2019-08-01 - Dominating Confidence


Eve encourages a bit more confidence in Carin by helping her dominate in video games.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 1 06:19:53 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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"Kick his ass and let him know you did it!" Eve encourages Carin over the headset. She's playing Fornite with her. It's not really her game but it's what all the kids are playing these days.

The two of them are teamed up and, frankly, while Carin might be better than she is at it with ease, she's not so bad herself.

It's one of the first times that Carin has seemed, well…confident. Consistently. This could be because she's utterly murdering the opposition, by virtue of her reaction speed and aiming. To the point where she's been called an aimbot by several players, along with a lot of more uncomplimentary names. Something she's returned in kind to anyone who gives her abuse. But she's thoroughly enjoying herself, if nothing else! She's not perfect, but there have been many, many chicken dinner winners among your team.

And Eve is right there with her, laughing the whole way. She's having a blast. "I'm sitting right next to her. No aim bot. You're getting your ass kicked by a teenage girl."

She cackles. Of course, she's going to taunt them right back, supporting Carin the whole while. It's somethijng she needs and Eve enjoys.

Carin giggles a bit. "So suck it, dickcheese!" she adds, manuvering to bring up her sniper rifle as she sees someone building up into the sky in the distance and sending a blaze of fire into the other player as they poke their head above their rampart under construction, before she pauses to chew her way through a house wall to search for more goodies. "Hey, I got a purple assault here, want it?" she offers, glancing over briefly. "Mine's already good…"

"…sure! I don't do a lot of fortnite so I can always use better stuff," says Eve, cheerily, accepting the gift from Carin.

"You kick ass," she adds, brightly, "and these guys need to quake in their boots!"

"Well, it's not permanent but here, maybe it'll mow someone down better." the pale girl says, waiting patiently for Eve's character to arrive to take it and covering her as she does. Which is good, because she manages to snap shot another player coming in with a shotgun, blowing him off his feet and down to crawl on the ground, before finishing him off with a second blast as his equipment sprays out as his body disappears. "I think we're in the top five teams by this point…

"I think what you mean is you're the top five period. Sad they won't let you win some of that sweet, sweet esports money. Still, you'll just have to settle for being /amazing/." She winks at her. She barely had the chance to react before Carin had murdered the opposition. "We should stream."

"Eh, I'd have to be on stream and stuff for that…" CArin says, squirming. "And if you thought I'd get insults now, man, if they saw I was a mutant…" she frowns, squirming. "I dunno." She pauses a little, thinking, then says. "…maybe." She's at least considering it! And then, she's a bush. And lying in wait as the circle starts to contract around the area you're in.

"I mean, I can paint myself whiter than normnally and we can do it," she remarks, "but really, they'd just have to fucking deal. I'd love to see you have your own stream. I think you'd make a kick ass streamewr. And visibility can be a form of protection, you know, even if it brings problems with it." She smiles at her, warmly, as she shoots down anbother attacking player herself.

Carin considers. "Well…maybe…" she says, a bit shy now. "I mean…I've never been on camera like that with people just…watching me." She frowns. "…and also there'd be a better chance AIM would be able to find me again." she admits, sighing. "So maybe not the best idea…? I don't know if being internet famous would be any protection."

"..oh true," admits Eve, having failed to think of that. "Of course, being visible makes it harder for them to just /take/ you without attracting attention," she adds.

"Well, if I'm famous enough. And they still might track the signal back. I'd hate to bring them down on you." Carin says with a frown. pausing to open a gold chest as she finds it, then picking up a rocket launcher. "Bwhahaha….DEATH!" And she promptly uses it to utterly demolish a structure being built into the sky, sending a pair of players plummeting to the ground to bleed out.

"They should be afraid of you. But don't worry about /me/. I'm tougher than I look." She's a lot of other things than she looks, too, like a horrible eldritch monster… not that CArin knows that! She cracks up laughing at the use of the rocket launcher, though.

Carin grins. "Just one more team, looks like…they gotta be around here somewhere…probably lying in wait for us…" she notes, switching to a shotgun again as she approaches a fast food restaurant with a giant burger out front. "And of course I'm gonna worry about you, why wouldn't I?"

"Because I don't need you to. Truwst me. I'll be fine," says Eve, firmly.

Of course, she calls out, "On your six!" Because the other team is looking for them, too…

Carin twitch dodges away from the incoming bullets, getting clipped by one but dodging behind a tree to miss the others as they pop and smack into it, rapiding tearing it up and pinning her down. "Crap….see 'em?" she asks quickly turning around, then trying to quickly peek out, before having to dodge back as concentrated fire hits her position from an upper story window.

"Ack ack nooo," says Eve as she takes fire, trying to get the hell out of dodge as best she's able. "I'm low! I'm low!" she says after an explosion does some nasty splash damage to her gothy toon.

Carin pops out, lobbing more rockets towards the window…three of them perfectly firing through it to explode inside, just as you go down….but it's only to see the win screen. Winner winner chicken dinner! Carin whews. "Good thing I found this, I wouldn't have wanted to try and snipe them both firing from there…."

"…seriously, that was /close/. You're amazing," says Eve, brightly, to Carin.

Meanwhile, their headsets are filling with the outrage of teenage boys who just lost.

CArin sticks out her tongue, then takes off the helmet as she grins. "Yeah….I was pretty awesome there…" she admits cheerfully, obviously pleased to be on top. It's not somethign she gets to feel horribly often. "Wanna go grab some pizza to celebrate?"

CArin said the magic words. She's always hungry.

"…yes! Pizza sounds like an EXCELLENT idea."

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