2019-08-01 - Hellish Rain


Sarah Rainmaker And Robbie Reyes meet. Discussions are held while eating questionably-legit Navajo Flatbread.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 1 06:01:52 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen. Perhaps one of the most crime-infested areas in all of New York City, its also one of the most diverse. In both its hazards and its people. Nevertheless, Robbie Reyes drives around the neighborhood in his 1969 dodge charger, resisting the temptations of the spirit that resides within him at the same time. Thankfully, he hasn't driven across anyone horrible enough to transform.

But, eventually, he parks the car and gets out to walk around. Becuase in Hell's Kitchen? You can literally run into - anybody -…which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who it is.

Lets just hope, for Robbie's sake, that it isn't a serial killer or some other vile scumbag.

Hell's Kitchen also has a bad rap! Sure, some areas are still bad, but plenty have developed into nice neighborhoods again, drawing workers from nearby districts, and with them, food trucks to feed said workers on their lunch and dinner breaks.

One of which claims to have authentic Navajo flatbread tacos made with barbacoa. Which Sarah could not really let pass, given her nostalgia for the food of her childhood and her belief that it's unlikely to actually be good.

Sill! She's going to at least try it, so she's standing outside the truck in question, waiting patiently for her food.

Robbie ended up finding such a nice spot that claims to have amazing tacos of the Navajo flatbread variety. He's rarely had navajo food, and while all of them claim to be legit, his stomach was rumblin', so he got in line. He looks over at Sarah, and he decides to make conversation while he waits for his stuff too.

"Hey, chica." he tries to get her attention. "Do you know if this is actually legitimate navajo food?" Becuase she's a bystander who's getting food here, so she'd TOTALLY know, right?

"Depends. If it has green chile in it, it's actually New Mexican at least. Jury's out on the flatbread though." she says, peering over as she gets her food, stepping back to make room. "It smells good, at least…the barbacoa…so two out of three looks like?"

"On?" Robbie replies swiftly to her words of dependance, but then she explains the importance of having certain ingredients. He knows full well that if it has green chile, then its definitely of the mexicano variety of 'legitimate navajo'. But he smirks at her as he gets his food.

"Well, worth a shot." he starts to eat it. "Have you ever had legit navajo before? I wouldn't know how to differentiate."

"Yup. Not often but enough that I knew what it was. And it sorta went cross-culture outside the Navajo reservations too, so it's everywhere around the state and into Arizona." Sarah confirms, pausing to take a bite as she munches on it. "Mmmm…" She swallows. "Okay, it's not quite as hot as it needs to be, but not bad either…"

Robbie looks at Sarah and he gives her a bit of a soft look (really, a light smile that could be described as friendly). "I kinda feel rude for not having introduced myself. Name's Robbie. Robbie Reyes." He gives her a nod of his head, and he waits for her to introduce herself, if she feels like it.

He starts to eat his meal more fervently since he finds it rather delectable.

"Sarah. Sarah Rainmaker." She smiles faintly, taking another bite. There's a definite Amerindian cast to her features, if not as pronounced, which goes well with the tanned skin on display and the very long black hair that falls down her back like a waterfall. Not to mention the fringed boots definitely have a western flavor. "So, you work around here?" she says curiously after swallowing.

"Nice to meet you, Sarah." Robbie says with an affirming nod. But while he did notice her appearance (it was really hard not to), he didn't want to categorize or risk the chance that he was wrong about her ethnicity. But the question is heard, and its answered. "Yeah. I work at an Auto & Body shop across the street. Canelo's. You need a car fixed up or tricked out, take it there." he smirks at her a little bit. "You?"

"Heh, I've never actually owned a car." Sarah admits ruefully, shaking her head a bit. Then again, it's New York..lots of people don't. Parking is just a tad pricey! She hesistates, frowning a bit, then shrugs her shoulders slightly. "I'm with the Titans." she says after a moment of thought. Apparently just…not that interested in perserving a secret identity. Or at least, she doesn't see the point.
After all, the government knows exactly who she is and what she can do. Might as well flaunt it, right?

"Well, its New York. Most people walk everywhere." Robbie shrugs, before his eyes widen a little bit…then narrow. "Who?" He doesn't seem to know who the Titans are. He knows SUPER ULTRA big teams like the Avengers and has run into a few SHIELD guys before, but Titans? Tad new on his radar. "Is that a superhero group?"

Of course, while Sarah is a bit more easy about being a superhero and the information that goes with it…Robbie is a bit more on the cautious side. But he seemed like he wanted to know.

"Sorta. Teen metahumans mostly. Aliens. Very well trained murder monkeys. That sort of thing." Sarah says thoughfully. "Bit of everything. We only juts formed up not too long ago, moved into the Baxter Building downtown, the one the Fantastic Four own."

Robbie was admittedly interested in joining such a team but….with everything he's done, with what he is…would they even accept him? Part of him believes wholeheartedly that he's much better off working alone. And another part of him..wants to do good for his little brother Gabe to look up to. He takes a deep breath then before he answers, and perhaps Rainmaker could see the conflict in his eyes. "Sounds like a fun time."

The Apache girl studies Robbie thoughfully, taking another bite of her taco, and rapidly on her way to finishing it off. "It's been relatively peaceful so far, other than getting one of my teammates used to….American culture." she says, pausing briefly. "Mostly it's been getting things set up." She smiles easily. "But it's nice to be able to cook for people a bit too, and I've never lived in such a nice place before. Nothing like the Rez." She grins. "Trying not to get spoiled by it."

She tilts her head slightly, peering over at Robbie. "…sorry, did I say something wrong?"

Robbie listens to her attentively as she speaks. How does a ragtag group like that manage to get along? He didn't know. But she does make him smile a bit.

"No, you didn't. Its good for heroes to work together for a greater good. I can only imagine what that might be like." Though Robbie didn't see himself as a hero…more like an Outlaw. An anti-hero.

Sarah is still getting used to that idea as well. She doesn't consider herself a hero particularly. Just someone doing something with what gifts she was given, and trying to make the world better. Heroes are for people who don't have powers like hers but still manages to do great good, after all. "Well…" She looks thoughtful, popping the last of the taco past her lips and chewing before swallowing it down. "Mmm, I dunno about heroes…but we try to do what good we can." she says simply. "I don't know that all of us do it for the same reasons, but it's for the general good."

Robbie listens to her words as he stops eating before the last bite and he tosses what he didn?t finish into a nearby trash can, before those heterochromatic eyes of his find Sarah's own. "Isn't that what heroes do? Help?" He smirks at her. But he starts to turn on his heel. "I better get going. It was nice meeting you, and maybe we'll have another Navajo-flatbread and philosophy date." That last bit seems to be more joking and humorous than a legitimate offer, but he did appear genuine in the interest of meeting her again.

"Be seeing you. Adios." and with that, he's walking away.

Sarah laughs a bit. "Sure…this place is good enough I'll probably come back. Maybe I'll bump into you again." she says, waving idly as Robbie starts walking off. "Have a good day at work!" She idly dusts her fingers off, then a swirl of air surrounders her as she lifts off, before she soars up into the air, carried by the winds.

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