2019-08-07 - Buttressing the Struttage!


Dazzler is given the gift of sound system!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Aug 7 05:27:23 2019
Location: RP Room 3

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It is some weeks since last Alison and Hank had talked, fortunately they'd exchanged contact information. Alison's phone would ring, of COURSE when she's in the middle of a set, and goes to voice mail. Caller ID does mark it as being Hank McCoy, regardless when she's able to check the message it is fairly short and sweet. "Alison, Hank McCoy here, I have something for you - a surprise. When and where can we meet? Let me know, text or audio, either is fine. Hope this finds you well!" And that's that. Short and sweet…and puzzling, but maybe in a good way, surprises can be fun!

Most surprises are awesome! Just not the ones involving strange clowns, but Alison is certain that Hank is not a strange clown. Since the Baxter Building is pretty much off limits too, she offers to meet him at her old rehearsal studios at her agent's building; the place is only a year off being condemned.

He will received instructions from a bored secretary in her seventies to a room down a dingy hallway. Hank will hear the beats of the music first. Then feel the vibrations of the floor from the dancing. And then, finally, Alison singing. She is practicing a dance routine, by herself, dressed in crop top, shorts, leg warmers. The glow to her skin isn't from her powers but rather the perspiration she has worked up over the hours.

That secretary must be really bored if she reacts to the nigh six feet and massive, FUR COVERED man. Oh well, maybe if he was a clown, that might make a difference. Joker Hank - the JANKSTER! Or…no, nevermind.

Into the room Hank comes, tonight he's waring a black World of Warcraft t-shirt, it shows the logo for the Shaman class, and features an orc hurling lightning. Yeah, nerdy. That and jeans, and massive shoes, so…pretty normal all things considered.

He's also carrying a small case with him, the thing looks sort of like a hatbox with wheels and collapsible handle attached.

He enters and waits until she gets to a breaking point, and yes, he does watch the routine with interest. A - she's rather pretty, B - she's rather talented, and C - he's neither dead nor blind!

Alison offers Hank a grin as he enters though she doesn't stop. A - she has to practice. B - she has to practice. C - she knows damn well how good she looks. The song finishes with a pose from Alison that will get lots of teenage boys buying her music, but then she is running over to the blue giant to give him a hug. "Hank! So good to see you again. How are you doing?" A smirk at the t-shirt. "Nerd" she teases affectionately. "Want some water?" She trots off to grab a bottle and down a few mouthfuls. "So…what's the big surprise?" Alison is a little excited.

Hank applauds the finishing pose. "That's absolutely iconic, definitely end with that pose." And then he's hugged, it is akin to hugging a statue covered by fur, the guy is ridiculously muscular, probably why he dresses in loose fitting clothes most of the time, that or suits. He laughs softly and hugs Alison back - sweaty and all - and then captures her hand to turn her in a nice little pirouette before bowing. "Oh, yes, definitely a nerd…I have so many nerd hats I had to buy a second hat tree just for them." A solemn nod. "True story." He grins then, and nods once more. "Water is fine."

His grin only widens with her evident delight in being surprised. "Well, you wouldn't believe me if I said it was the shirt, new by the way, got it at GenCon, but that's beside the point." The box is set on the ground then, and he taps a code into the lock for the lid, and then it sprouts a trio of legs and rises from the floor, tilted at an angle as the boxe separates into three discs, one folding out from each side, and the whole rig lighting up with a holographic keyboard. "Your new sound system. You'll have to charge it up about once a week, though."

"Glad you like the pose. Not too rude, is it? I mean, it's only a little ass pushing and some power struttage. I said 'struttage', not 'sluttage'. And, yes, that is a word, I just made it up and all words are made up." Alison tosses Hank a bottle of water before watching the strange suitcase open up.

"That's a sound system? Get the Hell out of here." Alison is genuinely astonished as she wanders over to check it out. "That keyboard works?" A tentative press of a key. "Charging it up with what? Uranium?" she laughs before another shake of her head. "That's amazing. Show me what it does" Alison grins to her favorite furry individual.

"No, not rude at all, very attractive." Yes, Hank means every word too! Is he a little embarassed, well, yes—but he's not going to fail to answer, that'd be rude. "Mmmm, yes, the pose is fine, just the right buttressing to the struttage." His eyes are almost literally aglow when he makes that awful play on words. Still, kept him from saying 'ass', the goof.

The bottle of water is snatched from the air and a swig taken before he grins. "The keyboard works." He affirms, and he laughs at the uranium. "Uh, no, that's toxic, dear lady. It has USB, Mini USB, and USB-C cables, one in each leg, they run off standard power." He grins. "Fair enough, oh, and it is has blue-tooth and can stream, I have it preset to my audio server, but you should be able to synch to whichever you have an account on."

That said he taps a few buttons, the setup is actually familiar, he laid the controls out like those in a studio. As he types there comes a pulse of light, lasers mapping the room, and then he queues up Evgenia Laguna's performance of Diva Dance, from The Fifth Element. The room is FILLED with the sound. Crystal. Clear. Pure. AND — the windows don't vibrate a bit!

Reference URL if you want to listen to the song:

"Buttress the struggage? I love that! I am so using that" Alison laughs before nodding along to the instructions and parameters of the sound system. The lasers get a smile - she's not used to something else doing that. "Wow…the sound is incredible." She can feel her powers charging…not that she will show them off. "And I love this song…music…performance. Cool movie too. Old…but cool." Alison closes her eyes, absorbing the sound, the wonderfully pure sound. Her senses drinking it all in.

"Perfect" she whispers.

"Can I plug in my mics to this? Wireless?" Alison thinks for a moment. "Of course I can. You're a genius."

"Buttress the struttage, indeed." Hank says with a huge grin, somehow even with the fangs it isn't scary at all. Maybe it is just his excess of happy?

Hank will give her a very quick tutorial, but the thing is made to be stupid-easy to use, super intuitive and EVERYTHING has a help feature explained in five languages, you can pick on the fly! Six if you count Klingon, yes, he added in Klingon, for fun.

Definitely a nerd, or no…he's a Nerd.

"One of the better Sci-Fi movies out there." Hank agrees. "Even today it is watchable and very fun." He expected she'd like it, but man, this reaction? Off the charts, he's VERY smug about it.

"Bah, of course you can." He holds out a massive hand for the mic, and then shows her a ring on the control board. "Should pair to any wireless device, though there's an access code to sign on and enable that device, security measure of course. Don't want some random person hijacking your audio, right?" He hands it back. "There. Have fun."

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