2019-08-04 - Obsidian Introductions


Jimmy, Darcy, and Laynia take Priscilla's invitation to the Obsidian.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 4 02:38:20 2019
Location: Obsidian Club - Lower East Side - NYC

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Which is how then it comes to be that, many hours later, night has fallen. Priscilla has had her rest, which is good, and now she is rady to work again. She has left guest passes at the front for Jimmy and his date, and for Laynia. The mocha-skinned dancer herself is not currently on-stage, but is being summoned to the stage by the announcer even now. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for the mystical, the magical, Voodoo!"

During the day, Jimmy has been texting with Darcy; among other things, he shared the suggested invitation… and it was met with the whole-hearted approval he had already blushed about. Yes, he knows his Darcy. So after they each finish work and night falls, they head on out together to the Lower East side. Jimmy is dressed up much more crisply than when he was out for his jog, in a business suit and overcoat.

At the door, he's not quite sure of the etiquette. Should he go in ahead? Should he take the usual 'ladies first' gesture, even in this… situation? Eventually, he decides on the latter, and holds the door open for Darcy. He takes a breath, as if he's about to dive underwater.

Retro is still in, right? Laynia shows up and claims her guest pass at the door. Her attire is classic - and timeless. A white dress hugs her form, and accentuates lush curves even as it conceals. She is wearing a hat with a lacy fringe, and wide brim, and modest heels also in white. Blonde hair is worn in a complex set of braids to keep it controlled. Simple silver is the motif of her accessories, at wrist, throat and earrings, the dress beltless. Finally, some white gloves and a small handbag matches the rest.

Cinnamon eyes are interested as they look about, taking in the details, definitely several steps up from many clubs she visited…long ago.

Darcy's wearing a toned down version of her work attire. Yoga slacks and a long sleeve but still clingy top with kitten heels instead of the too tall heels she prefers for the office. Her text reply had been whole-hearted, and now that they've arrived her demeanor is giddy.

"Awww, fuck yes. I haven't been to a strip club in ages. This is gonna be awesome. You're the bestest, babe," she tells Jimmy as they arrive and he getst he door. Tip toeing and leaning into him, she presses a chaste peck to his cheek before stepping past him and into the club.

"And relax," she murmured against his cheek, hand patting his chest.

In the club, Darcy looks around, gaze sweeping about the interior. A broad and pleased smile rests on her face as she waits for her date to join her while tying not to bounce on her toes. COME ON!!! THere's a dancer on stage!

And what a dancer she is. Jimmy has seen Priscilla on stage before, but this will be a new experience for the others, as the woman's improbable curves mix with inestimable athleticism and profound grace to form a whole of performance that leaves most just bewildered. And unless they find nothing at all attractive in the human female form, quite aroused.

Indeed, rare is the set of eyes in the house that does not follow Voodoo on stage; some to the point they lose all contact with the rest of reality, at least for a bit, when she reaches their particular section of the long main stage. And she truly does seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what would most entice and please each audience member, and gives it to them, including artfully arranging the discarding of the few pieces of her costume.

Jimmy's tense from his shoulders down to his toes, but he does let out a breath when he gets that kiss and pat from Darcy. He smiles at her — down at her, given she's only on the kitten heels. "I'll try. You are having way too much fun with this." Ah, and that's about when a white-dressed person arrives, too. "Oh hey, Laynia. Heh, just as I'd predicted." He holds the door open a little longer to let her in too, before he slips in close and back to Darcy's side. "This is Darcy. Darcy, this is Laynia — Priscilla and I bumped into her this morning."

There has been the announcement; Jimmy feels that particular sense of presence from her; and then the curtains actually open. Jimmy decides to find the ceiling fascinating at about that time. "…and that's her." How's that for Darcy's first view of Priscilla 'Voodoo' Kitaen?

"Dobryj vecher, good evening Jimmy." Laynia responds with a smile. "As you predicted?" She asks with a quirked brow and then turns to Darcy, offering a hand in greeting. "Hello, Darcy, as Jimmy has said I am Laynia, a pleasure to meet you." Laynia will sit at their table once they find one, handbag in her lap and her posture positively picture perfect. Still, she definitely seems to appreciate the dancing.

"Bozhe moi, she is very good, da?" She asks the others at the table.

"OH. Hey! Nice to meet you, Laynia," Darcy greets pleansantly, shaking the offered hands. Settling next to Jimmy at their table. Yes, yes she is having a lot of fun with this. She collects his hand and tries to tell him that it's totally okay for him to look too, but then Voodoo's dancing and well… Darcy attention is grabbed.

"Oh. fuck. God damn.. Jimmy. YOur friend is fucking hot as hell," she says, leaning toward him without taking her eyes from Voodoo.

And given that table includes her guests, Voodoo does not ignore them, but makes a very good point of some very up close and personal attention for Jimmy - even as he's trying to watch the ceiling instead - Darcy and Laynia.

After about twenty minutes and four or five songs, Voodoo's set ends, and she saunters off stage as the announcer promises everyone she will return soon to the floor offering the possibility of lap dances or special, private VIP room dances for those willing to pay for the privilege.

And about ten minutes later, as the next dancer takes the stage, Priscilla's bountiful curves make themselves known once more, with a translucent purple peignoir that more accentuates than conceals anything, and the same glittering purple g-string she was almost wearing earlier. When she does emerge, Pris moves almost immediately over towards the table seating her guests. "Hi. I'm glad everyone could make it." Pris offers, leaning over to give each of the women their own personal hug and a kiss on each cheek. Jimmy gets the same, but goes last to give him a chance to prepare himself; poor Jimmy. "I hope everyone is having a great evening so far?"

Jimmy's attention on everything but the stage is pretty useful for finding a table. Once there, he tugs a chair out for Darcy and gently ushers her in, so she can find her way without needing to take her eyes off what she's watching. Once Laynia's seated too, he finally slips down next to Darcy, an arm naturally draping across her shoulders.

"Yeah," he murmurs. "Yeah, she is." To both Laynia and Darcy's observations. He may not watch the whole thing like they do, but he can still feel the responses radiating off… well, pretty much everyone in the club. Laynia's question about his prediction goes unfortunately forgotten.

When Priscilla emerges, he gives her a flushed smile, a wave of his hand… and he steels himself, accepting those kisses on his heat-radiating cheeks. "Oh yes. And this — the gorgeous starry-eyed one — as you'd guess, is Darcy. She's been excited about this visit pretty much all day. That's, uh, a nice robe." He doesn't know the differences among all the kinds of dressing gown.

Laynia finds it in her heart to forgive Jimmy's distraction, she'll ask again later, perhaps.

She is definitely kept engaged by the dancing, Jimmy would probably find her (well concealed) aversion to the F-bombs amusing. She's not really disapproving, just…shocked. Clearly not very common for a woman to use such language in her time.

The SENTIMENT, however, that is something laynia fully agrees with.

There is very little talk during the show, but Laynia will strive to be good company, and will buy a round, as well as forking over for a lap dance for not just Jimmy, but Darcy too whilst getting that round. Yes, she IS a former spy, she can do subtle! Not that they'll be too mystified for long, not a large suspects pool!

"You are exquisite dancer, Priscilla! I have never seen equal!" Yes, her accent is a bit thicker at the moment. Still, the cheeks being kissed? Hardly phased her, she even returns the favor, cheeks only of course.

"Ohmygod. YOu are so hot. I want to be you when I grow up," Darcy blurts out as Priscilla makes her way over. The hug and kiss are returned, Darcy smiling broadly. The turned on fangirl easy enough to see, even without any ability to sense her emotions.

"Yes. This is the best. THanks so much for inviting us," she adds after a moment, more than eager for the lapdance for Jimmy as much for herself.

"Why, thank you!" Pris offers to Darcy, and Laynia. She gratefully accepts the praise of all of her guests. And if she surreptitiously accepts Laynia's money for a promised lapdance for the couple, she does her best to do so without anyone else being any the wiser. "Please, enjoy yourselves. I'm certainly not the only great dancer, here. Kori isn't on until later tonight, because she was working during the early shift. But she will be here before the night is out."

More amiable and friendly banter is shared, before finally Pris slinks over between the adorable couple and starts gyrating to the latest tune; even as the next dancer is coming on stage and beginning her show, Priscilla starts a show focused exclusively on Jimmy and Darcy, just the way Laynia asked. And this time, she is quite literally less than an inch away.

Jimmy smiles his thanks to Laynis when she returns with the drinks, and then the smile turns awkward when he takes notice of her shock. "Darcy likes to say exactly what she means." Meaning no, she doesn't much censor herself. He says it with clear warmth in his tone; he likes that honesty, even if it may be shocking at times. Like right then, when she says those compliments right to Priscilla's face. That one gets him to choke quietly, his chin ducking. "You're plenty grown up already, dear Darcy." He blinks at a name Priscilla mentioned, his head tilted. "Wait, Kori?" It's a reasonably common name, right? Kori isn't necessarily 'Kori Anderson', right?

Ah, but then there's the more personal dance occurring. Darcy may be the one who bruises easily, but Jimmy may get a burst blood vessel or two in his cheeks from sheer overblush. He keeps one hand to himself and the other on Darcy's back, letting her have the majority of the fun. Oh, he's enjoying it all the same; he's just also awkward enough to perhaps be imagining digging himself a hole to hide in. Or maybe he's contemplating throwing all the attention on Priscilla and then just disappearing. Veils can be so handy.

Laynia does indeed do a creditable job of discreet money offering, and whispers her request during the kissed cheeks, and embrace. Nothing if not sly!

She does blush a little when Jimmy explains to her about Darcy, which embarasses her a bit AND confirms he has some sort of extraordinary perception. "Ah, of course, I apologize if my surprise was…uncomfortable?"

She can't help but smile at the energy from Darcy. When the lap dances start she loses any pretense of innocence, OPENLY grinning. Rising, and then making her way to the ladies room for a time, before she returns. She's pretty quiet after that, but definitely does enjoy the evening.

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