2019-07-20 - It's A Cold Day To Fight


A loot heist goes bad when two ninjas drop in.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 20 07:16:07 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Staten Island is kind of a trash fire. Sure, it has very, very affluent sections but it's also got sections of record crime and poverty and there's not a whole lot of middle ground between the two. And then of course there are the… notable residents. There's the Bats, of course. Many people know of the mysterious clan of bat themed vigilantes that hunts the rooftops of this borough. But there's also the villains. The Joker. The Riddler. Harley Quinn.

And a man named Victor Fries.

Ranna Pryde lives in an apartment tower with a small regional bank on the bottom. It's not the nicest thing ever but it does have secured building entry and the banking access is certainly nice. What most people don't know is the fact that there is a small lab space beneath the bank. One that belonged to a scientist well versed in the art of the frigid. That had been a very well kept secret.

But it isn't any longer. It's evening. And Ranna gets a ping on her implants as she's in the process of her nightly winding down rituals. He's here. She's got to go get him.

The 'he' in question is presently kneeling on the lobby of the bank with a sword stuck all the way into the ground. He's dragging it in a slow circle and it's burning a hole. It's like he's got a light saber or something. This'll be quick. Just in and out. The villain in question is presently in jail and no one else knows this thing is here.

So, like, no one will be interrupting him, right?

After the earlier altercation with the Bats and Shiranui, Ranna aka Ryoshi had headed to her apartment, taken two of the powerful painkillers she was given at the clinic and started a 'beauty' routine that involved a cleansing face mask - made of mud.

When that ping comes she's dressed in leggings and t-shirt, her cogmium covered bracers on the table by the door. It's simply not possible for the small dusky skinned woman to ignore the pull of her implants though … she barely manages to grab her bracers and bandana as she heads out.

He's near … she doesn't bother with the elevator, it's the stairs she's takes, throwing herself over the railings to go landing to landing.

"Shiranui…" The woman in leggings, t-shirt and bandana growls as she finds him. The upper part of her face is obscured by that clay. "… we meet again."

Oh boy, those painkillers are really, really good too.

In a world full of super powers and super toys, implanted psychics and good old-fashioned alien invaders, what in the world was a good old-fashioned crook to do? Mick Rory's strength didn't come from any super serums, it came from being a big guy and many hours of working out along with the practice of a lifetime of getting into fights. Of course, having a suprising skillset, an inhuman tolerence for pain and a 'heat gun' that could hit Planck temperature didn't hurt.

That and having a partner to make up the 'brains' to his significant brawn.

Burning or blasting through the the lab would have been Mick's approach to be fair, but explosives and burning in a pressurized cryo-lab wasn't always the best bet. Lena had managed them much more subtly into the lab space and already they were loading up on the loot she picked out. But as the man was currently looking at the stored cryo-weaponry, Mick's eyes are suddenly cast upwards to the burn marks begining to grow in the ceiling.

"Huh," he grunts, drawing his weapon. "We've got company."

They were a good match, the pair. Having met in juvie and sharing in a mess of personal things, they were opposites in a number of ways and the same all the like. She'd heard of this place from a guy of a guy and his mother twice removed. Either way, it was too tempting to not look into it. If it were bust? Hey, there was a bank on the upper level at least.

With a shudder of wonder and admiration, the dark haired Snart glances around the old hold-out lab and cache, eyed wide behind the sliver of her silver visors. "These are beautiful…" She murmurs, moving a glove over a case or two, ever so careful of their contents.

"You're a good man to me, Mick. I could put these to good-" a pause, she turns her head and follows along the fire-bug's line of sight. A sigh of annoyance escapes her dark lips. Gun up, she fires off a brilliant light of white and blue, tracing the marks to slow their growth. "Annoying. Grab me some gear. I want the gun and whatever lese you think is pretty. Something I can tear apart and study. Be careful, hot stuff. Even you can't burn your way out of these things."

The sword sticks. There's some hissing and popping on the far end. That's… That's not how that's supposed to work. He tugs at it. No. It's stuck. Huh. Usually that doesn't happen.

He turns to look at the woman with the… er… less traditional mask.

"You again? A mud mask? Just… ugh. How far have you been chasing me? Go away. You can ruin my day tomorrow."

And with that he manifests several glowing kunai and hurls them at the partly completed cut. The impacts and blasts tear a chunk of roof out - less clean than he'd like but it'll do - and he drops down and away from her.

And right in front of Mick and Lena.

"Oh. Crap."

He reaches for the first thing to hand - a metal cannister - and throws it. That move rather than intended to harm is mostly just to hopefully make them duck as he looks for cover. Because seriously. Uh oh.

Those big tanks over there look like good cover- oh crap. Ryoshi is coming down here too isn't she? Looovely.

Ryoshi is having trouble focussing her eyes. Why the hell is world spinning? "Why are there two of you? I didn't think you had that type of sorcery." The woman answers instead. "Since Japan, really." Comes the answer to part of his question. "And I can't. You're mine … I need to take you in, Project scum."

She screws up her eyes as the kunai go off "Do you have to?" It's almost a whine as she follows Shiranui down. A flip, TK enhanced, but in her hopped up state, the small ninja woman lands less than graceful. "Oh hey. Are you after Shiranui too? You can't have him…"

The metal scales from her bracers seem to flow off in front of their eyes, forming two chakrams that Ryoshi holds. The first one arcs out, right at the set of tanks that Shiranui ducks behind.

This isn't going to be messy at all.

Fortunately for literally everyone in the room, Heatwave's gun isn't immediately fired at the canister hurtling towards them. Who knows how that would have gone if he'd immediately thermal-shocked the hell out of a cryo-canister? Actually, both of the would-be heisters. The answer was one hell of an explosion.

Instead Mick braces and catches the tank heavily against his body, giving a grunt of effort and only barely managing not to drop it or his weapon before he deliberately twists to the side to allow his partner a clear shot. "Ice 'im!" he yells towards Lena as he's forced to drop the object before he can bring his own gun around, but the arrival of the…mud girl (?) just brings a blink of confusion.

Some of these super types were weird!

A shock of worry causes her voice to leave her. She knows what's in these cases, cannisters, tanks…but Mick seems to tough it out and nothing washes across him. Sighing, a growl in her throat, she levels up once more and fires off a brilliant shot from the triangular barrel of her cold-gun. It was a wave, travelling from side to side of the room to snag, or at least discourage both of the…people? People. Pair at least.

As one ducks behind cover and the other aims a projectile, Cold's finger leaves the trigger before reaching out and grabbing Mick's jacket by the collar. "Move! Now!" She barks the order, attempting to drag the man away.

That Chakram hits the tank and bounces off it, but it does puncture it. It's a small rupture but it's enough. The tank is full of liquid nitrogen and it begins spewing out, coating the ceiling and floor nearby.

And THAT triggers a safety alarm that sends the room into lockdown. Well. Lovely. There is still that hole in the roof. And Mick does still have his heat gun.

"Can we not right now?!" That's to everyone who has decided to try to kill him. He kind of can't blame them, he did drop in on their lair. Or is this a robbery. They do have sacks.

Whatever. This place is about to get frigid.

The masked figure pops out and then has to immediately duck again as Lena sweeps the room. There's more loot off to Lena's left and…

Wait. That looks like a cold storage container for scientific materials. What could be in there?

And… hang on. Is that a hint of something shiny to Mick's right? It is. It's a gold card. It looks like it must have dropped from… that cabinet. Up there.

Except for the telekinesis she poses, Ranna is surprisingly human. Well, the TK and the latent telepathy that allowed her to be transformed to a Hunter.

She's virtually ignoring Lena and Mick as her focus narrows on the other ninja. "We can avoid this part of the dance…" Why is is getting cold in here? She shivers as her extremities start to turn blue. Her feet start sticking to the ice that forms on the ground - not enough to tear skin, yet. "… just give yourself over to me and I'll take you in, Shiranui."

This time she doesn't throw the chakram but flips acrobatically, putting herself in front of the annoying techo-ninja. She stumbles though as vertigo sets in, falling backwards into Lena and Mick.

It's gold, it's cardlike, that's probably a lock thing. A criminal like Mick should be able to pick one when it's presented right? Of course, there was the guy yelling about people trying to kill him…but then he'd opened by attacking them and -now- the ruptured liquid nitrogen was probably likely to be killing them all anyway.

Heatwave is quick to yank his mask into place, not all that keen on inhaling nitrogen gas in a cramped space, but he's already being pulled backwards by his partner as he grabs the card and holds it back towards Lena before snatching up Freeze's cold gun he'd been eyeing off.

Of course, all this grabbing and juggling? He doesn't exactly have hands free to go catching the backflipping and stumbling Ranna…so she's probably going to land on her backside. "Hah. Graceful." The man actually grunts before he lifts both weapons akimbo. "Time for everyone to settle down or start melting."

The crackling whisper and hiss of the cold starts to spread through the room. The girl in a dark blue parka with flecks of metallic blue seems calm. Mask up, she shifts and moves around with Mick in a fluid motion. He hands things, she lets him go, and when a woman wobbles back in their direction, Mick goes one way, Lena goes another - indeed, leaving Ranna to fall where she may.

"Cover." She muffles the man's way as she slips behind him and starts to work on the door. She had records with these things, anything less would be disappointing. "If they try to stop us, take'em down." She instructs the fire-bug, her own gun now latched onto her thigh's mag-lock holster. She studies the system, levels it out in her mind. Old lab, genius owner, tech of the time…a pull of her glove with her teeth, she wiggles her now naked, dark tipped fingers and gets to work.

The tech ninja rolls forward and snatches his sword but doesn't pursue. This place is filling up with cold nitrogen mist coming off the rapidly sublimating liquid. It's gonna get hard to breathe in here in a moment. Instead he stands on the chunk of fallen roof and makes an odd gesture. He draws his fist across his body and clenches it and Lena and Mick can both see five glowing kunai just appear in his hand. Then he leaps. He leaps straight up, hurling the glowing knives as he exits the way he came in.

The knives fly forward and impact the floor, the walls, all near the two thieves (and the murderbug). They go off like concussion grenades. The sound is incredible but it DOES push the mist back, for a moment. It ALSO busts open the cabinet full of gold cards and sends them spilling down. AND it busts two pipes which start to spill something else quite cold into the room. The temperature is dropping into hypothermia territory here real fast.

The good news is that it shouldn't take Lena long to get the master system to shut EVERYTHING off and open the door.

The bad news? The murderbug can sense the other ninja making his retreat. Right above them.

Ryoshi doesn't just fall on her backside, she slides when she does. "Ooof. Ow…" She hits the back of the system that Lena is working on, making it shudder.

Under normal circumstances, Ryoshi would be on her feet in a trice and chasing. Now though, with the temperature tanking and those painkillers, she's sluggish. Once, twice, three times … and she's up. Glaring at the hole in the roof.

"Shiranui…" It's meant to be a growl but it comes out more like a croak. With a glare for the hot and cold ones in the room, the hapless ninja launches herself for that hole - and hits another piece of equipment. Another try, she's on the top of that equipment and flipping through the hole …

She made it that time, first go. Whoo!

Now where did he go …

"And people call me messy!" Mick mutters as 'Shiranui' throws yet more explosives into the space full of extremely explosive chemicals…still, the man was making a retreat rather than stopping them from their looting so…yay?

Ryoshi's on the ground, the 'Heat' gun is aimed at her out of caution, but then the woman is jumping through the hole after the other ninja and the massive man with the flame fixation is just left to stare. "Not sure if they interupted something, or we did…" the man growls as he holsters his own weapon and reaches to scoop up a little more 'loot' now that they didn't have quite the same imminent threat. Besides, Lena would have the door open in seconds, right?

When the way's finally clear? They've got a gettaway to make. Of course, it's only when they reach the escape vehicle that he grins and gives a whistle before tossing the 'OG Snowman's weapon to his partner. "Enjoy yourself darlin'," he grins before climbing into the driver's seat.

"Novice more like it." She mutters, a few more presses and the door opens back up. There's frustration in her voice, it probably took her longer than she wanted to get that lock to obey her. Even so, she gives Mick a tap on his arm to let him know it was time to go. The ice-queen stalls briefly, eyeing the room and shaking her head in disappointment. So much potential, all lost and going cold, and none of it in a good way.

A track back the way they came, she holds the gun in her re-gloved hands. Hand up, she yanks the man down to her level by his collar, pressing masked lips to masked lips in a brief crush. Slipping into the back, she secures the loot. "I plan to, honey."

A pause, "Who the fuck were those guys, and why does this keep happening to us? Can't even loot without some freak showing up."

It might just be Staten Island. This place is lousy with freaks. You know, like the freak whose lab Mick and Lena just robbed. Outside they can hear a motorcycle peeling off, probably doing the tires no good in the process. The power use has stopped so Ranna's urges to chase are gone.

And yes, that's going to be a mess when someone finds it tomorrow. Thanks to the hole in the roof.

Still, everyone got out alive and Lena and Mick have some rather… interesting loot.

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