something, but nothing more is said about it. She turns to Pepper instead.

"So… We should go drinking some time. Jimmy took me to this bomb club and introduced me to one of the dancers there. Hot as fuck," she quips.

Jimmy doesn't even notice Pepper checking her phone. He's a bit busy dealing with the look he's getting from Darcy. Oh, he knows she's plotting something, and he knows enough to start blushing preemptively, even without any further detail. But for now, he seems to be off the hook. At least, except for that last quip. He palms his face. "…a friend of mine," he mumbles. "She'd suggested it, and Darcy jumped right on the suggestion."

"I … don't really know, Darcy. That doesn't sound like the kind of venue I'd be comfortable in." Pepper looks like she's about to add something more, but then waitress returns with her order, already bagged up to take away. She accepts it with a word of thanks, then looks at the couple again.

"Well, I think it's time for me to leave you two be." She shoulders her bag and moves to stand. "Thank you for letting me visit with you, and hopefully we'll get to chat again sometime soon."

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