2019-07-20 - It's An Invasion Of Ninja


There's too many ninja's in Staten Island

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 20 02:30:56 2019
Location: Staten Island

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When night falls on Staten Island, the Bats typically go to work and even for an organized and relatively numerous clan of vigilantes they've got their work cut out for them. Crime rates continue to set new highs in the worst parts of the island and there are of course looming threats involving rather notorious recently escaped prisoners.

Tonight however the biggest issue on the board, as it were, is not one of those. A little bit ago Dick Grayson had managed to get trackers on a couple of trouble making martial arts types and those trackers have converged again.

Dispatch this is Adam One One Five, we have a major vigilante incident near the Fujikawa Tower. It's a melee out here. Requesting riot response.
Adam One One Five this is Dispatch. Riot response is unavailable at this time. What is your situation, over?
Dispatch, One One Five, situation is a melee. There's a bunch of, I dunno. Ninjas or something. They're fighting each other AND us!

And that's true. Eight police officers are behind their cars, taking shots at a confused group of a dozen or so masked figures that's most definitely in the middle of a sword fight, while some occasionally throw kunai or shoot arrows at the police. One officer is down already.

One of the alleged ninja has a mask different from the rest and looks a lot… techier. That one seems to be taking on all the others, and he shoulders into an attacker, flips him over and makes for the police, tossing a stolen smoke bomb as he does.

Yeah, this is a mess. And it's a mess pretty sure to attract… a non police response.

Helena has been spending a lot of nights being a relatively normal teenager recently, so tonight she was resolved to actually get back out in the field. Especially after Peter's jab that he's the only one patrolling the whole city. Hmph.

She geared up as Blackbird and took to the rooftops, feeding police bands into the comms built into her hood. At the news of the ninja fight, she straightens up from her perch, sending out a message to any other Bats out and about.

"This is Blackbird, on my way to Fujikawa Tower. Anyone else out there?" She settles her mask firmly over the holomask that hides her features, leaving only bright golden contacts staring out from the shadows of her hood as she starts to run across the rooftops toward the scene.

Into this frey comes a smaller figure. Not dressed as a ninja but in jeans and a hoodie. The hood of the hoodie is pulled over their head, a mask of sorts obscuring the lower part of their face.

Ignoring all the others, including the police, the small figure flips over the police the techier one is heading to. "Shiranui…" A metal chakram flies from her hand, arcing its way impossibly fast towards the man.

Damian has been put into a safehouse until daddy dearest can figure out what to do with him. But in the meantime, he hacked into the police communications on his spare time and somehow managed to not get caught. He doesn't reply to the call for help, but he does put on his ninja attire (since he wasn't Robin yet). Covers his entire body except for his eyes and he puts his sword on his back. Then he's off to the races.

While some others don't enter the frey like a ninja, Damian certainly does! Sword drawn, he immediately (tries to) kicks a ninja right in the face and enters immediate swordlock with two others.

Seems help did come! and more was apparently on the way…

Dick Grayson has been tracking these two for days now. After his run in with Batman the night before, Dick made sure to send out his intel report to the Cave, including sketches of the 'Nin-Borgs' in question and his estimation of their skills sets and abilities, as well as they're technologies. And the names he heard them drop. Never say a Bat is anything but thurough.

And /this/ time, he's properly equipped for the action. His bike races down side streets, it's high performance engine whining as he speeds towards the call's offered location. He triggers his own more private coms, <Don't suppose anyone is near Fujikawa are they? Looks like I have a Nin-Borg riot.> that term is growing on him.

Damien finds himself the target of a four on one fight. The one he kicked in the face tips backwards, trying to turn it into a roll as he gets into that sword lock. AND there's one coming up behind him with the chain of his kama swinging. Probably looking to tangle him up so the other two can treat him like a blade based pi%<241>ata.

As Blackbird and Nightwing arrive from opposite directions they'll both get a good look at the one called Shiranui going into a baseball slide under that chakram and flinging a glowing kunai at the woman in the hoodie who threw it. The kunai bursts with some kind of concussion based detonation and sends out a blast wave that probably rather spoils her leap. The slide brings him up to a squad car which he slices the door off of and kicks under into two of the officers, knocking them over and lessening the amount of gunfire.

About six of the dozen or so ninja have broken from the pack and are moving toward the officers, the techy-nin borg and the one with the chakram.

This is probably not a recipe for anything good.

"Yeah, I'm here," Blackbird answers Nightwing over the comms, parkouring her way down the side of a building into the periphery of the fight without actually getting into it. "I'm not sure who the bad guys are," she admits as she eyes the chaos. "But I guess this is a knock everyone out and sort them out later situation."

She reaches to her back, drawing out a collapsed staff and flicking her wrist to expand it to its full length. There's not much for Damian to recognize her by, but Dick will know the costume at least. Seeing the officers in danger, she heads toward the ninjas going in their direction, whistling sharply to draw their attention. "Hey! Pick on someone your own style!"

The one in the hoodie - definitely a woman judging by the way her clothes hang - is knocked backwards, landing in a sprawl amongst three of the policeman. As she does though, that chakram comes whizzing back, towards the back of Shiranui's head.

Ryoshi, that's her name, isn't pulling any punches as she gets to her feet and uses her second chakram as a melee weapon, bashing it at one of the other policeman approaching her. "Shiranui, you are mine." She's … determined, at least.

Damian never liked easy fights anyway.

Even if this is probably going to be a regular day at the office for him. In the swordlock, Damian turns his head at the ninja with the chain and kama coming after him from behind. As soon as its swung, Damian ducks, possibly making the ninja wrap up his own man (or kill him accidentally with the Kama). Regardless, Damian rolls away, throwing Shuriken at the other two ninja aimed at non-lethal locations if they hit.

Dick Grayson trips the gear down on the bike as he races in a blur between the two batteling Nin-Borg/Psy-Ja's (still get to use that one, phonetically at least!) letting the vehicle take the chakram hit on it's armor as he taps the break and whips the back end of the bike around, trying to clip Ryoshi with the rear tire while hopping up onto the seat.

"Hi guys!" he says cheerily, not bothing to wait for the bike to come to a stop before he's leaping off of it and into the air, his momentum carrying him towards Shiranui, his legs scissoring the air in a pair of inertia driven kicks aimed for the Nin-Borg's head. "I /knew/ you guys would come back for the guacamole. Though, if you remember properly I only invited you two, coulda left all your friends behind." Dick's guac brings all the ninjas to the yard. <Protect the innocent. Apprehention is secondary.> not that Blackbird needs reminding about the mission, but he can't help himself.

Damien's dodge does lead to a lethal strike with a Kama on one of the ninja. Accidentally lethal, but still lethal. Which is when the 'dead' Ninja just collapses into grey dust and ash.

There is only one organization whose foot soldiers do that and Damien knows which one. Very, very well.

At any rate his stars fly true and that rather frees him up which is good because four of those Ninja peel off toward Blackbird. Two stop to shoot arrows at her while the other two come at her from separate angles, swords drawn. One high, one low.

Dick's grand entrance does send Shiranui flying and slamming into the hood of one of the squad cars. One of the cops grabs him.

"Hey! Sorry buddy. Protect and serve and all that." The tech-ninja says as he grabs the cop in turn and throws him bodily at Dick. One armed. He really shouldn't be able to do that.

Then that chakram is coming in for his head. He raises his hand and it bounces off something that sends it careening at great speed toward Damien. Careful, that thing's sharp.

"It's Guac Guy!" He says as he gets up. "So nice to see you. You'll have to get me that recipe. Hey Ryoshi, Gucamelee is here. Also, no, I'm not yours. Stop being creepy."

There's a puff of purple energy from his boots that sends him arcing into the air a good thirty feet. At the apex of a rather acrobatic leap several more glowing Kunai appear in his free hand and he dispenses them rather… liberally at the bats, cops, ninja and murderous chakram throwing psychopath below. When they hit the ground they all detonate with a concussive blast sufficient to send anyone nearby bowling head over heels. That is… if the targets haven't wisely decided to be somewhere else.

"Wow, right to the shooting, awesome." Helena sweeps her cape in front of herself to deflect the arrows, which gives her cover for her next move, sweeping her staff in a circle around herself to take a shot at the legs of the two ninjas who've come closer. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Damian's victim turn to dust, brows rising.

"Nightwing, we've got some leeway here," she points out, flexing her fingers to extend the claws built into her gauntlets.

There's a string of japanese curse words that come from the smaller slimmer ninja. The chakram that goes careening towards to Damien nearly reaches him. It wobbles in the air, the blade reshaping to serrated edges before it's spinning again, bouncing amongst several of the ninja's.

Lethally, with any luck.

"Told you. Don't like guacamole." Ryoshi growls, fixating on Shiranui in a *most* unhealthy way. Truth is? She loves it.

"No you don't, Shiranui. Not this time." The second chakram is sent in an arcing throw towards the now flying? hovering? Shiranui, just as the next concussive blasts hit, sending her flying *again* into a car.

Ow. Her ribs.

Damian sees them turn to dust and he narrows his eyes, those emerald green hues looking somehow much more…sinister. Did they follow him here? Doesn't matter. They indeed do have some leeway, as Damian is on the move.

But then its out of the corner of his eyes that he sees that Chakram coming for him, and he pulls a matrix dodge that would make Neo blush. dodging the Chakram proper, Damian tries to move his sword through the hole where the hand should be, and he swirls it around his sword like a hula-hoop. Using that momentum, he swings his sword, trying to send the chakram at the high-tech looking ninja.

Dick Grayson grunts as the cop clips him, sending him into a bit of a spin. The throw's not enough to kill the officer, so Dick doesn't bother trying to stop him, and instead focuses on the Nin-Borg who's throwing people. <The Hand.> he subvocals into the coms, back to Blackbird as his arm flicks outward, a spread of wing-ding's hurled up at Nin-Borg The Leaper, his weapons passing the kunai on their way down. "Cause you havn't had /my/ gua-" the rest of that sentence is drowned out by the rolling thunder of concussive blast waves.

Shaking his head in an attempt to clear the blur from his vision and the ringing from his ears, Nightwing quickly glances around, trying to find his pair of opponents. "You try to be nice, polite even, and people resort to explosives. Fine then. No more Mr. Nice Guacamelee." Managing to catch sight of the Shin-bound chakram, Dick uses the distraction of it's approach to hide the fact that he just fired his grapple at the Leaper's layered armor. "Get over here!" he mutters under his breath, unable to resist.

The wingdings meet a barrier and the chakram actually has to get batted away with the sword. Which, given that Shiranui landed near Helena, sends it toward her.

It is also perhaps slightly unfortunate that Dick chooses this moment to do his scorpion impression because as Helena trips up the two attacking ninja - who do by the way go down with what sounds like cracked ankles - her parnter in not-crime yanks a man behind and slightly to the right of her in a direction that could send him stumbling into her.

And that's when the Chakram that Damien threw comes into play. That one hits Shiranui in the shoulder and bites into his armor enough to leave a gouge and send him to the floor, still being dragged. By this point all of the ninja around Damien are ash and dust. Helena has a pair down near her and another pair lobbing arrows at her.

And Nightwing has two sneaking up behind him with swords meant for the back of his neck…

Damien is relatively free to act, but he's got two allies in trouble and a murderous woman with two chakrams from hell still on the loose.

Oh, and the cops are shooting at him now. So there's that.

Arrows, chakrams, and collateral damage, oh my! There are things coming at Helena from every angle, and there's only so much she can do about it. Down puts her in trampling range. Up is limited and makes her a target. On the other hand, the ninjas are disposable!

She takes a step back, reaching out for the man headed in her direction to grab him and insert him between her and the oncoming weaponry. He's not an ideal shield since he's likely to turn to ash, but at least it should clear the field!

Damian is free!


The cops start shooting at him! See? This is why he needs his own vigilante ensemble. But, he seems to be dodging bullets rather well based on the acrobatic ways that he moves. Given, he's not faster than the bullets, he's just anticipating and…well, cops in New York arn't known for being accurate where ninjas are concerned.

Either way, he has the situational awareness enough to take his sword and throw it like a javelin at the ninja sneaking up on Nightwing! Hopefully he ends one and gives Dick enough of a hint to turn the hell around.

As for Helena? Damian primes some more shuriken and throws them at the fools lobbing arrows at her. They made the mistake of targeting his sister.

Family first, yo.

But now he has to deal with the cops still shooting at him! Which he handles by still dodging and weaving, but he'll probably have to smoke bomb before one of 'em gets lucky.

The first chakram careens off when Shiranui hits it. Again, the disc pauses and wobbles before changing direction and heading back to its owner. That it goes through a group of ninja on its way doesn't seem to bother her.

There's another fluid stream of curse words from Ryoshi as her second chakram embeds in Shiranui's shoulder. Abandoning that for a moment and standing a little more gingerly than before, the not-so-tech ninja judges the distance between her, Shiranui, the younger bats and Nightw—- Mister Gucamelee…

In a feat of impossible acrobatics, she leaps and tumbles hopefully past Shiranuis shoulder so she grab her precious chakram. That thing is not moving any other way, embedded in his shoulder like that.

Hopefully she'll get clear.

This is… hectic. To many sides, to much going on, to many distractions to focus properly on any one thing without-Fuck it. Nightwing does three things all at once. He turns and presses the grapple against the chest of the second ninja that was sneaking up on him, "G-bye." he says simply as he fires the second grapple in the gun, letting it pass through the undead creature and bury itself in the street.

Then he sets the recal on the device to 'hurry the F up', as his other hand drops a trio of spheres on the ground, their soft popping sound a prelude to thick opaque black smoke filling the air around him. The line snaps taut, and /just/ as Ryoshi reaches for her Chakram… Shin is yanked out from under her hand, his body bouncing and skipping across the pavement until it disappears in a swirl of obscuring mist. "I said get over here. No respect for the classics." he quips, filling his hands with his weapons of choice as the fog envelopes him completely.

Helena is able to deflect both a chakram and two arrows with her not-human shield. It turns into dust and ash in her hands which might be a little bit… gross… but she's no longer in danger. And the cops are no longer shooting at Damien either. So they're all cle-

WOOSH. A black motorcycle - almost totally silent - wizzes inches from Damien and nearly runs Helena over. It does not have a rider.

Ryoshi isn't so lucky. As the smoke cloud envelopes Shiranui something that looks like a bladed whip snakes out to grab her leg and yanks her off her feet in a huge, circular swing.

Right at Dick. Or rather where Dick should be. He can feel several bumps in the smoke and then feels his line go slack.

That's probably not good. And from outside, with the thermals Helena will see Shiranui has cut Dick's tow cable after and that that riderless bike is headed right for the tech-ninja.

Good news is there are no other enemies on the field unless one counts the NYPD. Bad news? It's possibly Nightwing might need a hand. Shiranui looks like he's trying to exfiltrate. But Ryoshi?

She might just try to slice someone.

Did Damien just…help her? Helena spins as the shiruken take out the ninjas shooting at her, brows rising in the shadows of her mask. Huh. That's encouraging. It only takes a flick of her thumb along the outside of her index finger to switch the vision in her hood to deal with the smoke.

Which gives her just enough time to slide sideways away from the boke ripping by, drawing her gaze back to Dick. "Nightwing, down!" she calls over, freeing a batarang from her belt to wing it at the whip that's flinging a ninja at him.

Well damn.

Ryoshi barely manages to get her fingertips on that chakram as Nightwings tactic pulls the tech-ninja away. The chakram comes loose, which is all Ryoshi wanted. The disc comes spinning back into hand, just as that whip tangles with her ankle and sends her careening into Nightwing. Chakram first of course.

"Ow …" The woman disentangles herself and rolls to her feet. With Shiranui no longer using his powers, she's not driven. A quick assessment of the street and the ensuing chaos has her moving.

Away from the group and towards a fire escape. Two leaps to make the roof and she's off.

Dick Grayson was moving the instant he pulled his sticks. He watches the chain, then Xena's flight towards him, his lenses filtering out the smoke effortlessly. He manages to criss cross his weapons in front of him in a blur, the ring of metal on metal not unlike a bell as he swats the chakrams away from him to avoid taking a slice, but ends up clipped with a shoulder and a foot for his trouble. He turns with the impact however and keeps his legs moving, snarling a bit at the delay the run in causes.

Even as he sees the bike weaving their way, he's holstering one of the sticks, "Not this time, Nin-Borg." he says as he slips something from his belt. He leaps, twisting upside down as the bike passes through the space he was just in, and he simply drops the small square downward. "Hope you brought sneakers." he says towards the form of the Nin-Borg as there's a flash of brilliant light in the obscuring smoke, the acrid toxic stench of thermite, and then the quiet little high-tech motorcycle suddenly fishtails wildly before spinning out of control and tumbling in a roll over the pavement. Thermite charges do not make for a good addative to wheel housings or their accompanying shafts. The bike is, if not totalled, /certainly/ not going anywhere tonight. "So," he rolls one of the sticks in his hand, "wanna try that sitting down and eating chips and dip thing? I'm just sayin', it's /gotta/ be less expensive for you then your current plans."


Damian manages to not get hit by it, probably because it wasn't necessarily aiming for him. He seems to look at the police who appear to no longer be shooting at him, which is appreciated. He finds his sword and resheathes it, only to look around and see Grayson still hard at work. He approaches the rest of the group, figuring the Big Bat wouldn't want him getting too involved anyhow, but oh hell…why not?

Besides, Damian wanted to know why these ninja were even here in the first place.

The bike is, rather disturbingly, not totaled though it is indeed disabled.

The response is something rather novel. The nin-borg snatches a device off his hip and aims it toward the Bats.

Whirrrrrzapzapzapzap It sounds like gunfire but it clearly isn't. Bolts of violet something impact on the ground near Helena, near Dick and near Damien. Ninja gun? Doesn't seem very ninja-ish.

Shiranui turns and leaps. His arc takes him up, up and then at the apex he leaps again off of thin air to make the roof.

"Still asking the wrong questions, Guacamelee. What do the Hand want so badly that they'll fight in the streets for it? Consider this and find wisdom."

The other two bats get a rather cheeky wave and then he's off.

He's off. Ryoshi is off. The bats have a damaged bike and there's still some cops up.

And very likely more cops on the way. In fact they can hear that. But Damian's internal question is a good one. Why WERE there ninja here?

Helena frowns after the departing bike, then looks over to Dick and Damian. "Well," she muses, her voice altered by the modulator at her throat. "That was odd. Even for ninjas." The boys get a closer look, even as she listens for the sirens. "You two okay? Because we should probably clear out before the shooting starts again."

Dick Grayson frowns as he slides the sticks back into their place on his back, and then begins to walk over, not to the ninja's bike, but to his own. He kicks the bike up and brings it over to the pair of them, it's engine still idling even after it's wobbly fall when he leapt off of it. "Here," he says, pulling a small duffel from a compartment on the back, "you're gonna need to take this with you when you go."

He then starts undressing, peeling off the armored suit and belts of weaponry, and putting them into the bag he's just dumped out on the ground at his feet. Street clothes. The smoke, being what cover it can, helps obscure most of him, and he's /very/ good at a quick change. His mask remains in place however as he eyes the new ninja person who's just sort of… standing there with them like he belongs, "Who's your friend?" he asks Blackbird, working a belt onto his slacks.

Damian looks at Helena and he just nods silently, he kneels down to the ashes and he narrows his eyes. "Why did the League come here?" He asks himself, before he rises to his full height, and he looks at Grayson. "Take a guess."

He lowers the mask that covers his mouth, and if Dick pays attention to the pictures around Wayne Manor, he's a spitting image of Bruce at his age. He then looks at Helena. "Odd indeed. Never would they attack in a place where the police could easily find them…and they wouldn't just keep the fight here. They'd scatter, like Shadows."

"Whoa, hey!" Helena lunges to try to pull Damian's mask back up when he tugs it out of the way, glaring. "The reason that works? That's the reason you don't do that." In illustration, she tugs the mask over the lower part of her face down from the shadows of her hood, revealing…someone who looks nothing like Helena Wayne. It's a girl with softer features, east Asian, perhaps, with bright gold eyes and a darker skin tone.

"Nightwing's quick-change act to the contrary, people can still see us out here." She tugs the mask back up, hiding her grimace. "They must want that guy bad, to risk it."

"Ah." he says, "You're the new one." he says, tugging the mask off at that and tucking it in the bag as well. No point in hiding it, even if he didn't know, he would soon enough. A gun and holster go on the belt, and a shiney gold badge is drapped around his neck on a chain, setteling with a heavy thump on his chest. "The Hand are the Hand, it's not about what they'd do, it's, as it always is, about what they were /told/ to do. If they were told to abandon their usual MO in pursuit of a goal, then they'd do it. They lack creative problem solving and adaptability, weakness of indoctrination." he adjusts himself, then frowns.

Doesn't look right. So he reaches up, and with a yank, tears his sleeve a bit on one side, showing the bandaged wound beneath. He picks at the gauze until it comes away, then punches the wound a couple of times until it starts to ooze blood, grimacing as he does so. He stuffs the gauze in the bag as well and considers the area, what's there to work with. Nods. Punches the ground once, twice, then comes up with bloodied knuckles. Good enough. He pulls the pistol, checks it, and slips fourteen rounds from the magazine, adding them to the bag's contents before turning to fire two more rounds into the downed and recently thermited motorcycle laying a bit away from them. The slide locks back and he nods, looking around once again. "You two need to go, this place is gonna be swarming with cops in a couple minutes." he walks a few steps away, the rapidly thinning smoke making him take a couple seconds before he finds his grapple, still anchored in place.

He unclips it, tosses it in the bag as well, then jogs off, returning quickly with the other severed end. He grins at them, holding up the claw and the bits of armor and fibers still gripped in it's metal fingers, "Something to analyze while I do paperwork for the next millenia." he hands that bit of evidence over to Helena carefully, doing one more quick look around before nodding. "Hurry. I'll call you when I can and we can have an actual talk about all this. Ninjas." he makes a derogatory sound with his mouth, "And things were just starting to calm down to normal gangsters again."

Damian looks at Dick and almost seems to reach for his sword when Helena is apparently fixing up his mask. "Fine." Damian acquiesces to her demand, before Grayson heavily explains that they need to leave right now. So, Damian pulls out a grappling hook from his belt, and then he looks at Helena. "Are you coming or are you just going to stand there?" and then he's yanked up!

"The Hand is awakened again. This can only mean bad things, especially if the Fingers of the Hand are also active in the city." Seems he's knowledgeable about other sects of ninja, not just the League.

Helena watches Damian take off, tucking the grappling hook into her belt with a dry look in Dick's direction. "I feel like this one's going to take some breaking in," she mutters, and then she's off as well, headed for the rooftops.

Dick Grayson sighs and calls after Helena, "Hey! Take my bi-" shake of his head, "nevermind." he mutters as he stuffs the dufflebag into the compartment on the Nightcycle. He then reaches over and peels off the magnetic decals blue bird decals that proclaim the bike to be Nightwing's. He does the same with the helmet. Once also locked away in the bike's vaulted compartments, he sighs heavily, "Guess I came here on my bike, following the call…" he mutters to no one, looks around one more time, then pushes the bike over and lays down behind it, a stressed look crossing his face as he brandishes his now empty pistol and pulls a police radio to his lips. Time to call in the cavalry… and put himself right in the middle of the investigation.

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