2019-08-08 - Encounters in the Wastes


While exploring the Disaster Zone, a pair stumble upon Ivy's home

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 8 20:05:07 2019
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Avery is on a mission! So many dead, people lost and forgotten here, and she's been tasked by the Unquiet to Remember. Well, can't do that very well without first knowing, right? Also, this place is like crack to an addict - mysterious, full of danger, an ideal adventuring site if ever there was one and one that does need policing to protect the rest of the surrounding environs. In short - the Disaster Zone is essentially irresistable for one Avery Amanda Aaronson, though at present she is in her heroic 'costume', sturdy clothes and boots, and a dime-store purchased domino mask.

She is presently advancing deeper into the Zone than ever before, moving at a lively clip, skipping over under and through the smallest of holes for whatever obstacles she finds. And then she spies it — a grotto /teeming/ with plant life!
"Oh my, that looks promising indeed." She muses aloud.

Pennylane spends an inordinate amount of time around the ill and infirm. Being a candystriper, in revolving hospitals and care homes, she's able to spread out her healing energies to those in pain, in desperate need of relief, and…if a few incurable cases get cured, somehow…it's random enough that she's never noticed as the reason for it! She wishes she could miraculously cure every single terminally ill person she comes across, but to do too much too soon would be very suspicious. So, she tries to stagger it out. It's not like news stories haven't been made, occasionally, but thankfully…never mentioning her!

So, it makes sense that Penny'd be drawn to a place like the Disaster Zone, where so much damage has happened, and healing needs to take place. Everything and everyone within a hundred yard radius around her can feel the effects of her presence, even if she can't be pinpointed as a source. Who would assume that she's something out of the ordinary? Especially in the daytime, when her supernatural glow is harder to notice! As she makes her way along the broken area, new life springs forth where it's possible, and healing is in progress. She smiles as she sees the green sprouting quickly…from where there once was only mud or dirt, or cracked, ruined pavement.

Well, someone that would notice is in the aforementioned grotto that Avery was approaching. Being attuned to the plant life around her, Poison Ivy is aware quickly that something is unusual. Having been reading a book and taking a break from the task of environmental repair in the area for the moment, the fact that something else was causing it was a touch surprising to her.

Which is why she walks out of the grotto, clad in her typical black and green costume as she looks around, arching a brow curiously as she spots the other people nearby. Which, well, by itself would be unusual… but then, Pamela is used to having all sorts of capes coming over to check on her. Or more rarely, help her out.

Avery's talents do not lie in any arena that would let her sense where that feeling of well being is coming from, but she definitely appreciates the lessening of her aching ribs, she got a fairly nasty cut there, and though she's gotten it tended and wrapped she's also a dufus and is pushing herself physically in her parkour running.

When that green and black clad demi-dryad appears - or, hang on, she might be a Hamadryad! Certainly some sort of plant elemental, and therefore perilous - Avery actually smiles. "Oh, mayhaps this one will be interested in talk, or if nay, then…a challenge no doubt." Having no better source to blame, she has to assume the 'good vibrations' from Penny are from the grotto!

She DOES notice another person out and about, unusual in these surroundings, and she keeps a careful eye to be sure the young lady doesn't get into trouble…though…did that robin just land on her shoulder? Okay, that's…yeah.

Turning towards the infamous but unknown to her Ivy, Avery steps forward. "Bright the day, Lady of the Green, I am called Zeal, be you friend or foe?" Archaic speech patterns much? And her accent…kind of British, but a tad off.

Pennylane might seem strange to Pamela because she's just walking around in a sundress, with cute little sandals on her feet. She's picking her way carefully through the rubble and debris, just sort of looking around and spreading life and rejuvenation in a wide swath around her, literal grass and flowers springing up at her feet as she walks, through cracks or newly fertile soil.

Avery would notice the healing effects increasing as Penny comes closer to her, the nasty cut repairing itself and leaving no blemish in its wake. In fact, Avery's probably feeling about as good and refreshed as she can remember feeling in recent memory! Pamela, too, for that matter. Like having just woken up from a nice, restful sleep, all stretchy and warm fuzzies coursing through the body. Being not too far away, and not having noticed Pamela quite yet, Penny looks up from where she'd been carefully navigating some broken street, to Avery who's calling out, she thinks, to her. She lifts a hand, waving, not dislodging the robin on her shoulder in the slightest, "Hi! I'm PenPanacea!" she calls out, almost giving her regular name instead of her super one! She blushes a bit at that and clears her throat before going on, "II'm a friend, Zeal! Friend!"

Ivy smiles slightly, "Depends. Are you here to do any harm to the work I've been doing?" She straightens a bit, her hair suddenly looking a bit more vibrant, skin almost glowing green as she absorbs more sun, feeling better than she has in a while. Her eyes focus on Avery, "Zeal, then, I'm Ivy. I'm trying to repair some of the damage that's been done here."

Her eyes then turn over towards Panacea, "Though I daresay you're making some rather significant work on that yourself, just by your presence." She arches a brow at the woman in the sundress, and quirks a faint grin, "Seems like you definitely have a healthy aura about you. Or else you're a Disney princess that escaped the silver screen."

See, Avery burns a LOT of calories in any given day - and she works an absurd schedule that generally ends up in a day long crash every couple weeks, to have that accumulated fatigue banished has the girl thrumming like a harpstring! And then to have the stitched gash in her side just…heal? Okay, yes, even Zeal is not going to miss that! She gets distracted pretty easily, her father called it Hummingbirditis, but she's pretty sure that's not a real thing. A hand moves to rub at her left side, eyes diverted from both Panacea and Ivy, as she untucks her shirt, and removes a wound dressing to reveal - healthy pink skin where there used to be injury.

Her smile is like the sun emerging from behind a cloud as the slight girl beams at both green woman and rubenesque. "My thanks, Friend Panacea, thou'rt well named indeed!" She can sense, a little, the ramping up of the good vibes as the other girl approaches. To Ivy. "And greetings to you as well, Friend Ivy." She looks around, tucking her shirt in once more. Strangely, no sign of the bandages anymore, that's…odd.

When Ivy speaks up, Pennylane gasps, jolts, and clasps a hand to her chest, "SWEET CHEESUS, I DIDN't see you there." She laughs with nervous energy as the spook sends adrenaline coursing through her system. Somehow, even this didn't scare off the robin sitting on her shoulder. Nnh!

Slowly, carefully, Penny scoops the bird up in one hand and sets it down on a growing tree sapling, then tries to quickly make her way over closer to Ivy and Zeal, respectively. She hopes the robin won't follow. She hopes no other little beasties are inclined to join in! How embarrassing, on her first outing as a superheroine?! She blushes to herself as she thinks about it.

However, when she stops at tree nearby, she smiles brightly to Pamela and Avery, "It's just kinda part of who I am, so I'm happy to help. Whomever is being helped. With the healing and stuff." She grins brightly and perches on a knocked-over mailbox that's already becoming covered with creeping ivy.

Ivy nods slightly, "Most charitable." She pauses, taking advantage of Panacea's presence to redirect some of the growth she inspires, spreading it around to better improve the environment in the area as a whole. She grins slightly at Panacea's reaction to her, "Most people tend to scream and run in the other direction when I arrive, so that's… a rather nice change of pace. What brings you both out this way?"

"So this grotto be your lair, Ivy, and your avowed task is to aid the recovery of this blighted land?" Avery is not shy, it would seem, though her costume is pretty laughable. "A worthy cause." She declares and then one can almost see her shifting a bead for both Ivy and Panacea firmly into the 'Heroine' side of things. She can't help but laugh at Pana's surprised outburst when she notices the demi-dryad.

"Certes an you both humble me with your mystic gifts! I am no healer, that is certain. I am however one who protects those in need of succor, and one who dares to seek out the new and mysterious." A smile to Ivy. "I am here to find information about those lost to the Disaster, I have been tasked to recall their names, their lives, and keep their memories alive."

Pennylane doesn't seem to mind at all when Ivy uses her 'miraclegro'ness to enhance the work she was already doing. It appears to please the young woman to be of assistance! "Well, that seems a bit harsh, to scream and run. You're quite lovely, so I hope you don't develop a complex about it!" she says with warmth in her voice. Then, she lifts her shoulders, "I had a day off from work and I wanted to come see what it looked like, here, to see if I could help, at all. If I'm gonna be wandering around, might as well do it where I can do some good for a place, and people, that really needs it." Smiling at Avery, Pennylane just kinda blurts it out. "You have a very interesting way of speaking! I like it."

Ivy actually blushes a bit at the complement from Pennylane, and smiles a bit, "Ah, well, I haven't always been… on the side of the angels, shall we say." She hmms, "Working here, I regard as a form of penance. This place needs my assistance, and well… it does beat sitting around in a prison."

She glances back at Avery, "Though, this place has been pretty well picked clean of information. Have you tried talking to some of the other people that were here for it? They might have more information… at least more than you'd likely find here."

"Oh, she is quite right, you are most fetching, miss Ivy." Zeal's smile is friendly, the girl has ZERO ability to hide her emotions, and apparently less desire to do so. "In truth if you be repentant, why should you be penalized for past misdeeds? Cleave to the path of the righteous, undo that which was a shame, soon enow others will accept that as your right and true self." What's whacky about that speech is that there's no doubt, no hesitation. She is, in short, earnest.

A grin to Penny. "Ah, friend Panacea you are most kind, I have been told that it is not always so easy for many to understand, I thank you for the kind indulgence." A firm nod of approval however to her other words. "One needs must do what one can to help. Always." Again, quite genuine sentiment there.

Back to Ivy she smiles. "I seek also mementos, but you raise a good point, it should be a matter of record I can research when next at the library," A rather florid bow. "My thanks again!"

Pennylane sees no reason to not give compliments to a person whenever she thinks something positive about them. It makes people feel good and can brighten their whole day. It costs Penny absolutely nothing to share her positive thoughts. Especially when others have been so actively cruel and for no good reason! Because Ivy looks different? Yes. Because, maybe, she's done something terrifying in the past? Sure. But, it doesn't change the fact that she's an attractive woman, so Penny tells her so without hesitation.

"Yes, what Avery said, only I'd have said it much more blandly," she grins. "I've only just met you, but you've been kind to me and you're trying to help revitalize and rebuild a devastated area. Maybe it's as a sort of penance, but you're doing it because you cherish life, too. You could choose to sit in prison and do nothing to help the earth. That'd be a sad thing," she points out. Looking to Avery, Pennylane smiles, "No problem, at all. I find it easy enough to understand, and it's certainly more entertaining than modern English! Kind of like Shakespeare, but not." She pauses, "Are you leaving, then?" Unsure of whether or not she should be waving goodbye, she asks to clarify.

Ivy chuckles softly, "There is no rush, as you are definitely not intruding by any means." She pauses, "Frankly, I don't really get a lot of company out here, aside from the occasional government 'minder' who's making sure I'm not plotting something nefarious." Her eyes roll a bit at that, as she then flashes a smile towards Panacea and Avery, "Though if more of my visitors were as polite as you two, I'd probably be more encouraged to seek out other people."

Zeal sees no reason to be mean ever, not even when others are mean to her! "Kindness and fair manners, these are the only reasonable way to engage with others, to be cruel or false injures you just as deeply as those you offend and mistreat. Nay, good ladies, I will not behave uncouthly." And then Zeal grins. "HOWEVER — should a churl seek to engage in more than badinage, I will be glad to set them on their arse as lesson." A shrug, she doesn't LOOK all that dangerous, but if one looks closer there's definitely a compact leanness to the girl, she's wiry, slender and slim in every line, spare.

Penny would feel a strong vitality there, though, and her body is somewhat amped - she burns a lot of calories, so much so that she's almost two-full degrees warmer than average at all times.

"Leave? Nay, I had no plans for such, not yet. I have the day free as well, a commonality we all share twould seem!"

The girl takes a bottle out — though from /where/ is hard to place, drinking deeply, before resting it in the crook of her arm.

"Ah, thank you for saying so, Ivy," Pennylane smiles. "I don't mind spending more time here, though I do need to do some shopping around before too long. I'll stay for a while, if you two are amenable," she says and crosses her legs casually at the ankle. She tries to ignore the butterflies that are fluttering around her head, now, a couple lighting in her hair. "You're braver than I am, Zeal! I'm pretty bad at the whole fighty-fighty thing. I think it's because of my connection with life, that hurting others is just…anathema to me. I want to heal and soothe," she explains.

Ivy ahs, "Well, I do have a place to sit at my grotto, if you wanted to visit there. I was just getting ready to put on a bit of tea. I grow it myself." Which makes perfect sense, really, as she glances curiously at the other two.

"Not an invitation I extend to everyone. Typically I entertain various Bat-people… who are not all entirely convinced that I'm reformed." She gets a bit of an impish look, "Well, some more than others, anyway…"

A soft laugh from the slim girl, hidden amonst the voluptuous. "Brave? Perhaps, but truly - hurting people is not a noble pursuit, in sooth I would rather never have the need, but I have trained long and hard. Many are those who feel the opposite, that feel that might makes right, and not that might makes -duty-." A shrug. "So, I have learned to help those louts to see the fallacy they practice using language they cannot mistake."

Butterflies? Robins? Growing plants? If Penny bursts into song, Avery is leaving! Disney Princess mode - go go!

Eyes of gold-flecked hazel brighten at the invitation into the grotto. "I confess, I should very much like to see your domicile, friend Ivy, seems a wondrous place, and I do like tea."

Perhaps she's too trusting. Yes, this could be said of Pennylane. She's a very good-hearted young woman who tends to assume the best of people until she gets to know them better, and then tends to see the best in them, despite their flaws. She is the type of person to befriend grey-area types because she finds them to be, deep down, good people who just need someone to believe in them. So, when Ivy's invitation is proffered, she accepts with a bright smile, "Why, yes, thank you. I'd love that. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time for socializing."

Looking to Avery as she expands on her views about bravery and the need for champions for justice, Penny nods, smiling. "It's a good thing you've trained so long and hard, and have the will to do what is needed and right," she says decisively. "The world needs people like you, Zeal. I'm glad to've met you — to've met both of you! Let's go have some tea!" She stands and tries to gently shoo the butterflies away, laughing lightly. At least none of them have landed on her eyeball or flown into her mouth. Both things have happened, in the past. Among other things.

Ivy hmms, and glances over at Pennylane for a moment, then casually moderates the pheremones she emits. Nothing that would affect either of the others, but well… butterflies might find her particularly unappealing now. Which, well, considering Panacea's proximity, might give her a bit of a hand.

With that, Ivy then smiles, "Well, follow me, then. I do have a few places to sit, and I was just catching up on some reading when I noticed the anomaly, which in this case was you Panacea." She smiles, "Not that I'll ever turn down free help in that regard, particularly when it's so nice." She gives Avery a nod as well, leading the way back towards her grotto.

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