2019-07-23 - Healing (in) a Flash


Flash gets a couple of unexpected visitors…and one of them DOES do windows as well as stick to them.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jul 23 00:02:10 2019
Location: Flash Thompson's Apartment, NYC

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'Giants QB Benched Due To Injury' about sums up Flash's life right now. Benched in almost every respect, after the stalker-attack that left his leg not quite broken, but fractured in a couple places. His left leg is in a cast, and he's walking with a crutch. It's not as bad as it looks, but the team's doctors aren't taking any chances, and he's been told in no uncertain terms to take it easy until further notice, which means that not only is he not playing on the field, but his speaking engagements have been heavily scaled back, and he's basically housebound. And it's not making Flash very happy. He tends to be okay when he's busy, when he's got people around, but left to his own devices, things get dark pretty fast. So there he is, the star football player, laid up on his couch, watching television. To be fair, it's a pretty nice television.

Spider-Man had immediately thought of Thea when he heard about Flash from Mary Jane. He always felt a little self-conscious about asking for stuff like this. But Thea had responded enthusiastically. Part of it was her willingness to help people. Part of it was also probably ALSO the prospect of webslinging through the city at 80 mph (he had gotten her some high-impact eye protection for the mask she wore).
But, it does mean that, while Flash is watching, he hears a light tapping. However, it is not a knocking at the door, but a tapping at the window. A look in that direction would reveal two faces…the familiar masked face of Spider-Man…but there is a woman's face, as well.

Spidey looks back at Thea. "Do you think he saw me?"

She would find it hard to say no to Peter, or she would if she ever did. It's pretty rare that Peter asks her for something so out of her bounds that she'd say no. She will prepare before she lets him pick her up to swing off.

She will lean to try and peer past Spidey into the window. The long, thick hair back in a long braid is gleaming blonde today, and under the eyegear, her eyes are a super bright blue with contacts. "Do you think people knock on his window often? Give him a minute, you said his leg was broken, right?"

"What the fuck?" Flash says to himself, because the apartment is otherwise empty, when the tapping on his window reaches his ears. He looks around to identify the source of the noise, hesitant to get up from the couch, for obvious reasons. For other obvious reasons, one does not typically expect someone to be knocking on the window of their twenty-second floor apartment. Eventually though, he picks himself up off the couch, grabs his crutch, and hobbles his way over to the window, where he pulls the blind open fully to reveal.. well, the sun, for one. Squinting into the light, he also see two bodies, one of which is familiarly red-and-blue-spandexed, the other an attractive blonde? Did Spider-Man bring him a present? The look on Flash's face should read more as confused than upset, but given the general dourness of his mood it might be a fine line.

He opens the balcony door shortly thereafter, leaning on his crutch as he watches the pair. "Hi," he says, still a bit bleary and confused about the whole situation. "You, uh, know where I live?" Guess that shouldn't come as a huge shock. It's not like it was a big secret or anything, but Flash is nonetheless just a little bit surprised. He steps out onto the balcony, not quite comfortable just yet with just inviting Spider-Man and his companion right inside. It's.. well, it's kind of a mess in there today, as well. "Hi." Again.

Spidey dropped to the balcony, then reached up and undid a catch that looked a lot like a jetfighter's harness release. Same principle, as it unhooks Thea from the rig he wears that takes her along for what can be a dizzyting ride.

"I talked to Mary Jane. She told me. So…I wanted to come and visit." He steps aside for Thea. "This here's Angel, We webpool together sometimes." He looks from Thea back to Flash. "How are you doing, Flash?" he asks, his voice softening.

Thea slides off the eye gear and slips away from the harness. She will flip the braid over her shoulder, bright blue eyes fixed on Flash. "Hi there." There's a gleaming, red lipped smile, a hand offered to him to shake.

"I didn't talk to Mary Jane. I'm here to help fix what's been broken." She will even give him a cheeky wink, unslinging the small backpack she'd worn. "If that's okay with you."

Flash leans heavily against the crutch, taking the weight off his leg. "Didn't know you two were close like that," he says, tilting his head slightly. "But hey, I'm not ungrateful. Especially when you're bringing beautiful women to visit," at which a grin starts to spread over his features, directed at 'Angel', and a little upward nod given to her. Yes, this is how you cheer up Flash Thompson. "I've been better. The jerk who attacked us really did a number on my leg, gonna be out for most of the season from what the doctors tell me. I feel like I'm turning out to be a bit of a bad investment for the team," he says, assuming that Spider-Man's interest is primarily because of his association with the Giants. New Yorkers love their teams, after all. "Wait. Fix?" They can do that?

Spidey nods. "Angel is what is scientifically known as a 'biokinetic.' She can heal physical damage. So, you can settle in here, do everything she tells you…" He sniffs and frowns, then continues, "…while I go in there and clean up." He smiles to Thea. "Do your usual best, Angel. He's a good friend."
And, having said thus, steps inside, and makes the mistake of breathing in through his noise. "Jeez, Flash, you may be a hell of an athlete, but you gotta do LAUNDRY. There's more funk in here than 70's music!"

There's a glance cast sidelong at Spidey. "Like he said. Fixing is what I do. Beautiful biokinetic. Maybe I should get business cards." Thea is lightly flirting with Flash, something Spidey has never heard her really do before. "So how about we move on in somewhere you can get off your feet and we can help you have a miraculous recovery and get you gridiron ready, hmm?"

There's a bright smile, a soft hand on Flash's arm as she'll wait for him to go and lead the way inside to somewhere he can settle in. "Spidey tells me you play for the Giants? I've been out of the country until a few months ago, so I've missed out on American Football."

Flash is definitely not oblivious to the mild flirting, and he's happy to return it in kind, giving her the patented Flash Thompson smile, even straightening himself up to his full height for her benefit, despite the discomfort doing so puts him in. He hears Spider-Man complaining about the mess inside, but ignores it for the most part while Angel occupies his attention. He'll get over it. "So you're telling me we should go in and get more comfortable?" Wink. "Usually that's my line!" He grins, and opens the door again for Thea to step inside, holding his breath in the hopes that she'll ignore the state of the place. "It's not usually so messy, I promise." Innocent smile. He walks back to the couch, and eases himself down again, inviting the girl to sit beside him. "Yes, I'm the new quarterback. Or at least, I'm supposed to be, until this happened. Can't really do much until it's healed to the doc's satisfaction." He shrugs. "So you've been stuck with soccer? Or hockey?" Going north means you're chasing a rubber puck around some ice, and going literally anywhere else means you're chasing a checkered ball around after some joggers who can't take a hit. At least the hockey players can take it and dish it out. "You two do this often? Home Delivered Healing Touch?"

Thea may be using her abilities to best effect, but Spider-Man is shoving dirty clothes into a hamper, corralling up dirty dishes and taking them to the kitchen, and loading up the dishwasher. At least the new suit is waterproof.
"Yeah, but it's a special service for friends who turn into self-made shut-ins."

There is the faintest pink flush at the flirting back, the wink. Thea will move with him, making sure he's steady on his crutches. "You've got a broken leg, so you get a pass on less than pristine housekeeping." She will assure him with a smile. "Soccer, rugby, hockey, baseball… I was on a bit of a global tour."

She will make sure he sits down, before she will find a place to perch nearby. "This is actually the first time he's had me make a phone call to someone I don't know beforehand." She will confess, before her eyes trail down to his leg. He will start to feel a buzzing tingle, like it might feel if you could touch a beehive without being stung.

"I'm not a shut-in, I'm.." Well, it's not far from it, really. But it's a doctor-prescribed shut-in-ness. Not Flash's fault! "Just taking it easy." Maybe a little too easy. Words that have been used to describe Flash since his adolescence. Badumtiss. "Remind me to keep the security footage.. 'Spider-Man Doing Laundry' ought to make a decent viral video on Youtube," he jokes. There's no cameras, but imagine if there were! It's pretty obvious he's joking. The feeling in his leg comes as a surprise, but not an unpleasant one, but then he suddenly goes a bit whiter and grab's Thea's leg; not hard, but enough to get her attention. "Wait. Stop."

"Yeah, put it on Spider-Fail.com, with all the others." He can do the elbow grease with the best of them. Spidy looks over to Flash and Thea, then pauses. "What is it, Flash?" The banter drops immediately and he sounds concerned.

Thea would have paled or flinched if she thought Flash was being serious, but she clearly isn't taking him that way. She's just on the verge of relaxing just a bit, when he's grabbing her leg. If Flash is paying attention, he'll see her start to move, a checked motion that pulls her hand back from his wrist.

Blue eyes glance at Peter, before she will carefully move Flash's hand off her thigh. He'll feel the tingling cut off, brows lifting. "What's wrong? I promise, the tingling doesn't get worse."

"Nothing's wrong, just.." He pauses, looking first at Spider-Man (who it is strange to have in his house doing his laundry, fyi), and then at Thea, removing his hand himself when she makes the signal that she doesn't appreciate it being where it ended up. "How does this look? I mean, my leg was broken. Not irreparably or anything, doctors said I should make a full recovery and be back in the game in a few months, but.. one day I'm laid up at home, the next I'm fully healed? There's gonna be questions, there's gonna be accusations.. it looks bad for the team. If we're getting help from powered people with something like this, who's to say we're not getting help other ways? I can't have that on me." He shakes his head, and frowns. The leg hurts. He'd love to get it magically healed up. But.. optics. "Believe me, Angel, under normal circumstances there isn't anything I wouldn't let you do.." Wink. Kind of a sad wink, really. Sigh.

Spidey is about to say something, then stops. "Look, Flash…just tell them you received a form of…alternative medicine. Have them test you six ways from Sunday for ANY controlled subtance or any body issues. In fact…DEMAND it. You should probably go to them, take the initiative. Tell them you received healing, and you want to get ahead of any accusations."

"Easy. You tell them you had a Swedish physician come in with some electric therapy along with calcium supplements, stimulating the muscles and letting the bones knit with the excessive calcium you took. See, no one will be able to tell you were healed by me, and there's… like Spidey says, there's no residue, and certainly no prohibited chemicals. All I do, is trigger your body to heal faster. They'll be able to see where it was broken in the bone, for a while even after I heal it. Bones show the hint a little longer."

She will be silent a moment. "You're in pain, on top of being irritated because some asshole jumped you. If.. if you want, I will go with you to meet your team doctors." She sounds like her throat hurts just a bit as she speaks.

Flash considers for a moment. Their arguments aren't bad, and he knows it. But still, he finds himself strangely aware of how it might all shake out in the press. "It's just the kind of scandal the team doesn't need, from a kid from Queens in his first year, you know?" He considers a moment longer, and gives a nod to Spider-Man. "Getting ahead of it is smart.. but I don't know how it goes over to have superhuman help." There's another twinge in his leg, causing him to wince. Then he looks at Thea. "Fuck it. Do it, and we'll deal with the fallout later." That's Flash, taking the easy way. "I'll take you up on meeting the doctor. But I'll buy you dinner first," he says with a wink, getting his social footing again.

Spidey shakes his head as he turns back to the scutwork, but he is smiling in spite of himself. In some ways, Flash hasn't changed at all. Give an option to run out the clock, go on the defensive, play it safe? No. Smash through the front four like the Hulk, go for the decisive win. That's Flash.
And he isn't giving up, or giving in. That's good. That means he's become a man, maybe even the man he was supposed to be.

"Okay, letting that stuff soak. Going to tackle that bathroom next." He looked to Thea. "

"Wish me luck.

There's a faint smirk, her one eyebrow arching at the talk of buying her dinner first. "I'll just wear a wig and stuff, so don't tell them when you take me." She will offer a quiet little smile. Her hand will rest on his arm, and that tingling will start then, and pick up quick. Then comes a quick sensation, a heat deep in the muscles. "Just relax."

Flash lets out a breath, and does just that; relaxes. His eyes close, and a peaceful look settles on his face. "Spider-Man is cleaning my apartment," he comments idly, with a smirk. "Wonder what kind of rates he charges." He can feel Thea's power working, and while he's still concerned about how the whole thing will go over publicly, he can't argue with immediate results. Take the direct route to victory, and figure out the casualties after the fact. "You wear whatever you're comfortable in, darlin'," he says in response to Thea's comment about the wig. "Little black dresses are always a good choice. If you're into wigs, I'm happy to roleplay a little bit, too."

It's not horrible, but it ain't great. There is an empty roll of TP on the bar, the glass isn't all that clean, and there is a faint smell of something bad. Oh, well…time to test out the odor-cancelling properties of the suit.
He makes short work of the mess in the bathroom. A little scrubbing, a little wiping, and presto-change-o, a bathroom that won't give Aunt May a brain aneurysm.

He steps out of the bathroom, smelling vaguely of Pine-Sol. "Bathroom's done. Do I need any warnings before heading into your bedroom?"

"I imagine he can make a pretty penny, cleaning in that suit." Thea teases. She will gently amp up the relaxation, and help the pain dim even further even as she's making sure the bones heal, and that the tendons and muscles are ready to be in motion again.

She will lift her eyebrows, both of them this time, while she looks at Flash. "Are most women really just that blinded by your sports celebrity, that these lines have them swooning into your arms?" She asks, that hint of a smirk again. "It's not roleplaying I'm after, it's protection from being known on sight." She will turn her head to look for Peter. "There's probably an abundance of lost trashy lingerie in there. Careful."

"Yes," Flash admits with a shrug and a devil-may-care smirk. "Not just that, but yes," he says to Thea, offering no apologies for it. "I guess I'll need to up my game a little bit then." The work she's doing on his leg is feeling gooooood now. "I'm gonna have to get myself injured again if this is the treatment I can expect." There had to be at least one more terrible line in there, right? "Hey now. None of it is 'lost'. It was all left willingly, and accepted respectfully." And it's carefully tucked into a drawer, not strewn about. Except maybe recent additions. "Yeah, maybe you don't go in there, Spider-Man. Probably best to avoid MJ's room, too.." Who knows what lurks behind those doors. I mean, there's not really a question about Flash's room, since the door is open and the mess can be easily seen. But seriously, don't. "You've done more than enough."

Going into MJ's room while she's not here? Not even if TONY STARK paid him to.
"I don't go into a woman's room if she's absent. You, however, I just need to make sure my webshooters are working."

He goes into the bedroom and closes the door. After a couple of minutes, Thea and Flash soon hear him say, "Geez, this is a bad smell…"
Another pause, "Oh my GOSH it's moving. The LINGERIE IS moving…"
A few seconds later: "BULLETS DON'T STOP IT!"
He's joking. There are no sounds of intense combat. So, he's joking. Mostly.

"If you actually expect me to take you seriously about dinner, you might have to make that a slightly bigger than usual step. Like you're stretching for that extra yard." She will wink at him. "I prefer to not have to be on your speed-dial for healing." She's still smirking, even as she sits back a bit. "MJ lives here?" Brows both lift at that, curious. A moment later, she will laugh at Peter's shenanigans.

"Duly noted, Angel," Flash says, giving a nod that might even be construed as serious. The sounds and the words coming from his bedroom after Spider-Man goes inside get a little roll of his eyes. "Seriously, I told him not to go in there," he says. Of course, what's Flash going to do? His leg's still healing, but he has this feeling that even in his prime, he's not really going to be a match for Mister Friendly Neighbourhood. "Yeah, MJ moved in.. a couple months ago now, I guess. We knew each other from high school, and she needed a place to stay, and I had the room. It's nice to have a friend around." Left to his own devices, Flash can get a teensy bit depressed. "She's been busy filming though. Hence.." he motions to the apartment, meaning the mess, though it's been Spider-Cleaned. "How do you feel about Italian?"

Spidey comes out a few minutes later. "MUCH better. Everything's spic and span. But if you make a mess like that again, I'll be forced to come over here and do gross damage to your bulky bod. Your teammates will be amazed because they wouldn't believe you could GET bruises in those places." He leans forward and looks pointedly at Flash. "AMAZED."
He stands up straight again. "Okay, place is all cleaned up. How's Lothario doing, Angel?"

Thea just snickers at Flash rolling his eyes. If he's serious and gets better lines, well, she's not against actual dinner. Especially when he explains MJ was an old friend from high school who needed a place.. She will lift her eyes to Flash's face, as the heat and tingling start to wane. "The language is on my list to learn, the food can be fantastic, if that's your intention. I might even wear a little black dress."

She turns and looks at Peter, a slow, warm smile forming. "Well, he might get dinner."

"Italian it is, then," Flash says with a definitive nod. "Friday, eight o'clock? I'll pick you up, if you'll give me an address." It doesn't have to be a home address, since he's smart enough to deduce that she's of a mind to keep her personal details private. "Lothario, huh?" He shrugs. Could be worse. Don Juan, or Casanova. "Unless.." He looks between Thea and Spider-Man. "You two aren't.." he makes a hand motion indicating some kind of 'togetherness'. Because it'd be super-awkward if they were, and he's hitting on Spider-Man's girl.

Spider-Man snorts. "Flash, we're FRIENDS. Men and woman CAN be friends without macking on each other. Besides, she's outta my league, anyway."
He winks. He can actually wink with those eye-lenses. "I'm not really looking for a girlfriend right now. The last time, it…well, it ended badly. Kinda soured me on the whole relationship thing." He chuckles. "Want a lift back to your car, Angel?"

Thea looks at Peter, eyes widening just a bit. There's a half dozen things she could say, crowding her tongue. "Spidey is one of my best friends, but neither of us were available when we met. So.. friends it is." There's a flash of a grin, before she will rise, and find a pen. She'll find an old takeout menu and leave a number and address for Flash.

She'll wink. "You can get the cast off, but you still need to work it up slowly. You didn't lose nearly as much muscle as you would have waiting normally, but you were off it long enough to need to bring it up to snuff slowly." She will waggle her fingers, before she will move to duck out to the balcony to her harness, and away with Peter.

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