2019-07-31 - Lassoing a Bronco!


In which Hank McCoy is dispatched to recruit a mutant, Joao Oliveira, aka Bronco.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 31 04:47:30 2019
Location: New York University and Hank's Lab in Westchester

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Hank McCoy is a well known sight to the hallowed halls of New York University, more than half his doctorates were earned here, one after he got furry! So though there's a few stares from time to time, mostly from new people, he is familiar enough that most people at the school do not. He's dressed today ina simple suit, eggshell-white, with a black shirt and a pale yellow tie. Feet are encased in black shoes, MASSIVE black shoes - size twenty at least, and of course the span of his shoulders is considerable as well. Presently walking with bright blue eyes on a tablet, he seems mildly distracted, though still seems to effortlessly navigate without bumping anyone.

Joao, on the other hand, is not very familiar with anything at all. Everything in the university is new to him, and it is no surprise that he finds himself rather overwhelmed by it all. The brunt of it comes from the papers, forms and other minutiae he has to fill, file, render unto or otherwise do something vaguely academic with in order to be ready for his freshman semester in the fall.

Currently, he is doing what every other young student has done in his predicament: walking down the hallway with his nose buried in the handy-dandy school maps, trying to locate one of the offices where he needs to turn stuff in. He doesn't stand out much from the other prospective students and those here doing their summer semster- a tan young man with good features, careless and casual in apparel, long black hair.

"The Student Life office… student life office…" he mutters to himself, like some mantram, hoping that the map might illuminate itself and show him the way. No such luck. He is so intent in his quest, that he has yet to notice Doctor McCoy, and he is heading straight for him…

Hank is not here idly, however, despite the distracted appearance he's here for a purpose - and when Joao gets within line of sight, there's a red blip that sends a ping out to Hank's screen. Baby blues peer up and about until he spots the obviously somewhat lost, mildly bewildered young man trying to puzzle out the almost entirely useless maps and papers.

Dark blue lips curl in amusement, all unawares a single fang visible over the bottom one, nope - he has no idea he does that!

Having found his quarry, the tablt is tucked away, and Hank approaches, clearing his throat before the land plows into him in his distraction. "Good afternoon, young man." His voice is deep, were he an opera singer he'd definitely be a basso-profundo, and his inflection is cultured. "It seems you might be a bit lost, might I offer some assistance?" He asks. His tone is kind, and he's very clearly amused, but more laughing with than at the dark haired lad.

Joao stops in his track at the mellifluous voice. He looks up from his map and his eyes might just get a little wider than is expected in polite society. His mind races instantly at the sight of Hank McCoy, and asks some very important questions:

He is covered in fur. How on earth does this poor guy not die in this summer heat?
He is wearing a suit. Again, how does he not just melt into a blue pile.
Look at that shoulder span, does he lift weights?
Wait, where on earth do you get a suit that broad?

"Er…" his mind races to the question that was asked of him, "Er. Yes! I'm sorry… I'm new here…" he holds up the wad of papers, thick enough to be a first draft for a dissertation proposal, "I was looking for the Student Life office. I have to put in my notice that I'm living off-campus…" his English has a faint trace of a British accent. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name… I'm Joao."

In order: He is tough, second answer same as the first, yes in fact he does lift weights, and the suit is clearly custom tailored.

Hank can almost hear the thoughts racing, and if he cannot sense the actual thoughts, the expression on Joao's face is a comic study in surprise. Not even slightly offended, he KNOWS he's a sight to most people, Hank glances at the wad of papers, and nods. "Doctor Henry McCoy, but you can call me Hank if you'd like?" A deft side step, and then Hank points down the hall. "Right so…down to the end, make a left, up two flights then…" He pauses, studying Joao thoughtfully. "Actually, why don't I take you? I don't actually have any classes at the moment, so I have the time, Mister…?" This with a dinner plate spanning hand offered to shake, at least the claws are neatly trimmed!

Joao shakes Hank's hand, or rather it is more accurate to say that Hank will shake his, being but a fraction of the size. "Oh, please, I wouldn't mind- unless I'm taking up your time, H- Doctor." The offer was there, but Joao finds it very hard to call him by his first name. As any well-bred Argentinian boy knows, titles are important. Doctorates are earned by people working very, very. hard. "I'm Joao. Joao Oliveira," he says, smiling a little. He eagerly falls in step with Hank, still very much obviously in awe of his appearance and size, "You teach here? What classes do you teach?"

Despite the 'engulfery' quality of the handshake it is firm and friendly. The skin has a slightly odd texture - something between supple leather, and…velvet? Regardless, he shakes Joao's hand and then smiles broadly, and yes, the man definitely has some fangs. Luckily he's smiling and not baring fangs, the difference when he does so is quite dramatic!

"Well, Mister Oliveira, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." A gesture to indicate the direction, then Hank starts off down the hall he'd initially indicated.

"I take it you're new to the States? Or merely New York?" The pace he sets is lively without rushing, then again, Hank does have longer than usual limbs, he really seems to be built more along the lines of a great ape than Homo Sapiens.

Joao follows Hank's pace without much effort. There is an undercurrent of springy energy to most of his movements, and even the fashionable, baggy clothes can't quite hide the fact that he appears to be quite the athlete. "Hm? No, not /exactly/… my dad is from Brazil, Mom's from here. I used to spend time here and there… and a good chunk with some family in Argentina. But this year I've moved here for good to attend school."

All sorts of impolite questions race through his mind, like: does Hank have to vacuum his house every day? Does he shed? How often does his shower get clogged? All of them are relatively innocent and without malice. Hank just happens to be the first fuzzy person Joao has met personally. There are mutants in Argentina, of course, but his best friend down there did't have fur. Three eyes? Yes, but not fur.

Seeing Joao's ease at keeping up, Hank will subtly increment the speed up, not too much, just a friendly sort of testing and feeling out of limits as they go. "Ah Brazil, I have only been there once, attending a medical symposium hosted in Sao Paulo." Hank's pronunciation of the city's name is spot on. "Lovely city." Hank smiles. "Forgive me, you asked before what I teach - I'm not a permanent instructor here, though I do speak fairly often. I do teach at another school, the Xavier Institute, in Salem."

Hank doesn't seem to be at all secretive, not that a man of his size COVERED in blue-black fur -could- be. Even so, there's a sense that he'd probably answer any questions put to him. So were Joao to ask, he'd likely get his answers. "I'm primarily a teacher of Sciences and Math, particularly the biological sciences, and chemistry though I've been a lecturer on other topics."

Catching the pronunciation, Joao brightens, "Fala voce portugues, eh?" he says with a grin, "Sao Paulo is great, my dad has his business there but the family lives i Fortaleza…"

He tilts his head, "The Xavier institute… tell me more about that? Isn't Salem like… four hours away?" he looks at Hank again, wondering if he could fly, "That's a very long commute…"

The increase in pace doesn't seem to be noticed much by Joao. He is clearly enthralled by his new acquaintance, and the mention of this institute fires up his natural curiosity. He tries to imagine Hank in a chemistry lab, trying to manipulate pipettes and small vials with such massive hands and comes to the conclusion that maybe he has special lab equipment. He'd love to see what that looks like.

"Alas, only a few words, but I'm a fairly quick study, and -language-, well, it is our interface with those around us, how can one -not- love language?" It is evident that Hank takes great pains with his own speaking, his elocution is exacting, and he has trained his voice - not as a singer, but as a speaker…something that surely serves him well in his teaching efforts!

"Well, the Xavier Institute is a private but fully accredited school offering a broad curriculum of study, though only accredited for a two-year degree. I actually live on campus." The last bit as an aside.

As they reach the stairs he starts up them, disdaining use of the elevator that's right there too. "Might I ask your interest? Have you a course of study in mind, Mister Oliveira?"

"Oh, languages are one of my interests, in fact!" Joao brightens up, "I grew up with a few languages and I want to acquire more. But I don't know if I want to make a study of individual languages, or the field itself…" Joao takes the steps by twos and twos. The bounce in his step might come across as a little hyperactive, or someone who simply likes to be in motion constatly.

"I also like history and philosophy… my dad says you can't make a living out of those, but I think that if you know how to think well and you know what's happened before, you're pretty prepared for the future…" he smiles at Hank. "I'm afraid I'm not very good at math or chemistry. But I'm always open to be persuaded!"

"Linguistics is a fascinating field of study." Hank says, and it might surprise Joao a bit that Hank doesn't seem to have any problems at all in matching his speed up the stairs, it is telling that the others on the stairs seem to be prepared for Doc McCoy's bounding stair climbing, keeping to the edges once the blue fur is spotted. "I have several languages myself, I adore words - everything about language, communication, interaction." He shrugs helplessly, grinning broadly.

"Sounds like your interests are quite diverse." He pauses on a landing, looking out the window to the quad with a smile. "If I might be so bold, Mister Olivaira, I have a confession to make." He turns to lean against the railing there, the landing actually fairly private. "As you have no doubt surmised, I am a mutant." In fact he's a very high profile mutant, and has been for years. "What may not be quite so obvious, is that our meeting was not random, I was here specifically today to meet you and offer you some options for our kind."

Yes. He said 'our' kind.

Joao smiles at Hank's enthusiasm. It's easy, having your guard taken down by enthusiasm, and watching someone wax poetic about the study of language is endearing, in its geeky, nerdy way. He stops when Hank leans against the railing and cants his head, listening.

His eyes go slightly wide as hank launches the first part of his pitch. His hazel eyes instnatly lock on Hank's very blue ones, and the young man looks a little guarded.

"Wait. You were sent to meet me? Who…?" he does not deny the mutant part. At this point, it is obvious to Joao that the charming blue fluff in front of him has the upper hand in knowldge— in general, and as it pertains to him in particular. Trying to deny it would be futile. Still, he is not -that- guarded. In his 'I'm almost 20 years old' arrogance, he considers himself a good judge of people, and he can't conceive this affable man harboring malevolent intentions.

It is incredibly fortunate for him that, in this case, he happens to be right. Of course, technically speaking Hank isn't *that* much older than he is, just a few years, but when someone is covered in fur, you can't really tell very well. That, and the deep voice, and the doctorate clearly give Joao the feeling that he is taking to someone, if not a very well-preserved forties, at least at the mid to late thirties. His misconception of Hank's age, combined with some of the culture regarding older people in Brazil, might explain the obvious deference.

Hank meets Joao's gaze without flinching, and his blue eyes are clear, there's nothing to indicate any duplicity at all in them. If he IS a malefactor, he's a DAMN convincing one, that is for sure.

"I was sent, yes." Hank admits with a nod. "The Institute is a haven for Mutants, like myself." And Joao. "The curriculum also includes some…esoteric…educational opportunities that literally exist nowhere else." Translation: Power Usage 101! He reaches into an inside pocket of his jacket, and takes out a business card, handing it to Joao. "If you might find this interesting, the opportunity is a golden one, but…lets you to the Student Life ofice, shall we?"

Nope, not going to hard sell, he'll simply make the option available, and let Joao ask, or not, as suits him. He is pretty sure that he's got the almost 20-year old at least curious, and that's a good start.

On the card is Hank's name, his mobile and office numbers, and his email. "Please feel free to call or email at any time, I keep some very strange hours, and if I don't answer immeidately, I do always respond to voice or emails sent to those numbers and that account." He starts back up the stairs then, and glances sidelong to Joao as they climb. "Any questions for me, Mister Oliveira?"

"Wait wait wait," Joao says, reaching out and grabbingg Hank's arm- though not brusquely, merely as a meaure tto keep him from sprinting off to the Student Life office. "Let's not be hasty here. The office will still be there tomorrow…" he pauses.

He looks at the card, then he looks up at Hank. Then back down at the card again, and then back up. And then that dimpled smile comes up, the one that his teachers dreaded and his mother knew all too well, because it's the one that helped him get away with figurative murder. "… can I see the campus?"

The suit does a lovely job of hiding the man's musculature - he is /very/ powerfuly muscular when Joao grips his arm, but Hank stops immediately at the words, before the grab. He looks with brow quirked, and then laughs at the devilish smile. "Oh my stars and garters, you need to meet my friend Remy, you and he would get on like wildfire."

A firm nod. "The office will indeed be there tomorrow, but…so will the Institute. I did not want to derail your plans so cavalierly…for all you know I am some nefarious malefactor, after all. As to seeing the campus. That can be arranged, but there's a vetting process, we have to be VERY mindful about security as well you can imagine. Would you like to discuss it in more detail?"

"If the campus lets nefarious malefactors lecture here regularly, then it would stand to reason I'd be in just as much danger here as I would be with you, no?" Joao raises an eyebrow, smile intensifies. He realizes he's still holding on to Hank's arm and lets his hand drop quickly. The man was like a brick of concrete. He'd hate to be at the receiving end of a back slap, his punches probably knock you out for hours.

"Yes, actually, I would." His voice drops. "If we need privacy, there's this Banh mi place just outside the campus. Hardly anyone's there right now 'cause everybody's in classes here."

"Weeeeeellll…the very BEST of us are adroit and adept at the fine arts of subterfuge and misdection, of course." Because what could possibly be more subtle than a fellow that looks like a carpeted linebacker? Subtle! And then Hank is laughing softly, and nods. "Yes, privacy would likely be best." He says it 'PriHV-uh-see. "And I could definitely go for some Vietnamese food, sure." Hank grins when his arm is freed. "I admit I tend to burn a fair amount of fuel in any given day."

He looks to Joao, "Lead the way, Mister Oliveira."

"This way, then!" Joao grins and starts makig his way down the stairs, that spring in his step is redoubled. "I too burn a lot, since…. well, I 'manifested.'"

It is not a long trip, to be honest. Taking the nearest exit from the campus and walking a block away, the food place is an unassuming but tastefully-decorated little place. It is to the credit of the staff that nobody really makes much ado of Hank's appearance. The server, though, looks at the blue mutant with a calculating glance for a few seconds and says "Booth! This way!"

The booth is pretty spacious, fortunately, and it is located in a corner. Nice and private, as Joao assumed Hank wanted. "This is the first place I found when I came to the city. It's easier to find than the food court in the university," he grins.

"Physical mutation, I presume." Hank asks as they make their way to the restaurant. "Lotus House Bahn Mi, must be new, I don't think I've eaten here before." Hank will hold the door and allow Joao to go in first, following after. Honestly, if he fretted about every occasionally odd look he'd have ulcers deeper than the Marianas Trench! He instead focuses on standing straight, and behaving in a genteel manner, a friendly genteel at that. He nods acceptance of a booth, and smiles.

It is very fortunate that the booth is both private and spacious, Hank's not very tall - just under six feet, but he's /buff/, his shoulder span is greater than a meter! Settling instinctively for maximum line of sight, he laughs softly at Joao's observation. "Oh yes, the city planners specifically went to Ikea for their layout inspiration, it is meant to confuse and befuddle."

Joao chuckles, "I actually haven't been to Ikea yet, but from what everybody tells me the lead designer is M. C. Escher." He opens his menu, even though he already knows what he is going to have. He does notice Hank's shoulder span, and finds more questions going through his head. Some of those thoughts must be peculiar, as he looks down at the menu for a second to distract himself, before finally deciding that he DIDN'T know what he wanted to start with, because he just found something else that looked as good. The danger of having an appetite is that sometime what you thought you wanted wasn't nearly as appetizing as what has just presented itself to you.

"So, the vetting process… what do I need to do? I've never done something like that before."

"Actually…I think it was the gentically recombined bio-engineered love child of M.C. Escher and August Ferdinand Mobius." Hank smiles. "With a dash of Marquis DeSade." Okay, that's a bizarre and potentially brains breaking prospect right there. Hank looks at his menu as well, eyes flicking over it before he sets it aside. Unaware of Joao's thoughts, thankfully Hank is not a telepath, he knows far too many of them to even condsider their powerset. Nope, he'll say himself, thanks!

"Well, it involves a fairly mundane process done on the Net, but the important part is a telepathic scan." Hank nods. "Even I had to submit to one, and I was one of the first students there when it was a very different place than today." Hank is not going to prevaricate or many any bones about this. "The process is quite painless, and the 'tells' that are sought are very specific and not shared, your privacy is not going to be compromised, no unethical peeking or alterations." He is very firm on those points, and the clarity of his baby blues never wavers, this man believes, and very VERY strongly, everything he's saying…or else he's the best liar that Joao has likely ever met.

"So the fact I've got a Spice Girls poster hanging over my bed is never going to become vox populi after my scan, is what you're telling me."

Joao delivers that line with complete and total, serious earnestness.. It's very hard to tell if he's joking or not, until a corner of his mouth begins to twitch just a little.

"Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, hell…you can have the collected works of Menudo, but not one of those will be found out unless you choose to put it all out there during the vetting." Hank hastens to reassure, and yes, the mirth in those eyes - THAT is quite evident. "I have known the people who do the scans, truly, they are the most ethical people I have ever met." He is smiling, but the smile is elipsed by the serious mien. "Consider - they have to work to shield people's feelings and thoughts /out/, it is something they have to learn how to do. Being telepathic, or empathic does not as rule make for a person with an invasive bent, quite the opposite in almost every case."

He pauses when he sees the approach of the server, a subtle chin-tilt to warn Joao, just in case. Hank orders the pho and bahn mi combo, along with iced chai.

Hastily putting in his order, Joao gets back to the conversation as soon as the server leaves with their order.

"Okay… welll, this being a private school and whatnot… I have been in private schools before." He pauses and frowns, "Religious ones, so I guess I should first ask if there's anything that might… preclude someone from qualifying."

He takes a deep breath and looks at his hands, twiddling his fingers. "I kinda got kicked out of A Escola Maria Imaculada because they found out I…" he reaches over and fiddles with his water glass. "…. I, eh…." he finally manages to verbalize "They found out I liked a guy. I'll put it like that."

"The Institute is not a religious institution, though there are classes in such studies if you're interested." Hank is careful not to be judgemental, but he definitely does not approve of discrimination - being a mutant is hard enough to deal with, to add religious or sexual preference based bias is utterly repugnant to the man.

"Joao…" He very briefly rests a hand on the obviously nervous man's shoulder, only briefly, a means to draw the gaze back up. "I assuure you, what people do as consenting adults is their business, I avow and affirm that such will never be a basis for any such expulsion, or other disciplinary action. The vetting process is to determine if you're a security risk, not whether you like boys, girls, fish or lawn furniture…the school is aimed at acceptance and inclusion, mm?"

Joao listens, and nods slowly, his shoulders relaxing "… alright. I was just saying. Because of the scan and all…" he looks much more relieved. "As far as the rest goes… I guess I can go through the scanning process. I hope whoever goes in here is nice and picks up after themselves…" he tries a slight smile.

"Is there anything you'd like to ask me, though? How did you know I was at the university? I didn't even post it on my instagram."

Hank smiles as Joao relaxes, that was the intention. Hank is actually fairly reassuring to another mutant - he's OBVIOUSLY mutant, well educated, and an adept communicator. "Oh yes, they hardly ever leave cortex bombs or logical wipes behind!" Hank adds in a rush with a glint to his eyes that is absolutely devilish.

"Well, I would like to know what your powers are, mine are primarily physical, great strength and agility, that sort of thing." He looks to Joao as he answers the other man's question. "Ah, that is a very good question. Our Headmaster is a telepath of great power, there's a very specfic telepathic 'marker', a 'signature' if you will that he can detect. So, part of what he does is scan for the presence of our kind, and sometimes I'll be asked to seek them out if they 'feel' promising to him."

"Huh…. so mutants have a… telepathic marker? That's… good to know." Especially knowing that he can be detected like that. He smirks at Hank's joke, and then answers the question.

"My power is physical, too. I can kick really hard and… I dunno how to really explain it. Except that I feel that everything from my belly button downwards gets very very hot and tingly, and when I kick I can do shockwaves… so I guess I'm channeling some sort of … energy?" He shrugs, "And if I build it up with many kicks, they can get pretty serious in damage. I've also figured out how to use that energy to run very fast and very high for some time. Kind of like a gallop…" He smirks and leans back. He quickly looks aroundn the restaurant and pulls up his shirt once he is certain nobody is looking at them directly.

Underneath is a skin-tight bodysuit in his colors, with the silhouetted and stylized head of a horse emblazoned across his chest. The make is home-made, but of good quality. "I was thinking of going by 'Bronco' 'cause… you know. Kicking broncos and all that." He lets his shirt drop down and leans on the table.

"We do indeed, our powers are all primarily controlled by some unique power in our minds, there's actually a great many physioligical markers as well, though the bio-screening process can be onerous." Hank definitely seems to be conversant with that sort of thing, and he DID say one of his primary foci were the biological sciences, so that even tracks with what he's said before. Consistent! That's a good sign.

He is clearly engrossed by the description of hwhat Jaoa feels, and where his power seems to be focused. "So…you build up kinetic energy, it sounds like, raw concussion, yes? No fire or the like, just impact." He rubs his chin, and again warms when the server approaches, this time with their orders.

Once the server is gone, he continues without missing a beat. "Actually, the repetitive increases sound like some sort of feedback is needed to maximize your output. Absolutely fascinating." He grins then. "The jumping and running sound like applied kinetic energy used to perform work, much like a spring."

He notes the homemade costume, and then looks up again with a smile. "Not bad at all. Bronco, mm? That seems a good fit. So…once we've eaten, we can drive out to the School if you have time, or we can do it another day, and that would give you time to consider if you REALLY want this opportunity. We have security measures in place for a reason."

"I think I understood half of that, but you're the expert." Joao chuckles and begins to dig into his order, "So… if I go there… does that mean you help people understand what their powers do? Do you put them on your mad scientist table and prod and poke them and yell 'It's alive?'" he asks with a raised eyebrow and a twinkle. He then hmmms, "Yeah, security measures… I take it they're not in place to sound the alarm on students breaking curfew?"

"If you go there, yes, a big part of the training is that we help people master their abilities. Unfortuantely the world is not the safest place, and we are targets all too often, so we also offer classes in self-defense." Hank grins and laughs at the Frankenstein reference. "Well, I /do/ have a suite of labs, yes. And I /do/ examine people, and tend to their medical needs." He looks crestfallen however. "I have yet to animate any dead with lightning and my assistant, minder really, is not hunchbacked." A sad shake of his head. "Sorry to disappoint."

He looks up then, and nods. "All joking aside, we ar targets, Mister Oliveira, and that means we have to be prepared to protect each other." And then the imp is back. "The curfew enforcement really is more of a perk."

Joao chuckles, "Well, if I hadn't thought about being a target as a possiblity, why do you think I decided to walk around with a skintight outfit under my clothes in any day that is not Halloween?" He takes a bite, and then adds "Incidentally, nobody tells you spandex is a bi—-very hard thing to work with. I've heard the Four and other people have special materials that they use to make their suits out of, and I believe them because I almost turned into a supervillain trying to get the logo on there."

"My first three tries at the pants ended up with the whole back just peeling off at my first kick. Can you imagine that happening in the middle of combat?"

A sip of water to whet the throat, "And if you don't have a properly hunchbacked assistant, I'd tell your headmaster that he's cheating you. You know…." he pauses and tilts his head, "If I decide to go, and you all accept me, you'd be my teacher. That's kind of funny, because talking to you doesn't feel like talking to any of my old, stuffy professors…." he pauses, "… I didn't mean to imply you are stuffy! I mean!"

Hank nearly chokes on his drink when Joao describes the costume split. "Oh dear, oh dear." He dabs fastidiously at his mouth with a napkin. Makes sense, people with beards and moustaches have to, and he appears to be furry over his entire body! Hank then waggles a finger warningly. "Well played, sir." After a moment, he grins toothily. "And yes, we have exotic materials for costume available. We'll definitely be able to hook you up with a costume designed to work with, and essentially impervious to your powers." Unstable molecules: go go!

"Oh, you'll like Cat, she's a dear friend, Sharon…but she prefers Catseye. She was raised by cats, actually as one. She is a wonderful person, very smart, capable of altering her shape between house cat scale, mostly human looking - she calls that 'smoothskin', a sort of were-form, and then a leonie form that is quite impressive." A nod. "All of which are lavender haired. Lavender, mind, not PINK. She gets quite put out about that."

And then he laughs warmly. "Stuffy? ME? Perish the thought, I don' thave time for it. I can be formal, I'll admit, but no, not stuffy, Mister Oliveira." He nods. "If you apply and you're accepted I'll be one of your instructors, I teach a fairly diverse curriculum."

"O, thank goodness. I've spent a fortune in boot!" Joao chuckles. "Lavender, got it. I take it she has an aversion to the pink panther?"

He bites down on his food in silence for a little, and then asks "If I might ask… how old were you when your mutation appeared? Did you have… you know, a hard time adjusting to it?"

Hank has been eating steadily, though never when talking, that's rude. "I have never asked her about it, but I don't think that Inspector Clousseau would be any great source of vexation to her, no." He grins. "Costuming can definitely be quite expensive, do not worry. It is part of the package, so long as you don't abuse it, of course."

He qurks a brow at the question. "My first manifestation? I don't recall, exactly. My proportions were always these, mor gangly as a youth of course, but that was before I mutated myself with a serum and ended up permanantly furry." A sigh. "I'm working on it though, some promising research there." He grins. "I was called 'Magilla Gorilla' in school, the furry bit didn't occur until some few years back. The initiall mutation, I believe that was from birth."

"I see." Joao nods, and looks at Hank. "That's kind of cruel… Magilla Gorilla?" He shakes his head. "If anything, you're more like… um. A Kimahri, but without the horn." He pauses, and then realizes he is talking to someone whom he believes is fairly older. "That's a character in a game. He's pretty okay. I used him all the time in my playthroughs." He pauses. "He kept dying all the time." Beat "But I'm sure it was my fault."

After a few more sips of his drink, he frowns. "So… this headmaster. Tell me more about him. How did you happen to work for him?"

Hank sighs softly. "People can be cruel, you see my powers manifested more fully as I hit my teens, and so I went from star athlete to mutie-freak, so…Magilla Gorilla." Hank shrugs then. "That was long ago, of course. It was a lot more…painful then." He admits.

A grin at the game reference, followed by the explanation for an older person. "Kimahri Ronso? No, not I, he's too leonine…otherwise fairly close. I'm definitely a Dragoon, probably Dragoon and Monk sub rather than Blue mage." A grin. "I met the professor in high school, he came to recruit me, I was about to go to college…that was about…dunno, eight years back? I was fifteen." Wait, Hank is TWENTY-THREE? Yeah, not obvious at all, not with his manner, fur and voice. Geez louise in college at fifteen? "Honestly I liked the original Kimahri more than the X-2 iteration. You?"

Joao's jaw drops as Doctor McCoy proceeds to cause him a great upset of paradigms. "Wait wait what, hold on a minute…" he does a quick count and stares. "Wait. You. Doctor. You're… twenty four?"

He DID say he wasn't very good at math.

"That means you're only six years older…"

He leans back on the booth and stares at Hank. Fiercely intelligent, incredibly acccomplished, built like a brick wall, multiple doctorates. "Well $#@(*$#…."

His eyes widen "Oh whoa, wait, sorry, I didn't mean to swear like tha-…" he's having a bit of a cognitive overload. He usually isn't called to be formal and respectful with people so close to his age. He also knows he's not supposed to … well, think certain things about teachers. And then there's the whole part where….

"Oh man, what have I been doing with my life? I barely even got through high school," he laughs weakly..

"No, not for a few months, still only twenty-three, actually." Hank corrects - he's assuming that the math error was based on calendar years as regards school.

The epithets cactch im a bit off guard, but then he waves it off. "I'm sorry, Mister Oliveira, I didn't mean to deceive you." Hank's not even really sure what he did, but the last part does catch his attention. "Mister Oliveira…Joao…please, don't compare our lives, they were very different. Don't feel that -my- successes make yours less, they're not, we just have different skillsets. I also had opportunities given me that most do not, but don't feel diminished, please."

Joao chuckles at that, "You know, it's kind of funny you use that word. I mean… I feel like a little sapling next to you, you're huge!" He pauses, realizing how he was teased in school, as he just told Joao a few minutes ago. "That's not bad, I mean, you're good big. That's not English. I mean it's very attractive. Becoming. Imposing. *I eat now.*" he shoves a mouthful of food, which might as well be his foot. Dear god, he thinks, his foot was so much in his mouth, he'll probably be brushing his teeth with Lamisil for the rest of his life.

"It is funny…when you're small, you say 'I can't wait to grou up and be big!'." Hank's tone is musing. "And then you do, you get bigger, but then you work out and get bigger still, but in my case that also came with being a mutant, and having overly large hands and feet, longer limbs." Hank's not really upset or anything, more sad. "Then they say different things, and then some start to fear you for the size, the strength." Hank smiles then. "Imposing can be good, yes, and I know my strength and talents are gifts, but sometimes they weigh." He tries his best to set Joao at his ease, it is clear he's out of sorts about things. "Anyway, no harm done." A grin then.

"Did you ever watch Star Trek, particularly after the reboot during Next Gen and later?"

"I… kinda like it. I don't find it intimidating." Joao says timidly, but then takes the lifeline when Hank mentions Star Trek. "Just the Next Generation. I watched it religiously… Counselor Troi was my favorite, even if the writers didn't know what to do with her two thirds of the time…" Joao shakes his head, "And they couldn't find lines for her to say outside of 'Captain… I feel… *tension!*" he holds out his hand dramaticallly and smirks.

Hank studies Joao's face and eyes for a moment as he mentions liking Hank's size. "Well, that's generally the exception, not the rule. Still, look at the bright side, Mister Oliveira — I am on YOUR side, so that should generally work in your favor." He grins then. "Ah, excellent…then you'll be familiar with the Holodeck, yes? Impossible to miss as you were a devout fan." He grins. "As an aside I was always more in-tune with Geordi LaForge or Data, but…scientist…so, yes. Oh, and doctor Crusher, I actually had a crush on her for a long while." He admits, and then he goes on. "Well, anyway, what I was leading up to is that we have a thing called the Danger Room, it is a place we can train with and practice our powers usage - a fully configurable, three-d environemnt simulator featuring holograms, mechanical sims, and hard light constructs." His grin is HUGE. "So…we have a Holodeck." Oh man, that's DIRTY POOL! A /real/ holodeck?! What other school could possibly compete with that?

"Buuuut Doctor Pulaski was so much cooler than Crusher!" Joao says, just for the sake of being a butt. He grins. "No… you've got to be kidding me. An actual Holodeck? You have -got- to be pulling my leg! Nuh uh I refuse to believe it until I see it with my own eyes!"

Hank can't help but laugh, a full on laugh, when Joao plays the Pulaski card. "I honestly was not a fan at first, though she did grow on me as she developed, initially I felt cheated." Hank stands then, and crosses his heart. "Absolutely we do. So…road trip?" His smile is pure concentrated imp, not /quite/ evil, but definitely mischievious. "Or do you want time to consider the tour and such?"

"Take me to your leader, Doctor McCoy…." Joao pauses… and then he laughs "Okay, give me one good reason not to call you Bones"

He pulls out his wallet when the check comes in "My treat. I insist." he says, depositing a wad of cash that carries a very generous tip for the server.

Sliding off the booth, he says "*I* had a crush on Geordi, not the doctor."

"I…" Hank ponders, he really does. "…I'm not afraid of teleportation?" Okay, even he has to admit tha twas not the best reply. He shrugs. "I suppose you can if you really want to." His tone is resigned amusement.

About to dig out his own wallet, he stops…and then allows Joao to cover it. "This time, very well, Mister Oliveira…though…I suppose if you're allowed to call me Bones, then I'm allowed to call you Joao."

Hank gets the door, and leads the way to his car, a very SOLID item, an older model Ford Grenada, but it has a STEEL frame, important when you're a big guy! Also, he liked it. "Have a seat, and…Geordi was definitely crushable, capable, smart, perceptive. I liked him a lot, as I said."

The drive is several hours, during which time Hank will happily answer whatever questions Joao has, though they probably end up nerding out to some TV show or game they both loved. Regardless, once on the school grounds Hank would take Jaoa to a secured room, and there a Telepath will scan his mind to be sure he's not a security risk.- and once he's vetted, Hank takes him down to his lab for a basic medical assessment. "Once we're done here we can tour the grounds, or we can take a look at the Danger Room." He leads the way past some fairly formidable security. "So…here's my lab." Apparently also where he lives. Hank looks around. "I know, plain as can be, but they'll do, they'll do."

Joao spends a good amount of the ride asking questions about the school, Hank's work there, and all of that. There was a lot of television, and a few games and books, too. Eventually, though, he ended up falling asleep for the last thirty minutes of the trip, and woke with a start when they arrived.

Being scanned by the telepath revealed nothing of interest. Or, at least, nothing threatening. With the frmalities and securities done, the young man eagerly walks into the laboratory.

"So this is where you mad science, Bones?" Joao says, looking around. "It's cozy. Are you sure you don't have any corpses ready for reanimation? I won't tell." Dimpled grin.

Hank answers the questions to the very best of his ability, though he is careful not to betray any confidences of course. Very good about that whole 'integrity' thing is Hank. He very much enjoys the drive, and gently shakes Joao awake when they arrive.

The vetting is Hank's least favorite part, sure, he trusts the tepes, he just can't do anything to assist and it isn't like he's able to see anything besides intent stares!

"This is where I mad science, yes indeed." He looks to Joao. "Well, not /yet/." He says with cheerfully false menace. Yeah…so scary!

Hank motions towards the medical area. "Have a seat, I don't work science in street clothes." He isn't but a moment changing into a labcoat, and simple khaki pants, modesty preserved by his privacy screens. "Can I offer you anything? Water? Tea?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Do I disrobe or do you science through clothes?" Joao says, sitting down as indicated. He settles down and relaxes. "So, I have The Song That Never Ends running through my head and it won't stop. Is that normal after a telepath scan?" he grins. Clearly he enjoys being the imp at times. "I've got two layers of clothes on and it gets pretty hot in the summer. Bones, how DO you survive without turning into a bllue puddle?"

"Nope, just down to your skivvies is fine, Joao. It is not necessary to go full monty." Hank laughs at the question. "Well, I could say that I'm just that tough, but the fact is that I cheat." He takes off his wrist watch. "Put this on." Once Joao does, Hank presses all the buttons on it at once and Joao feels actually…a little chilly, the lab is kept cool, and now he's even COOLER. "Just keeps the temp down to managable levels. HELL however, is the desert."

"No need to go full monty? But every American movie has told me that is part of the college experience." Joao smirks and begins to disrobe. First his outer layer, and then his bodysuit. He ends in a pair of red briefs.

When Hank gives him his watch, he blinks. His tan skin actually breaking out into goosebumps. "Santa Maria! This is amazing!" He looks at the watch, "Why isn't this out in every store? You'd make a bundle!"

Then he looks a little self conscious, realizing he is practically mostly naked. His physique is excellent- in fact, he is in peak physical condition. But standing anywhere near Hank McCoy is enough to make anyone feel like a puny weakling in those Atlas commercials. "Okay, what do I do now?"

"Too expensive, not viable for marketing due to truly exorbitant production costs. Possibly in about ten to twelve years if technology keeps advancing at roughly the same pace." Hank turns it off after spotting the goosebumps. "Anyway…yes, I cheat. Mad science, for the win."

Well accustomed to people feeling uncomfortable on the exam table, Hank grins. "Oh, grape or cherry?" He asks very seriously as he starts firing up his medical gear.

Joao frowns, puzzled by the question. "Um… cherry, I guess. Though mango is the best, but only when peaches aren't in sea—what are we talking about, again?" he settles on the table.

"After exam lollipop. I only have the two flavors on hand." He's trying to get a laugh to help Joao relax.

Once on the table Hank goes through the usual - takes his temp with one of those neat thermometers you brush along the brow, blood pressure with a self-pumping cuff and sensor that is clasped to Joao's upper arm, he checks his eyes with a light, listens to Joao's heart & lungs, takes his blood oxygen level with a small device clipped to his index finger.

"Very impressive!" He means it. "You're in excellent shape, Joao." He tests his range of motion, his reflexes. And then he takes out a small bloowork kit. "So…I would like to take some blood to run a few panels - if you're okay with that, I can proceed."

Joao does laugh, and that helps him through the battery of tests. "Thanks… I practice Capoeira and that's one hell of an exercise. It was practicing it that I discovered my powers." He shakes his head and chuckles, remembering the after effects. "My parents don't know. About me being a mutant. It… wouldn't be an issue, really. But they'd worry to death."

He sighs, "It'd be like coming out of the closet all over again. Except this time there are no nuns dragging me into the room waiting to tell my mother what was it that I did with Gustavo in the lavatory…"

He looks up, "Sure, Bones, you can suck my bluuud. Will I turn into a science genius overnight and be able to bench press a small truck" He grins

"Actually, in the medical profession the people who draw blood are called Phlebotomists, but the usual term they all use is either Vampires, or Mosquitos." Hank says with a grin. "Afraid the act of drawing blood isn't very likely to induce secondary mutations - that's generally caused by extreme stress, or by some other means such as a serum or other reagent." Hank keeps up the patter as he uses rubber tubing to tie off Joao's left upper arm, and then has him make a fist until Hank can insert the needle. Once it is in along with the housing, he unties the tubing. "Relax the hand, please." And then fills about five vials with blood, most of them with some kind of goo at the bottoms of the tubes bofore they fill up with dark red. Once /that/ is done he removes the initial needle and housing, then has Joao fold his arm closed over the wound afer Hank puts gause there to absorb any blood.

"Capoeria, mm? Amazing fighting and performance art, I haven't any training in it, but it is very distinctive. Takes a lot of hard work to master too, very demanding."

No comment about the coming out story, though he does meet Joao's gaze. "Well, they won't hear it from me, nothing you say will be repeated, not without your permission. Fair?"

"Fair. I don't want them to know until… well, until I'm safe. They already get a lot of hate for being pro mutant rights down in Brazil. You know how it is down there…" he shakes his head, and exhales. "The moment people find out one of the most prominent families in Brazil not only favors mutants, but has a mutant son? Man." He shakes his head.

The he looks around the room, "Of course, I wasn't calculating on somewhere like this existing…."

"Oh yes, the situation down there is a lot more volatile than up here, I do understand, Joao." Hank smiles. "Of course my parents know, but again, our stituations are entirely different. Also, my parents are not prominent." Hank is grateful for the fact they are and have always been supportive of him, of his choices, and his being a mutant. A LOT of mutants have -none- of those things, the acceptance being the rarest of the rare.

Following Joao's gaze around the room, Hank smiles. "Yes. This school…it is about hope, you know? A dream of a world where mutant and human can live together in harmony, it will take time, but there have been great strides forward."

Hank then grins. "One lest test, but it will be loud, I need to take some MRI scans. Please lay down on the table and try not to move." The scan IS rather loud, though the device Hank uses is portable, and only takes about ten minutes total to build a 3D render of Joao's endoskeleton!
"There…'Bones' indeed." He quips.

By the time the MRI is over, Joao lets out a quiet snore and his eyes are closed. Then he opens one eye and smirks. "That took way too long. I thought science was supposed to be exciting." He sits up on the table once he i told he can. "So now you've seen me from the inside out. I have no secrets from you. Except maybe my bank card pin. What now?"

"First, you can get dressed again, second…we can either tour the grounds, or the Danger Room." Hank doe then produce a cherry lollipop and offers it up with a magician's flourish. "As promised." He says with a grin. "So…Danger Room, or Tour? Your choice."

Joao grabs the lollipop and plops it in his mouth, sitting on the table. "… you know how to tempt me, Mephisofeles." He swings his legs back and forth for a few seconds. "I guess the responsible, sensible thing is to visit the grounds, see the installations, the dormitories, the classes, have a good idea of the structure of things. That's what a serious, responsible student would do."

He slides off the table and begins to get dressed- one layer only, though, he leaves the bodysuit on the table.

"Danger room it is, then!"

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