2019-08-15 - Confirmation of Companionship


Sif is a gracious host for a brief visit from the Jackal.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 15 05:51:44 2019
Location: RP Room 5

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The sun has set on New York City and the streetlight have only just come on. Moths flutter around them, casting flittering shadows on the pavement below. Outside of the Asgardian Embassy, someone's finally arrived. Small paws mince up to the gate and eye its height.

Hmm. Not worth attempting to scale, and not after learning of the warding spells set on the grounds. This creature has a deep respect for magical wardings — after all, such a thing was responsible for his state, whether he liked it or not.

Instead, the Jackal slinks around to the side of the Embassy, off the main drag, and plants his canid self where he can see a certain window on the second floor.

And yowls. To human ears, it's a weird sound. To anyone with AllSpeak?

«Milady Sif! May I come in?»

It takes a few minutes, but Sif eventually appears at the gate to the Embassy — where EVERY Aesir heard jackal-Ambrose requesting audience with the warrior — which she opens to give the jackal-cursed Midgardian entrance. "This is unexpected, Ambrose. Come, we can speak inside."

As the man had already been granted visiting access to the Embassy, the Einherjar do not bat an eye at the little jackal as Sif leads him into the building and up to a sitting room just off of the stairs on the residential floor of the building.

«Ah, very good, thank you, milady,» says the small creature as he trots in beside her. Sleek, svelte, cream-colored but for the brown saddle on his back, nose, and dusting along his snout, the Jackal follows her upstairs soundlessly. It's so much more fascinating in here now; his nostrils flare and wiggle madly to take it all in. Pausing outside of the sitting room, he looks about and listens before then trotting in. The nearest plush couch is his and he turns around thrice, whiddershins, before settling himself down in an easy recline on his side. One paw is tucked to his chest and he gives Sif a canine smile.

«I came to inform you that I have spoken with Prince Loki in this guise and we are on companionable terms,» he tells her in a series of murrs and quiet yowls.

Also settling into a chair, Sif nods a bit distractedly. "That is reassuring to hear, though I will be honest and say that I did not realize that that had been a concern. Though, I suspect that you and he — with a raven illusion — will be rousting about and creating mischief?"

She does offer a smile, at least. She has to admit that it would be an amusing sight.

A streeetch of limbs means flashing small dark toebeans and trembling ears pulled back for a second before the Jackal curls up as he was before. He continues attentively looking at Sif, his head tilted the slightest to catch every nuance of her words.

«I do not know so much as mischief if…alleviating boredom,» he replies, again sporting the parting of lips and tipping of pink tongue atop bottom front teeth. «If the Prince deigns to join me as such, I am honored by it. I did inform him that my company was far more likely to be trouble than not. As to our companionable nature, it was not of concern that I am aware of, merely a point needing confirmation in my own book, if you will. I…»

Jackal laughter sounds not too unlike human laughter, if wheezier. «He demonstrated his own ability to change guises to an impressive degree. No doubt you've seen this, milady. I, for one, was stunned. He was able to emulate my personage down to the brand of boots I was wearing that day in the garden, when I first met his acquaintence. It was…eerie,» he admits, a little uneasily, his ears rotating to the sides briefly.

Again Sif nods. "That does indeed sound like Prince Loki," she admits. Her hair is continuing evidence of what can happen when magic-capable Aesir become bored. "And his illusions are indeed quite good. I have yet to meet anyone who could see through them effortlessly. They have proven quite useful countless times."

She seems lost in thought for a second before she looks at Ambrose again. "We should share tales of our exploits at some point in time. It is customary in Asgard to do so, and I suspect you have tales of adventures that would rival even some of Prince Thor's antics."

«I can imagine the Prince would be able to fool all but the most canny. I shall have to endeavor to see if I can pierce his illusions…if only for my own idle amusement,» the Jackal is sure to amend. «I mean no harm, of course.» Her suggestion has those large ears swiveling fully towards her and she's given a nod, decidedly human behavior for such a creature reclining on the chair.

«Of course, milady. I do not know that I have tales to rival the Eddas, but…I will make a point to bring my best to the table when we do share tales. You must understand, many of my…adventures do not frame me in the best of lights — perhaps they are precautionary more than amusing. Though…» He muses, his oddly-colored eyes sliding to one side. «Yes, I do have some that may be of interest to you. When next shall I stop by the Embassy? I do realize the hour is late, but I could not sleep.»

Nor will he ever under the Bane's curse.

Sif looks at Ambrose more squarely, until he makes it clear that he means no harm in trying to defeat Loki's illusions. It would honestly be amusing to see the pair of them trying to outwit the other.

"Perhaps later this week? Other than a… less than fortunate circumstance that I have been helping investigate, I do not have much else to attend to."

«Of course, milady. I am between contracts myself, so my time is accessible at all hours.» And he means this very literally, given his canid body language shows no sign of insincerity or discomfort of a lie. «I will return at a more proper hour bearing at least one tale as well as good food.»

The Jackal abruptly sits up and he glances at the far wall, both ears flicking back and then forwards…and then to the sides. Sif gets what could be an apologetic flick of his tail and tilt of his head at her. «I have been summoned, milady, my apologies.» Still, the creature's grinning like a fiend. «Apparently, to call upon you at this time of night is truly lacking manners and…what was it? Oh, I am no gentleman.» With a quiet landing, he gets down from the chair and offers her a bow. It means elongating a front foot, bending the other, and incling his head beneath the horizon of a lifted rump.

«Thank you for your time, milady Sif.»

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