2019-07-16 - Quick Look A Catseye!


Beast takes Catseye out to a cat cafe as a reward, and Brunnhilde uses their presence as a means of sidestepping having 'the talk' with Captain Marvel.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jul 16 04:58:36 2019
Location: Purrfection Cafe

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Goose, for their part, decides the calico on Hilde's lap isn't trying hard enough, so they pounce up on Brunnhilde and meow indignantly. Demanding pets NAO.

If Brunnhilde was a cat, her back would be arched and her fur fluffed at this point as she eyes Carol warily, then gently pushes the calico to the side and off her chest. "…I did not expect to be here." the Asgardian woman says, gruffly. She mmphs as Goose jumps up as well, pinning her in place! Well, mostly she'd have to dump both cats on the floor now, which makes it hard to stand up. Or flee. "…you bring your flerkin here?"

Catseye is relaxing, purring contentedly, and doesn't mind at all when the kitty next to her cuddles closer. Chewing on her clothes? No worries. Then she feels a tug as the cat pulls her wallet free and RUNS, and Catseye rolls to all fours with a hiss and chases after the cat-burglar, which would be amusing as hell… if that orange cat had not ducked around and tried to hide behind Brunnhilde! Seeing Catseye dashing towards them, tail lashing behind her is not a… normal sight.

Carol smirks a little, "I'm pretty sure Goose thinks I'm their human, but yeah, they like to socialize with the cats." She shrugs a bit, "Anyway, it's… good, to see you." She bites her lip a little, "You're looking good. If a bit covered in cat hair." With that, she does get a bit of a grin, unable to help herself. "Goose missed you, apparently."

Brunnhilde wrinkles her nose at Carol's comment about cat hair, glancing down at the flerkin who is now purring away in her lap, then mutters and reaches down to pet it. She opens her mouth to say something, before she blinks as the cat shoots behind her with the wallet, with the tailed purple haired girl in hot pursuit. "Ho there, what are you doing?" she says. Distraction! Yes. Save by the cat from having to confront feelings in public!

Catseye pounces on the cat-thief, biting at the back of its neck which makes it drop the wallet. She quickly releases the cat, snatching her wallet up, and she and the cat look away from each other, the cat grooming itself, Catseye wiping the fur off her face and straightening her clothes, both with identical feline expressions of distress at the indignity. She looks sheepishly up at Brunnhilde, and holds up her wallet. "Sorry. Is not that cat's toy. Orangetabby disagreed."

Carol chuckles, "I'm pretty sure the orange tabby would say that finder's keepers, but yes." She smiles, "Pretty impressive they were able to get your wallet." She absently checks her purse and yes, still there, whew! Plus Goose is actually keeping the other cats a bit away from Carol, as they're a little possessive of their human, even as they nuzzle up with Brunnhilde and purr even louder. Which gets a bit of a wistful look from Carol, though she hides it quickly.

Having had to answer a call of nature - ironic considering the sheer quantity of cats present - Hank returns and looks a bit bemused by Catseye's present location. A nod to Brunhilde and Carol as he returns to their table. "Did I hear something about a wallet being gotten?" Okay, keen ears if he heard that on the way out of the restroom! Cat wouldn't think anything of it most likely, but definitely out of the ordinary auditory acuity right there.

Brunhilde would respond to carol, but, well, she's distracted by first Goose rubbing up against her, then by the purple catgirl diving behind her as she blinks, turning her head to look at her. "…uh…does…that…usually happen with you and cats?" she says, looking vaguely bemused now. She turns her attention back to Hank as he arrives as well, tilting her head. "Cat pickpockets, apparently." She glances at Carol out of the corner of her eyes. Distraction! Giving her a little more time before she has to have conversations that might be a bit….something. For her!

Catseye holds up her wallet to Hank. "Orangetabby was catburgler. But Catseye's legs are longer." She stands up slowly, with all of the 'I meant to do that' dignity that a feline can muster. But her tail is a little too fluffed to pull it off 100% convincingly, at least to anyone who is familiar with cats. She tilts her head at Brunhilde's question. "Cats think Catseye is other cat, yes? But normally enough sense to realize Catseye is BIGGER Cat." She shrugs awkwardly. "So treated Orangetabby like misbehaving kitten."

Carol nods, "Makes sense…" She then glances over at Brunnhilde, and says, "Ah, so… you look good. If a bit covered in cat fur." Her lips quirk a little, "It's… nice to see you, 'Hilde."

"Talented felines abound, it would seem." Hank rumbles with amusement at Hilde's news. No sign of the Main Coon, ah pity, must have wandered off whilst he betrayed it by moving! He was a cat bed, should have known better. Goose's true nature being unknown, Hank just sees another cat, which probably amuses the Flerkin! Hank laughs softly at Cat's explanation. "Much longer." He agrees. "And you've got a MUCH bigger brain." He adds. He doesn't interrupt the awkward banter though, not his place. He DOES introduce himself, however. "Hank McCoy."

Hilde shifts a bit as she glances at Carol. "…you too. Without the cat fur." she says after a moment, her lips twitching, befire she studies Catseyes curiously. "…a…Catburglar." she says, a faint hint of amusement entering her voice now, before she nods to Hank. "Are you her parent?" she wonders curiously, glancing between the slightly fuzzy Catseye and the very fuzzy Hank.

Catseye shakes her head, "Catseye's parents abandoned Catseye as kitten. FurryHank is friend and teacher." Catseye looks curiously at the Flerkin out of the corner of her eye. Not direct eye contact, that would be -rude-. After a bit she puts her hand kinda-sorta-near Goose in that 'just happened to be vaguely in your vicinity, in case you wanted to sniff and say hi' way. Her tail has hooked towards the flerkin in a friendly feline greeting, her pose relaxed. Given her body language and tail, it is no surprise cats treat her like a larger cat.

Goose tilts their head at Catseye, then sniffs at her hand before licking it and nuzzling up against Catseye's fingers. Okay, apparently Catseye is 100% Flerken-approved, as the "cat" responds very positively to Catseye…

Which is about the exact opposite reaction that Carol has at Hilde's pun, "Oh, did you… ugh…" She covers her face a bit, a pained expression escaping her despite the fact she's smiling, "Can't believe you did that."

"No no, as Catseye said, we're not related, we're merely friends and I have the distinct honor of being one of her instructors at school as well." A bright smile. "This trip was a surprise for having done so well in her schooling." Clearly Hank is a subscriber to the 'positive reinforcement' school of thought. "And apparently the room has no lack of punishing pundits as well." Drily said, and then he settles back into his seat, a frown when he realizes his drink is cool. To all assembled. "Anyone else need s a warm up?" And to Cat. "Perhaps something sweet?" Oh! Dirty pool, he knows she loves her some sweets!

"At a school, hmm?" She raises her brows at Carol, looking innocent as she leans back in her chair. Well. She's at least relaxing a little bit with the unusual pair interrupting what could have been a tense encounter. "…they don't have anythign really to drink." she grumbles a bit. And by that, she means alcoholic. "Water…I suppose." she says, shooting a look at Carol.

Catseye purrs, not like a human trilling her tongue. No, this comes from her throat, and is on both on the inhale and exhale. Human throats really aren't built for that, then again, she isn't quite human. Thick nails move over Goose when he moves under her fingers, finding the good places to scratch, watching his ears and tail and never staying in one spot for long enough to overstimulate. "Vanilla latte and cinnamon roll, PleaseandThankYou?" Yes, she loves sweets! She never tasted sweet until she shifted to smooth skin for the first time. Her feline form doesn't have the ability to taste it.

Brunhilde gets a wry look, and perhaps a bit of a lingering one as she stretches, then Carol coughs a bit, "Well, I'm having a coffee… or rather, some sort of mocha espresso abomination, but still." She smiles a little sheepishly at Hilde, looking slightly uncomfortable for some reason.

"Water…" A nod to Brunnhilde. "…Cinnamon Roll and Vanilla Latte for Cat." A nod to Catseye, and then a look to Carol along with a quirked brow. "And an abomination blend, got it." He's smirking a bit, one fang visible over a blue lip, which is sort of cute — if nothing else merely for the fact he has NO clue he's doing it. He heads back to the counter, orders and pays for the overpriced food and drinks. Ah well, at least the water is gratis! Even has ice.

"…very well…" Hilde says, grumbling a bit, then leans back. "I am Brunnhilde…this is Carol. Perhaps you would like to share thet able with us and…talk." If anything else…it ducks her having to talk to CArol one on one. For a little bit longer! And lets them both sort of…ease into talking again a month after Hilde stormed off. It's perhaps not the most brash or courageous thing…but, well….it'll do. For now.

Catseye smiles, "Catseye and Hank McCoy," It is an effort not to call him fuzzyHank but she manages! "Glad to sit and talk, and pet cats. Miss having cats around at school." She sighs and then smiles as she sits close enough to keep petting and scratching Goose, "And very handsomecat here."

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