2019-07-29 - I'll Get You Too


Nick is drawn into a dream, well Nightmare.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jul 29 03:45:24 2019
Location: Paragon Investigations

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Isis has taken to spending most nights at Paragon Investigations. It's possible she still has a room somewhere in M-Town but she's comfortable in the crew quarters, even if they're only supposed to be for those who need to stay over. Ask her - she needed to.

Nick also knows that the feline-like mutant spent several hours with Hank McCoy yesterday, going through a physical exam and tests, something she really doesn't like. It's probably no wonder there's no ice cream left in the freezer and no chocolate either.

What might be surprising is when Nick is suddenly asleep at his desk and the swirls of a dream starting to form around him.

Nick has been somewhat tired of late though that's not an unusual thing. He's often somewhat tired when working cases like this. It's better than the bone weary and exhausted he was when he was living underground. Literally underground.

Still it IS unusual for him to just pass out and that's exactly what he's done. What is the dream? His dreams are usually strange, surreal mish mashes of whatever is in his subconscious at the time. But this? This is more directed and he is rather shockingly aware as it forms around him.

"Where am I?"

There's no answer to that question when Nick asks it. Instead the swirls part and form a laboratory. Much like the one they'd seen in 'Section 10'. It's full of people in yellow jumpsuits and in the middle of it is a chair.

In the chair, Isis is restrained. Blood being drawn from her arm whilst she's forced to watch images blink on a 'wall'. "Come now, Isis. You know I can make this all stop if you just come to us. Step into the Dream Dimension and come home …" A tall, lean, woman is saying to her.

Is this … a dream? Hard to tell, but the edges of it are fuzzy and Nick might feel like he's observing. At least for the moment. He might be able to change that.

Nick knows that Isis can pull people into her dreams. Is that what has happened? Or is some other force moving here. The haze at the edges of the scene reminds him of the kind of video filter that would be used to denote something unreal in a TV show. But this feels real.

He moves forward and places a hand on Isis shoulder, looking to see what she looks like.

Step into the dream dimension and come home. Is she being tortured to return to whomever took her? Or has her own mind conjured up this torment.

His hand flexes, massaging the shoulder a little bit.

Isis' blue/grey eyes are wide when Nick approaches. For a moment she looks relieved but then he's stepping closer and the relief turns to fright. She can't talk. They've got her gagged - like they would if they were afraid she might bite her tongue with the exam they're going to going to give her.

"You bought a friend. How nice…" The woman sneers and picks up a scalpel slashing at Nicks hand as it rests on Isis' shoulder.

This … is it Isis' dream that the woman has seconded? Or is it the dream that the woman created for the feline? Does it matter? Well, it might. Who has control and who can shape it.

Around Nick, the others turn as well and start to reach for him. There's … three more but on the woman wields the scalpel.

"Ow!" Nick yelps. He reaches out, since the woman is that close and grabs her by the throat, lifting her off the ground and squeezing. He can kill like this. He doubts he will. This is a dream and he doesn't think whomever is in control of it will let that happen.

Still, there are few things that people fear more than choking to death.

"Back, or I break her in half, and then where will you be? Stuck here in the dream realm forever. Wandering until your bodies wither away and you become just whips of thought doomed to wander other people's sweet dreams."

That's a bluff. Oh is that a bluff.

"Oh, very, very good, Wolf." the woman chortles and the dream shifts. The other figures shift, fade away to wisps. "Tell me what it is you fear most, Wolf." The 'clinic' is still there, Isis still bound to the chair though Nick can see the straps that hold her slowly unbuckling - she might be regaining some control.

The yellow jumpsuited woman doesn't seem to be bothered that Nick has her by the throat … it becomes obvious why in just a moment. Nick finds himself in a tunnel. On his own. It's dark, but his canine eyes can see well enough. There's a rumbling sound and dirt starts to shower him. The tunnel is caving in.

Last time Isis did something, can she this time? She looked pretty spooked and wild.

Nick's hand snaps shut when the woman's neck is no longer there. The tunnel is caving in. "This isn't real…" It isn't. It's a dream. But that doesn't mean it can't hurt him.

Nick turns and starts to run. It's the only thing he can do. If he's right there is an exit. Stairs up, just up ahead and to the left. He silently wills them to be there. He knows lucid dreamers can take control of their own dreams. This one isn't his though. Does that have any chance of working?

Behind Nick as he runs the roof starts to crash down. He can smell the musty air as the fills the passage behind him. Feel the bits of rubble as they bounce off his heels.

The stairs appear as he concentrates on them, forming step by step as each foot hits the next one. Up above him, he can see a grey and overcast sky. Will he make it in time?

Behind him, that tunnel is collapsing quickly … and he breaks through the surface to a deafening roar behind him.

When looks though, the ground is flat and even.

"Wolf. You are a surprise. We will enjoy you, when we get our hands on you…" He's back in that lab again, it's possible he might have a touch of vertigo from all the swapping, Isis still strapped to the chair but the restraints are almost undone. Dream time - it sucks.

The yellow jumpsuited woman is baiting Nick though - daring him to attack, again.

Nick has a better idea. "Lady I don't usually let folks enjoy me when they're wearing beekeeper suits. I'm not into that kind of cosplay."

This dream is built on terror. It's an image of a place Isis fears. Nick doesn't have the same fears through. He knows what Isis' subconscious wants. Catharsis. The release of breakthrough even if it's only vicarious. So he picks up a chair and starts smashing monitors. Equipment. Walls if he can weaken the dream enough. He can't hurt her. But he can take her cell apart. One very expensive looking piece of equipment at a time.

Glass shatters and plastic frames of monitors crack loudly. Beakers and blood vials are sent spinning to the floor, smashing loudly. "No!" the beekeeper cries out, Nick shocked her giving him a moment of surprise. She hasn't recovered yet.

Isis is free in the next moment, throwing herself at cabinets, letting her feline claws dig in and dragging them to the ground. Tearing the place apart in a wild frenzy, even as Nick does. There's not much left of the human side of her at the moment - this is all cat. Which is probably for the better, really.

"Isis sorry Nick… Isis sorry." she keeps repeating as things crash and smash around her.

The beekeeper recovers and the dream starts to swirl again. This time the smell of smoke fills the air as it becomes hazy. The room is now on fire. If they were going to destroy it, the beekeeper will make it one of their worst nightmares.

"I know you are Isis." Nick doesn't think she can really hear him but he says it anyway. When the dream changes again Nick grabs Isis and tries to imagine something that makes sense. The place is on fire. The automatic fire suppression systems activate. It's an AIM facility so they're robots. Silly little robots with AIM written on them and fire extinguishers for arms. If he can make the dream funny, maybe it'll lose power.

"We need to leave Isis. I need you to wake up. Send us back." That's the only way they're getting out of here. Unless he can find a way to hurt the other dreamwalker.

Silly robots work. A bit like Wall-E maybe. They whiz into the lab and start to put the fire out, bumping into each other and furniture comically.

It's Nick grabbing Isis that makes the difference though. She's almost awake when the Dreamwalker appears again. "She's taught you well. We didn't know she could." Has Isis? Probably not. Is it bad that they think she has? Probably. In a blink, a collar appears around Nicks neck, with a tether attached. Only to have the tether slashed by Isis' claws.

"No." The feline-like mutant growls. "You're bad and you're going away." The dream seems to compress in and then out with tremendous force, hitting the dreamwalker and sending her flying.

Where? Out of Isis' dream at least which gives them some breathing room.

"Wake up, Nick!" He feels himself shoved as well. It's disorienting to find himself waking up where he fell.

Where … is Isis now?

Nick blinks. His face is on his keyboard and there are approximately 87 pages of the latter n on his open word document. Oy. That doesn't concern him at the moment though. He gets up in a rush and heads upstairs to where he knows Isis usually sleeps.

"Isis?! Isis answer me!" She can't be taken through a dream gate without doing it herself. Can she?

CTRL Z will work wonders for the last edit. If not, Nick can make Isis edit it. Um. Better not.

He doesn't make it out of his office before he bowled by the woman. Isis. She's there's and she's climbing him, clinging on for dear life. "Here Nick. I'm here. You came for me. I didn't know if you could."

For a very long moment she rubs her ears against his cheek, no matter the heap they might have collapsed in. "Sorry, sorry, sorry. I panicked." After a while. "Are you alright? Did she hurt you?"

Could she have caused hurt that follows through the dream? Absolutely. And that's terrifying.

"You pulled me in." Nick murmurs, giving the feline mutant a tight hug. "But it's okay. I'm glad you did. I'm glad I could help you."

Is he hurt? He doesn't think so… mmmmm…. no. He isn't He's okay. Which is a relief on the one hand. But on the other… if those dreamwalkers can find her once, they can probably find her again. "You did well Isis. You got free. You got us out of there."

The woman had tried to catch him. But that… wouldn't have done anything in dreams, would it?

"I was trying to when, when I realised." She lets them up to get comfortable, not letting him go for a moment, and settles in his lap again. "I … after being at Doctor McCoys I was dreaming and she found me. I didn't realise until it was too late that it was an ordinary dream."

How real must her nightmares be to allow that to happen.

"She knew you, didn't she. She said…" Isis swallows. "They want you too…" They'll need to get help protecting their dreams. It's one thing for her to be taken, but Nick? That's not allowed.

"She recognized me. But they may have gotten that from your memories. Or just from the phone book. We aren't hard to find. We can't be. We're a business." Nick murmurs.

"What can we do? Is there any way to keep them from getting in here? I dunno. Dreamcatchers or something?"

Nick pets a little to soothe the feline woman. He knows she's startled and scared and skittish and he also knows if he tries to get up he's going to have to carry her. So he doesn't.

That's about right. If Nick tries to move, Isis will not let him go. This is the best course of action unless he bribes her with food. Maybe. Possibly.

"She did. She … I could go to them Nick. Through the Dream Dimension. Maybe they'll be happy with just me." That's unlikely. It's probably even more important they work out the connection between what they're finding here in New York and her background. Maybe it's not related but that doesn't seem likely.

"Blocks. Physic blocks. Shields and stuff. Stop people being able to get into our minds." Isis mutters. "There were a few kids at school that I couldn't eat dreams from. The others said the pyschics had trouble reading them." She snorts a bit at 'dreamcatchers'. Though maybe there's something to that as well.

Given that all the ice cream and chocolate are gone he'd have to bribe her with the promise of food since food itself is not exactly to hand. So he just relaxes. As best he can. On the floor. Where she knocked him over.

"You could. But even if they were happy with just you, I wouldn't want you to. You wouldn't want to leave me, would you Isis?" She could of course take him with her. Nick hopes she's never broken badly enough to try that.

"Maybe Hank or Jean will have ideas. Do you think you can find out for me?" Or, what was that other Psychic's name? Quinn. That was it.

She's kind of… aggressive, though.

Isis isn't sure she can take others to the Dream Dimension. That's not something she ever had to try. It could be they were waiting till she was a bit older to teach her that. Either way, the Dream Dimension isn't somewhere others should be. It's dangerous. Or it can be.

"I don't want to leave you, Nick." The feline-link mutant says dully. "But I want you to be safe and if that does it, I'll be unhappy but …." she shrugs, rubbing her ears under his chin as they sit there. This is why she always wears one of his shirts.

"I will. Doctor McCoy will want to see me again. He said you can come next time, if you want. He'll have some results." Quinn. Isis only knows her in passing. Quinn might not have been at The Institute much when Isis was there. It's probably good they hadn't met.

"Why do you think they want you?"

"I don't think it will. Once they have you there's nothing stopping them from coming back for me. Or anyone else. You remember them, Isis. Do they really seem like the kind of people to be content with what they have when something they want is out there waiting for them to grab it?"

Nick lets her think about that. He knows she doesn't like to but he also knows what the answer will be.

"I'm not sure. Maybe they think I can dreamwalk. Maybe they just want any mutant with animal traits. Maybe they don't want me to come looking if yo you go missing. Either way, it all amounts to the same thing."

"I cna come next time, if there's time. It might be good. I haven't talked to any of the younger classmen in a little while."

"No. They'll always want more. There were always more in the long run." Isis might actually pout about it but that's because she doesn't like it. "Me going away won't help either. They'll still come for you, anyway, probably." She sighs, still sitting on Nick and not letting him up. "Maybe they were just trying to scare you."

There's a possibility of that but it's a slim one. Still, they have totally done that.

"Doctor McCoy said there were marks on my … lar larink, by the way. He had to take tissue samples to test them." Isis purrs a bit as Nicks petting starts to calm her down. "Maybe we can have lunch when we go over there!"

Food. Always food.

"Maybe, but we should take precautions all the same. If we can. That means talking to Jean or Quinn or someone telepathic. And Hank. Talk to Hank more. See what he has on all this."

Because anything he's got could be the next clue. Nick's good at putting puzzles together but he needs all the pieces.

"Your voice box. The thing that lets you talk. We need to find out what they were doing. Maybe they were going to give you something… in there."

There's a terrifying thought. Those collars are bad enough.

"And yes. Of course we can have lunch when we go there."

"I said I would, Nick." Isis chides. It's very feline of her, really. "Jean might not be able to help but maybe I'll call her." Oh, poor Jean. A phone call with Isis is always fun. Just ask Nick or Pepper or Hank. "I won't forget. Really." Sure she won't. Hank likely has the piece of the puzzle though, Nicks right.

Isis' dreamwalking is likely just an added benefit.

"Maybe that's why Icarus' voice was different… It didn't sound like that voice box though." So maybe it was different. Or maybe Isis doesn't remember clearly.

"Can we go get Pizza? I'm starving." She's forgotten Nick was working.

Mick will likely tape the note to her desk. Or her arm. Or her forehand. She is a forgetful little kitten sometimes. But she's his forgetful little kitten and no one gets to hurt her.

"No. They may have been trying for something else. Or maybe their surgery failed. It's… not easy to say without finding him." And they might not find him. He… might be gone.

"Pizza? You just ate didn't you?" Nick teases. "Yeah, come on. We can get meatball. Your favorite right?" Thin crust meatball is also Nick's favorite so that works out well.

"You do have to let me up, though."

That will work. A note. She'll remember. Eventually.

They've got the locations of some of the buildings that AIM used. Maybe when Hanks done with Isis, they could visit.

"No. I ate at least an hour ago and I just walked in my dream." That always takes more from the slim feline. "Meatball's good and Pepperoni and Bacon cheeseburger." She'll eat all of that too. After a moment she gets up to let Nick up.

And then wraps herself around him again. She's not going far for awhile.

"Let's go…"

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