2019-07-17 - A Loyal Daughter Of The Order


Ranna comes of age and is inducted to The Order

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Date: July 17, 2019
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Fourteen Years Ago

"You are the daughter of The Order, Ranna and tomorrow you will no longer be a girl." Marthe Pryde sits behind the solemn fifteen year old Ranna, brushing out her long dark hair. "Tomorrow, you will become a woman and enter the ranks The Order just like I did, like your Grandmother did and all the women before her have."

"I know, Haha. I am ready and I will not be a disappointment to you." Ranna answers quietly.

Finishing brushing her daughters hair, Marthe bends to kiss the top of her daughters head. "Come then. We will eat and have our last dinner as a family."

The next day

Machines beep in the operating theatre as Ranna is sent to sleep, preparing her for her passage to a full member of the Order.

"Just breathe Ranna and count backwards from one hundred." The nurse says. "Oh. Happy Birthday."

Ranna's eyes close as the drugs take effect. "She's under Doctor. You can commence."

Two days later

"Welcome Ranna. Your surgery was a success." The older man in robes welcome the young woman as she enters the gym. "It is time for you to become a full member of The Celestial Order of Si-Fan. Shall we begin?"

Ranna bows respectfully. She's dressed in loose cotton pants and a tunic over the top. The traditional garb of inductees to The Order. "I am ready, Master, to take my place as is right." she murmurs.

The old man gestures, calling one of the women watching from the edge of the room forward. She somersaults in the air, preternaturally, attacking the sixteen year old brunette from behind.

Ranna tenses immediately the woman launches herself in the air. Her eyes seem to glow as something takes hold of her. She spins, meeting the escrima stick that crashes down towards her head with crossed wrists - catching the blow on the metal covered braces she wears.

Exploding into action, the young brunette slips the stick to the side and tumbles high herself, flipping over the woman - impossibly high - and landing behind her. She launches a series of hits and kicks, all designed to disable her opponent and against a normal combatant, they probably would.

This one though, matches her blow for blow. Moving impossibly fast, leaping and tumbling to avoid the blows that rained down on her and deliver ones of her own.

"Ranna. Stop." The man calls out, even as the combatant launches another attack. Ranna doesn't hear the command. She's beyond that and even if she could, she wouldn't be able to stop.

Blow after blow, leap after leap. Ranna receives as many, if not more, hits than she delivers. And yet, she doesn't stop. This could go for hours or until Ranna or the other woman drops.

The old man smiles cruelly when he sees the response - or lack of it - his eyes following the fight as it progresses.

"Very good Emono, you can stop now." The combatant stops, dropping to both knees in front of the man.

The glow in Ranna's eyes dies off and she seems to come to her senses. "I'm sorry, Sensei, I have failed." the sixteen year old kneeling in front of him as well.

"Oh no, Ranna. You have done just what we wanted. You are a Hunter for The Order and you are going to be a superb one. Driven and unable to stop once you sense your prey." The old man smooths a strand of hair back from the girls face.

"Take your place with the others, Ryoshi of The Celestial Order."

Ranna drops her eyes, her mind roiling. What the hell had they done to her? It doesn't matter, she's a loyal daughter and loyal daughters follow orders.

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