2019-08-13 - Liquor On the Fireplace


Sunny meets the Human Torch at Farrell's Bar

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Aug 13 00:00:00 2019
Location: Farrell's Bar — NYC

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Tonight's a night without eldritch horrors, supernatural monsters or even would-be muggers. At least, so far! Of course, that could have something to do with where she was drinking, but Sunny wasn't going to complain!

Boots, jeans and her usual orange strapped top, the blonde woman was currently leaning up against the bar with a drink in hand idly listening to conversations and TV broadcasts alike. It wasn't quite as it used to be, but damn if it wasn't close and comforting enough.

On the TV above the bar, there is a news report about a series of random and strange power outages/surges across the city, though they aren't frequent enough to get headlines, so it probably isn't drawing too much attention from patrons tonight.

As it is, Johnny walks into Farrell's after having just returned from the Negative Zone a couple of days ago. Noticing Sunny, he comes over and sits down at the bar near her. If she is one of those types who pays attention to the media a lot, she might recognize that this is Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, one of the most famed heroes in the country.

Certainly the news reports hadn't quite got Sunny's attention, the glass in her hand held far more appeal even if she couldn't really 'feel' a buzz without injesting far more than what would be healthy for a human. Instead she really was just here to bask in the comfort of it all now and then. Drinking in places like this reminded her of the first 'home' she really knew.

Even so, the girl wasn't blind, habit had her gaze flicking towards Johnny as he drew nearer and she raises an eyebrow, tilting her head to the side. Of course she'd seen his face before…not every 'superhero' had their own towers and matching uniforms like the 'four' after all!

Johnny picks up a menu and props it in front of his face on the bar. When she arches a brow at him, he sort of side-eyes at her a few times, before finally laughing and putting the menu down to look more directly at the woman. "Okay, okay. You want an autograph, just ask for it. No need to be shy. Just tell me where you want it, yeah?"

She laughs, perhaps not the answer he expected or maybe -exactly- what he was going for. The blonde shrugs her shoulders for a moment before leaning forwards, "Tell you what," she offers lightly, pushing the empty glass aside and grinning. "I'll take an autograph, if you buy me a drink first." Probably not how it was supposed to work, but Sunny seemed serious enough as she turned, leaning her back against the bar. "What brings a 'celebrity' like yourself down here? Slummin' it or is it some sort of PR thing?"

"Now you're making it sound like -I'm- the one needing to give -you- an autograph." Johnny replies, smiling a bit flirtatiously. "But hey, if that wasn't what you were going for, I won't force it on you." he chuckles. "The drinks part though, I can do." Not like he's hurting for money or anything. He pats the stool next to him, urging her to sit down.

He shrugs at her question. "Slummin' it, I guess. I appreciate a bit of variety in my life, you know."

"I mean…" Sunny counters with a shrug and a wink. "You -did- bring it up." Still the acceptance of the drink brings a little smile and she turns to sit, stretching out a little and then tilting her head. "Suprised you have the downtime, with everything this city has to offer," she muses and lazily rests an elbow against the counter, head cheek against her hand. "Can you even drink? Or is it like throwing a bottle of liquer onto a fireplace?"

Of course, she knew what the answer probably was, but that didn't make it any less amusing for her to consider.

"Hey, it's usually what people want when they start looking at me like that, so I just assumed." Johnny replies, shrugging. "Sorry about that, I guess. Must have been thinking…something else?" The question is sort of implied, as he raises a brow at her.

"I could make it like throwing a bottle of liquor on a fireplace, if that's what you like to see." he offers, smirking a little, as his eyes literally light up playfully with a golden glow for just a moment.

"I mean, it -would- be cool," the blonde woman grins, meeting that gaze and the little flicker of light in his eyes. "But I'm fairly sure they'd ask us to leave if we risked burning the place down, and this is kinda on my shortlist of places worth going out to get a drink, relax and occasionally admire a few folk in uniform." Grinning still, Sunny reaches to retrieve her drink when it arrives and takes a sip for herself. "Maybe later?"

Johnny gives her a sort of mock-offended look. "Hey, are you insinuating that I can't control myself?" he laughs. "C'mon, I've been at this for long enough that I can do a few little tricks without burning an entire bar down."

"Of course, if you're still scared, I won't push it." he says teasingly.

"Scared," Sunny repeats, downing the rest of her glass in a sudden and perhaps startling display of ease before tilting her head to the side. "Oh honey, you'd best be careful who you poke fun at like that." A Still grinning, the brilliantly blonde woman raises a hand, gesturing for him to go right ahead. "You never know what suprises you might find after all!"

"What, that's what you -said-, you were afraid I was going to burn down the bar." Johnny argues jokingly. "Oh, I'd best be careful huh? You got a temper or something?"

Then as she finally agrees, he orders a shot and downs it, but instead of swallowing it he shoots it back out of his mouth, the alcohol immediately igniting as it comes out, causing it to appear as a stream of burning liquid.

With that done, he grins. "There!" Certainly, the Torch loves a chance to show off. Especially to an attractive woman. "Hey, I didn't get your name."

Showoffs could be entertaining, but two meeting head on? Well. That could be a meeting with actual sparks flying in this case. The display probably gets a few looks from the patrons around, but it seems there was no harm done. Johnny hadn't accidently set Sunny's hair on fire, so that was a good start! She gives a little smile, even brings her hands together for a small applause and a laugh before shrugging her shoulders and gesturing for a shot of her own.

His question? Well…that earns a wink from her own eyes that suddenly carried a bright glow.

Taking a sip of her own drink, she brings her hand to her lips and then makes to mime the blowing of a kiss, but there's a small flare of flame that comes with the ignited alcohol. A showier maneuver perhaps, but a noticably smaller flame. She didn't quite always have the same level of control after all.

"Sunny," she offers her name. "And I suppose my temper 'flares' from time to time."

Johnny's brows go up at that little demonstration. Well, this suddenly got a lot more interesting. "Wow, you're just full of surprises tonight, aren't you?" he remarks in respnose to that, smiling.

When she finally introdues herself."Sunny, nice to meet you." he says amicably, handing her a Fantastic Four business card. "Come by the Baxter Building sometime, okay?" Then he makes his exit after leaving some cash for the bartender.

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