2019-07-19 - At The Clinic


Ranna seeks some medical attention for her ribs.

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: July 19, 2019
Location: Staten Island

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The free clinic set up by Leslie Thompkins is efficient. It's no frills- but best of all for most people, it's no questions asked. The middle-aged doctor runs the clinic on a stipend from the Martha Wayne foundation, and it's set up in one of the more dangerous areas of Staten Island.

It's also known to be rather well respected and protected. The Staten Island police keep an eye on it from time to time, but it's mostly rumored that there is always a member of the Bat family nearby.

That may not be the case tonight, but in one of the small conference rooms of the converted building, the AA meeting that is being held there is wrapping up.

"And for his six month anniversary, Roy Harper, come collect your coin."

The one armed redhead makes his way to the front, with a bit of applause from the others present. This isn't the type of award that he would bring Kelly to. It's not one he's personally proud to show off. But the coin will join his thirty and ninety day coins since he's kicked the heroin addiction.

"There's donuts and coffee in the back if you want to hang around and talk."

As the meeting is breaking up, a short, dusky skinned, athletic looking brunette woman is just exiting one of the consultation rooms. Dressed in jeans and t-shirt, her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she's just one of the many who use this service.

"Just bruised, Ranna. I'm giving you some painkillers so you can sleep. I also recommend you don't do any parkour for at least a week." that's the doctor who's seen her.

"Go and get a donut and then get some sleep."

The brunette nods and take the pack that's handed to her. "Donuts sound good and thanks, Doc." the accent is light but still noticeable. She moves to the table where the donuts are, fluidly but a little gingerly.

There's still some lingering about, but as most of these meetings go, once they've said their piece, and had a talk, they are back out again.

Roy, however, is lingering. He's munching on a glazed donut when the new person approaches, and there's an arch of his brow. Dressed down in his civilian clothes, he wears a concert tour shirt and jeans - they're decently maintained - with the right arm tied off to hide the arm stump - and the cybernetics that connect it to his prosthetic.

"Hey, didn't see you in the meeting. You new?" he asks with a brief smile. "Roy Harper. This is my weekly haunt. Best day old donuts in town."

"Meeting?" Ranna puts the pack of drugs in the back pocket of her jeans as she helps herself to coffee and eyes the donuts. "No meeting. Doctor."

She's tiny. Five feet tall and slim, she might easily be mistaken as a teen on first glance. She's not though. Mid to late twenties would probably be right. "Ranna." she introduces herself. "Newish, I suppose. Several weeks. Just try not to make a habit of needing a Doctor."

"Sounds like you do though, if you're here every week."

There's something reserved about her manner.

There's a chuckle from Roy. "More this." he taps the side of his head. "Than this." There's a gesture to his arm.

"Yeah, the price is right, but sometimes the bedside manner, eeeesh." there's a smirk at that as he pops the last of the donut in his mouth. "Living at the shelter then?" he asks curiously. "I do support work for teens that are having issues with abuse and substance stuff.."

Ranna helps herself to a donut as she's standing there, glancing at Roy's arm briefly. "I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I figured you were one of the support staff."

"The treatment is right. The bedside manner isn't important. These people donate their time and…" Roy mentions his outreach work and she nods "You know more about it than I do." That combined with his most recent statement has the young woman looking at him carefully.

"You help because you have had experience?"

His question about where she's living gets a shake of her head "I might." it's an evasive answer but then, she's a young woman talking to a man she's only just met. "Do you?"

"Used to. Live with my girlfriend now." She just co-opts space in his head in return. "And yeah, that's the simple way of putting it. Takes one to treat one or something. supposedly."

He's not going to push on the living arrangements as he reaches for another donut - using a paper towel at that. "So, been here a few weeks?" that he picked up on. "What brings you to New York?"

"That's something I suppose." Ranna doesn't give away much, her eyes move to Roys arm again for a fraction of a moment. It's rude to ask about it, but she's curious. That might be her downfall one day.

"It is good you can help then." She's not drawn the parallels between that and the meeting. "Too many here are affected by such things." sipping her coffee, she grimaces a bit but doesn't comment on the taste. Typical fare for this type of place and free is free after all.

What brings her to New York? That's a very good question. "My employer has sent me to collect some things. It might take a while to locate them. They figured it was better to have boots on the ground that were directly responsible to them, rather than using agents."

It's not a lie, exactly, and Ranna knows that all good lies have a basis in truth.

"What about yourself? You don't sound like a native New Yorker, what brings you here?"

The small brunette shifts a bit uncomfortably as she tries to alleviate some of her physical pain.

"Came from Washington state, my ward moved me out here after he adopted me." Roy shrugs his shoulders. He was an orphan, but he's not got much more to share on that. There's a smirk at the wince of the coffee. "Made it myself. It's not worth it if it can't compete with mutagenetic ooze." It's said teasingly, he's not sure if she'll get the reference, but it was worth it.

"Ah. Employer." he gives a nod at that. Means she most likely has a place of her own. And access to health care. Which begs the question - why is she is here? Obviously it wasn't to volunteer. No, judging by the wince, she was here for treatment.

"It's taking longer than expected." Ranna adds carefully. "So things are a bit up in the air." That happens right? It can be difficult to extend someones time on a trip without a red tape. "It will be sorted sooner or later."

Why is she is here and not a proper hospitable. Might have just been convenient and there'll be a sizeable donation given anonymously. Whatever it is, Ranna doesn't seem to inclined to say much.

"Mutagenic ooze… you mean Mutants? Metahumans?" The term isn't something she's heard in general conversation. "So you've been here a while? And what is it you made on your own?"

"Yeah, hurry up and wait is a common theme sometimes." Roy says with a smirk as he snags another donut. "So are you going to tell me your name? Or if I get three guesses at it, do I get a prize if I get it right?" he asks with a raise of his brow with a smirk.

And then the joke goes over her head and he sighs. "Only if you're a rat or a turtle. Maybe a rhino." he shrugs his shoulders absently. "So, get hit by a taxi?" he asks her curiously, gesturing towards her injury.

"I did already." Ranna manages to smile. "Ranna. Pleased to meet you Roy Harper."

No last name. Again he can't blame her for that. "Oh well, it happens and I just need to be patient as the wheels of bureaucracy turn." He gets a funny look "Oh. You were referring to Mutant Ninja Turtles. It wasn't something that I really paid attention to…"

"Why would you ask if I got hit by taxi? Is that such a common thing in New York? It was Parkour. I misjudged a leap and ended up on my back instead of my feet."

It's not too far wrong, really.

"Injury was pretty up high. And those taxis, they can right sneak up on you in the urban jungle." Roy responds with a grin. "Parkour? Used to be able to do a little, but you know.. "

"That's just how I roll."

Yes, that was a parkour pun. He gives Ranna a grin. "Well, Ranna, I hope that you enjoy the city until your work's complete. And you know, watch out when parkouring around here. Never know when you may stumble across a Bat."

He speaks from experience.

"Stealth taxi's. I'll remember that." Ranna answers dryly. "Being able to roll when you do Parkour is a necessary skill, it's good that you know how to do it."

Does she not get humour or is that her own brand of it. She's so very … reserved, it seems.

"The Bats. Those are the masks that infest this area, aren't they?" beat "I'll be sure to give them a wide berth."

She takes another donut and drops her cup in the trash bin, it seems that Roy is about ready to head out.

"Infest? That's a cute word for it. Yeah, but still better than the spiders of Queens. Even if most of them are female." Roy smirks as he pops in the past bit of donut. "I'll see you around, Ranna." With that, he's on his way out and getting ready to head home.

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