2019-07-25 - Drinking Contest


A sun-demigoddess, a part-angel, and an eldritch horror walk into a bar…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jul 25 13:40:32 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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Well, a promise is a promise, plus it was a meeting without fighting horrors summoned by idiot school girls to eat people in return for some twisted blessing. That and…a little drinking never hurt anyone, or at least it had yet to hurt Sunny! Without immediate threats and thanks to the modern firearms laws, her gunslinger belt had been left at home. Instead the blonde sun goddess was wrapped in a skirt, a bright orange halter-top and boots that came up to just below her knees as she pushed into the bar. "C'mon," she calls to her roped-in companion. "Lets see what you've got."

And Eve is… different, of course. For one, she's definitely not wearing any variety of orange. The only color that isn't black on her is her hair and she's otherwise pale as pale gets. In any case, she's flopped in a chair across from Sunny.

"So, you finally cornered me into this. Happy now?" she remarks to Sunny. And then she has a drink. She pours it back without concern. Practiced ease.

Jimmy has already gone out for tea this evening and had one interesting social encounter, but the night still feels young to him. So here he is, out in Greenwich village. He walks with his phone in one hand. Maltese minstrels have come up in conversation, and they have him curious.

But Google will have to wait. As he walks by on the street, his senses ping on a familiar presence. He looks up — a nice theme bar, almost an attempt at a saloon. Well, why not?

So, in he steps. Already knowing the rough direction, he catches sight of Eve. He greets her with a wave, though holds off from barging right in. There's someone there he's a stranger to, after all.

"Ecstatic," Sunny answers with a shrug before grinning. "Ah c'mon, it isn't so bad is it? Meeting up for a drink is one of those 'Normal people' things that we're all meant to do." The blonde shrugs, knocking back her own drink once it's poured with that same ease brought on by habbit and inhuman nature. "At the very least, it changes things up having company. Right?"

Tilting her head to the side, it seems she'd spotted the waving stranger in the corner of her gaze.

"Oh, hey Jimmy. What're you doing here?" says Eve, glancing his way. She knows him. They've met. She's surprised to4 find him wandering on into the same place she is. AFter all, it's a huge city and, well, there that guy is.

"'Sup?" she offers, tossing her next4 drink back.

Jimmy smiles at Eve. He wasn't going to barge in, but if she greets him first, he'll approach. He lowers his hand as he gets close. "Was wondering around on my way out of Soho. Thought I'd take a bit of a detour, and… I noticed you were around." Because it's feasible for someone to recognise the Elder Goth from completely outside the building, right? He doesn't necessarily have some weird superhuman senses. He gives Sunny a nod of greeting. "Another friend of Eve's? Hi, I'm Jimmy."

"Sunny," the blonde offers, a smile bright as her namesake offered but she's already signalling for their next drinks off-hand at the greetings. A friend, seems so. But Sunny certainly did look quite the juxtaposition compared to the goth when standing next to her. "Good to meet you Jimmy. Out for a drink or just passing through?"

"I mean, you're welcomne to join us. You can be the designated driver. Sunny's gonna need one before the night is through," says Eve, casually, throwing just a little shade on her chances in their little drinking competition. She feigns a yawn and goes for number three. No problem.

Jimmy nods. "Sunny," he repeats, committing the name to memory. "It, uh. Suits you. And I was just passing through, looking for somewhere to be. So, if you don't mind a third, I think I'll… be here, for the time being?" He does purse his lips at Eve's suggestion. "I can drive, but I don't have a car. Did one of you bring one?" He hasn't had need of a car in a while. Because of his, um, bus pass. He pulls up a chair.

"Whatever you reckon Evie, we'll just have to see, won't we?" A smirk still on her lips, Sunny tilts her head to the side and gives a shrug of her bared shoulder at Jimmy. "I mean, you're welcome to pull up a chair and hang around. However much fun you have is entirely up to you…and probably how much you want to drink." A glance back to Eve, that smirk remains. "Maybe we'll need a driver, but I doubt it."

"Who's 'we'?" says Eve, very reserved, prim, and proper. She has another little sip from her drink, eyeing Sunny warily. Perhaps /she/ has some tricks, hm?

Jimmy smiles, a little lopsided. "Oh, I think I'll have plenty of fun just from the company. Though, I'll still…" He gets a waitress' attention. "Hi, could I just get a sprite, thanks?" And then, his focus comes back to the table. "So." He eyes Eve. "A drinking contest? With you?" His tone says it even if his words don't: 'seriously?'

Sunny simply raises and eyebrow at Eve before shrugging her shoulder and swigging back her drink. "Many have tried," she says with a glance towards Jimmy and then turning to face Eve and wink. "But if you're hot stuff, I suppose I'll happily find out."

"With me," says Eve to Jimmy, giving him a nod. "What's the problem with that?" she asks, giving him a slightly wide eyed look, as if she's daring him to make some kind of comment about her size. She seems to be holding her liquour despite her so-far three drinks and counting.

Jimmy gives Eve a hard stare. No, he doesn't think she's at a disadvantage. Quite the opposite; he doesn't know of anything 'special' with Sunny, so thinks /she's/ at the disadvantage. But… he doesn't know how much Sunny knows, so he can't speak openly about that. Aaah, secrets. He smiles his thanks to the waitress as his softer drink is delivered, before turning back. "So, how do you two know each other?"

"Happenstance meeting," Sunny shrugs lightly as she gestures for the next round. Quite the tab was going to be made before the night was through, but so far Sunny showed no sign of wavering in the slightest. Perhaps the party truely in danger here was the bar with the risk of running out of booze. She does however glance to Jimmy, his hesitation perhaps a slight hint of his knowledge, but she doesn't comment either. "Wandered into the same trouble."

"I didn't wander. /She/ wandered. I was precisely where I was supposed to be the entire time," replies Eve, playfully rolling her eyes and looking up at the ceiling. Another drink.

Jimmy nods with understanding. "Aah. That's not how Eve and I /met/, but we have still been in some of the same trouble before." He looks aside to Eve, measuring her reaction; how much can he actually talk about, and how much should stay quiet? But he responds more actively to what she's actually said. "So, you were /intentionally/ getting involved in trouble, then?"

Sunny's responce? An eloquent poking of her tongue out at the other woman before she shrugs. "I suppose I can't preach, I was out specifically looking for trouble myself." Looking on now to Jimmy, she gives a little laugh. "So you're a trouble-seeker too huh Jim?"

"I din't go looking for it. I was tipped off and got involved to keep other people out of trouble. So it was good." Eve rolls her shoulders with a shrug. "Sunny helped," she explains. Which is about all she figures she needs to actually say.]

Jimmy nods thoughtfully. Okay, so they're all 'trouble-seekers' here. This drinking contest might actually get interesting. He scoots his chair closer to the table while he takes a drink of his soda. "You still went looking for trouble. Being tipped off just means you knew /where/ to look." He nods to Jimmy. "Somewhat. Used to try to keep a secret of it, but it just seems to spill out too easily." For about a second, he changes, his face shining and his eyes glowing like torches… and then he's back to normal. "I've decided to just roll with it."

"I 'helped'?" Sunny repeats and rolls her eyes lightly. One hand lazily reaches out to 'poke' Eve in the shoulder. "Just because you were…suprising doesn't mean I had no reason or need to be there. Besides," she pauses to flash a wink, "I added a little 'flash' to it all, amongst not letting it get out of hand." A glance to Jimmy again, it's just in time to see that change and have her blinking for a moment before she leans forwards. "Well…isn't that interesting?" she murmers, her own pupils giving a subtle flare of glowing energy that's literally 'blink and you'll miss it'.

"She helped," repeats Eve, giving a nod towards Jimmy.

"Rolling with it is good, I guess. Sometimes, you just gotta deal with horrible things." A glance towards Sunny. Shw was, of course, a horrible thing. Then she shrugs and has another drink.

She doesn't say anything with regards to Sunny's display. She might have even missed it.

Jimmy raises an eyebrow at Sunny. "You added a little flash?" He glances briefly to her halter top. No, Jimmy, wrong flash. He understands — and blushes — when he sees the flare of light in her violet eyes. "Ah. Yes, quite interesting. Always happy to meet another 'trouble-seeker'." People don't like the term 'hero'. He should come up with an alternative. Prosocial danger-activist?

Sunny was fond of 'Trouble seeker', were one to ask her. As far as Eve and her 'horrible-ness'? Well, horrible is as horrible does. So far she seemed alright. Once more drink down, still nothing for either of them! Either pace or strength of alcohol was going to have to be picked up! Leaning lightly against the counter with her hip and elbow, nods her head and lifts her glass. "Likewise."

If she saw the glance and the blush? Seems she missed it, or wasn't going to comment on it.

Eve tosses her drink back without another word, throwing some side-eye Sunny's way becasue why not? She lets her and Jimmy talk for the moment.

Jimmy decides that, yes, he /will/ ask Sunny. And Eve, for that matter. "I know some people, including a mutual friend of ours" He nods to Eve. "who don't much like the H-word. So what term /should/ we use, you think? Trouble-seeker?" He glances between them. "I don't think this drinking contest is going anywhere too fast. Does this place have anything stronger?" One's an eldritch horror, and the other's from the Old West. They can both hold obscene amounts of liquor.

"That words for folks in capes, or with flags on their chest and such," Sunny comments, looking sidelong at Eve in returned glance albeit with a grin on her lips. Already she was enjoying this little contest, if only for the fact she had no idea if the tentacled, 'possibly plant-like but definately something' girl had any resistance or reaction to alcohol in the slightest.

Even back in her own time she hadn't been the best gambler!

"Stronger might be for the best. We all actually need to get home some time before tomorrow." Turning back to the bartender now, she gives the server a little beckon of her finger. "Give us the strongest thing you've got…then make it a tripple and keep them coming."

For her part, Eve is just leaning back. ANd then having another drink. She doesn't have much else to say except to let Sunny and Jimmy talk. And she's definitely gotten another drink down, especially the stronger beverages just delivered.

Jimmy nods thoughtfully to Sunny's comment, checking the time on his phone. "Yeaaah. It's one thing to say 'I can do this all day' about fighting injustice, but staying up and drinking until dawn? That's a different kind of 'I can do this all day'." He sticks with his soda, thank you.

Of course, it's a loser's game. Though it might take a crazy amount, Sunny -can- get drunk eventually. At the very least, she'll enjoy the contest regardless of the road to defeat. Awaiting the requested upped ante, the blonde shrugs her shoulders. "Certainly, one of them costs a hell of a lot more by the end of the night!"

"I can do this all night," says Eve, thoughtfully. Then another down the hatch. She smiles at Sunny. There's just that: A smile. Nothing else. She's confident and letting her know!


And so it continues, round by round, neither one showing any shake in their confidence — not even with the stronger stuff being brought out. Time-lapse photography of the event would show the pair resolute, still at their seats, while Jimmy moves about: moves his chair here and there, or stretches his legs, or gets other drinks. But he still keeps an eye on them. They may need a designated driver, after all. Even if they aren't affected, their breath has probably reached 'jet fuel' levels.

Well, Sunny had drunk enough to kill and probably preserve a normal human being. By now? From face to neckline is flushed bright red and they had pretty much shut the bar down. At this point, pretending to be 'normal' was probably a forgone conclusion. They're probably horrifying the staff at this point, but strangely enough…Sunny was actually getting tipsy. Something that seemed to amuse her quite a bit when she giggles lightly…

"I thought most plants -died- when people poured alcohol on them," she comments to Eve. "I half expected you to be 'fermented' at this point."

"Mmn," says Eve.

"Naw, that doesn't happen to me. What's a matter, Sunny? You look a little flushed. CAn't hold your liquor?" She beams at her, giving her a little shoulder tap before glancing at Jimmy.

"Did I win, I ask our independent judge of drinking contests."

Jimmy looks from one to the other, astonished and shaking his head. He hasn't had a sip of alcohol himself, but between them, the pair have had more than enough booze to cover for him. And his entire extended family. For at least a year. "I think the victory condition is meant to be drinking her 'under the table', until she can't drink anymore? But, it still is clear that it's /affecting/ her before it's affecting you. Assuming it even /can/ affect you."

"I could go all night!" Sunny protests, pointing at Eve lightly before glancing side-long at Jimmy before crossing her arms over her bust. "So she can't actually get drunk? Do you actually even -enjoy- the drinking Eve? Or was this just to play with me?" A glance to Jimmy again and then looking back at Eve. "Is she just playing with me?"

"I never said I couldn't get drunk. I just said I'd outdrink /you/," replies Eve to Sunny, flicking her nose with a fingertip playfully before addressing Jimmy. "I mean, I did tell her that," she adds, cheerfully.

That's a good question. Jimmy isn't drunk, but at this time of night, he's getting a bit sleep-deprived. He puts a hand to his chin and squints, very closely and a little wobblily, at Eve. "It's hard to say," he says. "She's definitely enjoying /something/. But it seems most like she's enjoying messing with you, not the drinking itself. Seems a waste, to me."

Of course, if Eve -wanted- to be, she could probably be drunk as hell if she wanted. But she was clearly actually enjoying beating Sunny at this little game that she had always won in the past. "Well hell," the blonde goddess shrugs, looking back towards Eve from Jimmy. "In for a penny, at least I'll have fun with it."

With that, she moves to signal for another drink and then reaches to steal Eve's. "If I'm gonna lose, might as well make it worth it."

"I think she'll need a designated driver after all. Maybe I can do it," replies Eve, drolly, glancing towards Jimmy with a grin.

"I mean, the drinks are —," and then Sunny stole her drink. She looks down at it.


Jimmy blinks, watching Sunny take Eve's drink. "Hoo boy." In for a penny, and now her liver's in for even more of a pounding. He shakes his head. "You are /definitely/ going to something to get you home. You, uh, still remember where home is, right? Or at least, wherever you're crashing?" He holds up a finger to Eve. "You weren't enjoying that drink anyway. And you're not driving her either. Even if it doesn't affect you, you'd make a breathalyser /explode/ right now."

A shrug of her shoulders, she throws both back before waving dismissively at Jimmy. "I've got a hotel, the address and key is in my pocket and I'm tipsy at best. Besides, I'll burn through it by the time I walk it off…probably…" Sunny pauses, glancing between Eve and the lecturing Jimmy before she laughs softly. "Is that you trying to volunteer to take us home there Jimmy? Kinda forward, ain't you?"

Seems there was a slight creep of accent as the drinking continued!

"Pfft. I'm perffectly sober. I won't even get pulled over," replies Eve, putting her hands together behind her head. She yawns. Makes a show of yawning.

Then she has a drink.

Jimmy palms his face. "Yes, I'm offering to take you home. Physically deliver you to the location, by car or by air." Wait, by air? "And that's it. If you're tipsy enough to need a lift, then you're too tipsy for the euphemism kind of 'take you home'." He shakes his head to Eve. "This time of night, there are random breathalyser tests. Not worth the risk just for showing off."

"I think," Sunny muses, flicking her thumb over her lip to catch a stray droplet left over from her dual-drink effort a moment ago, "you are severely overestimating how drunk either of us are…or just me anyway…" she trails off with a little poke at Eve's shoulder with her 'pinkie' finger while holding her glass. "What do you even -do- with the stuff you drink?"

Eve sways from the poke and gives Sunny a wide eyed look. She rolls her eyes at her, though.

"Same as you, I imagine," she remarks, innocently. Then a glance back at Jimmy and his face palm. She finds it funny, at least.

Jimmy considers as he sits up again, blinking the sleepiness from his eyes. "Alright. If you guys are comfy getting yourselves home, I'll back off. But the offer's there, if you want to fly home." He raises an eyebrow at Eve. 'The same as you' doesn't include being totally unaffected.

"Wait…fly, as in?" she begins, gesturing with a raise of her free hand even as she downs yet another of their crazy brewed shots. "You can fly? That's awesome, and not fair…" she pauses, shaking her head in a way that had her long and practically glowing locks swaying. "I can't fly." A look on to Eve, there's the obvious question on her features.

Could -she- fly with all her Eldritchy-tricks?

"I sure can't fly. What are you looking at me for?" says Eve, wide eyed at Sunny. All innocent again.

Totally innocent Elder Goth here.

Jimmy nods to Sunny. Hey, she and Eve have been pretty open all night. "Yeah, I fly. I can go about at about a hundred for short bursts. But I can't do at least some of what you do." He points to the vast array of empty glasses and bottles. "If I had a tenth of that, I'd be unconscious right now. And that's just from what I've /seen/ you do." Jimmy would lose any and every arm-wrestling contest with Sunny.

"I can…jump?" Sunny offers after a moment of thought, giving a little pout and glancing towards the 'innocent' Eve and then back to Jimmy. "I mean, the landing isn't great for whatever is beneath me though since I land pretty heavy." A little shrug though, she looks back at Eve once more and there's a little quirk of mischief on her flushed face. "Still, as cool as flying might be, and it -is- cool. What if Eve only agreed to come out and drink with me…?" she trails off, moving to lean towards the Goth. "Because -she- wanted to come home with me? Someone in here might get jealous!"

"Yes, that is obviously it," remarks Eve, with a dry tone to her voice and a solemn nod to Sunny. "It was the obvious choice." She casually has another sip, that look of amusement deepening. She is watching Jimmy out the corner of her eye. Because his reaction to that /ought/ to be good.

Nah; Jimmy can confidently tell it's all just joking. No blushing at aspersions this time! He just rolls his eyes as he settles back in his seat. "Well, if that's what you two had planned for the evening, I'm sure not going to stand in the way." He pauses. "Sounds like a landing like that wouldn't be too good on your knees either." Darn superhero landings.

Disappointment indeed, but Sunny isn't perturbed. Instead she simply shrugs her shoulders and lazily reaches to fish the cherry out of one of the long-slain cocktails, turning it over lightly in her fingers. "Still better than landing on my butt. It hurt my pride more than anything, but I'm sure from high enough it wouldn't tickle."

Back to Eve, she clicks her tongue before grinning. "Ah, but Eve, he was offering to take -both- of us home. Perhaps he's optimistic or greedy?"

Clearly she was happy to have fun with this little teasing game to try and win another blush, although thanks to hours of drinking enough to kill most attempters, she was the most flushed in the room.

She shrugs, gently pressing the cherry past her lip and biting down to leave her with just the stem in her fingers.

Now TGHAT makes Eve blush. She /glares/ at Sunny a little and then starts to laugh helplessly. She can't help it. She wrinkles her nose right up and shakes her head. "Greedy, probably," she finally offers.

Jimmy does at least /cough/ at that insinuation, though he still just drops his face into his palm rather than rise too much to the bait. "Yes, clearly I am ambitious enough to anticipate this first meeting becoming a… what's the term supposed to be? Tribune? Tricycle?" He shakes his head, then gives Eve a sidelong look. "Though you seem like you've been called out a bit. Maybe /you're/ the greedy one?"

"Greedy?" the blonde muses, tilting her head to the side in consideration and grinning as those violet eyes flick between the pair she'd managed to get twice the reaction from. "Indulgent maybe, I guess I look at things in a hopeful 'light'?" she offers, giggling a little at the internal pun created by her own name. That said, she lazily flicks the stem towards the collection of glasses. "But that didn't seem that he was saying no-Oooh…you were talking to Eve. Huh."

Now Sunny turns towards the Goth, propping her elbow against the counter top and resting her chin on her hand with an amused look Eve's way. "Well?"

"….Oh god," says Eve, laughing. She puts a hand over her face, leans back in her chair, throws her hands up towards the ceiling and says, "You'd both die!" Very cheerfully.

She leans back in her chair, though!

Jimmy blinks at Sunny as she seems to muse over the 'tribune' idea. That she treats it so casually actually starts to get a blush rising in his cheeks. But with how long he's spent with them by this point, he's soaked up a little of their own casualness. It's not enough to completely counteract his awkwardness, but it /is/ enough for him to retaliate. He stares at Eve, with an eyebrow lifted. And in a completely flat tone of voice, he says, "I didn't know you were that kinky."

"What's 'A 'little death'?" Sunny giggles, winking at Eve playfully and then glancing back at Jimmy. Blushes all around, it seems she'd at least won -this- game since she'd lost the drinking contest. Again clearly amused by her wordplay, she does however shrug. "You'd be suprised by what people like the three of us can live through."

Eve promptly kicks Sunny under the table. And then Jimmy too. She glowers at both of them and has another drink. Because she can. GRR. FIERCE GOTH IS FIERCE.

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