2019-07-25 - How old IS that phone?


Maya Lopez and Laynia Petrovna run into each other when a lost Laynia gets directions.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jul 25 04:43:30 2019
Location: RP3 - Mutant Town - Maggie's Place - Diner

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Mutant Town is not the nicest neighborhood, bit it is far from the worst in town. It does have one very very strong selling point for it - the place is a good one to lay low in, and Laynia definitely needs to get some perspective on this city. Having just arrived recently, she's currently in the process of looking through various ads for rooms to let, holding a newspaper as she approaches an apartment building. She's dressed in leather, mostly, early enough in the evening that it is still warm. At the moment she's paused by a trashcan, looking at a map, and the address she has on the newspaper held folded in the other hand and trying to place herself. Yes. New York vistor. Lost. How exotic!

Another young woman is making her way through the streets. She stands out less, in that she wears dark jeans and a hoodie to cover her face, but this person too is a newcomer. And she doesn't have a visible mutation, so some people give her stares or a wide berth. There's always some reason to be wary of an outsider. After a time,t his person comes to stand beside the apartment building herself, leaning against an eave and reaching into a pocket to produce a phone. She pauses as the newspaper wielding Laynia is approaching. An eyebrow slowly lofts as the young woman looks up properly. "You look like you could use some help," Maya calls in a soft, clear voice. "Is that right or should I leave you be?"

The fairly striking blonde, looks up as she's addressed, and after a brief moment of study, smiles. "Da! I could use some help, yes." She moves over and shows the other woman her map. "I am new to this city, so I am somewhat turned around, the map does not seem to be very good." She holds up the newspaper. "I am looking for flat to let, and I know the address is close to here, but I am turned around. Do you know this area?" Her English is actually very good, but the woman's accent is clearly quite Russian, though not movie Russian bad. "I am Laynia." She offers with another smile, a smile that reaches her cinnamon brown eyes as well.

"I do. I've been reading a lot of maps myself recently," Maya offers. Her accent is quite local, though just a little bit- off, somehow. She reaches out to point at the map in question, squinting slightly as she leans in close. Mahogany eyes study the paper carefully. "Where are you looking for exactly?" Maya is softspoken and given to serious expressions, but none of her intensity is directed at the blonde, at least. SHe does step in a bit closer to the taller woman now. "Is it somewhere in this area…?"

"Here, I think." Laynia responds, her voice is middle range, verging on deep - mezzo-soprano, her accent just audible enough to be noticeable. She points to a spot on the map that should it be right would be only about a block away. Though she seems unworried by the other's approach, she is definitely aware of it, her own focus not inconsiderable even if she's being friendly. "Are you new in town as well? Your voice, it sounds very much like it should belong." A wry twist of her lips. "MUCH more so than /mine/ does."

"Not new in town, just in this neighborhood," Maya replies softly. He stands in an odd way, so that she can see both the map and Laynia's features withotu any difficulty. There's a nod as the woman is indicating where she wants to find. Maya takes a deep breath and holds it for a couple of seconds. "You belong so far as I can tell," she notes then, shaking her head brielfy as she does. "Anyway. I… You might get lost, trying to get form here to there. If you want I can show you the way? It 's not far."

"Ah, I am new in town, I have never been in New York, though I wanted to for a very long time." Laynia shrugs, and then meets the mahagony eyes of her erstwhile guide. "How shall I call you?" After all, Maya did not name herself yet, No doubt merely an oversight, but…ex-spy, so, yeah, curious and watchful. The offer to show her the way comes as something of a surprise, and her smile in response is quite warm. "Thank you, that would be much appreciated, spasiba." The odd assessment of her fitting, that generates a curious look, but no more as of yet.

"Where ARE you from?" Maya asks seriously, studying Laynia's features as she does. She's quite attentive, never actually looking away from the blonde as they converse. "…Spasiba?" Maya pronounces it perfectly, somehow."Hm. Anyway… My name is Maya," she offers then, in a murmur. "You can call me that. Or hey you. Whatever works out more easily, I guess." WIth that she shrugs, tilts her head toward the sidewalk and moves as if to start to walk. No time wasted with this one.

"Originally? I was born in Minsk, which is in Belarus near the Sov—near, eh, to Russia." Laynia smiles. "I most recently came from France, however but only en route to America." She grins. "Spasiba, is Russian for 'thank you'." She explains, Laynia's features are very expressive, and she keeps an eye on Maya but also the area around them both, very much on guard as they walk. Which — probably isn't a bad idea in the city! "Your pronunciation was very good, you have a talent for language I would wager."

"Was it? That's good." Maya seems to be unconcerned with the revelation, but at the same time she's -actually seeking confirmation.It's a weird manner of approaching the discussion much in keeping with her thoughtful manner. The girl is relaxed, but still very aware of anything going on around her, like she can manage to watch it all ato nce if she tries hard enough. "I went to school for a bit in France. I've never been to Russia, however." Maa rolls her shoulders lightly, content to speak in a slow, measured way. "What bring s you this far from home? Not that I am unhappy to see you here."

"Da, which is 'yes' in Russian, you said it very well." Wryly she adds. "If ever you give up career as Guide, you could go into Language studies." Laynia smiles. "I have been to France before, Paris is a truly lovely city, and the Louvre — you must see it, it alone is worth the trip in my most humble of opinions." She smiles faintly at the last question, the smile broadening at the not unhappy bit. "I should hope you would not be unhappy at my presence. I am here…to start over. This is the land of opportunity, is it not? The American Dream, that sounds like a fine thing."

"Start over? I guess we have something in common. As for my profession? …Hmm. Guide doesn't sounds o bad. To be honest, Istill have some decisiosn to make. For now I… Play piano." She cracks a smile, as if to suggest something is darkly amusing about this revelation. "Whatever you came here to get past I wish you all the luck. Lord knows Iam going to needit too." With this, the woman is content to walk quietly unless Laynia has mroe to say. Maya is good at navigating the streets, and it won't take her long to follow the map to their prospective destination. So long as nothign goes awry.

"Da? It sounds like you too are in the midst of…what was the word? Oh! In flux." Laynia looks to Maya, eyes bright and interested. "Piano? Most interesting, I have no musical skills, though I am fond of music, of course." She inclines her head in thanks at the wish that she had the good fortune to get past whatever she's restarting from. A soft laugh. "So, you have something you wish to get past as well. Most interesting." She too is content walk in silence for a time. It does not seem like anything is going to accost them in the block or so they walk, and soon they're outside the building. "Ah, thank you kindly, Maya. Perhaps you would allow me to treat you to lunch? I see a likely looking diner across the way…"

"…Okay. That sounds nice.Thank you." After a brief pause Maya gives a nod in response ot the offer of dinner, flashing Laynia another of those soft, thoughtful smiles. SHe takes a deep breath then, holding it for a couple of measures before she adds, "….Musical skills aren't quite what they're cracked up to be. I enjoy playing but I neverk now if I am doing it right. I know how it feels to /me/, but…" She shakes her head slowly. "Anyway. Lunch sounds great. Thank you." It is the Russian blonde's turn to lead the way, it seems. "If you're interested you can tell me more about what's troubling you."

"Now that I know where the place is, I think we can take a few to eat." The Russian woman does indeed lead the way to the diner, it is just across the street, an old school sort of place complete with a long counter with stools, and a bunch of booths. Looking about, Laynia looks charmed before she smiles at Maya as the server behind the register offers a smile to them both. "Take a seat anywhere, ladies. Get you something to drink?" Laynia smiles and nods. "Coffee please, black." She waits for Maya to order a drink, if any, and then picks the booth in the far corner, it allows her sit with her back to a wall, and to see the rest of the establishment. "Ah, I have never played an instrument, so I cannot say, but it seems to me as if you should do what feels right."

"I'm not complete qualified to judge," Maya repleis to Laynia wryly.She ordersa coca-cola and then slides up into the booth beside Lania. Maya sits twistd slightly in her seat so that she too can see the whole restaurant- and, in particular, Laynia, who has the bulk of her attention. The woman raps her fingers lightly on the edge of the table while she sits. She even ums softly to herself between words. "But I do what seem srightat the tme. Usually, I'm right. SOmetimes I make htings worse. Like most people, I guess."

"Why can you not judge, Maya?" It is Laynia's turn to smile wryly. "It is perhaps better though, judging can lead to problems, I have seen." As they settle, the Server, one Magdalene if her nametag is correct, arrives with the drinks and offers both Maya and Laynia a menu. "I'll give you two a few moments, call me over if you decide before I get back." Laynia smiles and nods. "Of course." Looking back to Maya, she quirks a brow. "It does seem like that, sometimes. You think you're doing right, but it turns out to be quite a different thing than you expected." She nods. "Like most people. Mistakes are what prove we are human, mm?"

"What I experience when I play is nothing like what other people do. It's not even comparable," Maya replies slowly. "So my judgment and theirs won't match." With this she shifts slightly in her seat and flashes Laynia another of those wry smiles before nodding once, firmly. "We're all human because of our mistakes," she agrees. "And our gree,d nad jealousy…" She laughs softly then. "It is hast it is, I guess." She picks up her drink when it set in front of her and takes a long sip before scooping up the menuy as well and beginning to flip through the pages.

"That is interesting, how does what you experience differ from what others do?" Laynia's curiousity definitely engaged. "Or are there no words that will give me a frame of reference?" She does find the intent way that Maya studies her a bit odd, but perhaps she just likes girls! "Da, it is the flaws that define us, the flaws and how we deal with them, how we move past, how we overcome." She smiles when Maya laughs. "It is what it is, this is a true statement." Menu's acquired, and black coffee to sip, she peruses a moment, then sets the menu aside. Once they're ready, she waves Magdalene over. "I shall have the meatloaf and mashed potatoes, please." Magdalene then looks to Maya. "And you, hon?" Order taken, she returns shortly with a basket, wicker, with assorted crackers in the bottom, and several different rolls atop, as well as a cup of chicken noodle soup for Laynia, apparently part of the meal.

"Patty melt." Order placed Maya turns her attention back to Laynia. SHe lets the question hang in the air a moment, considering her words with the same deliberation that seems to govern her every action. "I don't hear ti the way other peopl do. I /feel/ it. I know the beats are right, that it's what I want to convey… But other people could be experiencing something completely different. I don't really have a frame of reference for it. …Just people's reactions." She shrugs slowly at this and sips again on her coke. "I've learned to make do. I guess I kinde of know what Beethoven felt like, though. And I definitely know exactly why he chose the piano…"

Having little experience with the deaf, Laynia was a bit slow to catch on, but it is the mention of feeling the music, and the Beethoven reference that finally makes it click for her. "Ah! Now I understand, you do not hear, correct?" She tries to track where Maya's gaze is actually focused, nodding to herself when it seems to be her face, probably her lips. "A world of perfect silence, that is something I cannot imagine, you are right. Still, perhaps someday I will read about you, Maya, the great composer and pianist." Clearly she's not put off by the fact of Maya's deafness, that's a great thing. Some people get very uncomfortable.

"I don't know if I'll be a great composer. But a famous pianist?:I hope so. I think." Maya merely nods when Laynia finishes connecting the dots, taking the revelation entirely in stride. "I know I can't hear but I can still—- it's hard to explain. But I like music with a lot of bass, or pianos because they shake thew hole floor…" She shrugs those slenders houlders slowly and leans back slightly into her seat. "What do you do, Laynie?" It could be a purposeful nickname, or a slight mispronunciation. It's hard to say at this juncture.

"I have read that when one sense is lost or damaged, the others tend to grow sharper to compensate for the loss or lack." Laynia smiles. "So you perceive the bass, the vibrations, things your tactile senses can register and interpret." Seems reasonable enough to Laynia. "I suppose you could call me a security consultant, though I am currently between jobs." A wry twist of expressive lips. "Mostly at the moment I travel, honestly. It is a long way to America by way of France, after all. There was much traveling…with a long layover in between legs of the journey." Very long in Laynia's case. She does not make any mention of the 'Laynie', she doesn't really mind either way.

"I was boarding in France for awhile. My guardian wanted me to learn a new language or two. Which I did," Maya reates, with a shrug. "And I did a little traveling ,but mots of my life has been in New York city, really." she shifts slightly in her seat then, draining the coke glass and setting ist aside on the table. She returns to rapping out a tune on the edge of the table top, humming softly to herself as she leans back in that seat. "Security consultant, hm?" Mayha nods once. "You're very aware of yourself and your surroundings. That makes a lot of sense, actually."

For a woman with Maya's senses she can surely pick up that Laynia has had training in hand to hand and other combat techniques, and her situational and environmental awareness is not acute — it is clearly trained to -be- acute, the difference is subtle — and Maya discerning enough to likley pick it up all the same. "I liked France, very different from Moscow, or Minsk." A smile. "I have been to many places over the years, my work involved a great deal of travel." A single shoulder shrugged. "But that was then, and now I will need to find a new means to support myself, though I have a tidy bit set aside to live on while I find my way."

"I think you'll manage," Maya replies softly. "You seem pretty capable. And there are a lot of opportunities in New York, if you're looking closely. But in the mean time… We can share a couple of drinks to escaping the lives that were holding us back. Though maybe we should switch to something a little harder at that point. Unless it's too early for you to drink a little?" Maya has a lot of tells that would suggest she is very capable of defending herself, and her situational awareness is- of course- completely exceptional. She's a gifted young woman, for those who watch that closely, with plenty of talent and a build that suggests a lot of skill in various forms of physical exercise. In that regard the pair are a match. Even if Maya is a fair amount smaller.

"I think I will as well, my heart if filled only with hope, and with blood" Her lips quiver a little as she tries to hide her smile at the joking comment. "I do not have any problem with a couple drinks." She admits. "First, let us eat the meals we have ordered, and I would like to see about getting that apartment, I apologize if that is inconvenient, but it is fairly important to have a place to stay, da?" It isn't very long before the food is brought in all it's circa 1950's splendor!

"Why would you apologize to me? I just randomly showed up and asked you to have drinks with me, it's not like we had plans or something." There's a laugh at this and she shakes her head slowly as she does. She's quick to pick up her sandwich and take an enormous bite from it. Maya at least chews carefully and swallows before continuing to speak. "I have nowhrer I need to be anyway, other than a bar with you. so I'll go wiith you if you want some moral support." She shrugs. "Or you can text me later or something."

"Well in truth I did not know whether it would intefere with your own plans for the afternoon, Maya." Laynia seems much relieved by that not being the case. "It is true that we've only just met." She eats her meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans with near perfect manners. Very proper eater is Laynia. "I am afraid I cannot text with anyone as of yet, I have yet to pick up a smart phone." Which is probably unthinkable for most in this era, of course…Laynia's not FROM this era. "I do have a flip-phone…which does you zero good as it cannot send nor receive text messages." A soft laugh, fingers over her lips momentarily. "I shall add 'get a new phone' to today's 'to do' list."

"It… Can't?" Maya loosk a bit dumbfounded. "How old /is/ it? Are you sure something's not wrong with it…?" She shifts in hr seat a bit, blinking profusely. Then she takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Definitely a new phone," the young woman agrees with a short laugh. "Apartment, new phone… Seems like a busy day. Do you need to go shopping or anything? Maybe drinks should wait after all…"

"Oh, it works well enough, but only for audio calls, it is old, yes." Laynia is not even sure how old, it was in one of the supply caches she hit on her way to America. The phone is offered for Maya's inspection, yup, very very old design but in good condition for all of that. "Ah, now clothes I have, so no need for other shopping, at least not for the moment." A grin. "It is FUN of course, but not needful at present." She just offers a sheepish smile. "I am almost literally off the boat here, living out of a hotel but wanting something more…long term."

"Ancient. Almost as old as I am. Must be," maya replies, still staring. "Where did you even get this?" Shaking her head, the girl ultimately offers up a rueful smile and then gives a couple slow nods. "I just- jeeze." SHe shakes her head then, flashing you a wry smile. "Living out of a hotel is no good. I've done it. Pass. Let's go find you someplace nicer to be, okay?" A beat. She gestures with her left hand and a quarter of her sandwich. "If you didn't catch that I invited myself. You're stuck with me now."

"Oh, I am, am I? I see." Laynia can't help but laugh at the declaration. "Well, I suppose I will just have to soldier on, drug." Pronounced 'droogk' by the Russian woman. Laynia is relieved when Maya seems inclined to not worry about the antique flip-phone. "I agree, hotel living is very transitory, it is okay for the short term, or a visit somewhere, but I am going to be staying here for sometime I think." Laynia's plate of food is well on its way to being vanquished, and her manners never flagged! A genuinely sweet smile. "It is nice to make a friend, that is what drug means in Russian - friend."

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