2019-08-02 - A Bump On The Head


An explosion at 'Valhalla' gets SHIELD and Lady Sif responding

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Aug 2 04:20:52 2019
Location: Valhalla

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About twenty minutes ago, the alarm went out to SHIELD. An explosion occured at 'Valhalla', the coffee shop not far from the Asgardian Embassy.

That's going to alert the Embassy as well as a number of their employees eat there regularly. And it's lunch time.

When SHIELD arrive, Jemma Simmons is already there - looking a little worse for wear as she guides people from the establishment. There's blood streaming from a cut on her forehead, at the very least.

There are still people inside, the roof is unstable and there's panic. They need to get control of the location and get the people out.

"We got anything on the drone feed?" Clint's voice is heard on the SHIELD comm as he emerges from the black SUV, grabbing his black jacket and sliding his arms into it. Not exactly low-key in the combat suit with the black armor contoured to form, but the coat helps to break the silhouette enough to fit in a bit more out in the world.
He advances on the people quickly, those that are being guided out and he gestures behind him as he shouts. "Move it people, paramedics setting up at the corner." His gaze is sweeping the area, going from person to person to person, triage training helping him gauge their wounds. But these are the ambulatory people, the ones able to get away.
Then, "Simmons!" Barton's moving in and he tells the comms, "Need a medic for Simmons, bleeder head wound."
Quickly coming towards her he pauses only long enough for a quick exchange as he looks towards the coffee shop.

Sif was home when the call went out, so she's there quickly enough, racing over in a rather mismatched combination of her workout attire, weapons, and rollerskating knee and elbow pads.
She looks at the injured Agent Simmons directing others to get clear, the Midgardian man just arrived and already barking out orders, and she just mentally dismisses both and heads straight into the damaged building to try and help anyone that might still be trapped in there.

"London here. We're about to." A feed comes in for Clint from an orbiting rather small drone. It's not SHIELD spec, though. It's coming through from one of the contractors, who is coming out of a black unmarked van with two ENORMOUS robot dogs. There's a purple-ish haze around him and he's holding a weapon that reconfigures as he's dismounting into what looks like a very techy shotgun.

"Marking thermals. We've got folks in the building. Looking for threat patterns. Got it. Two of the people in there are plants. They've got weapons. High possibility that they've got some kind of overwatch or sniper hidden in the buildings nearby but I don't have a bead yet."

The two dog-drones deploy weapons out of their backs. Really… nasty looking ones. Then they circle round toward the back of the building.

"I'm ok, Barton." Jemma brushes off the offers of help and pushes the people she's with towards the medics. She's not but it's not life threatening. "We've got more people in that building to help out … Lady Sif … I thi—-"

Too late, the Asgardian heads into the building where she finds people she knows. Employees for the embassy, all human. One of them holds a hand out to her and struggles in her direction. She'll need to negotiate the debris and such to get to them and the roof groans above her.

"My bag is in there." Simmons adds as she heads back towards the scene.

Apart from the hostiles, the drones show the carnage. The blast seems to be centred near where they can see Jemma's bag sitting.

At the intel from Jeriah, Clint scowls to himself. His personal desire, to rush in and try and get the people out… that's precluded with the knowledge of the sniper. And for a moment he seems antsy, standing there beside Jemma even as Sif rushes past and into the building.
"Alright." Clint's voice is a displeased rumble, but then he adds with more authority, "Alright." He gives a quick look to Simmons, eyebrow quirking as he makes sure she's not exactly going to keel over, then nods to her.
Across the comms but directly to Jemma he says, "I need to get high, gimme three minutes to relocate and I'll try and get eyes on the sniper if he's out here, and get some firing angles on those inside. We got Sif going into the building, heads up."
But then Jemma starts to head back inside and the archer shoots her a /look/, "I'll buy you a new one. You gotta get clear, you're hurt. Agent!" Clint tries to get the attention of a passing SHELD operative and says, "Get Agent Simmons to a medic, get her secured. Move!"With that, however, Clint breaks off and moves into the alley of one of the neighboring buildings, starting to ascend with the rattle and clank of his boots upon the fire escape and the building's superstructure.

Sif picks her way through the debris as quickly as she can, looking up at the ceiling worriedly when the structure starts to complain. She looks around hastily to see if there's anything she can wedge between the floor and ceiling to give them just a few more seconds, but then she's at the closest of the injured and trapped Midgardian employees. Her sword gets tucked away quickly to free her hands (the buckler is no hindrance) and she starts quickly but carefully moving whatever's got the employee trapped.

When she finds the dishonorable CRETINS that did this…

"Who the hell let Xena into the AO?" London grouses as he begins to move toward Simmons. Who is being dumb at the moment. She should not go back into a building that has already exploded once. The things you learn in 'the sandbox'.

"Doc are you out of your mind?! There could be a secondary charge in-" He's cut off in his rant by the wall next to him just exploding into a shower of brickwork as a high caliber round passes through it.

"Shit! I'm under fire." Jeriah takes cover but that was a BIG bullet. "Can't quite triangulate him but he's somewhere northeast of the building. I'm not kitted for long range combat." Which is true. He's a CQB expert. Snipers are a whole different breed.

"It's my work bag." Jemma growls at the other two. "It can't be left in there, there's information in it." As if Jemma would care about about a 'normal' bag. "Of course I could buy another one but that one…"

It's unusual that Jemma would have left something so sensitive unattended. What the hell went down here, exactly?

"That's Lady Sif. And I don't think anyone would be able to stop her."

Inside the building, Sif has to lift the counter and cabinet that's collapsed. There's enough debris that she can support the ceiling for the moment - but timing is going to be a fine thing and the cabinet and counter are heavy.

The man nearest her is definitely an employee, the one next to him - she doesn't recognise. As she bends to start lifting, a weapon comes up and is pointed in her direction. The click audible as they pull the trigger.

Under his breath, Clint snarls a 'Fuck', as he's taking too damn long. He runs along the fire escape then up the next story even as he grabs at the collapsible bow on his hip, the weapon extending with a short sharp snap as he moves. His thumb already keys through the selector, the small quiver on his hip whirring slightly as it attaches an arrowhead in place.
Without breaking stride, Clint looks upwards, fire escape jouncing with each step. Lip of the building? Bad sight lines. Through that window to the opposite facing one? Still too low. Atop that water tower? Great sight lines. Very little cover. Vulnerable. Dangerous. Perfect.
His bow lifts and he nocks, draws, then fires the grapple line, thin cabling trailing behind it as it arcs upwards and imbeds in the side of that roof top cistern then the line whirs faintly as it aids his ascent. Just a few seconds and suddenly he's up there. Seconds for him to land with a clang on the aluminum roof. Seconds for him to sweep the area with a look as the visor in his mask feeds data to him. Seconds before that sniper will set up on him since he's so blindingly in the open. Seconds before Clint identifies the three likely spots where the sniper might be, aided by the simple fact that those spots… are the ones he'd use himself.
No time to choose an arrowhead. He draws, nocks, fires. A split second before there's another /CRACK/ from above the street, and suddenly Clint finds himself hurtling through the air and falling backwards off that Cistern.

Sif doesn't bother with trying to brace the ceiling. Her time is better spent getting the Midgardian man she recognizes free, so that's what she works on. Well, right up until the man she does NOT recognize brandishes a weapon and aims it at her. Knowing the risks, especially of using her buckler to deflect whatever manner of projectile this device will launch, she snatches a hand forward to GRAB the weapon away from the man none too gently. If she breaks a few of his delicate Midgardian fingers, so be it. He will have started to learn the folly of crossing an Aesir.

Clint's arrow finds it's mark. It's a taser head and it puts it's target down for the count, but someone will have to go collect him later or he will recover. A hit like that is normal for Hawkeye but it's impressive all the same. How many other marksmen could have made that shot at that distance against a target they could only sort of see with such a slim timing window?

Very, very, very few of them.

Jeriah comes out but his flying drone spots Clint falling.


One of the robo-dogs spins around and begins running toward where Clint is descending. As he comes down it makes a jet assisted leap upward, hoping to catch him on it's back. It's a big bot. Big enough to ride. It's back is METAL so it's going to be uncomfortable, but it's better than hitting the ground surely.

The other drone and the contractor head into the building. It takes him only a moment to identify the OTHER armed guy. The one who isn't being grabbed by Sif.


A shotgun pattern of electro plasma goes right through him. And that, as they say, is that.

The howl from the Midgardian as Sif grabs his weapons is loud. It drowns out the cracks of his bones as several fingers break. "Thank you, Lady Sif." The man in front of her breathes as the cabinet is lifted. She's going to have to carry him out though - after she deals with that weapon.

Jeriah's attack causes the second attacker to just drop where she is.

With the snipers gone and the plants cleared, the first responders can clear the cafe now and work out what happened.

"Barton, London?" That's Jemma, who has been manhandled by a medic to receive care. "Lady Sif?" She's sitting on the back on the SUV as they clean her up a bit. "Are you three ok?" She didn't see Clint pitch from the cistern, so she's not as worried as she might be.

Thumping heavily onto the back of the robot canine, Clint oofs and just sprawls over the thing. One eye scrunches up in pain as he winces and then somehow manages to cough, his voice clearly hoarse and starved for breath as he's had a good chunk of the wind knocked out of him.
"Sniper down. Third building over. Top floor." Then the comms go quiet as he leans over slightly to weakly pat-pat-pat the robot dog's head, the impact shoulder plate on his combat suit smoking and cracked from the sniper round's impact. "Good boy. Uncle Clint s'gonna pass out now…" And he slumps. Though probably not for /too/ long.

Sif bends the weapon she pulled from the man's hand until it's visibly unusable then tosses it aside and reaches to help the injured embassy employee out of the destroyed building and into the hands of the Midgardian healers.

She looks at Agent Simmons, and upon seeing that the healers have already seen to her injuries, she tells the partly metal woman, "I will keep helping get others free of this damage." And then she's heading back into the building again. She'll see about hefting that counter furniture as a brace against the ceiling now so that the others already entering to pull other injured people free are less at risk.

"I'm fine." Jemma can actually hear London's voice since he's in the building. The dog drone stands over Barton as he probably inevitably slides off it's polished metal back.

"This is a different MO than last time." The hacker does not offer to get people clear of the debris because that is ABSOLUTELY not his specialty. But Sif should have them all clear in very short order.


"Simmons, Barton might need a look. He took a big fall."

Jemma's a cyborg. She's a cybernetic eye and arm, as well as neural implants. She's still mostly 'squishy' though. The gash will need some stitches but given she seemed to be near the centre of the blast, she's gotten off remarkably easily.

"Would you get my bag, please, Lady Sif?" She asks the woman.

"On it, Mister London." Jemma waves the medic off again now they've seen to her and makes her way to Clint, kneeling beside him and petting the dog-drone absently. Just how bad is the archer? She's careful before moving him around.

Inside, Jeriah will find a charred body, near where Jemma's bag is. Likely sitting at a table close to her. The entire left hand is missing - it looks like it exploded. There's flakes of metal on the ground - he might notice those.

On the ground, Clint remains unmoving until Jemma blocks some of the light casting a shadow over him. He looks up a bit blearily, his shoulder still smoking a bit from that reactive armor's chemical reaction. One gauntleted hand lifts to shield his eyes a touch as she's silhouetted with the light behind her.
"Hey Simmons." A little bleary, then he adds, "Thought I'd just take a lil nap." His eyes widen a little behind the purple visor and then his brow knits as he perhaps remembers a few important things. He sits up a little slower than usual, hands scraping the ground as he pushes himself upright.
"How we doin?" He asks, as casually as if asking the score from last night's ball game.

Sif methodically but with very clear awareness of how little time they have pulls people out of the building — but she stops and shoulders Jemma's bag on her way through since the scientist asked. Are all Midgardian buildings this prone to collapse when damaged? She might see about asking for one of the Aesir scholars to perhaps offer wisdom on more durable buildings.

After she's handed off the last Midgardian that had been trapped in the building (that she could see, anyway), she turns around and starts trying to find Jemma… oh, there she is next to a downed man and a … metal warhound?

Jeriah kneels down and runs his fingers through the flakes. Yeah. All of this looks bad. Someone will need to bag this up and analyze it and that is definitely not him.

"We've got something odd here. Odd and a little bit gross. We'll need a science unit out here."

"You've got an incoming Xena." Jeriah says as he stalks toward Jemma with the OTHER metal warhound. The hound by Clint sees Sif and…

Play bows?

"That was a hell of a fall you took, Barton. Hell of a shot you took too."

"We're doing just fine, Barton." Jemma shakes her head after giving Clint a quick examination. "No broken bones that I can tell. A few bruises and you might have a bit of a headache. Good thing you've got a thick head." She helps him sit and turns to face the others.

There's still blood on her face but she looks worse than she is, sort of.

"Thank you, Lady Sif. May introduce Agents Jeriah London and Clint Barton. Your help in there was invaluable. I remember getting my cup of tea and … then something exploded. What… there were others in there, weren't there?"

"What do you mean, hell of a shot he took?" That's to Jeriah.

The science team moves in and starts to collect samples from the site. They'll do a few tests as well - that will take a couple of moments.

"M'fine, Simmons." Clint says, perhaps answering a question he hears mainly in his head. Then as Sif starts to wander over he looks up at the statuesque amazon of an Asgardian and says a little punch drunk, "Better now."
But then his attention is snared by Jeriah's words. "Mmm," He starts to push himself awkwardly to his feet, wincing a little and rolling his shoulder. "Crap." Lifting a hand to his ear he speaks into the comms, "Someone give me a 20 on the sniper? I don't have line of sight." Perhaps hoping someone's already investigating.
Then back to the others, "We get 'em?" Still perhaps a bit out of it.

Sif offers Jemma her bag back, then offers the bowing metal warhound a hand to sniff. The creature is metal, and she not really sure what to make of it. "There are no innocents left inside this damaged edifice." She doesn't offer any information about a 'sniper', whatever that is.

Clint's repeated question about 'getting' someone does have her looking at him in concern. "Archer, I suspect you have taken a blow to the head."

"We got 'em, Clint. Well, it'd be more accurate to say that you got 'em. If you mean the sniper. We've got someone on it. We know where he went down." Jeriah triangulated it. These are the kinds of the things you can do when you have a computer in your head.

"He took a shot at distance while falling, Jemma." That really should explain everything. Jeriah knows how difficult it is to make shots while moving. Let alone falling. Let alone with precision. Let alone with a bow.

"I'll get on the cleanup detail. Clint don't push yourself now. At least not until you've gotten a good looking over."

Will Clint push himself anyway? Jeriah has no idea but if he were a betting man he'd say 'probably.'

"Lady Xena." The hacker-soldier nods to Sif as that aura around him fades and he heads off to intercept the newly arriving SHIELD units.

"And a bump on the head." Jemma rolls her eyes as Clint greets Sif. "Medics, take Agent Barton back to the Triskelian and put him under observation. I'll be back to check on him, later." If he's still there. If there's one thing the staff in the medbay has learned - Clint will do what Clint wants.

"Lady Sif, Mister London." She corrects the hacker as she takes the bag. "Thank you. I really appreciate you collecting that. It has information in it."

"Agent Simmons?" That's one of the science team. "These flakes are behaving like Reverbium. You should come and look at this."

"On my way. Rest Clint. Lady Sif, thank you again and Mister London - did you get footage of Clints shot?"

Because those drones of Jeriah's are kind of amazing.

She's off though. Duty calls.

"Wouldn't be the first," Clint replies to Sif and gives her a small wink that with the wince that follows it makes it almost border upon the grotesque instead of charming.
"Xena, heh." Clint says, catching that reference. But he holds up a hand towards Jeriah a good three seconds too late even as the man has headed off to deal with the onset of more SHIELD units. "M'fine, London." Another reassurance granted, he at least seems to be coming back a little bit more.
But then Jemma has his full focus and he holds up a hand, at least offering the possibility that he might be down a step as he tells her, "Just gimme five, Simmons. I'll help us get things locked down here. Dunno if there are other operatives out there." He gestures with a nod towards one of the near buildings. "I'll go get a perch and see what I can see. Don't worry." His lip twists.
"I'll take an elevator this time." And with that he slaps one of the medics on the shoulder who likely look towards Jemma for further instructions. But Clint's a big boy.

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