2019-07-24 - The Bleeding Edge of Prosthetics


Peter Parker shows off the fruits of his labors to his boss, Kate Kane.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 24 00:00:00 2019
Location: Kane Industries Lab

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Peter took a deep breath. "Okay…" he said to the woman sitting near his desk. "I think it's time to call the boss. You should probably meet her, anyway."
He typed up a quick email to Miss Kane.

SUBJECT: Hip Replacement Prototype
To Miss Kane, the tests are complete. Please come to lab 19 to review the prototype.
—Peter Parker.

Kate doesn't take too long to show up. Maybe twenty minutes. Given she's the executive in a major corporation that is actually a pretty notable feaat. She is, as always, dressed in that suit, cutting a sharp figure at over six feet tall and naturally brooding.

"Mr. Parker," Kate calls as she is entering the laboratory. "I'd love to see what you are working—-" Then she stops short, her green eyes settling onto the woman seated bside her employee. She pausees for a second. "May Parker, I presume? Peter has nothing but /glowing/ things to say about you, ma'am."

Kate arches a brow, but otherwise she doesn't even miss a beat.

The old woman rises, and the motivations for Peter's work are clear in a moment. She can see pain in the woman's face, as much as she tries to hide it. She smiles and moves closer to Kate, and…what was that old story? THE LITTLE MERMAID? How the mermaid had gotten her legs, but she walked as if she had knives in her feet?

"Please, Miss Kane. If my nephew is going to be working for you, you need to call me what all my friends call me. AUNT May." She chuckles.

"Aunt May. Of course." Kate smiles at that. She will then offer Aunt May a hand- to lean on, or shake, as she prefers. A deep breath follows and then she gestures back to the chair. "Let's see that presentation, Parker." She winks at the young man, just once. "I am looking forward to seeing what it can do."

May doesn't take the hand. Pain is strong, but an old woman's pride is stronger.

Peter rushed to grab the remote, pressing a button twice. The lab safe opens as his fingerprint is read, and Peter grabs the steel case, placing it on the work table and opening it.

It is certainly space-age, that's for sure. The frame is made of titanium alloy, coated with silver, and comes in three parts—the "ball" section for the leg, the "socket" section for the hip, and what looks like a clear plastic sleeve, meant to fit over the ball and socket.

"Here it is. 80-year lifespan, cannot rust or decay, medically sound. The lubricant in the sleeve is self-contained, but is completely non-toxic."

"That looks… Amazing. You're completely sure about the toxic properties? Most of the materials they use for these things have long-term effects…" Kate is staring at the item intently, leaning forward to get a better look at it. "It's incredible work, Peter. You should be more than proud of your nephew, Aunt May." Katereaches out a hand, but thinks better of touching the prosthesis, apparently. "How ready is it /really/? Testing in… three months? Two?"

Peter chuckled. "The lubricant is a gel-based saline compound. About as much as an IV bag. The gel-state is due to a substance similar to gelatin. If it leaks, the body's fluids break out down into saline solution and inert particles, But the plastic housing can only be broken by intense force, anyway." He places a USB drive on the counter. "It's all in there. It's ready to be tested by the Mayo Clinic as soon as we can get it to them, but I've run all the tests the Mayo Clinic will run. It's stable, safe, and strong. Think DAYS of therapy, not WEEKS."

"I hope you won't be offended when I say that sounds far too good to be true," Kate replies seriously, but there's a glimmer of a smile behind those intense eyes. She does reach for the flash drive now, immediately plugging it into the device she's holding in her hand. "You could revolutionize this entire field if this works out. Do you have any idea how big this is?If I were a real businesswoman I'd play it down so you wouldn't ask for your percent, but… You'll have earned it."

Aunt May said nothing. She only smiled. It was a knowing smile, a smile that said, "I knew it all along. You're just finding out now."
Peter nodded. "I'll forego the percentage. I want Aunt May to get the first one, instead."
Aunt May turned to look at Peter, startled. "Peter, I'm sure that we…"
"Aunt May, you are my mother in all but name, but I need you to be quiet, right now." He looked to Kate. "She gets the first one. As soon as possible, as soon as the Mayo Clinic clears it. That's all I want. You can spend whatever percentage I have on the operation."

"She gets the first one," Kate agrees. "Guaranteed. We'll… Talk about the rest of it." Kate glances at May and gives her a brief nod of solidarity before taking a long breath. "It's phenomenal work. Make sure you get the official copy to Phyllis as soon as possible. And… Take the rest of the week off, while it gets approved. You've done your share. Spend it with your Aunt, maybe. Celebrate."

Peter blinks. "Uhm…yeah, hers is on her desk. I can…uhm, there are references and datasheets and procedures to mass-produce the units themselves…"
"Yes, Aunt May?"
"It's your turn to shut up now, dear."
Peter stops, then nods. "…Yes, Aunt May."
The old woman smiled and walked…well, limped over to her nephew. "I think we are going to head home. I think we will have to save the celebrating for another day."
Peter nods, but he seems distracted. He looks like he is halfway ready to grab her, put her on the worktable, and do the operation with the prototype right then and there.
But in the end, he nods to her and then nods to Kate. "Thanks, Miss Kane. And thanks for the tiome off."
He COULD use the time with that case he was working on…and maybe he would have the time to get the drop on the hitmen before they did their dirty work…

"Not a problem. Take care of yourself, Mr. Parker. Aunt May. You're welcome to visit whenever you like." Kate nods once and then takes a deep breaht. She continues to stare at her smartphone as data is scrolling past, taken in by all of the spreadheets and numbers Pete has given her.

Aunt May steps forward with Peter, walking past the absorbed Kate, but not so absorbed that she would not hear Aunt May whisper to Peter, "…so proud of you…and Ben would be, too."
And then they are out the door, off to wherever aged matriarchs and teenage genuises go.

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