2019-08-07 - It's A Resounding Failure


A disturbance in Midtown with a Canny Canuck of Courage, some flag bashing and KGBeast. All good fun, really.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 7 06:14:01 2019
Location: Midtown

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One Adam Twenty Seven this is Dispatch. We have a report of a bank robbery in Midtown. Respond Code Three.
Dispatch, Twenty Seven, en route Code Three.
Dispatch, One Eighteen and Ninty One responding Code Three.

Dispatch we have a problem here. These folks are powered. We need a SWAT response. Alert SHIELD as well.

The bank robbers ARE indeed powered. Well, a couple of them are. They have white and black uniforms with berets, automatic weapons and full face masks. More than that though, three of their operatives are wearing low grade exoskeletons and one of them has a cape and a big mace that he used to shatter the bank vault. The police are SERIOUSLY outgunned here.

"HALT!" That comes from across the street. There's a guy in what can only be described as REALLY good Captain America cosplay but instead of red white and blue, it's just red and white. And on the shield there's a maple leaf instead of a star.

"Dafuq?" One of the masked robbers says to the other before they both raise their rifles and open fire. The Canadian Captain ducks behind his shield and damned if it doesn't deflect all of the bullets.

"Hah! You thought guns were going to beat me? Taste justice!" The shield is thrown. It's a beautiful throw. Steve Rogers himself might be proud.

But then it hits a low brick all just in front of one of the cop cars and instead of ricocheting into one of the robbers it lets out a HUGE sonic detonation that DOES knock the nearby robbers off their feet. But ALSO flips over a cop car and sends three of New York's finest flying.

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!" That's, er, Captain Canada. Guess he IS Canadian.

Jemma Simmons had decided to get out of The Triskelian for a short while. Get some fresh air - such that it is in New York - and clear her head.

Which is why, she's just been knocked over by the concussive force from that detonation - into a wall not far from the Red and White clad 'hero'. "You're Canadian, aren't you?" She mutters as she tries to pick herself up. Did that shield just explode? She thinks it did, but she's not sure.

Just in time to see the cop car go tumbling over and over on itself is Captain Rogers swinging around the corner on his motorcycle. The speed of his travel doesn't seem to factor into the wild and yet precise angling of his bike onto the road running alongside the bank. Luckily enough, a visit to the local hospital in order to raise money for the children's wing has him in his complete attire, including his fully-functional vibranium shield slotted onto his back.

The motorcycle's tires let up a short smoking squeal as he jams the breaks and then dismounts as fast as he can manage, kicking out the rest-stand as he goes. "On-site, approaching individual in question," he says into his comms, linked to the SHIELD frequency. The robbers and their state of relative 'ass over tea kettle' are noted.

Aloud, he says towards this…Canadian-leafed fellow, "Hey — it's a great look, but you're not helping anybody, son. Stand down."

Laynia is enjoying herself some Midtown shopping, or she was, the whole bank robbery in progress thing — definitely a damper on the evening. "Bozhe Moi, a /Canadian/ Flag-Suit? What will be next, Basques with epees?" The woman is dressed in mostly black leather, long blonde hair, and several bags held by string handles.

She's clearly torn - intervene, or flee the scene. Flee the scene or intervene?

A faint sigh, and a very un-ladylike epithet in Russian.

"I am going to regret this." Her bags are put in a spot she HOPES won't be noticed by anyone, but who knows? Still, bags are full of stuff, there's people at risk here and the bad guys are VERY well armed. A moment of concentration and then her form is obscured by a cloud of darkness, which she erupts from clad in an eerie costume apparently made of the same stuff.

Arching overhead she hovers, black energy dripping from her hands, and crackling from brow and eyes…just in time to see Cap pull around the corner. "Yes…definitely to be regretting."

"SHIELD personnel on site this is London, I've arrived on site." That would be him at the far end of the block getting out of a SHIELD van with two large metallic dogs and a little drone that flies up high to get a view.

"Alright we've got an unknown floating there with energy on her hands, I've got half a dozen hostiles still in the bank and… Simmons. The HELL are you doing there?"

He's spotted her crouched in cover. She's not part of the response team.

"Oh wow. You're Captain America, eh?" The Canadian man says. "Wow you're a lot taller than I'd expected. Uh, yeah, sorry about the squad car. I thought I'd perfected the Rogers Ricochet."

It has a name now?

There's not really time to discuss it further. The bank doors blow open and the hostiles previously inside begin laying down cover fire as two larger men charge out. One of them is that white caped man with the mace. The NYPD open fire on him but his suit appears to be bullet proof. Steve MIGHT possibly recognize him. An anti-nationalist and anarchist who goes by the name of Flag Smasher. That mace of his is serious business as is amply demonstrated when a second cop car is knocked over.

The OTHER one is a big brute of a man with his left arm replaced by what appears to be some kind of cannon. He's got a really big file too. His name is…

"KGBeast! Take out the flyer!" Flag Smasher shouts to the cyborg who aims at Laynia and just opens up on her.

"Da, da. Always with your flyers. Never a solid brick to entertain me."

"Don't sound so surprised, Mister London." Jemma snarks as she draws herself up. She's not a big woman and it would be easy to miss her - except for the cybernetic left eye and the implant on the right hand side of her face, those aren't easy to disguise.

The arm is covered by the sleeve of her jacket.

"I was out for a walk and needed to get quarters for the laundry in the building I live in." Which explains why she's here. "Oh wonderful, KGBeast and Flagsmasher. Given I'm here, where do you want me? And don't say in the truck, Mister London."

The Frisbee Fling of Freedom has a name now. This is enough to make even Steve Rogers blink in bemusement. Barnes is going to snort whatever he's drinking in his laughter at this one. Shaking off his momentary surprise, Steve then sighs to himself. "Maybe I should take a look at that shield once things — "

Ain't nothing settling down, not with that mace involved. Recognizing the suited enemy as Flag Smasher, the Captain grimaces. "Great," he mutters, and then pauses a moment in another bout of surprise at the sight of Laynia hovering in the sky. The shouting about bringing her down also brought her to Steve's attention.

"I really miss when the weirdest thing was me…" On that wishful note, he glances over at Captain Canada — or whatever name the man has chosen for himself. "Go help the police clear the area." Even as he then takes off at a brisk run dead at Flag Smasher, he momentarily puts a hand to his ear-comm once more.

"London, there's another fake shield here, do you see it? Snag it if you can. Don't let any vibrational impact happen to it."

Well, drat, Darkstar -was- going to leave, she really didn't want to be on Captain America's radar just yet…and then the hounds show up, and the explosion, that's definitely hard to ignored. Eyes obscured by the darkness they emanate, her gaze narrows.

And then the leader, unfamiliar to her, but the other…"KGBeast?" She murmurs in surprise, saying it just as the Flag Smasher orders said KGBeast to take her out. "No! Wait…" Of course, too late, the man always was a bit of a *ahem* Loose Cannon!

Bullets spray at her, and when the smoke clears she is unharmed, a shield of purest black in front of her, that fades. And she is looking PISSED. "And now you are shooting at the Darkstar, Anotoli Knyazev?" The woman floats up a few yards, her hands raised to either side with fingers curled into claws. "Perhaps you have forgotten…Cold War is over!" With that last utterance she gestures, an enormous black hammer forming, and a matching sickle, both tethered to her hands by bands of black. "Time to reap what you sow." She will bring them both down in a attempted crushing attack on the man.

"Darkstar is dead!" KGBeast snaps back. "And whomever you are, you are no Petrovna! She would not be caught dead siding with the Americans!"

Even the hint that Darkstar is, well, Darkstar has KGBeast switching to his micro rockets. He opens up as Laynia swoops in and even if he misses that'll still cause a lot of boom. When the flying Russian gets within swiping range of the cybernetic one, a heavy blade pops out of a housing on his arm and he swings it at her hammer and sickle. That's gonna hurt… well that's definitely gonna hurt him. But he's strong. He might make his impact felt.

"CAPTAIN!" Flag Smasher roars as he turns toward Steve. He just spotted him and now he's running full tilt at the flag suited man. That mace seems to gleam in the light as he raises it up and brings it down hard.

This can only end well, right?

Captain Canada, whatever his name is, brightens when Steve suggests that he help the police. And then immediately runs to grab his shield and grab Jemma by the shoulder. "Come with me, eh? We'll get you to safety or my name isn't the Canny Canuck of Courage!"

It totally isn't. Jeriah mutters, having heard that on the comms. Any other SHIELD out there? Could use some help.

The two dogs have made it to firing positions and deployed nasty looking turrets. They're spraying the plaza in front of the bank with automatic sonic weapons fire as Jeriah himself, cloaked in a purple haze shoots bolts of electro-plasma out of a futuristic looking carbine. One of the ULTIMATUM soldiers goes down. And then another. But there are three with advanced armor that are proving more difficult. One comes right at Jemma and the Canny Canuck while the other two look for an opportunity to make trouble.

"Just ducky. Cap, our ally from north of the border has his shield again. I'll try and grab it if I get a chance."

It's a world of difference for Clint Barton when he's on scene and even has a little bit of time. Not quite the desperate rush of charging on sight and having to counter a sniper. A pair of minutes is all it takes sometimes. To get in position. To check the sight lines. To take in the situation at the scene.
That arrival, however, isn't announced until there's a crackle on the comms as Clint's voice comes through. "Any chance we can recruit that guy for the Avengers? Our version is gettin' kinda long in the tooth." And then once that's said three sizzling and sparking arrows slice through the air downwards straight at KGBeast.
But even before they hit he's relocating, dashing across the rooftop to shift position, and adding for the tac update. "I got eyes on Cap, and the weirdo that looks like she's on our side. Covering."

"I'm here, London." Jemma says tartly. "Put me to use…" Hey! He didn't tell her to get in the truck, that's something. She's cataloguing the situation though. Captain Rogers is here. And that lady up there - Darkstar. And that's KGBeast and Flagsmasher with their cronies.

Anything else she might say is cut short as the rather helpful northern gentlemen grabs her shoulder. "Sir. I demand you unhand me immediately. Agent Jemma Simmons of SHIELD." She struggles against his grip but he's got her good. Her cybernetic hand closes over his, slightly painfully. "Let me go, now."

Canny Canuck of Courage, indeed.

"Watch out." Without really thinking, Jemma spins the Canny Canuck - trying to send him towards the ULTIMATUM soldier coming at them.

Roger that, London. Get the shield when you can, replies Steve on the way in to combat.

"Louder, they can't hear you in Brooklyn!" the Captain himself fires back as he gets his shield ready for the tremendous impact of the mace hurtling down at him. Skidding into a drop of one knee to brace himself, Steve winces as the mace lands with just as much force as he figured upon.

The vibranium shield resounds like a struck bell. A force-wave visible in disrupted air explodes outwards from the shield and has enough force to impact various objects nearby. Parked cars jumble and breath might be lost in the kinetic punch's reaction within twenty feet or so. Steve feels the impact up into his teeth — ouch, his fingers are a little numb now.

Barton, if you crack another old person joke, I'm taking away your pizza money, he manages back over the comms even as he then launches up and around the shield with a fist aimed dead at Flag Smasher's jaw.

Laynia has time to think 'Ack! Rockets!' before they're fired at her, to her great delight some /arrows/ appear in the KGBeast's shoulder, somewhat disrupting his aim. Still, she's forced to duck and weave, and gets banged up pretty good.

Bleeding from shrapnel, the Darkstar doesn't hesitate - dismissing the energy weapons and raising a dome of black energy over any innocents who might be hit by the wild rockets.Yes, she leaves herself wide open to attack, aborts her own attack towards this end.

For a Damn Russkie, she sure seems to have her priorities straight.

"Clint I'm patching you in on my drone feed. Eye in the sky coming right up." Even from his perch that's probably an improvement since the drone feed includes friend and foe tags and other tactical data. Clint's arrows DO wound KGBeast and not in a small way but he is still in the fight. Well, he's a cyborg, so there's no reason he wouldn't be.

"Maintiens le droit!" The man in the Canadian Flag suit shouts as Jemma shoves him at the incoming armored soldier. Who punches his shield. There's another sonic detonation that flattens the Canuck and possibly also Jemma, but NOT the exoskeleton man who picks that shield up and raises it over his head in both hands to bring it down on the SHIELD scientist. The fact that other white suited people are moving in on her might be a secondary concern at this point. But hopefully she might get some cover.

Steve's jaw punch connects and rings Flag Smasher's bells but good. He staggers back and gets an off balance swipe at Captain America but this one is easily deflected by the shield with no shockwave. Cap has a split second to go on the offensive before the man recovers.

Over in the plaza Jeriah and his hounds are making short work of the ULTIMATUM robbers but when Darkstar switches from fighting to covering civilians he definitely notices.


Laynia can see KGBeast bring his arm cannon around for another shot. She can see him line up on her.

And then she can see an absolutely HUGE metal dog blindside him and knock him to the pavement before it goes at him with alloy steel jaws and claws.

KGBeast is ALSO now vulnerable.

Clint just sort of grins to himself as he hears Cap's comeback but then it's back to business as he finishes his sprint and skids to a halt next to the low wall that borders this particular rooftop.

// Roger that. //

Behind that cover he comes up and for an instant and is silhouetted against the skyline. Perhaps enough for a target below to pick him up if they're looking his way.
It's not long. Long enough to mark the targets moving. All of it is interpreted almost instantly around Jemma. One armored, three armed moving on her position… and one behind. His voice lifts on the comms again.

// Simmons on comms? Watch yer six. //

But even before there can be an answer he rises up to get the needed angle on the sneaky one. A second of aim to make sure, then an impact arrow is loosed. He doesn't duck behind cover, however. The string still hums as he reaches back, a shaft drawn from the quiver on his back. Nocked. Fired. Smooth steady and quick, it's a rhythm of nock, aim, fire. His features taking on that strangely placid look to them as he tracks the combatants.

YEs, Simmons is on comms. She's learned not to leave the Triskelian without her comms - things happen otherwise. Like this, actually.

Thrown back again by the concussive force, Jemma actually growls a little. "Will.you.stop.using.that.damn.shield." She says to the Canny Canuck, as she sweeps a leg out to tangle with her aggressors ankle and rolls out of the way. It's not elegant or pretty and she's rather grateful she wore trousers today and not that skirt she'd been eyeing.

She's certainly not happy and with Kelly not around to regulate what the Death Lok process has done, she's getting angry. She doesn't respond to Clint, but they can hear her muttering murderously over the comms.

Normally, Jemma would find cover - something London would likely praise her for - but now? She completes her roll and punches out with her cybernetic hand - if the shield bearing bad guy didn't go down when she tripped him, he should now.

"Give me that shield." That's to the canny canuck.

The mace bounces off the shield as Steve brings it up; this time, his fingers aren't left tingly in the wake of impact. Barnes would be proud about the Captain ducking behind his shield and not acting as if he were completely impervious to damage. With the swing of the mace followed through and Flag Smasher opening his defensive stance, Steve then barrels in like a bull. He aims the edge of the vibranium shield for Smasher's wrist, hoping to make him drop the weapon, while the fist comes around once more, aimed at his nemesis's jawline once more. Bells must be rung more than once, apparently.

Hearing about Simmons, however, has Steve trying his hardest to sneak a look around the bulk of Flag Smasher's body. His own voice bursts into the comms. // Somebody get — // Never he mind, he can see the flickering blurs of arrows raining down nearby what must be the sprawled form of the doctor.

Another quick glance is risked towards Laynia before he's pulled back into his brawl. Another punch is thrown, followed by a solid round-hound kick aimed for the kidneys. It's always the kidneys.

Darkstar spirals up in a corkscrew spin - it almost looks like the sort of thing a figure skater would do, a trail of black forming a braid of darkling smoke in her wake. Frozen with arms akimbo she has time to meet Anotoli's eyes across the battlefield in one of those strangely long instants, and then she blinks at the sudden violence of a cyberhound impacting him.

"Spasiba, tovarisch!" This to the Hound Wrangler.

One hand holds the dome over the bystanders, the other? That she turns towards the fallen form of KGBeast. "Cold War is over, Anotoli. Now for you…so is this fight."

A bolt of Darkforce lances at the fallen and vulnerable cyborg with enough impact power to pulverize concrete.

The sound of smashing - but not of flags - echoes. Darkstar's strike pounds KGBeast into the pavement and knocks him out. Flag Smasher's wrist cracks - Cap can hear and feel it - and the follow up punch puts him out as well. Clint manages to save Jemma from being shanked in the back and Jemma wrests the SHIELD away from the exoskeleton wearer after she dents his chest in.

The Canuck is dazed and likely won't be getting up any time soon.

Jeriah gives Laynia a two fingered salute and calls his dog back wordlessly.

"Alright that's everyone. I've got no more hostiles on the scope. SHIELD control you can send in EMS and PD now."

More PD that is.

As for Jeriah, he slings his weapon and points his dogs back into the van the arrived in.

"There's a schwarma place up the road. I'm gonna get something if any of you folks want to join me when you're done filling out all the paperwork."

The Packrunner is a contractor. He doesn't do paperwork. Thank God.

Once it's wrapped up, Clint's voice is heard over the comms.

// Good job everyone, now Cap can make it to the Early Bird special. Nice work. //

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