2019-07-20 - Silver Poisoning


Clint returns after an absence. T'Challa and Pepper come seeking advice

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 20 03:52:32 2019
Location: Monster Metropolis

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Hank left not long ago, leaving Jemma to think about what they'd discussed and consider the file of a friend who'd returned to the Triskelian not too long ago.

She's expecting him to drop by for a briefing, any time soon.

Her ruminations are soon interrupted by the arrival of two new guests. "Agent Simmons? Sorry to bother you, they both said it was a matter of some importance."

"Thank you, Steven." Jemma sounds a little tired, and fixes her one good eye on the two new arrivals. "Hello, how may I help you? Miss Potts isn't it?" She recognises the redhead at least. The other man, the tall dark stranger, doesn't ring a bell at all.

"Doctor Simmons. I am T'Challa, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Miss Potts asked to speak with me on a matter of some importance and it requires some medical expertise which I do not possess."

He's got an african accent for sure. Wakandan, if Jemma is familiar with it though his English is quite good. He's wearing a fitted and very well tailored suit. Dark with a purple shirt. He steps off to the side.

"I hope you do not mid if I help myself to some water. Miss Potts would you perhaps like some?"

"Yes, thank you, T'Challa." Pepper smiles and nods to the dark man, his visual opposite in many ways as today she chose to wear a cream-colored outfit with an apricot blouse. She steps forward to offer Jemma a handshake. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Simmons, and I truly hope you can help us with an honestly worrying conundrum."

It's very cleverly applied makeup, but from up close, the biochem might be able to tell that Pepper looks to have been going with inadequate sleep for a least a little while now.

Outside in the hall, any number of operatives are traveling through the Triskelion, individuals step past and though with the acoustic tile it might not be staggeringly easy to discern them. But for one acute of hearing or perhaps one just suitably aware, they might well hear the approach of one Clint Barton down the hall.
Outside he's walking backwards, hand held up in simultaneous greeting and departure as he waves off the help of one of the agents, "You sure it's down this way?" He points at them, "You're positive? I can hold you to that. Alright. On your head."
Turning around he continues down the hall but then pauses as he counts off doors, one eye scrunching up a bit behind his shades. He reaches the designated door for his debriefing, raps on it once with knuckles then pokes his head in.
"Hey, is this the? Simmons?" He pulls the shades down an inch, "Did you always have this office or am I just getting old?"

Jemma offers her cybernetic hand to both her guests, careful as she shakes their hands. "Of course. I could make tea, if you like." But there is a jug of water in the kitchenette and several glasses. Hydration is important after all.

"What can I help you with? Are you here toget—-"

The sound of Clint coming down corridor has the Deathlok'd biochem looking at her door. "Yes, Clint. Always. And yes, you're getting old." It's said with a degree of fondness as the old archer arrives. "It's good to have you back, did you get another knock on the head while you were gone?" beat "Let me introduce you to my guests. Miss Potts, T'Challa, Agent Barton. You're just in time to find out why they've come to visit."

"My pleasure." T'Challa hands one glass to Pepper and takes one for himself. He is just taking a sip when Clint walks in and his smile broadens a little bit.

"Agent Barton as I live and breathe. It has been some time." He motions the agent to come in, sure that he is here to see Jemma though for what reason he is not sure.

"I am familiar with Agent Barton, Doctor. We have had dealings in the past. As to what Miss Potts and I wished to speak to you about, I shall let her outline the problem."

There's a short pause.

"Tea would be rather welcome."

Accepting the glass of water from T'Challa with a smile of thanks, she nods and is about to start relating why she's asked to speak with both the biochem and the Wakandan when the door opens again. She turns to look, and can't help but smile again even though there's still a hint of tiredness behind it. "Hello, Clint."

But then, just as fast as they were interrupted, she's back to business. "First off, Dr. Simmons, how much do you know about silver and rhodium poisoning in humans?"

T'Challa's mention of tea has her mentally blessing the man. She would SO love some tea.

Once inside he espies the other two in there and his features brighten a bit, "Oh hey, if it isn't my favorite Avengers Slash Not Avengers." Looking at TChalla he grins, then he quirks his eyebrows curiously eyeballing them both in turn, "TChalla, Pepper." His tone is a little wary, as if imagining what might bring them all together.
He straightens up a touch in the doorway though pulls the glasses off and tucks them into the pocket of his blue jeans with the lenses resting on the outside. "Bad timing." He points at Simmons and says, "I can wait out in the hall?" He solves the problem thusly but then they seem inclined for him to stick around.
"Alright," He slips further in, closes the door behind him. Then just as people might be getting back to the task at hand, perhaps /right/ when Pepper's about to say something to Simmons he pipes up, "What happened to your eye?"

Tea, Jemma can do and she puts the jug on to boil and sets out mugs as they talk. "I don't have any beer, Clint. So don't ask. I can do tea or coffee, though." She blinks as the others in the group seem to know each other. That's what you get, she supposes, when you're a squint.

"Avenger? You, T'Challa? Come in Clint, it's been too long."

It's not just Jemma's eye that's been replaced. There's an implant on the right hand side of her face, from her cheekbone to her ear - albeit somewhat obscured by her hair at the moment. And most of her right arm is cybernetic.

"That's part of what I was going to talk to you about." She takes the unsubtle approach in stride, mostly. "Run in with a very nasty bioweapon, created by AIM and laced with a mutagenic material to increase its effectiveness." There's nothing said about the fact she nearly died.

"Silver and Rhodium poisoning, Miss Potts? A bit. Rhodium in its base form isn't really an issue but as an alloy? It's been known to cause a lot of problems. Silver is possibly more concerning. Why do you ask?"

"Once upon another life, yes." T'Challa says with a mysterious, partly mischevious grin. Jemma's news though has him sobering quite quickly.

"Ah. That's what has you back in town. They needed a good set of eyes on the problem." And Clints eyes? There are few better. Bioweapons. Will the world never cease creating insane ways for people to die?

Death is, actually, very much on T'Challa's mind these days.

"Someone she knows has a very bad case. Potentially terminal from what she tells me." Though what Pepper actually WANTS? Well, she hadn't told the dark skinned man.

"Wherever you go, trouble seems to follow you, Clint. Or is it the other way around?" He teases lightly, trying to lift the mood a bit.

"As T'Challa has just said, someone I know is suffering from a combination of prolonged exposure to both silver and rhodium. It's from a medical implant that can't be removed. My first thought was to ask T'Challa if he had ideas that could help, but neither of us know enough about the human body to confidently try anything."

She almost says it, but she stops herself. It's stuck in her head now, though. Help me, Obi-Wan. You're our only hope.

A seat is taken amongst the others, but for now Clint seems to settle into his place and waves off the offer of tea, then crinkles his nose at the declaration of no beer, but he says naught else about it. Instead he folds his arms over his broad chest and follows along with the conversation, paying attention to the speakers and listening attentively.
To TChalla he offers a smile and a nod, but then at the comment about trouble, well he does have the wherewithal to look apologetic as he says, "Sort of a chicken and egg thing I imagine."
But it's as Pepper speaks that Clint watches her and his thoughts are moved with her entreaty, turned towards whatever individual she might be worried for.

"What's the implant for?" Jemma frowns as Pepper explains. "Without knowing more, it's hard to offer advice. Can your friend come in for a consult? I mean, it's possible it might be able to be replaced." The function of the implant is sort of important.

Tea is soon poured and distributed. Coffee is given to Clint, though.

"It's good you're here, Clint. I need some field work done. I have Consultants Harper and London and now you. I'm going after AIM and the weapons they're creating." So yes, she wants his eyes, at the very least.

Medical implant though. That has Jemma looking to the 3D model above her workbench. It's spinning lazily like she's been observing it. "If the implant can be replaced, Miss Potts, it's possible I might have something. Highly experimental though.

T'Challa's answers get a quizzicle look from the biochem "You're from Wakanda, if I'm not mistaken, T'Challa? If not, I apologise for the assumption."

"AIM? What is AIM creating? I presume this is the bioweapon to which you are referring?" T'Challa does have an interest in that despite having come with Pepper to work on her specific problem. He wonders. Does Clint know Pepper? And might he know by extension who she is worried about?

"High levels of metal toxicity are very difficult to filter out even with the best of medical technology or that is my understanding. But I might know of an agent that could bind to them and render them harmless. I must first ask, though, what did he do that got him into this… situation? That will let us better tailor the solution."

T'Challa finally sits down and looks to Clint thoughtfully. "It reminds me a little bit of something you'd told me of. Investigating a series of suspicious heavy metals poisonings. Who did that turn out to be again?"

Pepper looks from Jemma to Clint to T'Challa. She knows she can trust ONE person here at least, and her eyes go back to Clint for a long moment. "If I say anything, I have to ask that you all keep what's said here in the strictest confidence. If this information were to be leaked, it could be … a very large problem."

She takes a moment and a sip of her tea to gather her thoughts. "Tony has, well, heart problems. They originate from when he was missing in Afghanistan for three months."

If the others don't follow the implications of this, she has to decide if she wants to break Tony's confidence THAT much. She's pushing it right now as it is, in her mind.

Simmons asks the questions that are framed in Clint's thoughts, so he nods when she utters those words and looks in turn towards Pepper for her answers. Though when Jemma aims a few words at him he says simply, "My schedule's mostly clear." A pause, "Mostly."
When the coffee comes around he'll take it in both hands and offer his thanks with yet another nod, though he doesn't sip quite yet. That's the thing with Barton, get into a briefing and he becomes all business. The details are important, inflection, precision. It's made a difference in the past.
Then T'Challa gains his full attention and for a moment his brow furrows as his thoughts distance, then it clicks and he says. "Ayama?" But that causes his brow to furrow further and he quickly shakes his head, "No, Oyama. She used some sort of saturation envenom technique."
He looks over and spares a glance for Simmons, "I'll grab the file before I head out."
It's then, however, that Pepper makes her confession and he nods a bit in response to it. Perhaps not surprised, but he does tell her. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt Tony, Pepper." He says matter-of-factly, but then looks towards Simmons, gauging the impact of Ms. Potts' words.

"A genetic code targetted bioweapon. Yes." Jemma nods to T'Challa. "They've been developing a new material we call Reverbium to make it more effective. The metal has amazing mutagenic properties among other things." She pauses, looking between the group. "Reverbium, from what I've been able to determine, has very similar qualities to Vibranium. In fact, it looks like a synthetic and if used improperly, unstable version of Vibranium."

T'Challa might have words to say about that.

"Already uploaded to your tablet, Clint. Intel has been able to locate three more facilities. We need to get to them, shut down and get what we can from them. I need samples of the virus and any materials they're using. They've already killed a family and attacked members of the Asgardian Embassy."

Maybe Clint will have some ideas to run by Jemma on how to find out more from AIM on this.

"A heart implant, Miss Potts?" That gets a thoughtful look. "So you're looking for a way to neutralise the sideeffects of the implant, whilst not affecting its operation. It's not going to be possible to replace it, easily at least. Oyama?" That's to Clint. Not a name that means anything to Jemma. "What is it you have, T'Challa? Maybe I could work with that to create something… "

"Oyama yes. That was her. A good agent but not quite as good as the one sent to find her." The Wakandan prince indulges in the memory for a moment before snapping back to the present.

"Synthetic Vibranium?" T'Challa quirks a brow. "Vibranium is a subject on which I am thoroughly educated. And it was used to create a weapon…"

Ah. Clint does know Tony. That is good. If Clint is willing to keep secrets to protect him that is good enough for T'Challa.

"Perhaps this synthetic vibranium can cure as well as kill. Regular vibranium has biogenic properties. If engineered correctly it could clean Tony's system. But it would have to be precisely delivered and there is risk. Direct vibranium intake can be hazardous to health in and of itself. If the body did not assimilate it properly, it could kill him. And it would come quickly. If Doctor Simmons and I were to work on such a thing, you would know within minutes of administering it whether it was going to work."

Vibranium and it's synethetic cousin might ALSO help Tony solve the root problem, which is presumably the implant itself. And that is very much in T'Challa's wheelhouse. The mechanical part is. The biological one not so much.

"Well, replacing the implant is actually the easiest part of the whole thing." Pepper would know. Tony once had her do it because her hands are 'small'.

"This is the biggest catch, T'Challa. If Tony isn't allowed to work on this himself, he won't allow it to happen. And I—" She takes a sip of her tea and swallows. "I do not want to think about the ramifications if he decides to refuse treatment of any sort."

Her eyes then land on Clint again. "He could probably use some friends around him about this time."

"Ehn, ninja princess." Clint says in response to Jemma's query, waving a hand to the side. "Part of a ninja family. Most of 'em dead." Then again maybe not. He reaches a hand to his back pocket and keys his data pad to life with the sweep of a thumb, starting to flit through the information given to him. Just a few sweeps before he nods to himself and decides to save the rest for later.
"I can get to work on AIM. Can do it solo, but I'd like to grab some people to run with me." Already his mind is churning and he looks towards Pepper, catching her gaze and she can see that hint of a pained expression there as he says, "I can try, Pepper." Since really that's all he can do.

"If it can be replaced… " Jemma's not sure. They could bring him into the medbay, keep it on the d/l so to speak. "What if we were to upgrade the implant, Miss Potts. Integrate T'Challas' methods with a new one? That should alleviate the problem. However, what I would recommend first is testing it. If a dosage can be administered and we can test effectiveness, then we can look at moving it forward."

"Ninja Princess? I miss all the fun." Jemma offers a smile that fades just as quickly.

"You won't have to do it solo. I've two consultants for you to work with. Roy Harper and Jeriah London. Consultant Harper is good. London is unknown quantity." Jemma grimaces a little at that. He tried to hack her in her own lab!

"I might even join you on some of those you've got there. If my schedule allows it."

There's a popping sound to the side followed a 'meow' in two tone and the smell of formaldehyde. There's a tabby cat on Jemmas workbench with two heads - one that of a siamese.



"If this friend of yours is a design specialist then we might want his help anyway. And if he is that picky then I suppose it is likely that he designed the implant to begin with, in which case we would definitely want his help."

It's like he's met the man. But he hasn't. At least not that T'Challa can remember. Memory is a little fuzzy these days on occasion though.

"Ninja princess with a thing for poison. It is exactly the kind of mission that Clint is well suited for." The prince winks. "Sometimes too well suited."

He's about to follow that up when he hears that meow. "That… that cat… has two heads."

Pepper nods to Clint. She knows he's busy, and that he's at least willing to try is enough. But then Jemma's speaking again and she looks to the biochemiset for a moment of consideration. "Upgrading the implant is likely the best option, and yes, T'Challa, he'll most definitely want to have a large part in designing the replacement." Again, she's trying to keep it vague.

And then, the dual-meow. She freezes with her tea halfway to her lips and looks over toward the cat. Honestly? She's seen weirder lately. Though that formaldehyde smell…. ugh. "Interesting pet, Dr. Simmons."

Another swipe of his thumb and Clint shuts down the tablet then places it again behind his back. He nods a few times as he mulls over his thoughts then looks up to meet Jemma's glance and T'Challa's, "Yeah she wasn't exactly what I'd call fun, kinda cute sure but… yeah. Poison."
With that left in the air, Clint starts to sit up straighter, one hand resting on the edge of the chair as he gets ready to push himself to his feet. "I'll get on this AIM thing. London and Harper." He then pauses mid-thought and eyes that weird ass cat, shoots a glance at Jemma… then the cat, then Jemma again. Eventually he shakes his head and then crazily enough, he seems to come to peace with it. Just another one of those things from working with SHIELD.
But then he turns to look upon T'Challa and Pepper, "Guys, let me know if there's anything I can do. " His eyes flit back and forth between them, but then to Pepper he adds, "I'll try to come by soon as I can."

Meow meow

"Bezos! I thought WAND had managed to contain you."

poof The cat disappears and then reappears in Clints lap, meowing at him in stereo.

It disappears again, onto T'Challas' shoulder and then one more time onto Peppers lap where it kneads at her pants and settles on in.

"Well, it's not my pet." Jemma answers in a resigned sort of way. "It likes to visit though. It was a life sciences project from the 19th century. WAND has had it containment for a while now, but it seems it's managed to eat a teleport charm at some point. And it likes to come visiting."

As far as explanations go, that's something, right?

"Let me get someone down here …" A quick message is sent, though she doubts someone will be here before 'Bezas' disappears again.

"Clint, why don't we grab lunch tomorrow and we can catch up? You know what this place can be like but it's been such a while since we could."

"Will you set up a time to speak to your friend, Miss Potts? It seems that anything we do, will need his involvement." T'Challa is given more consideration "And perhaps we should talk Vibranium and Reverbium at some point. For now though, is there anything else I can do for you two?"

"It is good to see you again Clint. Good luck with your mission, and do not be a stranger." T'Challa says.

"And in that case, Pepper, Doctor Simmons and I should meet as soon as possible with him. It sounds like time is of the essence." Beat. "And Clint should come by also and do whatever it is that will take this Tony's mind off of things."

Play cards? Swap war stories? Reenact William Tell? Who knows.

Jemma's explanation gets a long stare. "I… see." What else is he going to say to that. "I do not think there is anything else for me, no. Miss Potts? Is there anything else you require?"

Pepper watches the cat with a mixture of open fascination and a little bit of horror. Bezos bouncing around the room and finally settling on her lap is the source of amusement for her, so she doesn't seem to mind overmuch that her nearly-white suit is quickly getting a coating of grey tabby hair.

"That's all I can think of at the moment, T'Challa. I'll check and see when the best time to meet is, and I'll invite you both over to the Tower this time." She takes one last sip of her tea, then sets it aside to give both of Bezos' heads the mandatory chin scritches.

As the two-headed critter appears in his lap, Clint sort of freezes. Uncanny how they can sense the individual in the room who least wants anything to do with them. "Eh… eh… eh…" He says, somewhat pained as he holds his hands up as if not /wanting/ to touch the… thing.
Then he looks up plaintively at Jemma, "Eh…" But then with a /poof/ it disappears and he finally exhales at that point, "Oh thank god."
He finally pushes himself to his feet and tells Jemma, though he still looks rather… squicked. "Sure thing, Simmons. We'll… yeah."
Then T'Challa addresses him and he nods, "S'good to see you, T'Challa. And yah I'll come by." A shift from the possible to the definite, subtle to most but signifies much with Barton. He leans to the side and goes for the one-arm manly hug to the Wakandan and says, "Catch you soon."
"Pepper." He'll not say anything more to her beyond perhaps sharing a sympathetic look and if it doesn't bring him too close to that horror of a cat he'll rest a hand on her shoulder briefly before stepping around and towards the door.

The cat meows in stereo one last time and disappears. Pepper might be getting a call about her security system going off.

"Later then, Clint." Jemma is trying not to laugh. "Shall I walk you out?" That's to the other two. She'll see them to the foyer - she needs a break from the lab.

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