2019-08-11 - Family Visit


Ares visits his son, Phobos, to see how he's doing upon news that he's been running into some trouble.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 11 18:05:51 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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This time of day in the third floor dwelling in the Student Union Off Campus Housing Building, it's normally fairly quiet. Depending on class schedule Alexander Aaron or his two roommates might be around, usually with Justin sprawled on the couch with his eyes fixed on the television. Or Tanner sitting in front of his computer hammering away at his mechanical keyboard. But today it was empty, unlit, and for those with prying eyes it might offer little of interest.
A glance around and one would pick out the rooms of each roommate. One is barely open with clothes strewn around the entrance to the room. A big red Stop Sign is naild to Justin's door to prevent forbidden entry uselessly. Another belongs to Tanner and that door is wide open though there are computers and electronics within, and bags of purchases from a Gamestop or Best Buy. Old coke cans sit on the shelves and around the desk, empty dorito bags, and a box of pizza is on the floor though only perhaps a day old.
But it's Alexander's room that might stand out. For the door is open, as if not caring for others to see it or even step within. It's bare for the most part, some would say Spartan though that might also have other connotations. Everything is put away. Everything is in its place. The clothes are folded precisely. Closets organized well. The only aspect that perhaps grants some insight into the person who lives there is a single small shrine with a wakizashi held up by a wooden mount. The traditional place for the katana is empty, however.
But it's on the desk that is the single solitary picture. And it's just one of an older man and a tow-headed youth of some ten years of age. Both smiling or sort of smiling to the camera and waving with a giraffe in the background.
Of course that's the moment when the door opens, "Hey, Tanner! Did you take that Physics 351 test? That junk was hard!"

Well, what a nice little place to have a dorm room. At least John knew that the money put into it was well spent. Before Phobos had even returned home, Ares had manipulated certain events to keep his roommates away, like a security incident causing them to be in lockdown with a certain building in the university or having to take a different transportation route back home. John needed some time with his son.

Ares is dressed in all black. Black boots, black cargo pants, black shirt, black trench coat. He wears nothing on his hands or face to block his identity, but he does sit in a chair when Alex enters proper.

He's silent for a minute, letting Alex find him as he looks across the room to see the stand for the Wakizashi. He ponders where the boy had hidden Grasscutter, but quickly dismisses the thought, knowing full well that such a weapon should NOT be safely kept in a dorm.


Is all Ares says to alert his son to his presence, though if Alex followed the voice, he'd see his father.

There was definitely something off when he entered. None of that ambient sound, none of the casual white noise from the television. And there wasn't any smell of food, usually one or the other of the roomies would have brought something from the food court and be munching on it right now.
Instead there was the slight scent of leather, and steel, and blood that he always associated with his father. It had him advance quickly, yet aware. Only for him to espy him.
Stepping around the corner and being confronted with the presence of his father, Ares likely sees the cascade of facial shifts that he goes through. The abrupt surprise, then the quick fuzziness of confusion, followed by wariness. But all of that is chased away by a warmth of a smile that he quickly gains control of and schools into a neutral expression as he sets his backpack down and doesn't exactly stand at attention, but more faces his father directly and answers with a short quick, "Sir."

Ares rises to his feet then as he stands up out of that chair and he approaches his son. Still a fair bit taller than him, even though Alex had been growing like crazy, he looks at him for a little bit before he smirks at his son, looking around. "Its good to see you, Alex." While Ares's next immediate thought is to see Alex's current grades, he chases that thought of being a strict parent away for a second.

"It has come to my attention that your Uncle has tried to kidnap you from this plane. Do you know why?" Ares asks him, because while he's certain that Hades is going to get the shit kicked out of him for coming near his son (as Ares threatened to do to ANY god who trespassed on his blood), the War God wants to know WHY. like did Phobos insult Persephone or something?

But either way, it seems as though Ares is not upset with his son.

"Good to see you as well, father." Alexander says as he holds his place there, unmoving with his hands at his sides, as if granting tacit approval to whatever search Ares might wish to embark on, or any question he might ask.
"That is partially true, father." Alexander says, but then continues knowing his father's dislike for half answers. "I was in a public area when a mass of crows manifested as some creatures of death. They spoke and stated they had business with me and that my uncle would speak with me. That I was to come with them."
He shifts his weight subtly to the other foot, but barely moves, a change in balance that he might notice but few others would. "I declined the invitation and they were challenged by some of those that were there. A conflict erupted and the messenger fought with several mortals. I advanced and declared I would not depart with them and the messenger departed."
He clears his throat, still maintaining that semi-motionless and tall stance as he adds, "However in the act I had to declare myself to a degree. So there are those that have knowledge of my past."

Ares keeps his full attention on Alex as he initially gives him a half-explanation. His eyes briefly narrow, which may be one of the prompts for Alex to elaborate. When told about the crows that manifested as beings of death and seemed to try and take Phobos by force, Ares looks…fuming, but not towards Alex. The kid knows full well whom Ares's wrath is presently reserved.

"I see." though when told that he was forced to reveal himself in front of others, Ares looks slightly disappointed, but knows that it couldn't really have been avoided either. "If they prove to be a great danger to you, then I expect you won't be afraid to eliminate the problem." his eyes lock onto Alex's own. "Are they friends?"

He might as well know now than later.

It's a pattern of dialogue they've shared in the past, so Alexander knows exactly what his father means. He accepts the statement given to him and there's only a subtle slight tremor in the corner of his eye to show the hint of his dislike for the idea of eliminating them. But he is ever practical.
"I don't believe they will be." He says, though the tone lilts up a little at the end as if not entirely sure. "They were gifted mortals. Each something more than they were portraying. Yet they hesitated not at all to leap to the defnese of one they did not know."
Tilting his head slightly, "I don't know if we're friends. I'd like to think we are. But that takes time." A thoughtful and wise beyond his years answer.

Intelligence is just pattern-recognition, according to the dreaded Athena. But Ares notices that look of dislike, albeit a hint, and the God of War knows that this is not what his son wants to do, so he sighs. "If they become a problem, resolve it by your own means." which was Ares's way of saying 'do as you please' in regards to that particular notion.

"Gifted mortals, you say?" though he firmly believes they couldn't overcome Alex unless they were really extraordinary. "So I am indebted to them for saving my son? A curious thing. So many people fly around wearing spandex and too composed of their own image that even still, many would run at the sight of Hades's minions."

As to the friends, Ares seems approving of Alex's wisdom in this matter. "Good. Trust, but verify my son. You never know who is holding the knife and who is holding the peace offering."

A short nod is given, perhaps pleased that his father follows his line of reasoning. "They were not perhaps entirely the same individuals we'd see in the newspapers or online, father. One is possessed in part by some spirit of vengeance. Another is a young woman who seems to have a talent for talents of the mind. Another…" He tilts his head slightly, as if trying to find the right words to describe Night Thrasher. Eventually he offers with a faint smile, "He is a young man who has lost much and seeks revenge."
It's only then that he breaks stance and takes a step to the side, perhaps picking up on some subtle hint in body language that it is acceptable for their dialogue to shift to slightly less formality. Such a thought is made evident as he reaches for his backpack and takes it up, setting it down on the edge of the couch and then turning to face his father once again. "They umm," He lifts a hand and shifts his weight to the side, somewhat awkwardly. "I told them that often when the Fates bring people together in such a way that it's a sign." Since it often is.
"So they umm, want me to be part of their group? Possibly. I told them I could maybe help if they really needed help. But I don't see that as like, a life for myself." Interesting how his speech pattern changes with the shift of tone.
Then he snaps his fingers, "Also I met a woman who said she could sense what I am. And I did feel something with her as well. She called herself Diana Prince. Said she was a cousin."

Ares narrows his eyes. "Spirit of Vengeance?" That seems to get his attention the most out of all of them. "Tread lightly around that one. They are extremely difficult to kill. Nigh-Impossible, really. I don't know their origin, but I've fought one before in the past." Ares doesn't speak WHICH spirit of vengeance but…safe to say they're pretty dangerous.

"But you seem to know how to pick your friends." its said in some mild form of sarcasm, but its friendly all in all.

"A group? Like one of those groups that carry on, trying to save as many people as possible, like the Avengers?" he seems skeptical of this, but he seems to accept it nonetheless. "You are your own man, Alex. You choose your path." after all, the God of War didn't want Phobos to become like him…a war machine.

Then he mentions Diana. "You be careful around that woman, and pay heed to never listen to her. She is of the same opinion of the rest of our family." and he feared that she would try to corrupt Alex by convincing him that Ares was truly evil.

Alex's features shift slightly as if he had no idea exactly what kind of group. It's just a look of one eyebrow raising and the corner of his mouth twisting, then he finishes it off with a small boneless shrug which might be one of the few things he's carried forth from childhood.
"I don't know, maybe? Not sure what kind of group. I didn't volunteer fully. But I said I would be open to options down the line." Keeping his hand in just in case.
But then he speaks to Diana and Alex seems to furrow his brow a little. "I know, father. She did not seem to hold ill will for me. But I did get the feeling she has had a past with you or felt negatively about what had passed."
He then turns and casually pokes at his backpack, as if trying to figure out what he should do next. "I told her I was aware of the games our family played, so she would not think me entirely taken in by her approach. But…"
He crinkles his nose, "I don't think she intends to do aught against us. For now at least."

Taking a deep breath, Ares opens his eyes and looks at his son. Apparently the group stuff is set aside as he stares at him for a moment before he speaks. "They never 'seem'. They simply do. That woman is in Zeus's pocket. When he makes the call, she will answer and believe fully that she is in the right." Ares shakes his head. He knew he should've slaughtered the Amazons a long time ago. But the situation has changed. He started a family. He's not the cruel man he was in the past….at least not now.

"Then I should find comfort in that." Ares starts moving towards the door though, before he starts walking back. "Your roommates will be here soon. I will take my leave." he puts his hand on Alex's shoulder. "I'm proud of you, son." he figures Alex should hear that, especially after all the tough love through the years.

Alexander stays there near the couch and his backpack, eyes tracking after his father as the tall muscular man starts to make his depature. He gives a single nod in accepting his opinion about Diana, since he knows his father does not offer words frivolously.
Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he nods again at the comment about his roommates and he instinctively looks towards the window as if to see if they were coming down the street. But then his blue eyes shift back towards the great man.
He's proud. Alexander smiles and the rejoinder he offers is firm and determined as he says simply. "I will not embarrass you, sir." For Ares asks so little, ultimately.

Ares looks upon Alexander. "I know you won't, son." Then he hears the door start to be unlocked and in an instant, Ares is gone. He used what little magic knowledge he had to vanish from the area. Sure, he's the 'bazooka solves the problems' kinda guy, but these are Alex's ROOMMATES.

Imagine how upset Alex would be if Ares just turned around like it was high noon and that was the end of it? Pretty upset!

but, Ares is gone…leaving Alex to his own devices.

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