2019-08-07 - Spider-Man, You're a Star!!


Spider-Man helps MJ out in a pinch, and becomes a star in the making!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 7 23:53:38 2019
Location: AMA Conference Center

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Spider-Man is starting early. UNLIKE some supertypes who hang out in a certain borough and dominate the night, Spidey works during the day as well. He is swinging along after webbing a mugger to the street in a funny pose, glad that his bones are healed up nicely after tangling with the demon in the Hellcar. He waves to a window-washer as he swings past.

"I don't know…!" The conversation starts out, with MJ exasperated as she meets with producers and product branding. It was highly unusual of someone of her stardom and age to not have her own talent agent or manager, she truly does both for herself. All of those years in high school and listening to her mother paid off.

"Listen, I gave everyone ideas. I gave you guys a storyboard. I don't see what the problem is."

The man at the head of the table sits forward, his pen leveling easily at MJ. "That's your problem, you think you're -that- flawless that we won't have an issue?" He picks up a stack of papers, then floats them one by one..

"Done already. Tired. Too cliche. Michael Jackson did this. So did Beyonce. Listen, we -want- you as a brand ambassador for Pepsi, but you gotta deliver on the creativity."

"But.." MJ starts.

"Alright, look. Let's take five alright?" The man pushes back on the chair as the others within the meeting begins to rise.. leaving MJ alone as the doors close behind her. She lets out a sigh, her hand lifting to rub against her forehead to prevent herself from crying, and soon she picks up her phone to send off a quick text:

'Peter, are you busy? I need a friend.'

Geez, like she needs to ask.

Oh, what a light! MJ giggles alone in the room, but she does look up to make sure that no one was there nor watching. She fires a text back, this time using both of her thumbs! My the agility!

She writes: I'm at the AMA Conference Center. I'm in a meeting and it's going bad. They're tossing out my ideas and.. I got one last one. It's for Pepsi, they want to endorse me but I don't think it's going to work out. :( :( :(.

Spidey frowns. Geez, she is having trouble, and in the worst way. He will do his best, of course.


MJ stares at her phone for a long moment, and soon.. that look appears within her eyes. Oh.. oh she has got it!

NO! No problem at all! She writes, and continues: Tenth floor, look for the open window!

After the text was sent, she immediately stands from the chair to approach the window. It took her a moment, but with enough fiddling, the window is propped open enough for Peter to slide through when he comes.

Satisfied, she begins to pace the room, arms folded about her chest, fingers dancing along her chin. The idea was forming.. and it was going to be great…

Four minutes later, the red-and-blue figure swings around the building across the street. He moved as though the law of gravity is only a suggestion. And when he lands on the wall next to the open window, he pokes his head through the open window.
"Hey there. Pino's Pizza? Someone order an X-large…well, crud. I forgot the pizza." He looks to MJ. "Mind if I come in anyway?"

The soft thump of Peter landing wasn't heard until he begins to speak. Mary Jane jumps in surprise, whipping around to face him with a lowering of her brows and a grin to match. It almost looked 'evil'! But there wasn't an evil bone in her body unless it had to do with someone harming a puppy.

"PE… You came!" She blurts out, nearly using his name. It was weird to see him like this, up close and in costume. It almost made her a little bit lightheaded.

"Yes yes..! Hurry before they come back in." She moves to the window, offering her hand as if he needed help. "I got an idea. Just roll with it, okay?"

Spidey tilts his head. He didn;t know what she had in mind, but something he read in the novel THE SCARLET RUSE. "I don't think about trusting Meyer. I just trust him."
He realized he felt the same way about MJ.
"You say jump, I say how high on the way up."

"Oh.. well I'm not going to tell you to jump like that.." MJ says thoughtfully, and it was just as well the conversation ended, for the door was opening and MJ and Peter were met with a few gasps!

"Wait.." One woman in business attire says. "Is this for real?" She didn't approach, she wisely collapsed into the chair she previously sat in, awed and nearly out of breath.

"What's going on?" The lead man says, the others remaining quiet and awestruck, slowly falling into their seats while one, just one.. sneaks a picture on his phone.

And he immediately texts it to his young daughter.

"Well, this is the last idea.." Mj states, moving to take a seat. She would leave it up to Peter if he wanted to sit as well.

"Everything I offered was shot down, probably has been done before. And you're right. But has anyone ever used a true, genuine, honorable and the sweetest superhero to endorse their brand?"

She looks at the rest of them, who remained quiet. "No? I thought not. Everyone knows that regardless of the press that he gets from the Daily Bugle, he has saved so many souls on many occasions at the cost to himself. He stands up for the people. He loves New York. And everyone remembers that puff piece that went world wide when we saw our Spider-Man, taking to the ground to walk an elderly lady home." She glances up towards Peter, then towards the rest.

"I can even come close to saying.. you guys consider Mary Jane Watson a member of the Pepsi family, right? Spider-Man is Pepsi."

Peter is glad for the mask, because his jaw would have punched through all ten floors, dug into the ground and been halfway to China by now.
Him…in a COMMERCIAL? It was crazy. It was outlandish. It was incomprehensible…

Then he looked at her.
…It was for Mary Jane.
"Ladies and gentlemen…Mary Jane is a good friend of mine, and I'll always have her back. And I think that she would be great for your commercial. In fact…I'm willing to stake my reputation on it. If you want to do it…I'll do it for FREE."
He paused, then leaped up to crouch upside-down on the ceiling, and added, "But I will accept membership in the Screen Actor's Guild, because I know that it is a requirement."

It could have been the speech heard round the world.

The five executives look at the two, peas in a pod, with a bit of awe and surprise. Mary Jane always had a pretty decent acumen, and her acting abilities did allow her to think on the fly. This is what happens when you do improv as a teenager.

"That's not too much to ask." Mary Jane states, the papers that were flown towards her before the break in the meeting was reached for, gathered up and stacked together neatly. As she places them in front of her, fingers fold atop of them as she leans in, her face serious.

"So, here's the full idea. We don't need a storyboard for this. I'll play to my strengths. Picture it as you will." Mary Jane smiles as she stands from her chair, as one of the other men pulls out his booklet to flip through.

"Ms. Watson, you really didn't list any strengths here, so we have nothing to go on…"

"Hold on!" The woman says, smiling. "Just listen."

"So.." Mary Jane continues. "..just think. My character is on the rooftop, she's dancing. Probably practicing for an audition of sorts. Think Flashdance circa twenty-nineteen." Mary Jane begins to pace now. "She loses herself in the music, and then she hits the rooftop edge and falls! Guess who comes to the rescue!"

"Spider-Man!" The woman cheerily calls out.

"Yes!" MJ finger-guns the woman now, giving her a click-cock of her teeth! "And as they swing through to safety, Spider-Man offers my character a Pepsi! And some odd quip that he does.."

She glances up to Spidey, giving him the cue!

He is startled for a second when he realizes that she is about to put him on the spot for a line. What could he say?

Pretend that it's Doc Ock, Vulture, and Electro at the table…

"If I'm going to save you, might as well do it twice…" he says, right on cue. He just hopes it's good enough for THIS crowd…

There was a roar of laughter and claps. MJ looks up towards Peter with a relieved gaze, her shoulders slumping. They were victorious!

"So, there! How about that pitch!"

The head Exec stands, fixing his coat before he rounds the table to approach Mary Jane, nearly towering over here. "That's probably one of the better ones I've heard all day! You two have the job!"

Mary Jane squeals and jumps in place, her hands flopping about wildly to give the man a hug. The man hugs her like he would a daughter, complete with the wave and ruffling of hair before he pulls the way. He looks to Spider-Man now, stern, but approving.

"Well, you drive a hard bargain Spider-Man. We'll talk to our people on the board and get you one of those passes. Give us a day to draw up the contracts…" He pauses, an evil-glint in his eye. "..who should we be addressing this too, Spider-Man…" Well, he had to at least try to get a real name out of the young man before he left today..

Spidey smirks. "Just make it for Spider-Man. I'd like to stipulate thay any fees go to the children's hospital in Brooklyn." He drops to the ground again, standing up straight and smiling under the mask. "However, I will also stay for pics, selfies, voicemail revcordings, and agreements to do Make-A-Wish gigs." He chuckles. "ZGotta catch up to John Cena, after all."

"A man after my heart!" The woman quips. -Her- gears were already spinning with the prospect of the money they could make, even hiring him on for more commercials and publicity stunts.

MJ just grins at Spidey, all the while the larger, main Exec approaches him with a hand out and a shake. "Deal."

Mary Jane had to shake her head and laugh, much like when they were kids, they were always on the same wavelength.

"Well that settles it! Just let me know when and where to meet to sign the papers and the start the shoot, and we'll be there!"

"Alright! Spider-Man, you are going to be a star!" The lead Exec says, and if he wasn't done shaking Spider-Man's hand, he certainly wouldn't be done now. A complete endless shake, mostly of a man who attempted to save face and not show his own inner awe and fandom…

Spidey smiles, not drawing away or ending the handshake. It's guys like this that he helps on a daily basis. "Great to meet fans, really. So…who wants any of the aforementioned pics and stuff? I carved out some time in my crimefighting schedule for Mary Jane Watson. She's worth it."

And anyone who hears him can tell he believes every word.

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