2019-07-21 - The Dating Trap


Bruce introduces Damian to Mary Jane. And plans are made.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jul 21 17:55:59 2019
Location: Tavern on the Green

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The Tavern on the Green is an upscale place, but it is a quiet place to meet and discuss things. And to get a feel on things. Especially when that is your son that has suddenly appeared that he has no clue how they will react socially to anything. But Bruce knows at some point he's going to have to figure this out. So he called Damian to meet with him - but he also has some business to attend to. And that they will be joined.

Dressed in a suit and tie, he's currently secured a table that gives a great view of the park and allows for conversation, while keeping things open. Bruce is known - as is his company, so he doesn't want the rumors of a secret rendevouz going out. Especially since said woman is a barely a college student.

Damian arrives at the Tavern at the agreed meeting time. Almost scary how on time he was actually, considering he walked through the door on the dot. He wears black jeans, some tenneshoes, a black shirt, and a dark green hooded jacket. He sees Bruce, and he approaches him. Of course Damian isn't wearing a fine-tailored suit. No money. This was just what he could get his hands on in short notice to avoid wearing his ninja attire to a public place.

Nonetheless, he finds Bruce with ease, and he sits down at the table. Back straight, hands clasped and set on the table. He looks at Bruce. "Father."

Mary Jane has completely good reasons to be late! The studio wasn't shooting her scenes today, or that week for the matter so she had a little downtime to catch up on 'life'. If life meant working. Being fitted for outfits, testing out make-up and face scrubs. She had recently gotten into the ASMR thing and was currently attempting to convince Eddie to join her in it. When he cleans up, he was fairly normal looking! The Watson's would love that!

But she pulls up in a non-descript car, keeping her straw, wide brimmed hat low as she rushes into the building. Since this was technically a business meeting, she did keep it classy! A flower, fifties style dress with a black backdrop, cut off just above the knee with a pair of flats on. Sure, her arms are exposed, but her red hair, straight covers the most. Basic make-up because she was either too lazy or too in a rush to wow. But as she clears the door, the hat is off and hung on a hook, and a glance and a spy to the two men at the table. With a huge smile, she approaches! "Mr. Wayne! It's so good to see you again!" And then, she looks towards Damian. "Hi! Mary Jane Watson." And with a lean over the table, she extends a hand.

There's already being a note being made. Get Damian a suit. A wardrobe. If he's going to have to go through with this, he's going in with both feet. Bruce chuckles, a shake of his head. "You're going to have to give me time to get used to that, Damian. It is not every day that I am met by a young adult that calls me father." He just tends to adopt them first.

"Has everything been going well with Dick?" he asks, as he reaches for his water to take a drink from it. "And are you settling in to the city? You haven't had a chance to tell me much about where you came from." Not that Bruce doesn't have an intelligence file as thick as a t-bone steak on his mother. And a thicker one on the grandfather. "The young woman we're meeting today is a project of mine. Someone that has a lot to prove. And she's shown a lot of potential with her work.." Whatever else he was about to say is silenced by the arrival of said subject, and Bruce turns on the smile back to Mary Jane as he arrives. "Miss Watson, and not a moment too late." he greets, air kissing the young woman, before turning to Damian. "Mary Jane Watson, meet Damian. Damian Wayne, Mary Jane Watson."

Wayne. Did Bruce Wayne just hand Mary Jane the /scoop of the century/? While not exactly saying 'I'm the Goddamned Batman', a son that has never been seen in the public eye. "How are your courses going? Is everything settled in?"

"I understand." Damian replies respectfully to Bruce. At least this one was already disciplined in the respectful sort of way…aggressive quips be excused. When asked about how his rooming situation with Grayson is going, Damian seems to give his father a…comedically deadpanned expression.

"It goes well. He spends far too much time worrying about how he appears and seems to give express attention to every attractive woman that crosses his eye. But he's tolerable, and understanding of my particular situation." Damian expresses that all is well, in his own way. When informed about Mary Jane, he doesn't speak, for she arrives before he can!

…but he's even more surprised by Bruce giving Damian his surname. He feels honored. Accepted (in some way). He looks at MJ with a look of pride in his eyes, but he does extend his hand to shake hers. "A pleasure, Miss Watson." the grip and shake is firm, but its brief and not painful.

He then looks at Bruce, a light smile touching Damian's face for perhaps the first time since he's been in New York.

The rise of Mr. Wayne was met with a brief touch; air kisses upon both sides of the cheek, the hand shake from Damian, and a slight push of her back into the opposite chair, the band hung upon it and a brief settle. One thing that Mary Jane can say that she gets from her mother is the lack of surprise that's always on her face. It's not quite resting-bitch, but it was something close. So when the young man is introduced as a Wayne, her brain was working. And her face retains that same sweet smile! A testament to her acting!

"Likewise, Damian Wayne.." While she does want to ask the relation, she leaves that bit alone for now. Once she's settled in her seat, her face brightens just a little. "Well, courses are going well! Advisory thought it best that I start with smaller electives while I work on the movie. Just to get a taste of 'the life'," she uses air quotes in this, "so that once school officially starts for me in Spring, I'll be used to the workload." She clears her throat. "They've also set me up with a few group classes. Comedy, music, dancing to do on my downtimes when my scenes aren't being filmed. On set, off set.." She waves her hand as if it were no nonsense. "But I really, really do want to thank you so much for this opportunity. If there is anything that you or your brother need.. I'll be there. I'm totally in your debt!" See what she did there?


"It is my pleasure to offer it to you. If it had not been for the timely arrival of Spider-Man when the White Rabbit attacked the party — it could have been far worse. Offering you a scholarship is the least I can do." Bruce responds with a smile as he gestures to the seat between the two men and gives Damian a pointed look. Will /he/ pull out the seat for the young woman? Test number one is under way as Bruce moves to settle back down. "Have you ever dined here before? The Cobb Salad is /excellent/." he admits as he settles back to listen to Mary Jane go on with what she's doing at the moment. "It sounds as if you are very busy, Miss Watson. I would not want to overload you with more, but I was hoping maybe you could assist me with something."

Damian finishes shaking Mary Janes hand, and yes…he's skilled enough in disguise and pretending to be someone else (don't ask) he does indeed rise partially out of his chair to pull the seat out for Mary Jane so she can sit. Once she does, he pushes it in. He takes his own seat, THEN he notices the look of his father.

Yes, he did at least a little bit of research on the city and knows at least some of the masked heroes who defend the city. Spider-Man being one of the most noticeable. He doesn't know who he is, but he's rather skilled.

Then he looks between Bruce and Mary Jane and it appears that he's a silent one.

He lets the two talk, but he hasn't ordered anything…but he's mildly interested in the Cobb Salad. Though the little tease at the 'brother' comment for Damian and Bruce makes Damian narrow his eyes like he just suffered an affront to his identity, but he remembers Bruce's first words to him on arrival. He doesn't comment.

But Bruce could easily tell Damian bloody wants to.

A grateful look was spared towards Damian as he helps her with her chair. Once both men are settled, she pulls the napkin from her table to settle it onto her lap, the menu glanced at, frowned at, and then shrugged. "Do you know how rare it is to actually meet someone like that?" Mary Jane comments. "He was the first hero that I've met, and thank goodness.." She wasn't going to overdo it. Even if she -did- know the identity of Spider-Man.

"It's actually my first time here. I'll not have the salad though." The menu was taken and glanced over, the first meaty thing she found she was definitely going to take. Burger with thick cut fries! The drink menu was studied, which causes her to find what she's looking for. Her favorite addiction. Iced coffee with all of the fixings that she could add to it. The thought of it made her blush.

"I'm not too busy! No. In fact, I have a couple of days under my belt to do whatever. What do you need?" She looks to Mr. Wayne, then to Damian. "Are you okay? I have some ibuprofen if you have a headache.."

There's a little bit of a sigh, and Bruce reaches up to rubs the bridge of his nose. He may have very well taken up MJ's offer it was for him, but he decides to order the tuna salad when it comes around to him. Then he straightens up in his seat.

"I just only recently found out that Damian is my son. It seems that my earlier playboy days caught up to me with a woman from the middle east." There's a little look of chragrin on his face. Because of the fact that well, a foreign liaison netted him a child. "And he's come to America to live with me. But I haven't had the chance to work on his social skills. I am going to have him visit Mari McCabe for a wardrobe, and he will be staying with my oldest for the time being. What I need though, is someone to help him with the graces of being a young American adult." He gives a slight grin to Mary Jane. "No, this is not asking me to take Damian on a /date/. But can you help bring him to speed on the social graces? I'd ask his sister, but Helena is still.. getting used to the situation." And forcing her to spend time with Damian to learn how to be sociable can only end in tears.

Damian looks at Mary Jane and he raises a brow at her. "I'm not in need of any medication." long pause. "..but thank you." Yes, Damian doesn't know how to make friendly relationships, but he at least has manners. He orders himself a salad and some breadsticks when the waitress asks him. He seems to nod lightly as Bruce reveals that Damian is his child. Then Bruce is asking MJ to teach Damian to be his age?

The F$^&?!

But Damian doesn't show his inner rage scream, and he gives a light nod to Mary Jane. "I would appreciate the help."

Ooh.. for a moment there she looked as if she had irritated Bruce. But she keeps her expression neutral. -Especially- revealed when Damian is in fact his son! Holy ca-moly! But being Mary Jane as she is, she keeps it cool. Her brows raise, and her head slightly turns as she leans back into her chair, then forward again. Talk about a load of information that.. Mary Jane only wishes she had girlfriends to tell it to!

But she was quiet, placing her order as she does, offering a quiet smile and a thank you to the waittress as she considers.. well. Everything. Thank god she wasn't hoity toity!

"I.. can do that." Oh, it'll be fun. "But you're basically asking me to teach him to be American, when to be American is to embrace.. well, his diverse culture and partial heritage." She smiles a bit. "All due respect." She wasn't going to get jazzy with Mr. Wayne, of course not! But it was a hard pill to swallow. "I got an idea though. Can I keep him for a month?" Like he's a pet!

"I have a few tricks and things that I can show him to get by.."

Cause he's totally a pet.

"When I return him to you he'll be the most well rounded.."



Able to take commands at the snap of a finger..

"Awesomest guy ever!"

Maybe it's the resting bitch-face..

"The Watson's are going to -love- him!"

The women will probably rip him apart.. but how else will he be chiseled from stone?!

"In fact, makeover!" She squees! Someones entirely too happy about this.

See. Batman is /schooled/ in his emotions. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is full of life. "You sure a month is long enough?" he asks Mary Jane conspiratorily. "I mean, he's going to need a /lot/ of work."

Poor Damian, that bus was named 'Wayne'. This is totally payback for just breaking into the Mansion and announcing your presence. "Of course, though. I'll let Helena know, she may be happy to help with it, since she won't be leading." Of course, he doesn't know about the MJ/Peter/Helena friction, if there is any.

"I'll ask Mari if you can help with picking out his clothing. Just remember, he does have /some/ boundries." But otherwise..

"And while she's doing that, I will help you learn about this side of the family, and all the siblings you have." That Talia may have failed to mention - or not known about. "Is that fair, Damian?" He meets his son's gaze. These are the terms. He wants to become part of the family? He wants to be the heir to the cowl? He, just like Helena, has to learn both sides of the mask.

Damian looks between Mary Jane and Batman. He gives a -glare- at Mary Jane when she's not looking. Clealry of the 'I'm not a damn animal' kind of look. But he looks between them, and knowing that there's no way he's going to be able to talk his way out of this, he simply takes a deep breath, and acquiesces.

"I agree to these terms."

He looks at his father. He knows full well he needs to know everything, just like Helena.

He does believe the only upside is that he'd probably be living with/spending time with a beautiful woman for a month. Should drive Grayson crazy.

"Maaybe.." Mary Jane contemplates. "Maybe half a year at best. If he has some sort of talent he could go to school with me.." Now she was reaching, but with a little shrug, she smiles.

"Here.." She says, pulling a pen out of her purse along with a piece of paper, quickly scribbling down her personal information to slide over towards Damien. As she writes, her phone rings, which was answered as soon as she's finished. She didn't have to answer, but the little voice on the other end of the phone could be heard in bits and pieces..

"..Now! Reshoot.."

"..messed up! He's fired!"

Mary Jane winces and pushes her chair back, just in time for the food to be delivered.

"I have to go. Someone messed up something and we have to do a reshoot.." She looks at both of them apologetic. ".. but, Call me Damien! I should be done by midnight, you can probably pick me up!" Free rides! "I gotta go!" She looks to rush, stumbling out of her seat, but stops to grab the iced coffee. "Taking this." With a huge sip and a rush out of the cafe, she leaves her ha.. nope. She came back and got that too.

"BYEEE!" And off she goes, into the car with a slosh of coffee spilled on the ground which soon zooms out of there.

"I'll make sure you have a car to pick up Miss Watson. And a proper outfit. You can use one of Dick's old suits." Oh no Bruce is not about to hand me down on Damian. "A tailor on Sunday for short notice may be hard, but here."

Taking out his wallet, he takes out one of the bank account cards, and slides it to Damian. It even has his name on it. "Limit's five thousand, as it is for any other child living in the house. You will need to ask for larger purchases."

Damian looks at Bruce after Mary Jane leaves, and now it seems that Bruce is giving Damian a bank account card that he's limited to five thousand dollar purchases for. Which means Damian is pretty much a rich kid now. Nice. The handmedown isn't denied, but appreciated. "I will try to get Richard's cologne out so my nostrils don't flare." hah, the low-key jabs at Grayson.

But, he nods very softly to Bruce. "Thank you, Father. I appreciate all you've done. I'll try to make you proud."

"Don't try to make me proud, Damian. Try to find yourself. You've spent the last.. who knows how long.." Because he's not even sure if Damian's really eighteen, or artificually aged or.. Bruce sighs. "You need to figure out who you are. I know what you want. And you have a long way to get it. We'll talk when we're home about the next step." Because he /technically/ has a Robin at the moment. "You'll be staying by my side."

Damian looks at Bruce and he seems to nod. "My entire life." which is a full eighteen years. Talia was…very thorough. But he nods lightly to Bruce. "I understand." at the news that he'll be at Bruce's side as a sidekick or a partner seems to be a great honor to him.

"…Thank you. I'll do my best." he bows his head lightly. Of course, Bruce is also probably meaning that not only at night will Damian be at his side, but perhaps even during the day.

"So then..I know Helena and Richard. Who else have you taken under your wing?"

Folding his hands on the table, Bruce considers. "Helena is my daughter with Selina." That Damian will just have to accept. "There is Dick, Jason…" which brings a pause for a moment. The lost Robin that recently returned. The hows and whys are still.. in flux. "..and Tim for the boys. Then there's Helena, Cassandra, and Stephanie." Those that live in the house at the moment.

"There are others that I mentor. With and without." Masks, that is.

He seemed aware of at least Dick and Jason (and still believing him to be dead). But he didn't know about the others. "I'm aware Helena is your biological daughter with Selina. I met her when I arrived at the mansion." Bruce really should ask Damian how he got through that thick security. "I should speak to her at some point. She appeared…more shocked than others at my existence." He looks apologetic for a brief moment. But he hears of Cassandra and Stephanie, and seems to nod.

So, these are the people he'd be living with, huh? "I see."

"Yes, I'm sure she would appreciate it. It changed her view on things." Bruce sighs. It changed his own as well, but he won't get into that. "I will have to draw up a press release - things like this you have to stay in front of. In the the meatime, spend some time getting used to things. You'll have plenty of time for the nightlife, but the rules are not going to be the same as what your mother may have told you was acceptable."

Damian gives a small nod to Bruce. "Okay, father. I'll manage it." Then he's told about the different ground rules than his mother would have certainly enforced. More than likely its the lack of killing that Batman likes to employ, but he doesn't speak on it. "So I see. Mother was always merciless in her methods, but I understood her reasoning." after all, most vile criminals just…don't deserve to be locked away. But that too would be something Damian would work on. "Should I leave you be to do that?"

"Your mother's methods will not be acceptable here. And if you do take a life, I will put you into Ravencroft myself." It's a firm line in the sand for Damian, and Bruce means to enforce it. "But we can discuss that more back at the mansion. I wanted to meet you here. To see how you'd react to the things I will have to tend to as your father and my social life. You did well."

With that, Bruce is moving to rise to his feet. "I'll take you back home."

Damian sees the challenge in his father's eyes and hears it in his words. While Damian would usually say something like 'would love to see you try', he simply nods after a moments pause. But when he realizes this entire meeting was naught but a test…that he passed. Probably by the skin of his teeth. "I see…I'm glad I met expectations." He rises back to his feet, and after giving a nod to his father, he puts his hands in his pockets and he'll walk with Bruce to the car, and most likely, back home.

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